Irish Chain on Repeat

It’s been a quiet, although sad, weekend here in ThimbleannaLand.  TheManoftheHouse left on Friday afternoon to be with his mother and, luckily, he was able to be with her before she passed away yesterday.  We’ve been so lucky to have all four of our parents be with us for so long, but having them leave us so close to each other sure hasn’t been fun.  ;-(

While I’ve been waiting for news and receiving updates, I’ve been hanging out with MeMum and working on the binding for my Bliss Quilt.  Remember this one???

Thimbleanna: Bliss Quilt

My archives show that I finished piecing her in 2011 and, after some debate (machine or hand quilting?), shipped her off to our hand quilter.  In 2013, she returned, but didn’t have enough quilting.  I waffled about what to do and started to fill in the quilting myself, but finally decided I’d never get it done.  So, in early 2016, I took her back to the quilter to fill in the gaps.  Our quilter has done a beautiful job, and I’m so happy that I sent her back to the spa for a second treatment.

Thimbleanna: Bliss Quilt

When she came back from the spa the first time, I commented that the quilter probably didn’t do much quilting on it because all that red and aqua made her sick.  Jan then commented that the reason was probably more likely that she hated quilting across all those pieced intersections.  (Which I can totally relate to, now that I’m quilting an Irish chain quilt.)  Interestingly, when the quilter came to those intersections, she only quilted them on the top of the quilt.  I would never have thought to do that, but it’s a great solution to not quilting through all those layers of fabric.  You’d think it would look bad on the back, but it looks like a series of dashed lines — very cool and certainly acceptable.  You can bet that I’ll be using that little trick in the future!

Thimbleanna: Bliss Quilt

All the fabrics are from Bonnie and Camille’s Bliss line, plus I added a solid red and aqua.  The quilt is backed in one of the bliss prints and then bound in the red honeycomb dots (I probably should have used a stripe — the dots look a little wonky in places).  This is a big quilt — 88″ x 88″ — nice and big for tucking in the sides on a double bed.  And a perfect surface for a big fat kitty (who got kicked off right after this picture ;-D).

Thimbleanna: Bliss Quilt

So, that’s all from here. I hope you have a good week — I’m looking forward to our family gathering, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. ;-(


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  1. Oh, I remember that quilt! So many teeny-tiny squares. I like it and am glad she went back to the spa for another treatment. I never would think to just quilt on the top, but that’s smart.

    I’m sorry about Your MIL. You all have had a hard go of it lately. Prayers and love surround you.

  2. Anna I’m so sorry to hear about your mother in law. It’s true losing our parents is something we never get over. Sending your family healing thoughts. And the quilt is magnificent! Thanks for sharing and making an awful week more pleasant. Take care my dear. Xoxo

  3. Pretty quilt, so hard to loose parents! I miss my dad so very much, I’ve been sick, soooo
    I have time to cry! :(

  4. So sorry for your loss. This has been a difficult winter for you all. Hope this spring brings better days :)

    Love the quilt, even if it did take you several years for a completion. And any photo of a cat on a quilt is a winner!

  5. I’m so sorry Anna. Sending you and your family my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Jewels on January 29, 2017 at 8:14 pm said:

    Anna, I am so sorry about your Mother in Law I am glad she isn’t in any pain but it is so hard losing our loved ones.
    I Love your quilt and the cheerful colors, the quilting really adds to its loveliness .

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Never easy, is it? Hugs to you and your family xoxo

  8. Anna, my deepest condolences on your famiy’s loss. It is never easy losing a family member.

  9. So sorry to hear your sad news. It’s never easy losing someone. As difficult a man as he was, it was even sad when we lost the Carpathian Prince. I hope your little grand daughter can manage to help you all get through your loss.
    Your Bliss quilt is gorgeous and I love that tip! I’ll be using that as I quilt a small project this coming week!

    Hugs from here!

  10. Sorry to hear about the passing of your Mother-In-Law. The older we grow the more often we have to say farewell to loved ones.
    Your quilt is beautiful!

  11. Sorry to hear about your mother in law…sad day indeed. I am glad that you are quilting with your mum alongside you. I haven’t achieved very much in the knitting stakes of late but we have booked the ferry to visit Harris and Lewis in May! Looking forward to that.

  12. Sorry to hear your sad news.
    Your quilt is absolutely stunning. Such lovely stitches and the color combination is so fun.
    Awe, sweet kitty. Just want to have a cuddle with your quilt.
    Enjoy the reunion with your family. Sad times are a good time to gather together.

  13. sorry about the loss – it is sad when we come to that time in our life’s when we begin to loose the older generation but always thankful if they have a full long life.

  14. Sorry to hear of your loss Anna. The quilt is just stunning x

  15. Dearest Anna, such sad news about your mother-in-law – my thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time.

    On a lighter note ……. a cat on any quilt of mine would suffer dire retribution!!!

    With much love, Anne xoxo

  16. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother in law.
    Your quilt is really wonderful!! I love the colours and the hand quilting is beautiful. It’s great you sent it back for more so you could be truly happy with it. How interesting about not quilting through the intersections. I bet the kitty jumped back on the quilt as soon as you weren’t looking, after all aren’t all quilts made for the cats of the house.

  17. So sorry to read about your mother in law, Anna. I hope your hubby is okay. Hugs all round from me.

  18. That’s a trick I am going to remember! Why didn’t I think of it before?! I love red and aqua together! That’s a lot of exclamation points!

    Truly, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers for all of you.

  19. our sympathies to TheManoftheHouse and to you and your children, with love

  20. My condolences on the passing of your mother-in-law, and you are so right about being fortunate to have your parents around for a long time. I miss my parents every day and especially. In special occasions like the birth of a new grandchild, or great grandchild for them. I do like your quilt. I too had not heard of quilting only on the top…that is interesting.

  21. brigita on January 31, 2017 at 1:51 pm said:

    so sorry anna. :(

  22. Oh Anna, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law – hugs to you all. Lovely quilt and how great to finally have it finished.

  23. So sorry for your loss. It is just never easy, even when we know it’s coming.
    Your quilt is gorgeous! I had forgotten that one. I cannot even imagine quilting one by hand. Not happening here! LOL You have the easy solution though, and she surely did a masterful job on it!

  24. marcille on February 1, 2017 at 12:37 pm said:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss! I know that there are no words to magically make the pain go away, but please know that if there were, I would gladly share them with you.

  25. What a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt, Anna! And Mr. Scruff looks so dignified upon it. :) Maybe rub his belly for me…unless that will get you ripped to shreds, then some gentle head pats will do.
    So very sad to hear about your MIL!

  26. Sorry to hear of The Man of the House’s mom passing away. May wonderful memories fill the void. Big Fat Kitty looking right at home on your lovely quilt.

  27. the quilt is lovely. i’m so sorry about your MIL.

  28. Mary Z on February 2, 2017 at 9:10 am said:

    Anna, I’m so sorry about your Mother In Law. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  29. Cathy Burk on February 2, 2017 at 11:34 am said:

    So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, Anna. What a blessing that your husband got back to see her before she passed away. You folks have had a difficult time of it recently. My sincere condolences. Your quilt is lovely!

  30. I am so sorry for this loss in your family. It’s never easy.

  31. Frances M Fimbres on February 2, 2017 at 1:52 pm said:

    So sorry for your loss! Love our family, and it is not easy losing them. Luv hugs & prayers are with your family.

    Your quilt is beautiful and I love the colors so much. You have a way with color! Thx for always encouraging us to create. Just bought an embroidery machine, which I swore I would not, but love creating thx to you! I’m learning & having fun…. xo

  32. so sorry about your sad news xxx

  33. I too am very sorry to hear about MofTH’s mother. This is such a difficult time of our lives!

    I know I’m being dim, but how does the quilter quilt only on the top layers and yet leave dashed lines on the underside???

  34. So sorry for your loss, hugs and prayers sending to your families!!!

  35. Dear Anna I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother in law…..such a sad time for you all x
    Your quilt is a lovely design and the quilting looks great.
    Sending love to you and your family.
    Helen xox

  36. Hi Anna….sorry to hear your sad news. The quilt is just lovely. Hope you are all okay…I’m thinking about you.

  37. I’m sorry for your loss. So sad to lose a dear one.

    Your quilt is so beautiful!

    Saying hello — hoping you’ll remember me from previous blogs! xo
    connie the “cootie bug”

  38. Sigh! So sorry for your loss. Hugs! – the quilt is gorgeous!

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