The Bliss Quilt

Well, how was Thanksgiving for you Americans?  Are you stuffed?  With your fill of turkey and pie???  We had a wonderful time — it’s always fun when everyone can get together.  The weather was perfect for late November.  And, as always, with our crew, it wasn’t uneventful.

Thanksgiving 2011

The highlight definitely had to be when CrazyBIL opened a bottle of homemade brewski and it went everywhere.  Fortunately, the kitchen ceiling hasn’t been painted yet.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but I was laughing — at the panicked cleanup and the opportunists in the family.  Not sure I’d want anything dripping off of the ceiling, but apparently some people will take it however they can get it!

Ahem.  I LOVED having a whole week off of work — I could definitely get used to that.  The weather was so beautiful that we spent two full days doing yard work — the annual pesky leaves have been conquered.  And FINALLY, I managed to finish the piecing on the Bliss Quilt (so named because the fabric is from Bonnie and Camille’s Bliss line from last year).  Sadly, by the time I had time to take pictures, it was rainy and gloomy outside.  Sorry for the dismal indoor lighting, but you get the idea.

Bliss Quilt

As you can see, it’s a remake of The Ugly Duckling.  (Which is perfect, ’cause I’m betting after I’m gone, someone is going to wonder what I was thinking with that aqua — it’s meant to be bold like the pink in The Ugly Duckling.)

Bliss Quilt

I don’t make quilts out of collections very often, but I love these fabrics and I thought it would be fun for this remake.   Each little square is 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ just like in the original.  I chose to piece the solid blocks a little differently than from the original and I decided not to do borders.  I also didn’t pay too much attention to which fabrics touched which fabrics.  Every once in awhile I’ll spot two of the same fabric touching each other.  And in one spot there’s a row of 5 green pieces — doh!  I’ll leave it as is though — hopefully, it will make someone wonder what happened.

Bliss Quilt

It’s a big quilt — weighing in at 88″ x 88″.  I wanted it to be big enough for a double bed and be able to tuck in all around the sides of the mattress.

Bliss Quilt

So, here she sits all ready for some quilting.  The big debate has been whether to machine quilt or hand quilt.  I’m thinking hand quilting will win out.  Cross hatching with some sort of wreath or something in the aqua blocks.  We’ll see.  Hopefully, someday, you’ll see the finished result.

Yipes!  Now, we must think about Christmas.  I’m just not ready — are you???


43 Thoughts on “The Bliss Quilt

  1. Oh my, that’s a lot of little squares!!
    Pretty though!

    And no, I’m not ready :(

  2. You did a fabulous job! I just love the quilt! But how funny with the beer on the ceiling… there would have been opportunists here too!

  3. Oh, she’s beautiful! How are you going to quilt this one?

    Ready for Christmas? Hmmm…well, we did put up some Christmas decorations (i.e. snowmen) tonight. But other than that, no. Not finished (started) shopping, no baking done, too much work and course work to worry about before the big C. I am in the spirit though, a bit. I’m making some Christmas pressies right now!

  4. Mary ann on November 28, 2011 at 11:14 pm said:

    I love the bold choice and the Bliss too! I have piles of Bliss and Ruby awaiting attention…sigh. Just got home from KC and Christmas is right here in front of me, guess the pumpkin should hit the trash.

  5. I love the aqua. It looks like a “30’s quilt. Can’t wait to see it quilted. I vote for hand-quilting…of course I don’t have to quilt it:)

  6. I love that quilt! And I also love the ceiling splatter. That’s just pure Thanksgiving fun.

  7. I think the quilt is beautiful and I vote for hand quilting! ;)

  8. Your Bliss quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I probably would also lean toward hand quilting. Glad to hear you had a fun family Thanksgiving.

  9. Anna, it is just beautiful! I am in awe of you with all those little bitty squares. And no, I haven’t even made much of a start on Christmas and we’re going to do part of it very early. In two weeks. Sheesh!

  10. First Sinterklaas needs to be back home before we start thinking about Christmas!

    Your quilt is beautiful, all those little squares! Handquilting would be nice indeed!

  11. Blimey, that’s a lot of little squares!

    And no, I’m not ready for That Holiday. I keep having wonderful ideas – “Oh, I could make camera bags for the little ones to keep their (secondhand) cameras safe!” “Oh, I could make a new Advent calendar!” “Oh, I could sew them each the quilt they’ve been waiting 6 months for!” – all on top of “Oh yes, Mrs Lovely Teacher, of course I can sew 17 Nativity costumes for you by next week. Oh, you’ve moved the deadline to tomorrow? No problem.”

    Someone stop me.

  12. The quilt certainly is bliss to look at – although I don’t think I could have coped with all those little squares!
    I’m strating to get organised for Christmas ….. yesterday I found a wonderful recipe involving vodka and Turkish Delight – ingredients will be bought today!!

  13. Looks fantastic! What a lot of work! I know what you mean about same fabrics gravitating to each other. In the last 3 quilts I’ve make that has happened despite my trying to keep them apart…it’s like the naughty children in the classroom…they can’t help being together! ;o)

  14. That is gorgeous!
    That would be a lot of little seams to hand quilt, but I’m SURE that your new thimble could handle it *wink*

  15. LOL! Love the beer on the ceiling. Good thing it hasn’t been painted yet! Bliss looks wonderful! I would not have the patience for all those little squares. ZERO!

  16. linda noblog on November 29, 2011 at 8:56 am said:

    glad you had such fun with your family!

    your quilting is perfection…& i am certain hand quilting will prevail! looking forward to seeing a photo of the finished piece!!!

    going to be spending time in my kitchen & holiday baking…
    have a good week anna!

  17. That quilt is quite charming. I will be happy when Christmas is over and the tree is down and my house looks normal again. I have made a few gifts this year, which is definitely going to take some ‘burden’ of the shopping, but there are still things to purchase, places to be, and food and confections to be made.

  18. sorry about your ceiling!!
    your Bliss quilt is so gorgeous..!!
    i got the green light for Coco’s sewing machine!! well, as soon as the credit card cuts anyway :)

  19. Oh, I love the quilt Anna! I’ve started on some gift buying but today is the day I’m getting into full gear. Glad you didn’t paint the ceiling yet, love the top photo (lol)

  20. Anna, that quilt is beautiful!! I love the colors and the aqua just pops!

    I loved your sunny day thanksgiving photo from the other day too. What a beautiful day it turned out to be. I love the sunshine, and since it’s snowing over here today, I really miss the sunshine. lol

  21. Very, very pretty!! Well I am working on being done :-O getting there xox Clarice

  22. Love this blissful quilt! It does have an retro look to it. Sweet.

  23. Sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh at the trying to catch drops off the ceiling. So much better trying to catch that than what was dripping through our ceiling on Saturday !!! Gorgeous quilt too, all those tiny squares – wow

  24. I love the aqua!

  25. Hooray for the finish! I just love bliss….and am simply gaga over all these cute little squares. Great job.

  26. baby i’m amazed…. (you should be singing this)

    i like it WAY more than i did when it was just blocks. you have vision i tell you, vision.

    i would prefer that you hand quilt it.

  27. Wow – what a ton of work! Looks awesome.
    As to Christmas…….good luck….

  28. I like the Bliss Quilt – bind it in the aqua too! Hand quilting sounds like the go. It will keep you warm during your winter months while you stitch, in and out, in and out…… x

  29. Lovely quilt, aqua and all! Wouldn’t hand quilting be a royal pain in the petoot though with that many seams all so close together? But you’re braver than me and will have it done, I’m sure, in the time I’d spend thinking about doing it!

  30. The aqua on the quilt is lovely – I’ve just bought some retro looking flamingo wallpaper for the bathroom which is aqua with pink flamingos standing proud.
    I can’t even begin to imagine where you start with hand quilting such a mahoosive quilt!

    I’m almost in the zone for Christmas – ask me again in a week or so ;-)


  31. That first pic is so funny! Looks like it was a good holiday.
    Love the bliss quilt! I, too, veer from using a collection in one quilt but this one is fabulous. So many current quilts are too tame. I often judge quilts by imagining someone in the future finding them in an antique shop. Some lucky hunter would definitely be shouting *Eureka* when she comes across this one!

  32. Fun, fun colors! And so many itty bitty blocks. You did a fabulous job and it will make someone smile someday. My hubby’s grandma always used to embroider everything with red & aqua.

  33. I love your turkey header – too cute.
    exploding beer, how funny – you are such a good sport.
    Love your bliss quilt – my that’s a lot of pieces.
    leftovers are almost gone….

  34. OH your poor ceiling!!! Painted or not.
    Love the new quilt. Those are some itsy bitsy pieces girlfriend!!! It would be beautiful hand quilted.

  35. linda noblog on December 1, 2011 at 7:16 am said:

    swoon!!!….LOVE your new banner…so festive & fun!!!

  36. Frannie Fimbres on December 1, 2011 at 11:26 am said:

    Love seeing Wild Bill having a great time. Your quilt is beautiful…love the colors too!

  37. What a fab quilt Anna – it must have taken ages to piece together! I’m still scared of big quilts – and of quilting itself! Lucy xx

  38. wow that quilt is awesome and looks like SO much work!!!!! I love that line too, I made a table topper out of it that has yet to be quilted:(
    glad you had a nice, and from the looks of it, lively Thanksgiving!!!

  39. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  40. AmandaJean on December 3, 2011 at 10:15 pm said:

    Oh mylanta! Anna…your quilt is definitely droolworthy. What a great way to use the bliss fabric. And I loved the ugly duckling quilt and the story behind it, too. they will make quite a pair!

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  41. TOO FUNNY! And not just because the beer’s on the ceiling, but because Bubba – off in his own internet world of home beer brewing – came across this photo and then went to show it to me and BAM – we’ve crossed the streams of internet friends.

    Thimbleanna…Meet Bubba…Bubba…meet Thimbleanna.

    Good times.

  42. Love Love love your Bliss quilt! Such a masterpiece.

  43. Catching up on you today my sista! Oh dear me…this quilt I am in love with. BIG LOVE. huge.

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