What We Have Here …

… is a failure to communicate.  Yipes.

Last weekend, I picked up the red and aqua quilt from our hand-quilter.  I finished this quilt top two years ago and took it her this past spring.  I was so excited because she had finished this good-sized quilt in record time.  But.  Can you see how she quilted it?   (Sorry for the craptastic pictures — it’s dark by the time I get home from work everyday, so the lighting is just awful.)

Thimbleanna: Red and Aqua

There’s not much quilting at all on this quilt.  She basically quilted where I’ve shown arrows below and then did a pretty feather wreath in the center of each aqua block.

Thimbleanna: Red and Aqua

When I told her how to quilt it, I said I wanted a feather wreath in the center of each block and for her to cross-hatch in the little squares, quilting every other row.  “Every other row” appears to be the problem. If I number the rows like I did in the picture above, she quilted just as I requested.  But.  I was thinking to number the rows like I have in the picture below.  Shoot!

Thimbleanna: Red and Aqua

I love our little quilter.  We’ve been taking quilts to her for almost 25 years and she always does a beautiful job.  I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that it didn’t have nearly enough quilting (it’s not like I paid for more quilting — you pay for how much quilting is done, which means this one was very inexpensive.)  Truth be told, I think the red and aqua was probably burning a hole in her retinas, so she quilted as fast as she could just to get rid of the ugly thing.  As soon as I got home, I popped the quilt in a hoop and tested a row or two.

Thimbleanna: Red and Aqua

I’ll quilt the missing rows and then fill in the cross hatching, like I’ve shown in the picture below.  I also told her to quilt 1/4″ inside the aqua block, but I think she forgot, so I’ll add that too.  And maybe another circle around the feather wreath which seems just a bit small to me.

Thimbleanna: Red and Aqua

It’s going to take me a very long time. There are 64 aqua squares in this quilt. Hopefully, I’ll manage to get it done before I’m dead in the next two or three years. At least I don’t have to baste it!!!  ;-D


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  1. I think she just bailed on you when she realized how much work it is to quilt through all of those little squares. And why do I think that? Because I’m currently slogging through quilting Molly’s wedding quilt ~ every other row! Actually, tonight I’m sitting under it but haven’t even threaded a needle. Don’t tell!

  2. sorry about how it turned out – so disappointing – I hope it was all just a misunderstanding, but yes so much work for you to fix it now. a lot of work to do!

  3. No basting…silver lining indeed. :-) So sorry your quilting is not the way you want it. A misunderstanding is always sooooo frustrating. I am sure it will be beautiful when you finish. I am also pretty certain you will get it done before you are dead, or maybe even in the next two or three years. :-)

  4. Oh no, well, like you said, at least you don’t have to baste it… and it will be just perfect when you have it finished!

  5. It still amazes me that there are quilters that you can hire to have your quilt handquilted. Can’t imagine what it would cost here, as we already pay so a lot for simple allover longarm machine quilting.
    It’s shame that there seems to have been a misunderstanding about the quilting, but well, maybe you can look at the bright side… there are a lot of blue squares that don’t need feather quilting anymore…
    Enjoy making your hand stitches!

  6. My first thought was that the feathered wreath needed to be bigger – it doesn’t fill enough of the space. And it definitely needs more cross hatching – but at least all that straight line stitching is much quicker to do!
    ps – love the colours!

  7. Like Anne above me – hi, Anne :oD – I thought the feathered wreaths were a wee bit wee too. I wonder if the quilter thought it looked good like that? Lack of basting is definitely a silver lining … but I don’t envy you having to sort your “lack of communication”.

  8. That’s a tough issue. I love the quilt..that green always looks vintage to me. I would hate to have to finish the hand quilting simply because it will be a sticking point with you the whole time you ate doing it. I love to hand quilt, mind you, but it’s best when you can think in pleasant things, not disappointments. It really is going to be a beautiful quilt

  9. that is looking on the bright side anna! at least you dont have to baste it!! im nearly ready to hand quilt the quilt i hand stitched over the past many many months…and i plan to do it exactly like your above method with oval hoop and tape.

  10. Awe, I’m glad you have a little bit of a bright side to it :)

  11. bummer – I agree with all your assessments of it needed more quilting. Does anyone say, hey there’s too much hand quilting, lol.
    You plan is a good one and will add so much.
    Okay, not to be a know it all, but have you considered printing a color photo 8″ x 11″ and marking the photo with the quilting plan? I do this for myself when I’m trying to figure out how to quilt something.
    I love the color combination – fun and happy! You’ll be glad you take the time now to make this great quilt even better

  12. Hey, those unfinished knitting projects aren’t looking so bad now?

  13. Jill Reid on November 21, 2013 at 10:02 am said:

    First of all I am in awe that you have a hand quilter to do quilts for you. I haven’t found one I like yet. Secondly, I think the quilt is lovely! I think it needs an outer row of feathers on the wreath and at that point might not need the zig zag? Kind of a shame that you have to do so much more quilting yourself, but it will be so worth it!

  14. I am bleeding through the nose for you as I read this post. I hate to hand quilt. I want it done!!! But…you can do it. Do one or two blocks a week. You won’t be happy until you do. Think of the ten year sweater and it will make you feel better….and accomplished. The quilt is so cute.

  15. Apparently I am thick because I had to read this no fewer than three times to see that she HAND quilted it. I was thinking it was a long arm job and wondering what all the fuss was about! Just put it back on and finish it. Then I was wondering why on earth you didn’t just throw it on your machine and finish it.

    Oy vey. One should not read blogs while two crazy ass toddlers are climbing all over her methinks.

  16. Yipes is right! I can’t imagine making the wreath so small. You would think that she would know that you fill the space.

  17. Bummer for you!! I’m sorry this one isn’t done and off your list. Just don’t string it along like the 10 year sweater. :)

  18. hahaha yes, at least you don’t have to baste it! Take it easy!

  19. sigh … i don’t know how to hand quilt and i do such a mediocre job of machine quilting that i don’t even try anymore … you probably had this built up inside your head and then had to come crashing down with the disappointment of Real Life – but you will make it right, like you always do! that’s another reason why i have you Up on a Pedestal…

  20. instead of the 10 year sweater it will now be the 10 quilt. ;p it is beautiful!

  21. Buy the longarm. Just saying.

  22. Oh what a pretty, pretty quilt! But you are so right, it needs more quilting. Just think how nice and snuggly warm it will keep you as you quilt with it on your lap during our upcoming COLD winter. I know what you add to it will make it downright amazing!

  23. Well at least it will keep you warm this Winter while you work on it!!

  24. Can I lend you Cassie Cat to come and sit on it, to encourage you?

    (I bet you’ll be finished this before I finish my little pathetic simple slightly wonky quilt.)

  25. I can understand your disappointment with the quilting on your stunning quilt. It’s always a slight gamble when you send quilts to be quilted, isn’t it? I send my quilts to be quilted in Indonesia or the Philippines and my problem is that they often over quilt them. As you said, the quilt is sandwiched and with the amount of quilting done already, it should be quite easy to keep going.

  26. Oh my. You are diligent. Miscommunication is my specialty ;).

  27. Hihihi…. I mean oh no!
    I’m sorry you only got half job done, but I was also laughing out loud… ” I think the red and aqua was probably burning a hole in her retinas” LOL!!!
    I LOVE aqua and red :D
    Few years ago I gave my mother an almost-finished-quilt for birthday, all quilting was done (in the machine) but I wanted to hand quilt in the middle of some big plain blocks. So I dold my mom I would take the quilt back for few days and finish the hand quilting part and the binding… I still have the quilt and everytime I dig it up from the unfinished pile it hisses at me and I put it back deep into the pile!! Since then I gave her another – finished – quilt (this summer when she turned 60) . Maybe I should try the hand quilting once more (I can use earplugs for the hissing), we could do it together… in spirit?! :)

  28. Mary ann on November 23, 2013 at 4:59 pm said:

    So I think I would go the other way and give it back to her to do the additional quilting.You had originally planned on spending more anyway. Doesn’t sound like you really want to spend 10 yrs doing it yourself and I think our limited creative time should mostly be used doing what we love!! I love red and aqua mostly too!

  29. brigita on November 25, 2013 at 3:39 pm said:

    you. are. doomed.

  30. So, have you thought of machine quilting what you want? I know, it’s sacrilege to mix the two, but …. Yea, I’ve done it. Guilty as charged – Quilter’s purgatory, perhaps even hell for me – but at least I’ll be in good company! Won’t you join me? Cheers!

  31. Well, see there is an up side to it. The basting is done and you get to do some hand stitching. The quilt that just keeps on giving!

  32. The Ten Year Sweater and now the Eternity Quilt? How disappointing to have it not quilted the way you had envisioned it. Bummer.

  33. You and your hand quilting! I can’t handle projects like that. I’m sure you will finish it beautifully. But I get what you mean about the quilting being not enough.

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