The Aunts’ Quilt — The End

{Sigh.} Here we are at the end of the Aunts’ Quilt Quiltalong. It’s a Happy Sad Day!

The year sure flew by, didn’t it? I loved every bit of it — I loved picking the fabrics and doing each group of blocks each month. And I loved seeing the other quilts in the quilt along. There were around 15 people who participated, but I think only one other, maybe two have finished. Karen for sure, and rumor has it that Lina is done too, so I’m excited to see a picture of her finished quilt. I’m thinking maybe I should have nagged more been more supportive and kept you kids going. Sadly, I haven’t had the time this year — I managed to make the monthly deadlines, but that was about it. Bad Quiltalong Leader! I feel like the mother who lost a few of her children during those rebellious High School years. It’s ok though — I know the rest of the Auntlets are plugging along and they’ll eventually cross the finish line!

So, here is my finished quilt.

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

And, here’s a little closer view.  It’s hard to see the details, but that’s ok for now — we’ll save those for when the quilt is quilted.  I’ve debated whether to do big-stitch quilting or fine hand quilting (because, imho, that much hand work deserves some sort of hand quilting!)  I’m pretty sure I’ll go with fine hand quilting, and since I’m not retired yet and would like to see this quilt finished before my demise, I’ll probably ship it off to a hand quilter.

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

Now, how ’bout The Cookie!  Another debate for me, all month.  I really wanted to try a few new cookie recipes, but when I reviewed the Cookie of the Month list and realized that my favorite cookie wasn’t listed, I knew I needed to have it be the Cookie of the Month.  Long-time readers will probably remember my Frosted Orange Cranberry Cookies.  I LOVE this cookie.  It probably has to do with the fact that it has … Frosting!

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

I had to put a few cookies on my favorite little flower from the quilt.  That flower is so fun — I’m sure I’ll use it in future quilts.

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

So, thank you so much for following along on my Aunts’ Quilt journey.  I loved having a schedule with monthly reporting dates — that made all the difference in not letting this quilt turn into a UFO.  And a special thanks to the Auntlets’ for participating — it can’t be a quiltalong without quilters!  For you Auntlets who aren’t finished yet — keep plugging away — the end result is SO worth it.  And Special Congratulations to Karen and Lina for finishing their quilt tops — WooHoo!!!


(P.S.  I know the time-stamp on this post indicates that I’m a day late to report in, but, in my defense, my website was down and I couldn’t log on to post!)

29 Thoughts on “The Aunts’ Quilt — The End

  1. Oh my word, Anna, this is stunning. How you could be to put a cookie on it (even a delicious looking one) is beyond me :-) Congratulations!

  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Anna. And the cookie doesn’t look half bad as well! :o)

  3. Oh this is such a beautiful heirloom Anna and the detail is just mind blowing (I’m especially keen on the baked element!). I do hope you’re well x

  4. Congratulations on your super finish Anna! Your Aunt’s quilt turned out amazing. I haven’t been a very good “Auntlet” and I don’t have an excuse really (and I don’t think any nagging from your side would have made any difference either)!! But I will finish mine and that’s a promise!!! And the cookie looks delicious; might have to give them a try.

  5. Jewels on October 16, 2015 at 7:17 am said:

    Anna the quilt is just beautiful! I knew it would be. The fabrics and colors are perfect. The cookie looks yummy also. xoxo

  6. DELIGHTFUL! that is what is has been to watch the process and especially to see the finished top. I love everything about it -especially your colors.
    Frosted cookies: yes, please!
    happy finish and happy friday

  7. This is just beautiful! I am sorry not to have kept up, you have been a great quiltalong leader, even providing recipes for sustenance, lol! The problem for me is the “squirrel!” dilemma…too many projects started and always another around the bend…maybe I can settle down in 2016 and get some finishes!

  8. it looks great! I bet if you worked a little at hand quilting almost every evening you could be done in a year or so and you wouldn’t need to ship it off and it would be the way you want it to be. Nothing wrong with it taking a year or so to quilt it.

  9. Sigh. It’s lovely. I’m retired, but it still takes me forever to hand quilt (I have two projects in that queue.) There is just too many temptations out there… it’s a matter of focus! Nancy Near Philly has a term for it that I can’t recollect. Something like Quilter’s ADD? Revel in your Aunt finish! The celebration is well deserved.

  10. Anna, what a totally gorgeous quilt! You have outdone even yourself on this one. Truly it is exceptional. Congratulations! And how nice to have the option to have someone else do the hand quilting! Score!!! (Now you know I want some of those cookies. They look and sound delicious.)

  11. anna, I love your version. I’m so envious of your appliqué and piecing skills. I’m currently plugging away at the sweet tea and green beans quilt. I find adding the 1/4″ seam allowance and fabric choices challenging. Congrats on your finish.

  12. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful, Anna. I love the way it all works together, the colours you chose and the lovely applique and patchwork. What a treasure. And how delicious that cookie looks..with yummy!
    Helen xox

  13. It’s AMAZING! I really love your quilt. I really like the appliqued *2015* that you did.

    I AM making those cookies!!!

  14. I love everything about that quilt – the pattern, the applique and your hand stitching (really lovin’ that 2015) and most of all the colors. It’s a beaut! Of course, it has to be hand stitched!!! P.S. – Do you do needle turn, freezer paper or what? – I really want to know!! (Personally, I love to do freezer paper applique)

  15. It’s so lovely, but get those biscuits off it immediately!

    Now, which of your sons do you love more… so that you’ll bequeath him the quilt? I think you’ll need to start on another one…

  16. I can’t believe it’s been a year!! Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful quilt top. There’s so much to admire about it. How cool that you have the option to send it to a hand quilter. Fine quilting is just what it needs to finish it off.

  17. I love this quilt so much!!! What an accomplishment! And with everything else you do. Working, family , traveling, and so many other projects besides this one. You are WonderWoman!! I love every single inch of this magnificent quilt. Lots and lots and lots of fine hand quilting please???? It is so beautiful. Oh, and the cookies look super yummy too!!! I think I made them once but don’t remember what they tasted like so I guess I will just have to make them again!

  18. Oh Anna……it’s beautiful!! Congratulations! With all that’s happened this year my Aunts’ Quilt has sort of….well…..gone by the board. Bad Auntlet……..but I do hope to pick it up again next year. Who knows, maybe this time next year I’ll be doing a finishing post!

  19. wowsa!!! absolutely gorgeous!!!

    quilts and cookies – two of my favorite things!!! i could just burst into song!!!

  20. That turned out just darling Anna and the cookie looks so YUMMY! Frosting makes everything so much better :)

  21. Mary Ann on October 17, 2015 at 11:39 pm said:

    What a beautiful quilt Anna, I am so impressed. And even though I did not do the qal I have lived watching your progress and of course the cookies. I think this will be one of my new favorites for the holiday season. Thanks!

  22. Oh my gosh that quilt is beautiful beautiful beautiful. I’m sad that I didn’t play along like I had hoped – being nagged might have helped LOL – just kidding I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have made a difference. Your colors are just so happy and pretty together – great job. The cookies sounds and looks yummy on the quilt. Soooooo will you try another quilt along?
    Hugs to you from Mrs. Farmhouse

  23. gorgeous. and cookies! perfect x

  24. What beautiful work you do Anna-Banana! And so disciplined!

    I also love the creative “watermelon” in your header….

  25. it turned out so gorgeous!!! i love the way you appliqued the year….i might steal that idea on some future quilts that i still haven’t finished. ;p

  26. It’s gorgeous!!!

  27. Your quilt is amazing! Such beautiful work. You were brave to put cookies on it ;-)

  28. Your quilt turned out so beautiful! I still regret a little that I didn’t join in the quilt-along!

  29. Sarah on June 22, 2016 at 2:20 pm said:

    There’s not words–just an amazingly beautiful quilt! And those cookies are fabulous– I made them once when we were still eating gluten. Thanks for the happy cookie memory! lol

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