Merry Christmas!

It’s here!  Can you believe it?  Christmas is here already!  Did you make it?  I managed mostly.  I knew when I said a few weeks ago that I wasn’t planning to knit or sew anything this year, that comment would be a mistake.  No sooner did those words fly off of this keyboard, than I saw something I wanted to knit for gifts.  I made a valiant attempt, but didn’t get all of them done.  That’s what the break between Christmas and New Year’s will be for and I’ll try and show you if I manage to get them done.

The shopping is all done, the gifts are all wrapped, and most importantly, the cookies are made.  Just in time for my traditional Christmas Eve breakfast!  We’re having our annual gingerbread competition later today too.  I’ve already heard at least two people say they’re going to win this year, so it should be lots of fun.

Thimbleanna: Cookies

So hey. Totally unrelated to Christmas (but I’ll throw in a Christmas related photo or two lol), but do you loooong-time readers remember this photo that I posted years ago when TheFirstChild and SweetiePie were just starting their new lives as a married couple? I took this picture of them as they walked away from us and inadvertently caught this sign in the shot with them. It was a happy accident as the big job of building a new life together was just beginning.

Thimbleanna: White Coat

Well, now, they’re doing another kind of construction. Well, mostly SweetiePie is doing all the work and a new baby will be joining our little family in June. Eeeeeek!!!! We’re all beside ourselves with joy! The first grandchild. The first great-grandchild. The first child of the new generation. There may have been tears and jumping up and down when they told us. And I’m not just talking about TheManoftheHouse. It’s so cute how my nieces are so excited that we’ll soon have a baby in the family again.

Thimbleanna: Pink Ornaments

Poor SweetiePie, she’s been sick, sick, sick for several months.  Just when it seems to be letting up, it hits her again.  Her energy is starting to return though, so I’m hoping the rest of it (notice how I’m sparing you the gory details – you’re welcome!) will soon clear up too.

Thimbleanna: Pink Ornaments

And, are you clued into my little Christmas ornament subliminal message??? It’s … a … GIRL! Be. Still. My. Heart. Pink Sewing LOL! Smocking!  I’m thinking that pretty little pile of Liberty will keep me busy for awhile. Oh, the excitement!
Anyway, all that good stuff will have to wait a bit longer — we have the holidays upon us. Wishing you all a very VERY Merry Christmas — full of love, laughs, and lots of cookies!


36 Thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Congratulations for you and TheManOftheHouse, Anna on becoming grandparents of a little baby girl. Such happy news! Wishing you and your family the most wonderful Christmas time!

  2. What wonderful news!!

  3. Wonderful news, Anna! Congratulations to all! I hope SweetiePie feels better really soon! :o)

  4. Fantastic news; congratulations to the whole family. I can just imagine how exited you all must be.
    We are just back from a week in India where we were invited to a wedding of one of my son’s university friends and now I have problems getting back into the Christmas spirit, especially since it’s as warm here as it is usually in Spring time. In any case, have a wonderful Christmas and a great start into the new year. I’m hoping to be a better blogger next year ;)!!! xx

  5. squueeeeeee. A baby! hope sweetiepie feels better soon xxx
    Happy Christmas Anna xxx

  6. I was all ” the internets love your gingerbread house competition” but then I read GRANDBABY !!!!! BABY GIRL !!!! a billion sqazillion congratulations to you my friend. Oh the Christmases of your future……

  7. Oh and what will she be called on the blog ??? I love your family names .

  8. Merry Christmas Anna! Sounds like you have a full, wonderful couple of days ahead of you. Looking forward to your gingerbread house post :) Congrats on the baby grand!! June is a perfect month for a baby :D Well wishes for the Momma.

  9. Such joyful news….how lovely! Hope Sweetie Pie soon feels better, and that you all have a very Merry Christmas. Love your sweet fabrics waiting there…..what fun you will have making for this little baby girl…..x
    Helen xox

  10. Congratulations!! a baby girl what wonderful news you are going to be joining the grandparents club!
    Looking forward to seeing the gingerbread houses, have a great couple of days – Merry Christmas
    Hope your daughter starts to feel better soon, I was sick throughout both my pregnancies years ago – I have never forgotten it! What was supposed to be one of the best times of my life was the sickest time of my life instead for both of them. – I hope for her that the sick part goes away soon

  11. Mazeltov! What wonderful news for the Thimbleanna family! Warm wishes for all of you this bright season and in the New Year. And good luck in the competition!

  12. Karen Ruta on December 24, 2015 at 9:34 am said:

    Oh Anna, how exciting! I have two little grandsons, and this is the best stage of life yet! You have so much love and fun ahead of you. Merry Christmas!


  13. Merry Christmas, Anna! What an exciting time for your family, congratulations to you all! Now, what is this sweet girl to be called on the blog?

  14. A festive plate of cookies AND wonderfully good news. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Anna.

  15. What happy news! You have license to go crazy making stuff for a baby girl.

  16. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you and your family Anna. Such wonderful news. I hope you will share the gingerbread contest again this year. They are all so creative.

  17. Hurray! The news is out and it’s a girl!!!! Not that boys aren’t nice too, but you’ve already done boys! So happy for you, dear Anna. Gosh, what a lot of sewing is going to take place between now and June…

    Happy Christmas to you all including Baby T’anna!

  18. WooHoo!! Very exciting news that will make Christmas all the more fun. Happy pink Liberty fun days!

  19. That is the best Christmas blessing ever! Especially to a mom of two sons (like myself) whose first grandchild is a girl! SO much fun. I’m so very happy for you. And I love your pictures! Especially the cookie tray. Such works of art. And edible too. The ornaments and fabrics are so pretty – I see a special little tree dedicated just to the new babe in your future. Congratulations Anna! And Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years!!!

  20. congratulations!!! so exiciting. stay with me……i fostered a beautiful malamute named sugar. she’s the one i call smelly on instagram. the couple that adopted her 8 yrs ago don’t keep her clean and brushed out. yes, i’m bitching.

    anyway, they are both UCSF trained peditricians. one worked in research on birth defects. their daughter is pregnant with her 1st child. she went through what sweetie pie is going through. serious nausea. what the researcher told me is that it means the placenta is healthy. it’s miserable to go through but it is a good sign.

    and that is where i was going with that long winded post. ;p merry merry christmas!!!

  21. Oh Anna….what exciting news indeed! Merry Christmas to you all!

  22. Congratulations Friend! Merry Christmas!

  23. You know I’m over the moon excited for you. Not only a grandchild joining your wonderful family but a GIRL. We mom to two boys welcome that overdue pink lol. Can’t wait to find out her blog name. I see lots of girlie things coming out of your nest created by your amazing hands She will be blessed. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and I’m sure the gingerbread house or as my little granddaughter calls them gingers ..making was a blast as always. Hugs your friend in pink lol. Ms farmhouse

  24. Congratulations!!!! And a girl, too! This is going to be a great year. A note to Sweetie Pie: my first pregnancy I was sick, sick, sick, too. My second pregnancy I fessed up to the doctor as soon as the sickness started. His words: “Well, no one needs to feel that bad.” And he whipped out his prescription pad for some anti nausea meds with very specific instructions. It. Changed. My. Pregnant. Life. Still fatigued, but no longer praying to the porcelain god. Best wishes to you all for a safe New Year and bouncing, healthy baby girl.

  25. Merry Christmas!
    and yes!
    I do remember the “Under Construction” photo. SOOOOooooo excited for you and for them at the announcement of The Gift! A baby girl! Thrilling. I’m excited to see all that you start creating from now to June and beyond!

    Hoping SweetiePie starts feeling better soon.

    (Who won the gingerbread house bake-off? I’m dying to know!)


  26. Congratulations and best wishes Ana! Merry Christmas!

  27. Mary Ann on December 26, 2015 at 10:10 pm said:

    Anna! I am so excited for you all. Being a grandparent is just the very best thing in the world. And I am an expert at girls, we have 7 granddaughters and feel so very blessed. #8 arrives in 6 weeks although her sisters have both arrived 10 days early so we may see her sooner than Valentine’s Day.
    Hope Sweetie Pie starts feeling better soon, way more fun when you can enjoy it all. What a wonderful Christmas announcement. bIg hugs!

  28. Cathy Burk on December 27, 2015 at 3:22 am said:

    Oh, Anna, grandparenthood is THE best thing ever! And a girl!!! ???????????? congratulations!!! Also, I received my Vintage Picnic the other day…many thanks! Excited to have it! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  29. Oh HOW WONDERFUL. What joy! what thrilling news. I’m so happy for you and for you whole family.
    Pink sewing, as you say: Pure joy.

    I can’t wait to see the gingerbread houses. I am really doing to do that next year – FOR SURE!!

  30. Anna… Im so happy for you…it’s so overwhelming…just happy tears all over… I had a little bit of that feeling myself just before Christmas..but sadly it didn’t go as we hoped for.

  31. A little girl?!!! I am so, so very happy for you that I cannot put it into words! I too have happy tears. :)

  32. Love your news :) Sorry I missed this when you first posted. Little Granddaughters are so special! Can’t wait to see what creations you come up with! (Grandsons are special too, of course!)

  33. Merry belated Christmas! So, you’re going to be a grandma! Congratulations! How wonderful to have a little one! They do add a certain fun to the Christmas Holiday! So, I imagine you’ll be busy sewing and creating!

    Thank you for having such a pleasant blog to look at. Your pictures are always top notch … Oh and I love you’re headings. Could you teach me how to do that? I need to learn how to work with graphics.

    Just doing a bit of catching up before I dig into inventory! Cheers! With a latte!

  34. I’m only reading a few blogs tonight, and notice…I clicked on yours with the cookies photo! :) but also get to read your good! news! Best wishes for you all…being a G-Ma is so fun!

  35. Just catching up with all your news!

    Ohh My Goodness!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Wonderful news!
    Love Liberty smocked dresses!!! I made lots for my DD over the years. Can’t wait to see all your pink creations! :)
    I hope SweetiePie is feeling much better now and all is progressing smoothly.

  36. Valerie on January 6, 2016 at 9:40 am said:

    Congratulations! Hope everything goes well for them. Enjoy!!

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