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Wow — I need to post just to move that turkey down the page! I can’t believe how quickly Thanksgiving came and went.  We went to Dallas to visit TheSecondChild.  We had lots of fun — in spite of six days of non-stop rain.  Seriously — it rained the whole time we were there — I don’t think we saw the sun once. (And people think it rains too much in Scotland — at least we saw the sun there!)  Since TheSecondChild has a teeny little apartment kitchen, I decided it would be too hard to make a big fancy turkey dinner with all of it’s extras.  Instead, we opted for TheSecondChild’s favorite meal — he loves our traditional New Year’s Day dinner, but he never makes it home for New Year’s anymore, so I thought it would be fun to treat him.  We make a Standing Rib Roast and Twice-Baked Potatoes.  Much easier than turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and etc.  It made for a different Thanksgiving dinner, but it sure was good!

So, now we’re back — right in the middle of that busy, busy time of year. I compose blog posts all the time in my head, but it’s been so hard to get the time to actually post now. Especially during the week — I did get a new blog header up though — I’m trying to be better about it this year!

Thimbleanna: Christmas Prep

I spent the weekend cracking down on the decorating around here.  We usually have two trees — one fake and one real.  The real one won’t go up until around the 15th, but I worked on the fake tree and the outside decorations today.  And bonus, I count the fake tree as part of my outside decorations, since it can be seen from the front window.  Otherwise, the outside decorations are pretty simple — a garland around the front door, two little trees on either side of the door, and Martha Stewart’s glittered bells in lieu of a wreath.

Thimbleanna: Christmas Prep

A few other little areas were decorated too, but mostly cleaning up sewing stuff I had lying around and playing with a few ornaments that will go on the real tree.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it took a long time and was a lot of work.  How are you guys all doing?  Are you on track with all your holiday plans?  I’ve got a plan for everything and most spare minutes are allocated.  No fun sewing or knitting this year, but we’ll definitely be squeezing the gingerbread competition in there.  All the kids will be home this year, so it should be lots of fun to see what everyone dreams up!

Thimbleanna: Christmas Prep

There are also some new goodies in my little etsy shop — you know, in case you need a gift, or have some Christmas money to spend on yourself!  ;-D  I’ve listed my very favorite little scissors — they’re Dovo scissors and I love them.  The top ones are pretty little embroidery scissors and the bottom ones are my go-to scissors when I’m doing applique.  Mine got a lot of use when I was working on The Aunts’ Quilt.

Thimbleanna: Dovo Scissors

Lots of low-volume fabrics have also arrived.  Top to bottom, they are:

Library Gardens by Amy Sinibaldi
Happily Ever After by Amy Sinibaldi
Stamped by Amy Sinibaldi  (Yay — Amy Sinibaldi — aren’t they all beautiful?)
Bees & Bits Spring by Bari J.  (Bees, people — BEES!)
Floral Dums Punch by Art Gallery Fabrics In-House Studio (Ohmygosh — I LOVE these cute flowers!)
Modern Background Fabric by Zen Chic

The top five fabrics are also available in a half-yard bundle — for speedy ordering ;-D.

Thimbleanna: Low Volume bundle

And, finally, for you travel-lovers out there, the fun Japanese fabric shown below.  It’s called Tour Round the World by Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa fabrics.  The images are pretty big on this fabric (each shot in the collage below is about 20″ wide) and the repeat is about 1 1/4 yards.  Perfect for big travel accessories or a back on a quilt to remember a fun trip!

Thimbleanna: Japanese Fabric

Ok, this little break is over.  Paperwork to do before I can go to bed.  Have a wonderful week!


17 Thoughts on “Just Checking In …

  1. I had to laugh as I am constantly composing posts in my head that never make it. Good to be busy I guess. I love your new Christmas header… so pretty!

  2. Busy here too, getting everything organised ….. I’m just about on schedule! We have had dreadful rain here, with the centre of Hawick flooded, but it has been far worse over in Cumbria.
    Love the fabrics – oh so tempting!!

  3. I was just thinking about you yesterday, and wondering what you were up to :) I am looking forward to your ginger bread houses, I love seeing them! Such a fun tradition you guys have. Take care.

  4. I have not started to decorate but I do not do a lot normally – I didn’t even hang up the Christmas quilt this year on the wall as I had just finished a wall quilt that looks so much better in that spot! I’m not sure where the Christmas quilt will go – no on the wall for sure it seems.
    Yes the week you were in Dallas it rained and rained, here too and looks like more rain this coming weekend – I do hope it will just be a little bit – our yard is still water logged in places.
    I am too lazy to change my header on the blog for the holidays but will add a Victorian photo at the top of the blog each day instead.

  5. You take such great photos and how clever is your new banner!!!

  6. Cute new header! It starts to look like Christmas in Thimbleannaland! xx

  7. Lovely new header! And I love those pink sparkly bells and gorgeous fabrics! Happy new week, Anna.
    Helen xox

  8. You come up with such creative headers! I know what you mean by composing posts in your head, I do it too. It sounds as though your Christmas plans are going according to schedule with wonderful decorating and thoughts of gingerbread. Super gorgeous fabrics too!!

  9. Jewels on December 7, 2015 at 4:38 pm said:

    Love Love Love your new little Christmas header sooooooo cute. Your decorations are awesome as well. The new fabrics look yummy wish I was more productive. Merry Christmas and I can wait to see pictures of the Gingerbread contest. xoxo

  10. I think I’m on track but that might just be wishful thinking! LOL

  11. Like your new header, Anna. Sounds like you’ve been having a lovely time. Loving all those fabrics……I’ve spent so much lately……ummmmmmm……

  12. Mary Ann on December 8, 2015 at 2:15 am said:

    Ha, think I just end commented on wrong post. ????????????

  13. Another great banner – but I REALLY love the little red truck! So so cute!

  14. Your thimble ornament banner is saweeeet!
    Looks like Christmas is coming to your house. I love your pretty ornaments. Our tree is sporting unbreakables this year because we have three toddler-ish sized grands who are here often.

  15. Your header is perfect, and I seriously love all those vintage (?) Christmas decorations you have tantalizingly scattered throughout your post! I bought some bubble lights the other day and was so disappointed when I opened the box – they are nothing like the old ones. Poo!

  16. We collect our tree tomorrow and it will then go up. Ross is not a huge fan of struggling it into the holder and putting the lights on but then he leaves it to me (and goes and has a nap to recover).

    Mind you, no one will be here to see it at Christmas apart from us (sob).

  17. HI Anna! what a super cute header this time of year! I’d love to see how you do these photo shoots. You are so clever.
    Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds amazing. I’ve never made one. Can you send me the directions? I’d love to try one this year.
    really lovely low volume fabrics.
    Glad your decorating is underway – I do the same outside decorating.

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