Goofy Bags

Last weekend, when I decided to make a pit-stop into Clementine’s, I knew the girls would be feeding me goodies and therefore I wanted to make a little treat for them. Because it was a last-minute decision, I decided to make them some little bags like the Cousin Bags that I made for my cousins last year. I didn’t have time to come up with a fun new idea, so I stuck with the same ol’ cousin formula.

Goofy Bag

And ever since I made those cousin bags, I’ll occasionally get questions about how I made them. Poor Sharon even got tired of waiting on me to come up with some instructions and she made her own cute version. (Which shows that you don’t need a pattern and these aren’t rocket science!)

Goofy Bag

So, while I was making these little bags, I took some pictures and wrote up a little tutorial.  Only I didn’t know what to call them — they aren’t Cousin Bags anymore.  I thought about calling them Square Bags, but that was kind of boring.  Or maybe No-Name Bags.  I finally decided to call them Goofy Bags and you can find the instructions on a How to Make Goofy Bags page.

Goofy Bag

Obviously, you can embellish the outside of these little bags any way that you would like.  The little crochet bags I made for the quilty peeps when we went to Chicago were made in the same manner — they’re just embellished differently.  And for you zipper-phobes out there, there’s nothing to putting these zippers in — they’re easy peasy.

Goofy Bag

Goofy Bags are nice for controlling the clutter in larger tote bags.  I made them for the Cami Peeps to put knitting odds ‘n ends in their knitting bags.  The Goofy Bags for the quilty peeps were made to hold crochet items that are needed to make little crocheted cards.  And I have a Cousin Goofy Bag that I keep my ipod and cell phone cords in when I travel.

So.  Now you can all go and act Goofy.  And have a great weekend while you’re at it!


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  1. Those are very cute, love the colors.

  2. OMG….they are so cute…I’ve got to make one. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  3. Really cute, thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Very cute Anna! thank-you for the tutorial!

  5. Grat tute Anna! love the Goofy bags – love how you have embellished yours!

  6. Brenda on July 24, 2008 at 11:53 pm said:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I have been making plain zipper pouches for my knitting friends to use as project bags, and I want to try your Goofy bag. Your bags are so cute—

  7. okay, so this is why we love you. well, not really, but it doesn’t hurt your ratings any. thank you so much. i don’t have ANYTHING to do lately, so now i have purpose in my life. did you embroider those little bees? do you know i have a crush on bees? name starts with a ‘b’. bees make honey, bees are cute… bees pollinate my produce… make cute buzzy sounds…. make honey, make honey,make honey…. i need little bee tags on my goofy bags. except my bee tags are going to have WINGS. where are the wings woman? were you counting on the swirly fabric to be your wings? did your pastry buddies fall for that? you making them a bee tag w/o wings? they must’ve been drunk with love not to have noticed. have them give me a call, i’ll fill them in. i’m sorry. the bags are cute. really cute. so cute i’m making some. after i get robin to embroider me some bees (with wings) because if you’re going to make something that cute, it might as well have a buzzy bee on it (with wings). my kitchen is resemblant (word?) of hiroshima. i would take a picture but one of my children is still a minor and could theoretically get taken away from me.
    i’m going to bed.
    much love

  8. okay, so i looked at the tutorial. one of the bee tags looks like it has wings. *little* ones. but i think the bee body is too big to be supported by those little wings. i’m worried for the saftey of your bee. he may crash. okay, i’m so tired i’m delirious and i don’t even drink so this nonsense is sober. frightening

  9. Love your Goofy bags, Anna. And the tutorial looks fantastic. Hope I find time to try it out sometime.

  10. They are so lovely! But I really love Brigette’s comments! so funny! Lucy x

  11. Anna those bags are soooooooo cute! You are amazing. I love my bag and use it all the time. I think I need to come to your house for a one on one lesson. Those zippers scare me to death.

  12. Anna, Love the bag, so many fabrics to choose to make it your own. I dont know about making it, it looks awfully hard to make. I’m going to give it a try though, you give very good directions. Thank you. Tracey

  13. Such cute bags. The colors are so juicy and summery. I love the combination of blue and yellow. Nice work.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial, Anna. I am still coming down from Brigette’s comments…that girl has energy in her writing!…I’m too worn out now to sew…lol!

  15. Those are adorable! I think I’ll give them a shot (one day).

  16. Mary Jo Jones on July 25, 2008 at 9:37 am said:

    Love your bags…thanks so much for the tutorial…they may be my goal for today…if only I had your fabric too!

    Mary Jo

  17. THANK YOU FOR GOOFY INSTRUCTIONS…some of us, never installed a zipper, really needed those directions to see that they look quite easy. I definitely think I can do it. In fact, I will do it sometime soon. YEA, YEA, YEA for you…queen bee of Thimbleanna land.

  18. I love these! Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Awesome tutorial. I’m very bag and zipper phobic but if I read your step by step directions I MIGHT be able to make one. LOL Time will tell.

  20. Anna, you are just too clever! Those bags are gorgeous, and probably not as simple to me as they were to you. :)
    Thanks for the tute, though, I’ll give it a try!

  21. Your Goofy Bags are adorable (and not goofy to me at all). I really appreciate the tutorial and will make some, too. Thank you, Anna!

  22. Cute bags and thank you for doing the tutorial. I would love to make some of these too!

  23. Hello, my first visit – found you via Mrs Locket. Such lovely bags and a gorgeous little bee too. I really need to buy a sewing machine and learn some stuff from you all! Perhaps a Christmas present….hmm.

    I scrolled through the comments and I think perhaps Brigitte has had a spot of coffee!?

  24. Well they are darling. And I need to make some. I’m going to vacation next week with my sisters and so I should have done this a week ago!!! I made those baskets instead but this would be better. I love them.

  25. Super cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  26. Thanks Anna, those bags are adorable :)

    I look forward to making some when I can unearth my sewing machine…it’s currently buried under all the kitchen units which are living in the dining room at the moment!

  27. Lovely bags!

  28. Anna – You are a BIG STAR! I have also been waiting for the directions to these little treats! You are such a doll! I can hardly wait to get some of these made. The only problem that I’m going to be having, is that I don’t have an embroidery machine. I just might have to go “old fashioned and do it by hand. It won’t be as pretty or stand out as much…but it will be nice! I’ve missed reading your blog. This last week and 1/2 have been real tough! Gotta shake myself outta my FUNK!

    Thanks again – You are a doll!


  29. So cute Anna! Seriously. Seriously. Seriously cute!

  30. Such cute bags – thanks for the tut!!

  31. Ok I need one in those colors now!!!! Oh come on really I do!!! I love them. You do such nice work. I make mine totally different but I like the way you box the corner on the top. I dont think I can do that the way I make mine. But……seriously I need one in those colors. Did I say that already?? And the name is….
    S.H.A.R.O.N……. :-)

  32. Your Goofy bags are gorgeous!! Thank for the fab tute :)


  33. Awesome, thanks for the tutorial! My little sewing apprentice is stoked to try it! :)

  34. Mary Jane Smith on July 26, 2008 at 1:27 pm said:

    Hi Anna: Thanks so much for doing a tutorial on these bags! You are so talented!!!! The bags are darling!

    Mary Jane

  35. i think that these are amazing.


  36. Hi Anna, I hope you don’t mind I just awarded you the Sharing the Love award. Visit me to find out more.

  37. These are really awesome Anna. I love to make things like this for friends too! I’ll give it a try when I get back from my friends daughters wedding in N. California.

  38. Too cute! As usual!!

  39. Thank you for sharing your tutorial! I have seen a few others and the zipper stops me, I think I can try again, (thanks for the confidence!)
    Cute choices of colors!

  40. Susan/FlossieBlossoms on July 27, 2008 at 8:29 am said:

    Aren’t these the CUTEST thangs ever?! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I have a roadtrip coming up in a few months and all the girls will be getting one of these! (I already made Roadtrip pillowcases for my best buddies, thanks also for those!) You do have the best ideas, you are so very clever. I enjoy your blog a lot, I should have told you this months ago!

  41. I love those bags, and your tutorial is marvelous!! I don’t need to make ‘goofy bags” to be goofy, however – goofy-ness just comes naturally to me. Now I’ll have a bag to match! LOL

  42. p.s. Thank you, Anna, for being so wonderfully talented and sharing it with us all!! XOXO

  43. You’re so clever, and SO not a procrastinator , like me! You seem to get an idea—and presto—it’s done—in quadruplicate! I enjoyed Brigette’s comments as much as the actual post…As I was reading it I was thinking “This has to be Brigette!” And it was…[I love it when I’m right!] She’s such a goofball, so funny!
    Nice bags. I probably won’t make any. I would have to have the idea marinating in my brain juices for too long, and there’s enough clutter in there already….aha! Maybe I could use some of them to control THAT clutter?? But how would I get them in there?? OK, enough nonsense…..

  44. Awww, seeing my name plastered all over your post-pics was a thrill! Yay for the tutorial, too! Tomorrow is ‘headed for civilization’ day, so I’m grabbing some zippers and some cute buttons, maybe hunting down some fun woven labels (no embroidery machine here) and dipping into my stash. (I have ‘hey, diddle-diddle’ toile… in PINK!) Possibly I could have so much fun I could sprain something, but with you so many *hours* away (deep sigh), it’s prolly going to be a regular Monday. Bank, shop, shop, diet Coke/feed monsters, shop, try not to pass out from the boring drive home… play with fabric. Okay, so it won’t suck, but you’re still missed!

  45. Great tutorial…definitely one I’ll save for future reference…They would make Christmas gifts filled with yummy bath products ;o)…hmmm good teachers gifts too…

  46. mine must be the more rotund bag on the right. :)
    this tutorial ROCKS!

    I have seriously fallen down the rabbit hole that is sewing. It’s a sickness, really. Not unlike heroin. “You’re ruining this family!” (I watched Intervention yesterday) I can see how this could get WAY out of control. I almost forgot to make dinner last night!

    Thanks for the fix, Anna. You’re like my dealer now.

  47. Kew-ell!


  48. I love them!!! I’m book marking your page to give them a try. :) And I am terrified of zippers LOL

  49. Those bags are absolutely adorable. How fun! Such delightful colors on the bags, too!

  50. How clever are you? I have been stuffing around trying to work out how to line some pencil cases and some how make the zipper sit nicely …. why didin’t I think of hand sewing it???????? Thank you for providing me with some logic!!!

  51. Thanks for the Goofy Bag tutorial. I have printed it and stored it away in the “Things I Really Should Try” file. By the way, your Goofy Bags look great.


  52. Sweet Cottage Dreams on August 5, 2008 at 11:51 am said:

    This are the cutest little bags! Thank you for sharing the process with us. I will have to give it a try. You need to market your pattern!! Hey, you could make some moola for it!


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