Christmas Cookies

Wow! Thanks for all the fun Christmas Top Ten lists. I had a great time reading through them all. I hope you are all enjoying your top ten and are well on your way to being ready for the big day!

It was a good weekend here in ThimbleannaLand. I had a good time in the kitchen and made my Christmas cookies. Here’s what the family will be snacking on this year:

Lemon Gems. Buttery and lemony — and cute!

Lemon Gems

Raisin Filled Pockets. I thought I was using the old family recipe this year, but it was different.  They’re good, but they flattened out an awful lot.

Raisin Filled

Chocolate Caramel Delights.  Chocolate and Caramel.  I have nothing else to say.

Chocolate Caramel

Chocolate Dipped Shorbread.  I used my fun little “cookie writer” that I previously blogged about here.

Christmas Shortbread

Grandma Hill’s Browned Butter Cookies.  We’ve had them every year since I was a little girl.  And we don’t always wait until Christmas to make them, ’cause we LOVE them.

Grandma Hill's Browned Butter

Angel Slices. Our number one Christmas cookie.  They go so fast, we have to make twice as many as the other cookies.

Angel Slices

January is going to be extra painful this year.  But, it will be SO worth it!


51 Thoughts on “Christmas Cookies

  1. Wow. Amazing looking. Not only delicious but beautiful.

  2. Argh, Anna, I can feel my hips expanding just as I look at the pictures. Yummy!

  3. OK, I don’t know when I will find the time, as I haven’t made my buckeyes or cranberry bars yet, but I must make Lemon Gems and Angel Slices. *sigh*

    I did get the glitter bells (kind of) done and blogged!

  4. Okay I am hopping on a plane (I actully can fly for free) I hope you are ready for me ;-P
    xoxoxo Clarice

  5. Yup. Pretty sure you make the nicest looking (and likely – most delicious) Christmas cookies anywhere. And I will never tell Bubba about those lemon ones because I’d have to immediately go to the kitchen and make them and I bet their a PITA.

  6. All the cookies look so yummy Anna. I made Gingerbread cookies and have my dough for roll outs in the frig. I am sure you cookies are much prettier than mine. Love ya, Merry Merry Christmas

  7. Oh what goodies! yummy yummy.

  8. I hope to feel up to baking tomorrow! I have to make SOMETHING before the Holiday’s are over! Have to! You’re all look soooooo good. ooxx

  9. I think the Lemon Gems are definitely my favourite!! Have a very merry Christmas and lots of cookies!

  10. Lemon Jems … delicious!!!!!!!

  11. Everything looks delicious Anna! I love your sweet labels and those gorgeous cookie jars – can just imagine them all lined up on my counter top!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and peace and joy in 2010! I look forward to lots more Thimbleanna inspiration in 2010!

  12. Ohhh so cute! And yummy. And cute.

  13. I love the photography! The cookies look very yummy! Those Lemon Jems look particularly cute with their colorful sprinkles!

  14. i so have a crush on you.
    i’m making those angel slices tonight!
    i can’t eat them, cuz i’m on the wagon.. maybe i could chew one up and spit it out! hahahaha.
    love your labels.
    when you mail my cookies, i want labels on all of them.

  15. Hi Anna, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas as I won’t be on internet until after the new year. The very best to you and your family.

  16. Thanks for the wonderful recipes! Now I just have to figure out which one to make first.

    Took me a minute, but I saw the thimbles on the ends of the candy canes. Too Cute!!!

  17. wow! great recipes & perfection in presentation!

    anna, i have the brigitte cookie cutter & sometimes have a difficult time with the “word” imprinting clearly…any tips?… 3 times a charm doesn’t seem to work for me…thanks!

    wishing you & all you hold dear a safe & joyous holiday season!!!

  18. All I can say is…YOU AMAZE ME!!! These are the most beautiful cookies I have EVER seen!!! Can you please adopt me? Just kidding….Happy Holidays Anna to you and yours!

  19. Oh my those cookies all look delish. And so pretty too. But I would expect nothing less from you.
    Jan is going to be very painful you got that right.

  20. My knees went weak reading Chocolate Caramel Delights – lordy I can almost taste them – you naughty girl. January will be painful, just like my pants are now, LOL

    Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  21. All I have to say is wow. You are an amazing quilter and a little Betty Crocker. You go girl – those cookies looked cute and delicious! Love the jars & labels too!


  23. oh my goodness me! I bake cookies, chuck them in a tupperware and hope my husband doesn’t eat them all but you take cookies to a totally new level

    question, do you wear expandable pants in december or just breathe in!



  24. All I can say is mmmmmuuuuuuuummmmm!

  25. oh yummmmmmmmmo…. I think I am going to have to invest in a set of american measuring cups to make some of these recipes…

    Confectioners sugar, thats like powdered sugar??? (looks like you got a ‘cocaine habit’ sugar???) if so, its icing sugar here…

    quilty huggers to you
    (still in hot hot hot australia)

  26. Oh Anna! I wish I was like you! Your Christmas traditions and recipes are so fabulous – and LOOK so amazing in those gorgeous jars with their pretty labels!

    Lucy xxxx

  27. Anna! Good gracious. That’s all I can say.

    Any mince pie developments?

  28. YUMMY! What’s a few extra days at the gym, when you can have such delights? ENJOY!

  29. ohhh I think I will be baking alllll day tomorrow!!!

    …..and walking everyday for the next 6 months! lol

  30. Oh Anna, your cookies look beautiful, gorgeous, delicious and yummy. I feel like I gained a pound just looking at them. Great photography!!! Yup you will be on the broccoli and popcorn diet next month LOL…..

  31. I thought maybe it was just your quilts that looked so perfect, hah, no way…you even have the cookies that look perfect too. You are so good! :) I haven’t even baked this year, no time. However I DID make 18 dozen buckeyes with my mother…

  32. How about I send a box of mince pies if I can have one each of your cookies? They all look so good!

  33. Wow! They all look delicious AND beautiful. I love the labels to go along with each. Merry Christmas!

  34. They are making my mouth water, Yummy!

  35. Holy cow, Anna! I just gained ten pounds looking at your cookies! ;) They all look delectable and now I want to bake instead of making a diaper bag. Later, later. I’ve got my top ten for you. It’s on the other post.

  36. You have by far the best looking cookies and presentation I’ve ever seen! Just looking at them makes my mouth water!
    Happy Holidays!!

  37. Well, Anna, when you get started – you really GET STARTED!! All of those cookies look extremely delicious.

  38. Drooling here, Anna. I just might have to give those Lemon Gems a try. But wait…shortbread with chocolate…maybe that’s the one. Oh, and any cookie with frosting is a winner in my book…I LOVE THEM ALL. I SOOO wish you were my neighbor! You’d think that since we have the same mom (the best mom on the planet), we’d get together every once in a while. LOL!

    Merry Christmas, Anna~

  39. They look so wonderful! Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  40. Wow! Such beautiful cookies! And I just loved how you presented them, in those pretty jars with gorgeous tags. Very, very nice! (and delicious-looking, too!)

  41. yummoo!having flashbacks of your ‘suck it up princess’ cookies, Merry Christmas lovely lady
    :) fi xo

  42. I have to say your baking looks so wonderful, I can almost taste them. I love the sound of the bars, that’s one I just might have to try.

  43. Delicious delicious delicious!!!! All of your cookies look DIVINE!!! I could so handle being at your house for Xmas this year…

    Jodie :)

  44. Wow have you been busy baking…Everyone of them looks soooooooooooo yummy!!!! I just started my Christmas baking last night.

  45. Oh my gosh! I made one batch of peanut blossoms and lost all cravings for anything sugar-ey. Your cookies are picture perfect! I don’t know where you find your energy!

  46. I wish I could come for coffee and cookies. Mmmm!


  47. I’m sitting here looking at your beautiful photos of the gorgeous cookies and I swear I just gained 12 pounds (2 pounds per type of cookie by my reckoning). LOL. Seriously, the cookies look fabulous and the tags on the jars are awesome. FYI: I’ll be over at your house in about an hour to help you eat all this so you don’t gain pounds needlessly; consider my sacrifice of a svelte figure my good deed. You can stay lovely and I’ll roll home again along the sidewalk like an out-of-control sugar plum.

  48. I’m putting on weight just looking at them and killing the keyboard by drooling all over it *lol*
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, all the best wishes of the Christmas season. toni :O) xxx

  49. Wow Merry Christmas

  50. Yummy! What fun treats! Thanks for always sharing your incredible stuff. Merry Christmas!

  51. Thanks for the cookie recipes. I will defiately be making these. Can’t wait to make the lemon ones, I love anything lemon.
    Cute tags to. And I love the graphics you have done for the pages, oh so pretty.
    thanks again.
    your blog is so much fun to read

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