#5. Finish the Quilt I Started in May

Yipee!  I can tick my first item off of My 10 Things This Summer List.  I started this quilt in May — it’s a high school graduation gift for my favorite nephew.  (He’s my only nephew, but he’d still be my favorite!)  I’ve always loved the slanted star quilt pattern, so that was my choice.  I made a trip to the outdoor quilt hanger for pictures.

Thimbleanna: Sam's Quilt

I think this pattern is a good choice for my nephew — he’s a fun-loving, great kid.  He’s a star!

Thimbleanna: Sam's Quilt

I used different blue, red, and gray fabrics that I had in the stash and I chose to back it in the Children at Play bike print.  My sister’s family are a bunch of bike riding maniacs.  I originally thought I’d just use a meandering quilt pattern and I quilted about 1/4 of the quilt and decided that I hated it.  After TheManoftheHouse unpicked the mess, I decided to keep it simple and just quilt in the ditch and I Love it.  It’s nice and puffy and comfy now.

Thimbleanna: Sam's Quilt

You can probably guess that this quilt is late.  We had a busy spring this year and I failed to plan ahead.  Oops!  At least it’s finished before he goes to college.  While I was taking quilt pictures, I played with the quilt on the bench by MeMum’s pretty flowers.

Thimbleanna: Sam's Quilt

And along came Sally for a comfy little place to sit. She sat there batting her tail around, thinking this is her quilt.  (‘Cause you know — I know what runs through a quilt-sitting cat’s mind.)

Thimbleanna: Sam's Quilt

Awww, look.  Kitty Paws.

Thimbleanna: Sam's Quilt

Of the five grandchildren in our family, CuteNephew is the 4th.  TheFirstChild graduated first (ha!), TheSecondChild was second, and CuteNiece1 was third.   One more graduation for us — CuteNiece2 will graduate in two years.  I’ll bet you can guess what I’ll be giving her for her graduation LOL.


28 Thoughts on “#5. Finish the Quilt I Started in May

  1. Oh wow, gorgeous! A perfect “boy” quilt! I’m sure your favourite nephew will be pleased as punch!

  2. It took me a minute to see the slanted star. Love it! And I bet you favorite nephew will love it too.

  3. It took me a minute to see the slanted star. Love it! And I bet you favorite nephew will love it too.

  4. Brenda on July 7, 2013 at 11:46 pm said:

    Beautiful, and perfect for a young man. Some day, it will be a family heirloom.

  5. Perfect quilt for a young man Anna! Hurray for the first Summer finish!

  6. the quilt looks great…..perfect boys quilt………..

  7. The quilt is absolutely fabulous, Anna. It’s not just your nephew who’s a star! :o)

  8. What a wonderful, wonderful quilt for your nephew Anna! He’s going to love it! And the kitty on the quilt is just precious

  9. Jewels on July 8, 2013 at 7:20 am said:

    I love it! I imagine he does too! Good for you checking something off your list! xo

  10. brigette on July 8, 2013 at 7:42 am said:

    love it anna!! either one of my boys would treasure that quilt. i have a box packed up for you. it’s the quilt i started 2 summers ago. all it needs is a ruffle added and it’s done. i just tracked it. it will be there thursday. MOTH can gather the ruffle while watching television instead of picking out stitches. i’ve sent a return label for your convenience. it is dated for 07/16. if you don’t post it on that date, i believe that you’ll not only have to pay the return postage, but explain why it’s so late to my daughter. thanks so much.
    you’re simply the best. oh, MOTH isn’t chopped liver either.
    :waves madly
    p.s. this is MUCH better than me sending you the garbage i’ve found while cleaning out my fabric room. (not that we know anyone who does TTHHAATT!!!!!!)

  11. Hi Anna…
    What a wonderful catch up I have had at your blog….
    Iceland …yarns..fabrics and quilts…
    All very fun and lovely to read…
    Have a great summer…:0)

  12. Hey – awesome finish! Looks great.

  13. A handmade quilt is the best present ever! This one gets a gold star!

  14. The quilt looks great Anna, worth the waiting, I bet he’ll be thrilled :) – your pictures are so nice and oh look! You have a cat too! Every quilter needs one cat to try out new quilts :)
    Isn’t it nice to give a self-made quilt? :)

  15. Can I borrow the kitty? I need to take a picture of a quilt that I’m mailing out tomorrow. It’s not a graduation quilt but a kitty would sure look pretty sitting on it! ;p

    Love that quilt!

  16. I love it. It’s beautiful. Love your fabrics and the pattern. I have never made that pattern before but I’ve always liked it. Way to finish one of your goals!


  17. It’s a beauty. Well done. I like the backing fabric too. You are lucky to have an unpicker!

  18. Great quilt! And the backing is perfect for a biking, graduating, young man! Straight line and stitch in the ditch quilting are my best friends:)

  19. Yay! Congrats. What a terrific quilt! If you keep finishing projects it will keep me motivated too!

  20. Great quilt! Good job getting it done. It’s not THAT late! Great photos, too!

  21. How beautiful! He will love that, and treasure it, I am sure! It is funny how cats find their way to quilts….

  22. looks awesome!! Great grad gift!

  23. Oh I like it! I’d like it for a girl-quilt too!

  24. Mary ann on July 9, 2013 at 10:56 pm said:

    Great quilt! I have always loved that pattern and never made the quilt either. One more thing on the list..so why worry!

  25. Yay, one down 9 more to go :) Beautiful quilt! I had to laugh about the favorite nephew, my mom always says my husband is her favorite son-in-law, my sister gets her nose out of joint when she says that, as he’s her only son-in-law…sorry sis :)

  26. Gorgeous finish.. Congrats!

    Love the kitty pictures.. Too cute!

  27. great patriotic quilt and perfect for a young man!
    love the backing so fun

  28. Yay for you Anna! Doesn’t that feel good to get that one checked off? Like Cassie, I had a little trouble seeing the slanted stars too…I guess I don’t know my quilt patterns! But now that I do (well, and even before I did) I love it. I’m sure your nephew will love and treasure it for many, many years. Some day his wife will treasure it too, as will his (God willing) children. You’re a treasure. Oh, and the pictures are beautiful….cat, flowers, quilt. Lovely, as always. Have a great day!


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