What do Yarn, Fabric, and …

…a potato peeler all have in common???

Well, they’re all new goodies here in ThimbleannaLand.

I’m a sucker. When I got an e-mail saying Allison had a new Lorna’s Laces yarn in her shop I had to run down and buy some. And do you know why??? Because some brilliant marketer named it Downton Abbey, that’s why.  Lead me to the slaughter.

Lorna's Laces

I couldn’t help myself. But the colors are pretty. She doesn’t have many skeins left but she said more will be coming soon. If you have to have some too, you can order it here.

The new charm packs for Glamping and Avalon have arrived. I immediately ran to the dungeon and laid out some of the Glamping charm pack in my favorite easy quilt pattern, just to check it out.


There are a ton of patterns out there for charm packs. Just yesterday I saw Amy’s new Square Knots quilt and it has me re-thinking my layout. And this Square Dance pattern from Amber is super cute too. What to do, what to do.


I LOVE this Avalon fabric. I’ve never paid much attention to the Fig Tree fabrics in the past, but there’s something about this new line.


Can you tell which print is my favorite? (Hint: the little rosebud LOL.) It reminds me of Amy.


If you’d like some Glamping or Avalon charm packs, I’ve put some in my teeny little store. They’re $1.00 off of suggested retail. These fabrics aren’t due to be released until February and March — be the first on your block to have a quilt made from either line!!! ;-D

Potato Peelers:
Behold, my trusty old potato peeler of 30+ years.


I’ve LOVED that potato peeler, but as you can see, her blades are getting pretty thin in the middle and for the last few years, she hasn’t been in top form. I bought a new little peeler about a year ago, but it’s been such a struggle. It’s a piece of crap. Even the extra cooks here in the kitchen at Christmastime complained. I’d resigned myself to crappy potato peeling for the rest of my life.

But then, after Christmas, I had a little extra Williams Sonoma money to spend, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and buy their ridiculously expensive potato peeler.


The clouds have parted, the angels are singing, and I’m in heaven! It’s a fantastic potato peeler. Like peeling butter. Just thought I’d let you know, in case you, like me, had given up on ever finding a good potato peeler.

Ok…off to do a little quilting…yipee!  Have a good weekend!

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  1. I’m not in need of a new potato peeler but that one from WS looks so cool, I think I DO need it! :) I’m digging “Glamping” too but I’m putting a freeze on my fabric shopping for a bit. I’ve hit the “submit” button a few times in the last couple of weeks. My credit card needs a break. Have a good weekend, Anna!

  2. A good potato peeler makes all the difference!..that and a good can opener!! :o)

  3. Good to know about the peeler. I just bought 2 new ones from pampered chef and they seem to be ‘cutting it’ but should they fail …. perhaps I will print this picture and place in the drawer just so they know they are on notice.

  4. i am with you on Avalon…I usually like one or two prints from Fig Tree, but Avalon ROCKS! i love those rose prints…and that beige and blue just moves me! ha ha…

    id forgotten about potato peelers! ive been using just a knife all my married life!

  5. That wool….clever indeed…I want som. love the look of the heavenly potato peeler

  6. I had a peeler like your beloved potato peeler for 30+ years and had to toss it a few months ago. Sigh – truly broke my heart because I loved it. Others complained but I never had any problems with it. Guess we were ‘Besties’. LOL

    I’m using a new peeler that I’m quite smitten with but it will never be loved as much as the one that had to go. LOL

    I’m crazy about Glamping and Avalon. Need to own some very soon.

  7. I like your layout for the charm squares but I love Amy’s! Itching for gender info here so I can get started!
    There’s nothing quite so annoying as a crappy potato peeler—glad you found a worthy successor to your little bit of rust!

  8. Gorgeous potato peeler. Oh, yeah, the yarn and fabrics are great, too

  9. We had a great potato peeler and for some unknown reason it disappeared. We havent found a nice replacement as yet but the 19 yr old likes it, so his job is to peel all the vegies! Love the charm square pack and the DA yarn is just gorgeous.

  10. I’ve pretty well given up on potato peelers, just use a really sharp little knife from Pampered Chef (a gift). We are dvr’ing Downton Abbey to get a big dose of it all at once. I like your layout for the charm pack. And both of those are really cute!

  11. Mary ann on January 19, 2013 at 11:43 pm said:

    Oh how I loved that same peeler for years and years too but gave it up a couple of years ago. I have one from BBB thats OK but maybe next time I am in Williams Sonoma I will wonder over to the wall of temptation usually known as kitchen gadgets. Love those fabrics, have been thinking about FQS BOM for 2013, its in Avalon, not so much the little roses but the navy!! Its to die for, I have always loved navy.

  12. It looks a pretty fancy schmancy potato peeler. Have fun with it!

  13. Oof! That skein of yarn! Gorgeous colours x

  14. Ha – I loved your potato peeler story. I think I may have to get my hubby one for his birthday.
    Pretty yarn and fun fabrics. I love the name “glamping”, but I don’t prescribe to it :)
    I’m a hotel girl all the way.

  15. Name it and we will come….

  16. The yarn looks yummy…but I’m loving the glamping charm packs!

  17. I have some serious yarn envy… those colours are gorgeous. I never seem to get on with potato peelers. I used to have a cheap one from a French market that I loved but could never find a good replacement when it broke.

  18. Hey, I use that same kind of peeler, and have a variety of crappy ones around as well. Glad to know about this WS one because I’d like to be peeling in style. Successfully.

  19. Hi Anna,
    First, I love your header :0)
    I also love the fabric, so some is on the way :)
    Last, I love the potato peeler….and I need a new one so I’ll look that up soon. Hope you are well and have a fabulous week!


  20. That’s really funny – your piece of crap peeler looks just like my favourite peeler!!

  21. It’s all lovely but I would not like to glamp. I have camped in my (Girl Guide) day – no glamour in that experience but even with some home comforts, no. I need a bath and running hot and cold water and a loo.

  22. I had given up on finding a good potato peeler, so thanks! I love the Lorna’s Laces! I have some and am doing the mystery KAL with it for Downton Abbey. haha! Having fun with it!

  23. Oh goodness…quilting love! I so enjoy seeing that. And I am assuming I can expect more quilting love with all that beautiful fabric? I have a great peeler, I am not certain what the brand is but its where the peeler side is horizontal across and the handles are bright coloured plastic. Some danish brand. It’s great for left handers like me. And I too have a William Sonoma gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.

  24. Yes, potato peelers are very important! We have a crappy one and a OXO one that’s pretty good, but now I’m thinking that I really need a Williams Sonoma one. I do cook quite a bit, after all. Well, I must tell you that you helped me succumb to temptation. I had been looking at the Downton Abbey yarn at Jimmy Bean’s Yarns, but they were out, so I kind of let the idea go. That is, until I saw your link. Yay! I really, really did want it…just like I wanted the other six skeins of sock yarn I have sitting in my yarn basket. ha, ha.

  25. i HAD given up on ever finding a decent potato peeler – i have spent AT LEAST $50 over the past few years, trying every different one that i could find at BB&B, Target, the grocery stores, et al … grrrrrr!!! i’ve pretty given up and started eating the peels … but if the Williams Sonoma one is truly from Heaven, then i can go back to eating the good part of the potato – and, seriously, if it lasts 30 years, that’s less than a dollar a year, right?!?

    LOVE your glamping block – almost makes me want to go camping…

  26. I still have my potato peeler that my folks gave me 44+ years ago just before I got married. It was from a restaurant supply store and it’s still going strong. It’s my favorite kitchen item – seriously! I seriously can’t peel potatoes without it.

    I’m with you about the yard being named Downton Abbey. If they came out with fabric named NCIS I’d buy bolts and bolts of it! LOL! Those marketing people are soooo smart!

  27. can you say, “KA CHING??!!” i’ve been desperate for a kitchen tool at times and have always found the perfect replacement at Williams Sonoma. It’s an expensive place but they have the tools! ;p

    be kind to your new peeler so she lasts a long, long time. ;p

  28. You are so funny Anna! I love your new potato peeler! I had a good one and lost it then tried others and hated them, then Mr Locket got a “palm-peeler” in his stocking from Father Christmas and it is rather good!

  29. I love this post for EVERYTHING. That yarn is just plain yummy as well as that fabric. And I have been going through peeler hell for several months!!!! My old faithful broke and I have been searching for another….THANK YOU!!!!!

  30. You be as bad as me in the purchasing stakes!! I’m guessing you’re having potato everything at the moment, just so you can use your snazzy new peeler – I’ve never seen one like it! Very flash!

  31. Your potato peeler dilemna cracked me up! My potato peeler looks like your beloved. And that glamping fabric … fun!

  32. Thank you for posting about the potato peelers! LOL I have the exact same old potato peeler as you do, and I’m sure it’s as old too. I have several others that I’ve bought along the way, but as you found, they just don’t work well at all. I will be popping over to WS to order one, and probably get one for my mom too. :)

    And of course, I love the new yarn and fabric! So cute!

  33. I have the same peeler! Well worth the money, just don’t tell my husband how much it was. He’d die!

  34. Glamping is so cute. You know we’ve had the problem with potato peelers at my house. The man of the house usually does this job and we wore out our old peeler (it was my moms before I got it!) and nothing new worked for him. We are currently using the good grips OXO and it is ok. Next time I’m in WS I’ll have to look at yours. Interesting.

  35. Downton Abbey? Who could resist? If they were really really smart they would have yarns named for all the characters too. I’d buy them all. Except maybe the ones named for O’Brien and Thomas…just saying.

    PS…Feel your pain on the peeler. I bought a Rada peeler. Love it. Not as fancy as yours, though.

  36. I was almost sucked in by theat yarn too, but I waited until it wasn’t avaiable. I thought I’d participate in JimmyBeans KAL but I am glad I skipped it. So many other things to knit and I am trying to knit from my stash… a little. :) This year my knitting resolution is to break my sweater block.

  37. I don’t know what I like more – the yarn, the fabrics or the potato peeler! I had a peeler like the one you just replaced, and it was a favorite, but I had to replace it a couple years ago. I have not been a happy potato peeler since!

  38. such lovely photographs – thank you for sharing! I can feel my stash crying at me before any more comes home. congratulations on finding your new perfect peeler – I’m still hunting and using a crummy one :(

  39. I came to type a comment in your form, and your template’s all, “Karen who? I don’t think we have you on the list.” I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve commented. :o/

    So will you be looking into the Downton KAL? I was tempted to buy the yarn but I’m having a no-spend January. If it’s still available in Feb, I might!

  40. Oh, LOVE your new header :D

  41. I like that Avalon charm pack. I’ve been thinking about a baby quilt. Hmmmmmm. I have a good potato peeler, but I never use one. My holiday company does, but I’ve always used a sharp knife. That’s just me. Fun things!

  42. Hilarious – my mom has the same exact Beloved Peeler of 30-odd years and I think she’s leaving it to me in her will. Even my own Beloved Peeler (the Oxo one) doesn’t stand up to the mysterious peeling power of that sweet old beast.

    Though…now that you mention it, I too have unused Williams Sonoma bucks – maybe I need to check out this Peeler from Heaven…

  43. Anna, you love the Avalon fabrics because they look like quite a few of the blouses you’ve made for yourself over the years. (The colors are similar, and a couple of the prints look like near-doppelgangers.)

    But don’t worry . . . they’re gorgeous. I love them, too. ;o)

  44. LOL, there is nothing like a new, sharp peeler. Enjoy!! Clarice

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