Welted Fingerless Gloves

Thanks for all the yoga bag love — you guys are all so very kind and sweet!  I’ve had fun reading your comments this last week — I’ve been so lazy, it’s been hard to even get back here and post!  (And it may be Easter before Santa and his sleigh up there disappear — ouch!)  I have been knitting like a madwoman though.  After dinner each night I settle down with a sweater I started a few weeks ago.  And then the next day at lunch I rip out what I knitted the night before.  Ouch again!  I’m getting really good at picking up stitches but I hope I don’t wear the yarn out before I’m done.  I’m slowly making progress, but with work during the day, it hasn’t left much time for anything else.

Anyway, here’s a look at a much easier knitting project.  This is the last of my Christmas gift making.  I made a couple of pairs of these pretty little Welted Fingerless Gloves from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

Thimbleanna: Churchmouse Mitts

I first saw them on my almost-local buddy Anne’s blog.  Anne has made many of these little mitts and she describes them as her go-to gift, which I think is a great choice.  They’re quick and easy and fun.  Thanks for a great suggestion Anne!  (Btw, this is the little project I was working on when I posted about the Yarn Harlot’s visit to our little burg.  I showed a picture of just the cuff in progress and Bonnie knew right away what they were — good eye Bonnie!)

Thimbleanna: Churchmouse Mitts

So, if you’re in North America I hope you’re staying warm.  (And if you’re burning up in Australia, I sure wish I could send you some snow!)  We’re having another coooold week here and I love it.  I love winter when we can hunker down and work on projects.  I know some of you don’t like it though, but take heart.  The days are slowly getting longer.  Here’s a little pic from the archives to remind you that this deep freeze won’t last forever.

Thimbleanna: Daisies

Because, you know the routine …

Thimbleanna: Spring Always Comes

Have a good week!

36 Thoughts on “Welted Fingerless Gloves

  1. The snow is really coming down here in NJ tonight. I could use a pair of those gloves, for inside wear right now and outside wear when/if it gets 10 degrees warmer.

  2. beautiful gloves! there is a time or two when I feel like I could wear these in the house when I get extra chilly – like this week!

  3. the weather here for the past few days has been unseasonably AWESOME – but all that is supposed to change, and by tomorrow night i will be shivering in my flannel jammies and watching the snow pile up on the driveway (why oh why can’t it just snow on the grass?!?) and the mercury won’t climb out of the minuses…

    your sweater-knitting sounds like my cross-stitching – HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO COUNT THOSE STINKIN’ STITCHES BEFORE I GET THEM RIGHT?!?

  4. I love the finished mitts. I have been “eyeing” that pattern for a while. I can’t seem to get away from the Little Cotton Rabbits. Now a friend has ordered a girl bunny. I might not get much work on my sweater.

    I seem to do a lot of ripping when I knit late at night. Can’t wait to see the new project.
    We have smog, and cold air. I just might like some snow now that Bruce is home to help shovel. (Did I just say that!!???!!!)

  5. I want a bunny please. Oh wait, I can’t knit. Speaking of bunnies, time to bring them back to the top. It was 86 here today. Made loading my ikea treasures so much more fun. What a nice hubs! Spent my destash money on curtains, aqua carts, shelves, can’t wait!

  6. Love them!! Great buttons at the wrist too.

    Our weather has finally cooled off…but…..we expecting 102 F next Tuesday! I hope the forecasters change their mind before then!

  7. All of your “secret sewing” projects have been amazing…but these gloves…so beautiful!!!

  8. They’re beautiful and look so warm and cozy.

  9. And while you are at it, can you also send some snow my way, please!!! Love your fingerless gloves, although I suspect with the cold you are dealing with at the moment you need proper gloves, don’t you??? And I so agree with you; is there anything better than having a cozy day at home when it’s cold and “ugly” outside. Oh one can dream.

  10. I have saved the link to the pattern – I may have to purchase it. My current fingerless mitts are all getting a bit shabby, as I wear them when I am taking photographs in the winter – and I take a lot of photos!!

  11. Love the fingerless gloves, Anna. I might have to check out that pattern. Keep cosy!

  12. The mitts look as though they are snuggly warm. It is already summer here but thankfully the last few days have been much cooler which I love. I cannot wait to see how your sweater turns out!

  13. awesome gauntlets! I love the button detail.
    We have 8″ of the white stuff here – hard to remember that my daffodils are sleeping under all that snow. thanks for the reminder

  14. Hi Anna! It is 1* this morning, but I too love the winter. Great mitts! And isn’t the pattern a joy to work? My sister snagged my last pair of WFM when she was here at Christmas. I need to work on getting a few extra pair done. I am taking a sweater class and making “This is That Sweater” (on Rav). I am using Shepard’s Wool from a place in Michigan but sold at our store. Love it! You must try some. I will blog about it someday.

  15. Mary ann on January 22, 2014 at 10:14 am said:

    Well we have had gorgeous weather for a week or so, no snow here. Today I am off to Road to Ca, helping Julie Jaybirdquilts all show doing ruler demos and chatting up quilters, what could be more fun!

  16. Very nice gloves! I think I can knit something like this on a loom. I’ll have to look into it when I’m better at different knit patterns. It is super cold here this week. We got loads of snow yesterday (dry, fluffy snow) and arctic winds. UGH.

  17. We didn’t get much snow here, but brrr is it cold! Our heater is working extra hard this winter.

  18. HI Anna,

    As usual – thanks for your warm regards and nifty crafty ideas. Please do stay warm!

    In the South East of Australia, enjoying lovely weather and not frying our partuooties off this week – we all know that will change again!

  19. I just love those mitts… so much I might have to make some especially as it is damp and grey here.

  20. Ooh I love those gloves!

  21. Gorgeous gloves! Do hope your knitting stops needing un-knitting!! How frustrating!

  22. Still no snow here Anna :o( what a strange winter! Maybe that’s why my crafting mojo has hit me with brightly coloured patchwork instead of snuggly knitting? Xx

  23. I love these mittens Anna, what a great gift. I was just finishing my late night knitting and telling Eiki we MUST go to bed now (I wish my mom would call me and order me to go to bed at once!!… or not LOL)

    Funny you mention the cold in north America and the heat in Australia, I was just thinking about how extreme the weather around the globe is. And here we are in Iceland, 39°F today, REALLY foggy this morning and no wind. I would love to have more snow because it’s so gray like this. We don’t need more grey when we already have such short daylight at this time of the year. LOL, this just proves that the man is never satisfied, we always want something we don’t have :)

    Well, enough of complaining, I saw you just liked the post at the Little Knitting Shop about Arna’s sweater :)

    Take care

  24. Those are some AWESOME almost gloves!

  25. Marvelous mitts!
    It has turned cold here again. Just 4* here tonight, but I don’t think it’s going to last. I am looking forward to spring….very much. Love your embroidered block.

  26. Oh ya with the cold here I could have seriously used these last night in the house lol. You always inspire my wanting to learn to use those 2 needle things to make stuff like these gloves. Maybe we can meet up in Pitts and you can give me a crash course on not knitting so tight – that’s a reason I don’t take it further :(. Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  27. Oh by the way these gloves are beautiful – like everything you create – Hugs Mrs. Farmhouse again who’d better get more coffee lol.

  28. Dear Anna, I was wondering what needles you used for this project – were they circular? That’s what it looked like in the previous post, and if so, how long were they? Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. My husband was very ill during the holiday season with a serious pneumonia which required surgery. Frannie did not have much of a Christmas or New Year celebration, but he is back on the mend now, and that’s what is important.

  29. Love the gloves! Although as cold as it is here right now I think I would need the fingers too :o) but I do love them. Thanks for the reminders of spring!

  30. What gorgeous gloves… It’s all rain rain and more rain here…but like you I like it just to give me a day to potter about the house :o)

  31. love those gloves!!

    I must add them to the list….

  32. Long time, no talk to stranger. I just had to chime in and tell you about Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island – you would just LOVE it…I’ve been there twice while visiting my sis in Seattle. It is just a wonderful shop – they are so creative and get your “mojo workin”. I haven’t done the mitts yet, but have a linen stitch shawl and 3-yarn scarf going also. I’ve been working on EPP things of late, go to the EPP gathering every month at The Back Door and adding to my fabric stash at The Quilting Loft in Seattle and Crimson Tate and of course Back Door. This Cold and Snow need to go, a bout of bronchitis keeps me from being out too long but really haven’t had cabin fever terribly. As long as I have the necessities food, water, fabric, yarn, Maddie and I are doing ok. What are you reading these days, anything I should know of? I think fondly of the days at Clementine’s and the crazy girls we met – I miss that. You take care of yourself, Robin

  33. Jewels on January 28, 2014 at 8:17 am said:

    Beau TI FUL!!!!!!!! The gloves are perfect. And of course I love The Spring is coming, your stitching is gorgeous. xo

  34. Gorgeous mitts … I hope it’s warmed up there though and you haven’t had too much need of them.

    Have you ever looked at my Runrig pattern – link on the pattern’s page on my blog – they are my go to fingerless mitts (with apologies for the shameless plug).

  35. Gorgeous fingerless gloves Anna!

  36. Winston…sooo Cute….super Secret gifts… Very thoughtful gifts…Gorgeous mitts …Always lovely to catch up at your blog…:0) and a salute to Spring…is it coming…??? YES it is…..:0)) wohooooo!!! :0))

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