Weekend Stats

Well, Hello There!  I hope you had a good weekend!  Here’s my weekend, by the numbers:

Pies made for Pi Day at work today: 2  — Lemon Raspberry and P-Dub’s Chocolate

Pies brought in to work: 18  — Happy Belated Pi Day!

Pi Day

Long days spent quilting: 3

Diet pepsis consumed while quilting: 8

Peeps consumed: 2 — (Peeps are those marshmallowy chicks wearing thimblehats at the top of this page.)

Helpful cats: 2

Basted Quilt

Bobbins used: 15

Swear Words Uttered: 6

Fabric tucks on back of quilt: 0

Aspirin consumed: 6

Basted Quilt

Hours spent unpicking ugly pattern: 2

Hours spent unpicking ugly quilting: 0

Hours to be spent unpicking and fixing ugly quilting this week: .5

Neglected husbands: 1

Number of times big heavy quilt wrapped around body: 2

Basted Quilt

Experts consulted: 1

Verdicts rendered: 1 — (MeMum says it’s a go!)

Weekend quilting happiness rating: 9.8 out of 10!

Jumbo quilts ready for binding: 1



82 Thoughts on “Weekend Stats

  1. OMG peeps wearing thimbles??? Totally awesome.

    And wooohoooo on the quilt!

  2. Are you sure you only uttered SIX swear words? Hmmm… why don’t I believe that?
    I saw green peeps in a store yesterday. Didn’t look right to me.
    Sounds like a great (and productive) weekend. Unlike mine. But I made up for my lack of creativity this afternoon. Go and have a look.

  3. I just finished machine quilting a crib size quilt today. My first one. I can’t imagine doing a large size quilt on my sewing machine, so I am in awe!!! Great job :)

    Have a rest :)

  4. What guts and determination! Hats off to you, and to the helpful cats and neglected husband too…..

  5. Wow….that is very impressive Anna. I loved you stats. :) They made me chuckle.

  6. Okay, so why is my kitty sitting on your quilt, and oh wait that is my sewing machine too. That means it must be my quilt, right? LOL!! Great list, great thimbleheaded peeps, great finish!! So when can we see it in all its glory?

  7. Anita on March 15, 2010 at 9:46 pm said:

    Sounds like a very nice weekend. I laughed several times at your pictures. I’ve got a similar one with a cat laying on an in-progress quilt. I figured it was time to take a break when Rosie decided to lay on the quilt. I’ve never tried wrapping the quilt around myself when quilting. I might have to give it a try….

  8. Now there’s some amazing stats!!!Kiddos on the small number of swear words…I need to work on that one :-)!!! The cat —-priceless!!

  9. I thought I was the only one who celebrated Pi Day! Love it! Happy belated Pi Day to you!

  10. What a fun weekend you had; your storyline makes me laugh.

  11. is that 2 peeps, or 2 rows of peeps, or 2 packages of peeps? cuz if you only ate two peeps then you are my hero …… and was that 6 different swear words uttered just once, or one swear word uttered six times, or six different swear words uttered multiple times? cuz if you don’t know how to swear, i can teach you – i am really, really good at it …… do you celebrate mole day, too? cuz once i made a pumpkin pi ala mole on 10-23 …… i like pies – they’re so pretty

  12. Are you telling us you quilted the whole quilt in one weekend!!! Your shoulders must be stiff like mad and I’m not surprised you needed 6 Aspirins!!!! When is the big unveiling????

  13. Peeps in thimble hats! Love it!

    Cute post. I can’t imagine quilting a quilt that big. I’d give you a 10 out of

  14. (oops! I’ll continue my comment now! Must have hit the wrong key!)

    10 out of 10 for even attempting!

  15. I think Cheryl meant to say KUDDO’s to the swear words. LOLOL!!! It’s ok I’ll just correct her mistakes. WE roll like that you know.
    I cant believe your tackling that monster of a quilt. Love those gloves. Do you garden with them when your done quilting??
    Yummy PI!

  16. Only 2 peeps and 6 swear words? My goodness, you’re a saint!

    I love the photo of you quilting in a quilt.

  17. Oh Well done. You could have got smothered in there, but I expect your whiskered helpers would have rescued you.

  18. Gurney on March 16, 2010 at 5:34 am said:

    Whew – glad you clarified what a peep was! Was worried about Junie and Jewels for a minute! You are my hero – I am still quilting Blake’s baby quilt! Suprised you can even move after a three day quilting marathon! Can’t wait to see the finished wedding quilt. Miss you!

  19. Hurray for a well spend weekend and a hilarious report!

  20. The pies look delicious! Wow, 15 bobbins, that’s a lot and you must have been toasty under the quilt. What a productive weekend.

  21. Oh my gosh you finished YAY for you, what a big quilt, can’t wait to see all of it!! Only 6 swear words …. hummmm

  22. soooo funny! always a neglected husband here when I’m deep in a quilt!


  23. When your eyes are tired “Fabric Tucks” looks like something else. I’m glad you had “0”.

  24. Yea! You’re nearly finished. Love the peeps and their thimble hats.

  25. SUPER POST ha ha !

  26. “Fabric tucks on back of quilt: 0”

    Yeah! That is one of my biggest quilting frustrations. The more I do it, the fewer tucks I have.

    Happy quilting!

  27. I’m impressed there wasn’t more swearing, that is one very large quilt. Seems like an excellent use of a weekend.

  28. congratulations!
    and stop eating peeps! they aren’t good for you. all that coloring, corn syrup… it’s just not right.
    you only cussed twice?

  29. Yay for you! Sounds like a wildly successful weekend. And a big quilt almost finished is a wonderful thing.

  30. Jenny on March 16, 2010 at 9:50 am said:

    congratulations! what a great feeling of accomplishment! yay for quilt expert moms!

  31. Wow! All those stats turned out well in the end! But I’ve never heard of Pi day before! Lucy x

  32. YAY!! Especially the 0 fabric tucks on the back of the quilt! Well done.

    Jennifer :)

  33. Congratulations, Anna! I can hardly wait to see it.

  34. Yay! Sounds like a (mostly) wonderful weekend.

  35. Mmmmm…the rasp. lemon pie looks delish! I am so making that!

  36. oh Anna …your post made me smile a lot.. only 6 bad words.. that was good.. :o)
    Quilting that large quilt… super… long to see it..:o)

  37. One of the cutest posts I’ve ever read. Love the pic of the cat “helping” you.

  38. Yea!!!!!! What, no migraine medicine? Aspirin is just too lightweight for me. When I quilt I like a cup of tea and country music on the telly. I can’t wait to see the finished product. But looking at the cat, I don’t think he has any plan on moving soon.

  39. Peeps in thimble top-hats. lolol! :o)

    I’m glad you had a good weekend, Anna.

  40. Whew! I need a couple chocolates (or a piece of one of those pies). Just seeing that BIG quilt in your machine makes me sweat. You go girl. Can’t wait to see the finished project, Anna.


    PS…Did you eat the pies at 3:14 on 3/14, or was a free-for-all all day long?

  41. That was cute! How fun that you have Pi Day at work. I wish we would do something like that. Love the pictures of your cats and I’m happy to see that 9.8 for your weekend quilting happiness :o)

  42. Alright! Can’t wait to see it!!!

  43. mummm….pie! They look really good. I am also very impressed that you only swore 6 times. That makes you practically a saint :-)

  44. Sounds like a good weekend was had – even if there was a little unpicking – but not fabric tucks on the back……I’m impressed. I can’t wait to see it finished. My weekend consisted of 3000000560 heathers pulled out of a garden – ok slight exaggeration here, perhaps it was on 3000000540!

  45. Sounds like a very good weekend indeed. And I like the idea of celebrating Pi although its all greek to me. But anytime pie is involved it is good. Does cheesecake count as pie because I had a piece (which is cut like pie) on Friday at the Cheesecake Factory and it was lemon with raspberry sauce.

    Only 6!!!

  46. How dare they put a pie in a square dish, oh the shame… LOL!!! All pies look delicious…

    Jodie :)

  47. Good for you. Great job. Love your header. I hope that you didn’t swallow the thimbles along with the peeps!!!

  48. Statistically it sounds like it was a good weekend! :o)

  49. i love this post! and now i really want pie… hmm… ;-)

  50. yee haa :-) I;m going to add a number for my list – number of balls of yarn bought – 40 !!

  51. Woooow, look at those pies, I am ready to live with you. Love the banner by the way xoxox Clarice

  52. Impressive stats

  53. Great post Anna- Love the stats and the pictures of your helpful cat.
    The Pi day looks delicious- what is your favorite kind?
    The quilt looks beautiful too.
    I saw Peeps the other day too- must be getting close to Easter.

  54. Hi ThimbleAnna:

    I just awarded you the Beautiful Blogger award!! Check out the rules on my blog page. And I absolutely LOVE your banner with the peeps wearing thimbles!! You are so clever!!

  55. Raspberry lemon pie. I can’t imagine anything that sounds better. We have a small group of gals who potluck every Friday for lunch. I’m thinking that I’ll be very popular if I show up with that!

  56. Can’t wait to see that quilt. Once again you put me to shame with how much you were able to get done in a weekend.

    I spent the whole weekend with
    Eli. His surgery went well and he is slowly recovering. We did have a great flashlight easter egg hunt/birthday party thanks to Steph. It was great fun.

  57. Woo Hoo!!! You did awesome!!! The pies sound quite delish, it looks like yours were very popular too…no surprise there :)

  58. Oops forgot to say…LOVE the thimblepeeps!!!!

  59. Pi day??? isn’t Pi Day 22 July??? (22/7???)
    I am impressed with
    1. pi / pie day.. a day devoted to pie.. especially fruit ones (meatless month happening here for the third month in a row)
    2. little swear words, I said two bad wordsthis morning when I got to work.. I forgot my whachamecallit -doodad that lets me in!!! I then said more naughty words when I got back from lunch, the whachmecallit-doodad was on my FREAKING DESK.. I just knew the day was gonna be bad, when half my work sent to me was WRONG the dumb #)($*#_@)(*$..
    3. you just gotta love kitty help, even pussy help from evil bastard cats is appreciated… my evil bastard likes to supervise (he should of worked on the council).. last night the booger STOLE bits of my quilt! grrrrrr!
    4. a finished quilt.. ripper rita!

    PS ripper rita = beauty bonza mate = or US translation for non aussie speakin’ peeps you little beauty!!!

  60. A 9.8 out of 10 score for the weekend is definately a win! How do you get it all done? Can you send me some much needed motivation???? toni xxx

  61. You are amazing…getting that monster quilt done and so few swear words! Yummy Pies!

  62. Only 6 swear words? I’d have had way more than that. Love your banner and the stats.

  63. Pi Day! Ah ha! What a fun idea for a work buffet.

    You actually eat those Peeps? Oy! Chocolate bunnies, yes. Peeps, no. But I must say I do love your Peeps Banner. Too cute!

    Thank goodness you only have 1 neglected husband!

    Happy Quilting. I’m looking forward to the end result picture.


  64. Carolyn S on March 17, 2010 at 10:54 am said:

    You crack me up — I just found you and love, love, love the Peep’s hats! My DH and I are relocating back to mid-Michigan after living 10 years in Texas, so I’ll end up in your neck of the woods.

  65. sweetie pie on March 17, 2010 at 1:56 pm said:

    2 VERY excited newlyweds!!!!!!!!

  66. Wahoo!! You go, Anna, you Quilting Goddess, you! :)

    Adore the peeps header – fabulous!

  67. MMMMMMMM……..PIE!!!!
    Congrats on getting all that quilting done. Whew!And those cats look very ….uh….helpful?? hahaha

  68. I am sure that your 2 pussy cat helpers contributed to the 9.8!

    What exactly are peeps? Marshmallow?

  69. 9.8 out of 10 is great! Well done you! I wish I was as good at statistics…

  70. you the bomb Anna!!! I can’t even IMAGINE quilting a beast like that with my regular machine. Congrats on your major accomplishment!

  71. I should have commented yesterday the first time I stopped by. Now I’m after 70! Fun stats. I like the square-dish-not-allowed. You are too funny. I love reading your blog, Anna, it’s one of my faves :)

  72. You are so funny. I love this post. My daughter’s work always celebrates Pi day too.

  73. Darn I wanted to say I love the peep “hats” and forgot. Anyway they are awesome.

  74. Very interesting.
    So that is what you do all day long (hihi).
    I love the photos of your helpful cats.

  75. Only 6 swearwords!!! Good for you :o), I think I couldn’ve added to that count if it had been me LOL!!!!! Bind it up then ….. dying to see it :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  76. Oh my gosh! I clicked next favorite and the most adorable little peeps with thimbles on their heads popped up! Now how dang cute is that! ;o)

  77. I love that your office did a Pi Day celebration, too! Though I reserve the right to have a Pi Day celebration just any old day of the year.

    Also, your cat looks more like a shadow than a cat. Incredible!

  78. Great stats, Anna! That quilt is HUGE – if I were to do that I’d have to add more aspirin and a LOT more swearing to my stats!!


  79. Ha! Pi Day on display. I agree, no square “pies” are allowed.

    The quilt looks dreamy.

    BTW, Peeps are being consumed here too. My youngest loves them. (I’ve been known to sneak one or two myself, but I always feel just a twinge of guilt/creepiness when I bite off the little Peep head. It’s those little Peep eyes!!!)

    Happy Friday, Anna!!!

  80. Wow, I am in awe. What determination. I can’t believe how much work that is. It’s looking amazing…and, well, so are the pies…I can’t even think about pies while I am training for a race. Sigh!

  81. i’m commenting again.
    it’s just to push you over the 80 posts.. maybe i’ll comment ten more times!

    chants in unison with your million other blog readers:


    have a fun sunday

    :waves madly

  82. Only 2 peeps?? I love this post! You have been VERY productive. Makes me look like a lazy bum!

    LOVE you!

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