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Woohoo — anybody besides me excited that the end of the week is here?  It’s Thursday!  Or, as we call it at work, Virtual Friday because we have the day off tomorrow.  Yipee.  Do you all have a plan for the weekend?  I have a list a mile long.  Here’s my top 5:

1.  Knit a bit.  Or a lot to finish this sneak peeky project.


2.  Clean a closet or a drawer.  Or many closets or drawers.  However many I can squeeze in without working too hard.

3.  Bind this quilt — another sneaky peek.


4.  Play some Hand and Foot with MeMum. (Our rules are a little different, there are many variations of Hand and  Foot.)

5.  Pre-shrink this yummy pack of fabric.


I know that many of you aren’t pre-shrinkers.  Even some of you who are near and dear to my heart (you know who you are and don’t worry, I won’t out you here.)  Becky from Piece O’ Cake blog wrote a great post today on just why you should pre-shrink everything.  You really should run over there and read it.  I thought it would be funny to re-create her picture with her pre-shrinking supplies, but to my horror I found that I’m out of color catchers.  They’ve been added to the grocery list for this weekend.  Whew.  So, in place of the color catchers, I’ve put my soon-to-be-clean bundle of fabric.  It’s Noteworthy by Sweetwater.  And then I realized that I put my bottle of Retayne in my picture instead of my bottle of Synthrapol.  Use your imagination, I’m not going to go re-take that picture!

I should be able to get at least that much done this weekend, don’t you think?

P.S. If you were following along last year with the Aurifil Embroidered Block of the Month, you’ll be happy to know that Pat Sloan has sewn our blocks all together into a cute quilt top. Go take a look!

P.P.S. Someone out there sent me an e-mail asking about the wedding quilt.  If you’re out there, I’m so sorry, I accidentally hit the delete button and I don’t even know who you are to respond, so please send me another e-mail and I’ll try not to be so clumsy again!  ;-D

27 Thoughts on “Virtual Friday

  1. I’m an enthusiastic pre- washer! I’m so happy to see someone else promoting what I think is a small bit of work that helps avoid a lot of eventual sorry tales after lots of time has been invested in a project. I’ve seen it happen too many times and honestly, every time I wash up a batch of new fabric, there are one or two that need another rinse or two before use.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I pre-shrink most if not all of my fabrics, and love those color catchers. I love those clips holding the binding!

  3. Great link to piece of cake’s reason for washing. It kind of convinced me. I’ll try it, at least. Where did you get your Orvus paste? Sounds like a full weekend for ya. Stay warm tho!

  4. I will out myself — I rarely pre-wash. Mainly because I buy a lot of precuts now. It’s really hard to prewash a jelly roll.

  5. I used to prewash and now I knit so much I forget what I’m doing in the quilting arena :(
    I’m excited to see all your projects finished and posted! Beautiful stack! I’m tempted to go buy fabric but I have a lot of neglected piles already.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Anna. Lucky you to have tomorrow off! I’ll be knitting and reading and napping this weekend.

  7. You have a great weekend agead Anna! Enjoy!

  8. Sounds like a pretty good weekend planned. Don’t work too hard!

  9. Well that’s going to be a busy weekend – Monday report please on progress!

  10. I’m also one of those who doesn’t pre-wash fabrics anymore!! Maybe I should rethink that specific topic. Your stack of fabrics looks yummy! Enjoy your long weekend.

  11. sounds like a great and doable plan.
    I used to have a Sunday night canasta group in high school – very fun game. Never heard of yours.
    I confess to being a non pre-washer most of time, but I have some exceptions.
    Happy Friday

  12. I’m not a prewasher. Eeek. You have a long list! I want to do some knitting, start on a couple of new projects (sewing a purse), do some cross country skiing (finally some snow!). Have a great weekend!

  13. I can’t wait to see everything, but especially the knitting – is that two handed knitting I see – one skein on each? How do you do that – this inquiring mind wants to know.

  14. I’m not a pre-washer. One of my friends used to yell at me, yes, yell at me, “Jean, you need to pre-wash your fabrics!!” Well, needless to say, I never did. I will try a small bit of fabric as the pinning part has me fascinated.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I used to wash all my fabrics, but now I don’t wash fabric that will be used for wallhangings, on the principle that they won’t be washed.
    It’s snowing again, so I might not get to my workshop tomorrow (in Kelso, in the building next to the Abbey!!).
    Have a fun weekend!

  16. A very constructive weekend – and I love sneaky peeks at projects, thank you! To confess, I am terrible for not pre washing. I must start! Thank you visiting the blog, and for your lovely comments – enjoy your weekend! Maggie.

  17. Do you pre-shrink the charm pack fabric, too? And where do you get the color catchers? Don’t work too hard, Anna :)


  18. I always prewash, mainly because if I don’t I’ll have a not-so-nice rash on my hands. I also hang the fabrics to dry so they’re not quite so soft and are easier to fold.

  19. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Thanks for posting the Hand & Foot rules because we’re going to AZ soon where our good friends play a lot of H&F. We love playing with them, but need a refresher course.

  20. I am with you on the pre-wash. It is just not worth it to take shortcuts. I wonder too about the charm packs/jelly rolls. can you put them in a lingerie bag? I don’t buy pre-cuts, but I know lots of quilters that do… For me its all part of the process… buy the fabric, wash it, iron it, fold it, iron it again, cut it, sew it, iron it! My husband is always amused at the amount of ironing involved. One year for Mother’s day he got me a custom made ironing board!

  21. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend of yarn, fabric and thread.
    I have never been a pre washer, however after reading Becky’s post maybe I should!

  22. Hi Anna – I used to always pre-shrink and usually still do but occasionally I do not if doing so isn’t easily accomplished (like when using charms or strips). When using flannel I would not consider NOT pre-shrinking, of course, but I rarely use flannel as I do prefer cotton.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    connie xo

  23. I read that post about pre-shrinking – hmmmm makes sense to do it – but will I lol. Sounds like a fun weekend was on your radar, which at this point is almost over with :(. Hope you got everything in that you wanted to. Can’t wait to see the big picture after seeing the sneak peeks.
    Hugs – Mrs. FH

  24. I hope you had a productive weekend Anna! It’s very definitely Monday here – not my favourite day of the week but made nicer by the fact that Daisy is off school with a sore tummy so I have some nice company (not nice that she has a sore tummy though!!)

    Lucy xx

  25. Mary ann on January 29, 2013 at 12:36 am said:

    Had a lovely weekend with Julie @jaybirdquilts at Road to CA show. Lots of chatting, lots of selling and I love meeting people and putting a face with a name. Today I cut 2.5in to swap, collecting for the silly ScrapVomit Quilt. but think I missed the memo..I wasn’t suppose to buy new fabric? LOL. ctually I just bought a handful of awful novelties to mix in with squares from my scraps. Hope,you got most of your weekend list done.

  26. Well….. I think you should have retaken your picture! I’m all confused now! lol Just teasing you! Talk about “taking a picture”, I was going to do a blog entry on my EPP, but….. get this…. a bit of wine fell on it. Broke my favourite bubble glass, wasted a good glass of wine and now have pink spots on a couple of light hexes. I did put salt on it and cannot wash it until it’s completely done! Never do a quilty photo shoot with your favourite wine glass not far! Done whining! ;oP

  27. Show off! Knitting with yarn on both hands! I’m considering a lesson in Continental knitting. I am still STRUGGLING with my right hand running the yarn. Can’t wait to see the Tah-dah on what you are knitting. There will be one, right?

    Downton Abbey Spoiler Alert. Stop reading here if you are not all caught up.

    On another note…that Downton Abbey yarn…Lady Sybil…gah……I love Lady Sybil. A memory yarn is surely in order! I

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