VeronicaViking Comes to Visit

Sweetie Pie came to visit this weekend and we worked on Christmas gifts.  She has two new nieces this year in her family (born within three weeks of each other), so she thought it would be fun to make them each a baby quilt. 

Baby Quilting

SweetiePie had the tops all pieced before she arrived.  She said she was inspired by a similar style quilt by CrazyMom.  I didn’t get a good shot of SweetiePie’s full sized quilts, but her little center blocks are all the same size. 

Baby Quilting

Hester and I helped with the quilting.  We quilted 1/4″ lines where all the blocks were joined and 1/4″ lines around each little center block.

Baby Quilting

Hester was very excited to be working with VeronicaViking (by decree of SweetiePie, she must be known as VeronicaViking — not just Veronica).  SweetiePie got VeronicaViking last year.  Isn’t she pretty with her aqua buckle on the side?  I’m VERY impressed with VeronicaViking.  If you’re in need of a starter machine, this is a great choice (she’s an Emerald 183).  She handled the quilting, with the help of a walking foot, like a star. 

Baby Quilting

SweetiePie decided to put a satin binding around the quilt edges and VeronicaViking did such a pretty job with the three stage zigzag stitch.   Not a pucker in sight.

Baby Quilting

One other cute goodie that SweetiePie made was an etched casserole dish.  I think these make great gifts!

Baby Quilting

Lucky for me, SweetiePie said I could share her pretty projects here in ThimbleannaLand, ’cause blogging about the big 2010 Leaf Cleanup (woohoo, we’re finally done), and a dirty house, aren’t very exciting.  Thank You SweetiePie!!!


35 Thoughts on “VeronicaViking Comes to Visit

  1. I love the beautiful quilt and the etched glass!! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. The quilts look gorgeous! How nice for you both to be sewing together.

    The etched casserole dish is a great idea, especially for people who like potluck suppers… you’d never lose your dish!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh.
    cutest quilts ever. and i love her etched casserole dish also.
    tell sweetiepie your imaginary friends are very proud of her!

  4. Beautiful quilts! I love the soft covers. VeronicaViking sounds like a superstar!

    I have a feeling you could make leaf cleanup and housekeeping sound fun and exciting, and could even take some gorgeous photos of rakes and mops :o)

  5. How exiting for both of you to share some sewing time together. It seems like SsweetiePie is following in your foot steps and what an excellent job she is doing. Of course with a teacher like hers; what could go wrong?

  6. Oops, I meant the soft colors, not covers. Really need new glasses.

  7. Oooh, lovely! I love the little bicycle in the middle. So cute! That casserole dish is inspired!

    Well done, SweetiePie :)

  8. I love the colors and your photos.

  9. She obviously has a great teacher! Maybe you could have her do a tutorial on etching a casserole… Fun fun.

  10. The quilt is lovely – well done to SweetiePie and VeronicaViking. I love the etched dish – I shall have to investigate how to do that!!
    As for giving inanimate objects names …. I used to have a garden shed called Sheila!

  11. So pretty! And I love SweetiePie’s choice of fabrics. The sewing is rubbing off severe. ;-)

  12. How fun to have a girls quilting session! What sweet gifts those quilts will be.

    I recently bought some etching cream having been inspired by a similar dish you made a year or so ago. Hope mine works out as well as Sweetie Pie’s.

  13. That Veronica is cute and so are the quilts!! Ya leaf clean up ….. exciting, I know. Happy Thanksgiving week Anna! Oh and how fun to be sewing with Sweetiepie!

  14. What a fun day with SweetiePie…wonderful quilts! Did you take a picture of the leaf pile? We don’t have those here…LOL!

  15. Really cute baby quilts! And the etched dish is a great idea.

  16. Robin Brown on November 23, 2010 at 7:41 am said:

    Such wonderful gracious gifts…does SweetiePie know how lucky she is to have you as a friend and mentor? Looks like good times. I’m impressed with the etching…what a wonderful wedding gift it would make. have a great Turkey Day Anna…
    Always, Robin

  17. my favorite Viking is named Thor Svenson – he says that plain old Thor is okay, but not to tell anybody else that his term-of-endearment name is Bat Rastard

  18. Cute…Cute!!! I reeeeaaaaalllly like that center block in the 3rd pic.

  19. What gorgeous colors and I love the satin edging too. Such a great present is the etched casserole dish too.

  20. that etched cassarole dish is awesome. how does one do that? what fun to sew with friends/family! happy thanksgiving.

  21. very cool dish…..I like the colours of the quilt…..

  22. VeronicaViking is adorable! And so are those baby quilts. And I love your market posts, and Paulkitty getting comfy on your quilt and trying to steal your cookies. Cats crack me up. My(our) girls still crack up at the story of your sweater stealing cat. I’m giggling now thinking about it! xoxo-Sista3

  23. Felicia Condry on November 23, 2010 at 10:51 pm said:

    I just discovered your site, I love it!!! You are such an inspiration. My mother in law and I also have sewing in common, she too has a special relationship with her Viking.

  24. Oh! I might just be getting Veronica’s distant cousin in my Christmas stocking. A real live sewing machine of my very own. Oh!

  25. Dearest Sweetiepie,
    Looks like you girls had a fun day of sewing. And your quilts turned out just darling. They will be well loved for years, I am sure. What a nice auntie you are. And I just loved the personalized casserole dish….I think I have seen that featured here before. You should make a hot pad for it, have you seen that tutorial on Vickie’s blog? PERFECT pair, they’d certainly make. Keep sewing.

  26. Love the baby quilt, great colors! And what a fun way to spend time together. :)

  27. Dueling sewing machines!!

  28. It looks like you had a perfectly wonderful day. The quilts are beautiful and I love the casserole. I saw that idea somewhere earlier this year, bought the etching cream and have yet to etch my casserole dishes. Mostly because I just bring food in toss away foil pans! No mess, no stress. But, it would make a great gift. We are doing some glass etching for our Thanksgving Day Christmas craft. Just a little scene on the glass of a picture frame, but I think it will be cute.
    Hope you have a fabulous day, Anna.

  29. sew days with friends is such fun. I love the etched dish – brilliant!

  30. sarabeth on November 27, 2010 at 12:56 am said:

    Hi Anna,
    Just wondering what kind of batting is in those quilts… they look so nice and puffy?
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    sarabeth in Mass.

  31. Aw how great to have a DIL that sews and you like being with.

  32. SweetiePie is such a nice aunt! The quilts look so fun!
    I’ve always wanted to do the etched dish for a bridal shower but alas! I haven’t been to one recently.

  33. those quilts are DARLING! that girl has an eye for color. i happen to like the design, too, but then again i might be a bit biased. :)

  34. An etch casserole dish? I would have never dreamed that up, what a fantastic idea!

  35. Awwwww…the quilts are just too cute!!! They’re absolutely darling!!

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