Hey Kids — just popping in here for a few tidbits today. First things first. If you’re in the US today, I hope you’ve voted. (Unless, of course, you’re voting for the wrong candidates, in which case, you should probably just stay home because I’ve cancelled out your vote. Har. Har.)


The November Aurifil block of the month is up. Run on over to the Aurifil blog and see the cute block that Emily Crier has cooked up!

And, last but not least, most of the same Auriful group have gathered together to bring you some fun little Christmas ornaments to stitch together for the holidays. They’re quick, easy and perfect for gift giving.
We will be bringing you 3 blogs each Tuesday for four weeks…that’s 3 ornaments each week for a total of twelve perfect little bits of holiday cheer!

Aurifil blog hop logo #2

The fun starts today with Sherri Falls, Gail Pan, and Amy Ellis.

Of course … there are prizes, too! Aurifil has given us thread sets that will be given away at the end of the blog hop. In order to be in the winner’s circle you need to comment on each of the three blogs each week … winners will be chosen from those who commented after the blog hop is over.  One of the cool things about these ornaments is that they are all the same size and use the same basic pattern … the only thing that changes is the stitched design. When you’re all done you’ll be able to fill a small tree … or carefully pack them in an envelope and mail to someone special.  I’m excited to see what everyone on the team creates!

Must run — my days and nights are a blur of work and rehab hospital (Yay! BigDaddy is out of the regular hospital – now, if he would just let me get some sleep at night — one hurdle at a time!) but I have been working on a few little projects.  I’ll be back soon for a peek!


14 Thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. The Aurifil ornament thing is fun. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to hear BigDaddy is doing so well! Hope you get some sleep. Hugs.

  2. Glad the election is almost over. Hopefully the “right” candidate wins-the one who will unite our country for a change… ;) So glad to hear Big Daddy is out of the hospital! Hoping rehab is going smoothly! Hugs from Ohio!

  3. Happy to hear your dad continues to improve. My mom is home from the rehad center, but apprehensive about being home without all of the monitoring she became used to. She and my dad have a wonderful “Visiting Angel” who is doing a lot of help around the house though, which is nice for my dad.

  4. So glad your Dad is continues to improve and is out of the hospital. I know rehab is hard, for him and the family. Will keep praying for you. Thanks for the link.

  5. Good to hear that your dad is out of the hospital. Pace yourself, you don’t want ending up sick too!!

  6. So glad your dad is out of the hospital and progressing! You take care!

  7. So happy to hear your Dad is out of the regular hospital! That’s terrific!

  8. Good news about BigDaddy. What a blessing, and may his progress continue to a full recovery.
    Yes, I went out and voted. Our polling place was packed, so much more than usual. A friend who was working the polls said she was exhausted. They were open 7a-8p, and she said there were lines the whole time, and running out of ballots and voter registration cards. But there it was — democracy in action!

  9. Glad you have some good news to share…we are dealing with some of the same things…my Grandmother has been in the hospital since the beginning of October…she is now in rehab also after surgery to repair her broken hip. Unfortunately, a nurse left her unattended while she was in the hospital…and she fell…causing even more injuries…as if she didn’t already have enough to battle with a broken hip and a serious heart issue…

  10. I voted!
    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad but hope he continues to improve.
    I LOVE the Halloween socks. One of these days I must track down some self-striping yarn. I’m going to teach a friend how to knit socks today so I’m going to revisit your sock knitting tips!!
    Love to you, Karen

  11. My DD1 stayed up with the Americans at her university to see the results! That’s dedication… especially as she’s Canadian! LOL

    Glad to hear your Dad is getting better.

  12. I love that you mention voting, but not candidates. I hope your choice was the winner.
    Glad to hear your Father is doing better and out of the hospital. Hope rehab goes well for him.

  13. Yay!! Your dad is doing better…remember, sleep is highly over rated. ;p

  14. So pleased to hear your Dad is on the mend, Anna and I do hope things soon settle down and that you get some proper sleep!


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