There’s a Mouse in the House

Hey there! Do you remember this cute little mouse that lives at MyDadLovesMeBestSister’s house?

Thimbleanna: Mouse House

Yeah?  Well, we’re not talking about that kind of mouse. Noosireee. A few days ago, PaulKitty started acting funny. We’d find him staring at the wall for no reason. I told TheManoftheHouse that there must be something in there. (Knowing full well exactly what “something” meant.) Then, TheManoftheHouse found Paul Kitty staring at the pantry door. It does look kind of funny.

Thimbleanna: Kitties on the Hunt

So, he opened the door and he saw it. IT dashed from the potato bin to hide behind the crockpot. But he couldn’t find it and he had stuff to do, so he left PaulKitty in charge. And then we sort of forgot about it. The next morning, both kitties were staring at the washer and dryer.

Thimbleanna: Kitties on the Hunt

Clearly, our kitties are useless housekitties. Cassie and Sirius, they’re not. It had been a few days and I even found teeny tiny crumbs at the cat food station. Did they make friends with little mousy and share their food with him? Slackers. I threw TheManoftheHouse and PaulKitty in the laundry room and told them not to come out empty-handed.  Twenty minutes and a lot of commotion later, TheManoftheHouse emerged victorious. PaulKitty was apparently hopeless. Wanna SEE???

Thimbleanna: Kitties on the Hunt

Isn’t he cute???
He ruined the rest of my day. I had a nice relaxing day planned to read and sew a little bit. Instead, I had to clean out the pantry and laundry room. Very, very rude.
My week now is going much better. I hope yours it too!


48 Thoughts on “There’s a Mouse in the House

  1. ACK!!!!!!!!!!! We keep getting tiny critter visitors and me no LIKEY.. no no no!!

  2. Ugh. I sincerely hope he’s the only one.

  3. Hi Anna,
    At the risk of sounding dramatic, reading about that mouse just about did me in. I’m pretty glad for you that he was caught. On a happier note, I hope you get to your reading and sewing very soon :)

  4. Meredith on February 6, 2013 at 9:43 pm said:

    That is terrible. Glad HE took care of it.

  5. Johanna on February 6, 2013 at 9:48 pm said:

    Yeah, my husband has to catch the mice in our house too. Our cat actually brought my husband a mouse one time and dropped it at his feet so he could catch it. She is getting old though. Back in the day, she caught a hummingbird.

  6. Aw come on, heartless woman! Give the poor guys some credit…At least they alerted you to the presence of the tiny (and cute! but only because he’s at your house and not mine, and in your pantry and not mine!)intruder and then conscientiously supervised his capture….I’d say you owe them at least a prawn each….to show your gratitude for alertness and services rendered.

  7. ROFLOL!! I can SO relate! My cats are not mousers either, but we had about two weeks of below freezing weather and my Orange Boy apparently brought one in from the garage and then proceeded to lose it. My husband said he left the door to the garage open for a couple of hours thinking the mouse would leave (who is he kidding?!) and then promptly forgot to tell me. A couple of nights later about 2 am my Orange Boy woke me up bouncing off and on my bed….yup, he found the mouse again and brought it into the bedroom to torture. Totally freaked me out. Hubby finally got it after my kitty killed it and then I proceeded to wash all the bedding and washed floors since there wasn’t anyway I was going back to bed and it grossed me out just thinking about the mouse on my floors and under the bed. I was so exhausted by the time the alarm finally went off, but at least my room and bedding was sparkling clean. Sheesh! What a bizarre thing to wake up to….more gray hair for me!!! Hubby was in the doghouse for a week. Now it’s funny – then it wasn’t!

  8. We have two outdoor cats, because when we moved in here. we found 5 mice within 2 days or so of moving in. (The house had been empty for a short period of time, and we are out in the country.) Once we got our cats, we’ve never seen any more mice in the house. Those two are killers! We regularly get chipmunks, moles, mice, and (sadly) birds left on our front porch.

  9. and that is why i have snap traps hidden in places that small children cannot reach … i don’t want the critters to suffer, but they don’t help pay the mortgage and so they must die…

    and yes, i AM shuddering!!!

  10. We are having a mouse in the house (well really just under the kitchen sink)problem right now too. I really hate that clean up as I can think of many other things I would rather be doing.

  11. Cat TV! Once we had one behind the piano and of course you can’t just move a piano so easily. I put a big jar at one end and a sticky thing to catch mice on the other end. Well, it got stuck on the sticky thing and whimpered and cried and I was then about to cry for torturing the poor thing. I finally picked the whole thing up and took it out on the lawn and shook it till it kind of came off and my husband was laughing his head off. As you can imagine, it was not a pretty ending. And yes, I had 3 cats at the time that probably were watching from someplace cozy!

  12. Those picture are awesome!

    Midas has caught some mice over the years, even though he’s a real indoor cat. I don’t like him bringing these poor tortured creatures into the house…

  13. Similar problems here but not quite so humane, I’m afraid to say!

  14. hello mousey x my kitties love to catch mousies. would you like to borrow them? sometimes they eat half for you, but mostly they like to carry them upstairs and into our bathroom, which is clearly the gifting place……..sometimes they bring live ones for us, oh it is fun trying to coax a mousie out from behind the loo…….

  15. I won’t ask about the dispatching part, lol. I hope the kitties were paying attention. I’m trying to get rid of ants and DH just got rid of a large spider and it’s 150 babies all over our lounge ceiling and walls. I should have grabbed the camera.

  16. I don’t know if it’s true but, my mum once told me that if you let the wee mouse go outside, you need to do it at least 4 miles away or he’ll find his way back to your house. She told me this because, a few years ago, we rented a farm cottage, a wee mouse got stuck in a waste bin so I took him outside to the barn and let him go. We did have another mouse after that but, as he didn’t have a name tag on, I was never sure if it was the same mouse or not! :oD

  17. Melinda on February 7, 2013 at 7:05 am said:

    Not to be a rain cloud, but…one mouse often means “mice”. Our ‘mouse’ has been 4 mice so far.

  18. Hi – did you name the mouse? I did to when my partner was laying bait in our shed.

    Cedric the mouse!

  19. been there! I heard mice in our attic during the hurricane power outage when all was too quiet except them!
    They are cute, but I hate them in my house too.
    My son once caught one in a bathroom closest – like your husband, my son made a lot of noise before emerging with it in a trash can, lol!

  20. Jewels on February 7, 2013 at 8:02 am said:


  21. I had a mouse once in the guest room. It climbed up on the bed, went under the covers, pooped on the pillow, and then went on it’s way! Yuck! Lots of laundry later……

  22. Oh yes. The famous cat stare. When ours start staring at the appliances, there is trouble ahead. Our pair will catch and play. Then leave body parts around the house. YUCK!

  23. We’ve had a mouse since the summer, when my cat brought it in the house!!! She catches them outside and brings them in to play with. This is definitely the one that got away. We’ve seen it a few times and so has she. It’s driving me crazy…..

  24. Oh, to have a man in the house who will catch a mouse. We had one in our house and my husband sent me after it. Imagine a 6’2″, very muscular man sending his petite, 5’2″ wife in to handle the job. Oh well, it’s too late to return him now. :)

  25. Oh he is cute! and the cats are hilarious…at least they were able to point you in the right direction…that’s a start. :o)

  26. I seriously hate mice. I mean really. We get them sometimes, too. I had one in my fabric once and It completely freaked me out. I’m glad you caught the little guy. In spite of my hate, it is a cute little mouse.

  27. I am a cruel person …… when we had a mouse in the house (it chewed through a Tupperware box to get at the dog food) it came to a grisly end thanks to an old-fashioned mousetrap …….

  28. Well done to the ManoftheHouse – especially if PaulKitty was no help! Sorry it messed up your plans though. My parents basically live in the middle of a field (well that’s what it seems like) and they are continually under siege from the mice. I once came home from University to find one had chewed holes in the pillow on my bed and left other undesirable reminders that it had been there! Lucy xx

  29. Glad you caught the little rascal. We had mice in the beach house we rented, they were very bold about coming out, they made no bones about being there and letting us know.

  30. Yep. Mice will do that to a day. So far…knock on wood…no mice in our current house. Large insects, some I swear almost as big as mice, but no mice.

    Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock……….

  31. Aw! They are cute, but NAUGHTY. And poopy. Not a fan.

    Too bad you don’t have a Jada Dog like we do – girlfriend can catch herself a mouse – or a hundred! She’s the resident vole/gopher/mouse/rat/squirrel/furry four legged intruder hunter in our house and neighborhood. When we take her to Tahoe, she clears our garage and our neighbor’s as soon as we hit the driveway.

    Gross, but useful.

    Hope you got in your reading and relaxing after all your hard work.

  32. I have to say Anna, that he IS kinda cute. LOL But I only say that because he is not at my house. :) Although we did have a similar adventure about a month ago, one of our three kitties caught a mouse during the night and we found it the next morning. Creeped me out, but Hubby was quite proud of his little hunter(s). :)

  33. eek~! One of my worst fears that has not come to pass…knock on wood. Looks like you handled it pretty, forgetting about it, yeah maybe he moved. ahhh, I can’t read any more of these comments.

  34. Hoping for only one for you……but he is kinda cute!!!

  35. I am so sorry. Not pleasant. Chloe is not an affectionate cat, BUT – the only mice I see around here are the dead ones she occasionally leaves me as a reminder of why I keep her.

  36. Oh dear… at least it has gone now. But I did laugh at both the cats just sitting and staring!

  37. Ah yes, the famous catching-mice-in-hands feat. Well done, MotH. I would have to admit that Mr Life remarked smugly, on seeing the picture, that he himself doesn’t wear gloves on these occasions. So far… so far… he’s not been bitten.I’m impressed, however, at the sang froid of MotH as he stands holding the mouse while you get your camera. Not sure that Mr Life would do this. But then, he’s not wearing gloves.

  38. YUCK! Hope he didn’t have any friends!

  39. Ugh. We had a mouse (or mice) in our front porch in the fall. We now have one of those high-pitched thingies plugged in, plus we put cotton pads soaked in peppermint oil in the corners. It seems to have worked (and our porch smells nice). I miss our RexCat – he would have taken care of that mouse!

  40. Teresa on February 8, 2013 at 9:31 am said:

    So funny – I guess I would not have thought so if at my house though. We do get a mouse now and then, especially if it has turned cold. The mouse looks like that cartoon one – the one that is a chef – can’t remember the name, but couldn’t spell it if I could.

  41. brigette on February 8, 2013 at 9:36 am said:

    i want MDLMB’s mouse house when i grow up.the other one, not so much… <3 the new banner, pun intended.

  42. As a librarian in an elementary school I can tell you picture book authors and illustrators LOVE to use cute little mice for characters. They get those cute fuzzy faces in sweet illustrations that go to your heart.This makes it very hard to look at them in a trap. But I harden myself and go for the traps anyway.

  43. Cute pets you have! ;o) Well, perhaps the cats learned how to catch critters from TMOTH! ;o) Our cats, well now just one cat, is amazing at catching them. I just don’t like it when she plays with it. Poor thing! Wanna come over and clean my pantry? Cheers!

  44. I’ve seen that same “stare” from our kitty. She even caught a mouse one time, enough time for me to see that she had a mouse, and then she let it go. Quite upsetting! They are kind of cute, but I don’t want them in my house!

  45. MJ Smith on February 9, 2013 at 12:51 am said:

    Oh he is so cute! But they are definitely a nuisance and dirty. Glad you caught him before he did too much damage.

  46. I had mice in my attic, so I bought some D-Con and put it up there. I couldn’t believe it—the fast, easy and cheap solution worked! I had never seen them, but I had heard them, and after I put the D-Con up there, I never heard them again. I have a little dog, so I am careful where I put the D-Con, but I keep one in the garage, the air conditioner outside, and up in the attic.

  47. Now that was a cute story – just sorry you’ve had the clean up job, but at least you didn’t have to catch “it”!

  48. I could never hold a mouse to take a picture…I am so scared of them! I hope he was the only one!

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