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Oh Dear, I’ve committed a blogging faux pas.  In my last post, I said “when you start talking about the weather, you’ve run out of things to say” and several of you rather eloquently proved me wrong!  I take it back.  I’ve really enjoyed reading your weather posts and I look forward to many more!

Maybe it’s just that our weather has been rather, well, boring this year.  Beautiful, but boring.  Well, until this weekend  — now we’re back to our regularly scheduled summer weather.  Hot and Humid.  Hot.  Humid.  Ick.  I mowed the lawn this weekend in the heat and humidity.


You can just see the humidity in the air.  That’s me on the mower — see how straight and stringy the humidity makes my hair?  And sweat.  You just have to walk outdoors and you’ll start sweating.  That’s why I’m a mere shadow of my former self there on the lawnmower — I’ve sweat myself into peoplestickdom.

Ewwww.  See?  Weather-talk just doesn’t work very well here, at the moment.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t tune in to read about sweat.  I’ll try to make up for it by giving you one of our favorite summer on-the-grill recipes.  It’s fast.  It’s easy.  And there’s no clean-up, other than your dinner plates.

Kielbasa Grill Packet

Kielbasa and Vegetable Packets

1 ring (1 lb.) fully cooked kielbasa sausage, cut into pieces
12 new potatoes, cut in half
1 green bell pepper, cut into pieces
1 medium onion, chopped into wedges
2 medium zucchini or yellow squash, cut into pieces

Seasonings (add what you like):
Cajun seasoning
Garlic salt

1. Tear off four approximately 18 x 12 inch size pieces of aluminum foil.
2. Place 1/4 of each of the sausage and vegetable groups onto each square of foil.
3. Drizzle each packet with a little bit of olive oil and some of your choice of seasonings.
4. Fold foil over kielbasa and vegetables and seal to make square foil packages. Leave a bit of room for heat circulation and expansion.
5. Place packets on medium-hot grill and cook for 30 – 40 minutes. When done, open up packets and serve.
::Makes 4 servings.

Kielbasa Grill Packet

You can make these no matter what kind of weather you’re experiencing. Well, ok, it might be a little difficult in Jody’s hail — I hope your weather this weekend is less exciting that that!


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  1. Look at that cute girl mowing the grass! Dinner looks yummy!

  2. Weather – it’s the first thing we tend to talk about in Scotland…the first thing we consider each morning – what will it be like, what should we wear, should we use sunscreen or take an umbrella and our welly boots? Today was just one of those days – I put on the sunscreen but also took my waterproof, my friend turned up in his shorts and the 4 of us headed to Edinburgh….through torrential downpours – but once there we were in luck = just a little shower and time to have a great lunch and a walk!

    Love the look for that dinner – so will look forward to making it!

  3. Yummy looking dinner. I just printed it out. What do you serve with it? I love the self portrait. You’re darling!

  4. Dinner looks wonderful. I’m on my way over. Well on second thought with all of your humidity maybe not. It is dry and sunny and mid 80’s this weekend and I’m lovin it.

  5. I used to make something just like that to go on the grill… but without the sausage… and you’ve just reminded me! Not sure we can get the yellow squash that easily in the UK.

  6. Yep, I KNOW I’ve talked about our hot weather too much. Guilty. And no, even with all the sweating I’ve done – I’m not a mere shadow of myself. Matter of fact it’s too hot to exercise, so I’ve GAINED weight. (Or it might be the cookies.)

  7. Dear Anna,
    when I look at this mower I remember your post about mulch. And still I wonder how big your garden, or should I say park is.
    It must be wonderful to have such much green around the house. But when I think of all the work, I feel okay with my small one.
    Enjoy the shadow and have a great week.

  8. you look smokin’ hot on that mower!
    you forgot to tell your stick-self that you only do wilsons!
    trying to make us eat hot dogs again?
    didn’t you get in trouble with me for this last time?

  9. Straight hair in humid weather? You’re so lucky Anna – mine turns into a VERY scary fright wig. Really, it would turn the milk sour and scare baby animals.

    Yummy sausage and veg packets there too. Is that a kind of European sausage?

  10. Just looked at your latest header picture. Is that man embroidering something onto his cat?

  11. Anna,
    I’m so glad you shared a pic of your John Deere. And really, you do look cute sitting on your mower/tractor!

    I think blah weather is just fine. Ours may be exciting, but who want’s THAT kind of excitement? The kielbasa packets look SO GOOD! I made something similar a couple nights ago….a creamy sausage stew. Yum. I like your grill idea for hot days. I hear that we’ll be getting some of those soon.

    Stay cool!

  12. Let’s see.. on the weather front I would welcome hot and humid, which is our usualy summer fare
    ( I can’t believe I’m actually saying that!) because all we have had since June is cold, and rainy and overcast and rainy….and more rain. Every day.
    Supper looks delish :)
    Have a lovely week.

  13. Hey Anna, do you wax that mower,it’s shiny! Oh ya I think orange would look good in your yard. Do you weed eat too? We could go into business.

  14. love doing vegie packets on the grill! I made a scrumptious potato one the other night. will have to share. it was oh so good.

  15. Aaaah, that’s where I’m going wrong with my diet!!! I should be MOWING!!! I’ve definitely developed a ‘winter coat’ over the past couple of months, think I’d better give the yard some attention and work off some of those cold weather kgs LOLOL.
    Joy :o)
    P.S … the piccy on the thimble really does like he’s stitching his cat!??!!?

  16. That does look yummy!!! Oh man, we have been hit with the hot and humid and it can just go away. I knew that the nice summer we have been having would eventually come to and end sometime.
    Love the pic…

  17. We’re boiling hot and humid over here, too, Anna. *wilts* Hot, hot, hot! Dinner looks yummy!

  18. Anna……we’re getting the same heat and humidity today. Now we are waiting for a thunderstorm…I love ’em! You must be doing something right though Anna, to be able to live in the midwest and put that humidity to good use….your “stick figure” is making me green with envy. I’ve lived here all my life and haven’t lost a pound ;)

  19. Love the drawing on the mower. That tinfoil dinner looks yummy! :)

  20. I know what you mean — the outsides of our windows were steamed up at 8:00 AM! It’s hard to convince the boy that we should stay inside all day….

  21. Wow, the heat and humidity really caused a massive weight loss. I think you need to eat several of those wonderful looking kielbasa packets.

  22. Your veges & sausage looks yummy! I may have to try that! We do it with potatoes and onions, but love the combo you have!

  23. That recipe looks great! And even though the weather is almost always fabulous here, I still like cooking on the grill.

  24. eeeeeeewww, it does look pretty steamy there Anna! And if I didn’t think sausage was from the debil, I’d probably make this!

  25. Oh. You are too funny! And you are looking mighty thin on that mower. You better go eat some of that yummy looking stuff you’re making. LOL!

    Take care, Anna~

    PS I’m not sure it was a blogging faux pas, per se. Generally I agree with your statement on blogging about weather. But when life gives you rain…well, what’s a girl to do?

  26. It all looks good except for the …….well you know. lol Ick!!!
    Love the mower and that cute little gal riding. I think your hair looks great.
    Honestly can we talk weather???? It is HOT HOT HOT!!!

  27. HA – such a skinny minny in all that heat :) It has been a super mild, almost cold weekend! I’m not ready for cold yet . . . the hot should be back soon :)

  28. Scottish weather is maybe less boring because it’s totally unpredicable. Wet, dry, sunny, cloudy, misty, windy, still, hot(tish), warm, cool, cold … it can be all this, in one morning!

    Goodness, what a very impressive lawnmower. I have to do it on my feet, pushing the mower. (Mind you, my plot isn’t exactly huge.)

  29. But weather is just a metaphor for one’s emotions, isn’t it?
    (Fr1) How are you today? How’s the weather?
    (Fr2)Fine thanks, a little stormy and damp patches expected tonight.

    It’s just soooo British to obsess about the weather and it stops us having to think about more vital things. Like shopping.

  30. This made me smile because I am in a blogger’s block and my first thought was the weather. Usually around here (this time of year) gardening and sweating go hand in hand.

  31. This recipe looks yummy and easy. I will have to try this because we are having some hot and humid days too! ;)

  32. MMMMMM. Being of Polish descent, I will have to try this recipe. But kielbasa just doesn’t agree with me these days. but I’ll make it for my husband and Punkie. They will like it. Your weather sounds better than ours but I think the heavy, humid air is upon us. It’s a bit gross outside today. I’m happy to be in the A/C!

  33. Oh.. this looks sooo delicious… think I might surprise my hubby with something… One thing though…Kielbasa Sausage.. could you give me more info of that one.. dont think I have heard of that one!! :o)

  34. I often feel rather weird talking about our weather here in Tucson, generally I only have to say it’s hot, which it is. But my activities are dictated in large part to just how hot it is, extreme heat will kill, so I end up mentioning it frequently which does make me feel silly, I admit.

    That vegetable recipe is awesome and I’m going to try it this weekend. I do the same thing with potatoes from an old Boy Scout recipe, both at home and on camping trips. Tear individual size sheets of aluminum foil, cut the potatoes up, add chopped or sliced onion, add a dash of salt and pepper, and sprinkle with water (which helps keep the potatoes moist while cooking). Plop the little bags on the grill and enjoy the yumminess when they’re done.

  35. Jewels on August 10, 2009 at 1:08 pm said:

    I love stickanna, sse isso cute. Big smooch…………

  36. You are funny. Growing up in PA that is how the summers were. You could sweat just standing still the moment you came outside. Utah is a little different. I fight the dryness all year round. Anyway I am so making your recipe. We have spaceship squash just coming on and I am always interested in ways to make it and things to put it with. This is something I am defiantly going to make this week. Thanks Anna. Looks delicious.

  37. Umm, Anna, I don’t know how to put this, but you’re looking a bit flat at the moment. Are you feeling ok????

    Lucy x

  38. The heat has made you fade into the scenery, Anna. He he he! But seriously, boring weather is good. And I love the colour of those socks you’re knitting.

  39. Well it would be interesting to have that in Jody’s weather. By the way you look adorable. Clarice

  40. I love your drawing on the tractor and the foil barbecue packets sound Yummy.
    We have made a similar version with sliced potatoes,sliced onions,chopped garlic,coin carrots and spices ( usually lemon pepper and olive oil or butter) they are delicious- never thought to add kiebasa – will have to try it !
    Hope life with you and yours is good.

  41. We used to do that with kielbasa only I only used onions and peppers I’ll have to try it your way yum!! I haven’t done it a couple of years thanks for the reminder :)

  42. Hmmm, you’re looking a bit peaked on that lawn mower … you might consider an iron supplement with your multi-vitamin :0)

    Thanks for the recipe, it looks delicious. I don’t have a grill, but I’m thinking of just baking it in the oven and seeing if that works. I love kielbasa.

  43. That “picture” of you on the lawn mower just cracks me up!!! We’re so dry here, no need to mow – not good!

    ps. Great comment on Randi’s blog

  44. Your weather sounds awful with all that humidity but your recipe sounds absolutely delicious, I’m going to give that a try! And as for the weather – I’m English, we ALWAYS talk about the weather:)

  45. Great recipe idea! I bet those packets would work well over a campfire, too; definitely one to keep in mind for our next camping trip.

  46. well, I think you look just great on your mower — we have been quite humid here too , at least today we’ve got a bit of a breeze with it . I love seeing meals people from different parts of the world eat — I’ve never heard of that type of sausage but it looks yummy

  47. Humidity is the pits!!

  48. Nice recipe recco! I think I’ll add some of our corn to it and call it a night. :)

  49. ha ha ha! you are so funny. love the lawnmower photo. :) and i’m going to have to try those foil packet meals. so easy and look so good!

  50. Ha! You look quite miserable on your John Deere mower over there in Peoplestickdom!! Humidity is not a friend of hair here in Georgia either.;)

  51. Thank you for the recipe! I made it tonight, only changes -used a turkey smoked sausage “ring” and a patty pan squash from our garden. Yummy!! Thanks again!

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