The Doll Cradle

My Oh My.  WHERE did the weekend go?  I feel like it lasted about 2 hours!  I was busy busy this weekend — time flies when you’re having fun!

One of my projects was to clean up this little doll cradle that MyDadLovesMeBestSister and I played with when we were little girls.

Thimbleanna: Cradle

I always thought that it was a doll cradle, but MeMum said that she and BigDaddy bought it when I was a baby and I actually slept in it.  (Which was a little horrifying because when we used it as a doll cradle, we’d put our babies in for a nap and the bottom would fall out and they’d end up on the floor LOL!)  When my boys came along, they used it to hold their teddy bears and other stuffed animals.  And somewhere in there, someone (BigDaddy or TheManoftheHouse) fixed the bottom so it wouldn’t fall out anymore.

Anyway, it’s been in the attic for about 25 years and now that FinallyAGirl will soon be playing with dolls, I decided I should get it out and clean it up.  It was REALLY dusty and dirty, but it cleaned up pretty well.  Look at the cute little vintage (because apparently I’m vintage too LOL) vinyl mattress.

Thimbleanna: Cradle

A sparkly clean little cradle needs some new bedding, doesn’t it?  This is where the little Goldilocks project I’ve been working on comes in …

Thimbleanna: Doll Quilt

I made a new little set for the cradle with a fat quarter pack (plus a few scraps from my stash for the applique) and a little yardage for the mattress cover.   (Oooh, and the quilt looks crooked, but it’s really rectangular — I was taking the picture standing above it and I was a little off to one side.) The back of the little quilt and the pillow also came from the fat quarter pack and there were quite a few big pieces left over.

Thimbleanna: Doll Quilt

Now my old doll has a comfy new bed.  Look how happy she is — smiling while she’s sleeping!

Thimbleanna: Doll Quilt

I used Cassie’s great tutorial for the little pillowcase (the fabric pieces were much smaller, but I used the same crochet instructions) and I love the sweetness it adds to the set.

Thimbleanna: Doll Quilt

I also did lots of big stitch quilting while I watched tv with MeMum.  It was fun to quilt around the little applique pieces.  Speaking of which, I had a few questions about the applique — I just enlarged a picture of the fabric on my computer and traced the basic shapes right from my monitor.  Then I added a lot of embroidery for the little features (like jewelery, bow ties, etc.) because I’m not one of those people that can applique a piece of fabric the size of a sprinkle ;-D.

Thimbleanna: Doll Quilt

So, now, my baby is patiently waiting for FinallyAGirl to start playing with Dollies — we she can’t wait!

Thimbleanna: Doll Quilt

Have a great week!

25 Thoughts on “The Doll Cradle

  1. That’s adorable, Anna. I’m sure she’ll love it! :o)

  2. Very cute. I have something similar from my childhood that my daughter played with and it is now stored in our attic awaiting the next generation. It sure beats the plastic stuff you can buy at Toys R Us.

  3. so cute, I had a doll cradle that my gramps made me when I was little. I used it and then let my sister who is 13 years younger use it. Then it came back to me and my two girls used it and then it got put away and saved and finally years later my granddaughter used it. Now it is still at my daughter’s house and I’m assuming she still has it and that if she ever has a granddaughter it will be used again. We wrote all the info on the underside of the cradle – who made it who used it ect, years so that future generations will know all about it – it is not a work of art or anything but a keepsake for sure.

  4. So lucky little FinallyAGirl! And it’s quite obvious you had a great time with this project.

  5. jenny on March 6, 2017 at 9:43 am said:

    so adoreable Anna. That crochet edging is just the thing. so dreamy!!

  6. How wonderful you still have something from childhood to pass on to your granddaughter. I had a similar doll bed and it had a little wardrobe to match. Yes, the bottom fell out of the cradle. Absolutely darling handmade crib set and that tiny pillowcase with crocheted edging!!!

  7. oh man, that is adorable!!! you are so blessed to still have that cradle!

  8. She’s a very lucky little girl!

  9. That is adorable and I’m sure it will be much loved.

  10. lovely, Anna. sweet and lovely.

  11. Very cute indeed. She’s a lucky girl!

  12. Cathy Burk on March 6, 2017 at 11:26 pm said:

    Oh, Anna! That is the sweetest thing ever!!! The fabric is cute enough, but your appliqué makes it really special. I think FinallyAGirl should be renamed ALuckyLittleGirl! What a fun grandma you are!

  13. Anna, this is so adorable! And to think that you actually slept in it yourself makes it extra special. Love love love.

  14. Your dolly cradle makeover is fabulous! I think I literally have the same cradle in my attic. I also still have the plastic mattress.
    Your bedding is an absolute delight!! Your grandbaby girl is going to spend many happy hours playing dolls and house with this. What a joy!
    Your embroidery is so so cute.

    p.s. wee a fun new header for Easter/Spring :)

  15. Anita on March 7, 2017 at 10:44 am said:

    So sweet, she is a lucky girl!

  16. What a sweet doll cradle with its history! (I’m glad no doll will be harmed now by falling out the bottom) You bedding is just perfect. I would love to be a little girl again myself to play with all of it!

  17. I have a somewhat similar doll cradle in my sewing room. It’s not half as sweet as yours though, and right now it’s crammed full of yarn, bags of fabric scraps and old cathedral pillow, barely leaving room for the large teddy bear in camoflage, the babydoll and the rag doll and her matching quilt who are on the verge of suffocating
    I’d be inspired to do what you did, which is beautiful, if UK grand daughter lived on this side of the world. You may have inspired me anyway…..

  18. Teresa on March 9, 2017 at 8:26 am said:

    I just love things that have a family history. Your cradle looks so sweet with its own quilt. I know it will be treasured for many more years to come. I am fortunate in that my three children all have an appreciation for “family treasures.”

  19. Well that’s adorable. :)

  20. How sweet is that doll’s quilt and the little pillow with the crocheted edges is the cutest. Let’s hope FinallyaGirl is going to be a dolly playing girl as my mine never was. Teddies and other stuffed animals yes, but never dolls ;)!!

  21. How lovely…your little grand daughter will love playing with this adorable quilt, pillow and doll in such a special little cot…..such special memories of the past and new ones to be made too.
    Helen xox

  22. Your own dolly has a very sweet expression, even while sleeping! I love the quilt and pillowcase you’ve made – everything is perfect and ready!

  23. Jewels on March 16, 2017 at 3:35 pm said:

    LOVE everything about this! Adopt me ;)

  24. Well now the quilt & accessories are just adorbs! I always love seeing what you’ve created. What a clever idea for the applique, and “yay” for the kitty picture. ;) I probably sound like a crazy cat lady, though I assure you I am not. I just enjoy little fuzzy creatures. :-)

  25. Love, I hadn’t see it finished! Super sweet how you did the applique. I gave my doll crib :(. Sad.

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