The Aunts’ Quilt — Month 1

Hello out there.  How are all you little Auntlets doing?  We’re done with month one — did you all make the deadline?  I finished my blocks about two weeks ago and had big plans to work ahead on next month’s assignment, but it didn’t happen.

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun — I love this project so far.  Several of you Auntlets have completed your first month too — Congratulations.  It’s worth taking a peek at those links in my sidebar — some of the Auntlets are sharing their blocks as they finish them.

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

Don’t worry if you’re an Auntlet with a slow start.  We’re not on a strict schedule.  I’m not going to beat you or publicly shame you if you don’t keep up.   Although, I would like you to consider that one problem might be that you aren’t snacking enough while you sew.  Chocolate is always good to fortify a girl.  And Cookies (ok, biscuits for those of you down under) are a must.  I’ve decided I’m going to have to have a cookie of the month.  This month it’s definitely been Rice Krispy Cookies.

Thimbleanna: The Aunts' Quilt

And now, on to the next month’s assignment. It’s going to be tougher to keep up — the holidays are looming!


23 Thoughts on “The Aunts’ Quilt — Month 1

  1. They look divine! How big are the blocks?

  2. LOL – yes you can get more done if you eat some cookies and chocolate :) it works for me – I well be having fun following you Auntie’s on your adventure with this quilt even though I am not making it right now – have fun! love those blocks

  3. Looks lovely…..I will follow with interest but applique is not “my thing”….I shall simply envy you! Enjoy the start of the crazy season…

  4. Love your first blocks. I’m almost done with my applique block (I’ve decided to to my pieced blocks at the later date, probably all in one go). Great tip about eating chocolate while working on the blocks. Must go an try it out this minute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You’re off to a wonderful start with those fabulous blocks!!! I your your chocolate and cookie tip.

  6. Love your blocks, and I am working very hard to catch up. I’ll post about my progress this evening.
    I prefer a big mug of hot choclate, topped off with frothed steamed milk to sustain me in the studio …… I have trained Malcolm to make it for me when he has his afternoon coffee!!

  7. Lovely blocks, Anna. And chocolate and biscuits are never a bad thing! :oD

  8. It is going to be so much fun to watch everyone’s progress. And as always, your work is impeccable. LOVE to watch this happening. And yes indeed: cookies + chocolate = a good thing!

  9. These blocks are great – love the dots and stripes combination!

  10. Karen Ruta on November 17, 2014 at 11:06 am said:

    Looking good, Anna! I love your colours. Rice Krispie cookies, what a great idea, I haven’t thought of them in years. :) I am going to get a head start on month two as well.

  11. Oh how I love your Aunt’s quilt (Are you naming yours Ann?). Love love love it. I think the cookies are a good thing too. Wish I lived closer so I could admire in person.

  12. So that’s what my problem was! Not enough chocolate and no biscuits!! I think you should publish a biscuit receipe at the beginning of each Auntlet month to help us through the journey (or we could each take a turn?)……..just to keep us going………maybe……??!

  13. PS Your blocks are gorgeous!

  14. As usual, I stand amazed at your expertise (and your snacks)! Your blocks really look good. Impressive, even! Way too much for me, but I will continue to enjoy seeing yours. ;)

  15. It looks as though you have made a great start and I definitely think that the cookie – biscuit idea is a good one!! xx

  16. That looks lovely! And stop the tempting with biscuits (UK as well as down under) you lucky, slim, person…

  17. Miss Jean on November 18, 2014 at 12:50 pm said:

    Hi Anne! How do you finish the end of the stems? Do you turn them under or leave them raw?

  18. Your new blocks are beautiful! I love quilts with applique and patchwork combined. I will enjoy seeing this lovely quilt being created. I do agree about needing chocolate and other sweet things to help the creative process along… works for me too!
    Helen xox

  19. brigita on November 19, 2014 at 9:54 am said:

    love your blocks – you are doing a great job!! and i had fun looking at all of the auntlet’s links and checking out their blocks as well. I’m wishing I’d done this but I have too many WIP’S. (oh and you’re insane to do this during the holidays – there’s always that).
    Happy Sewing! We can’t wait to see the next installment.
    :waves madly

  20. Ahhh…here comes the wet noodle :) Your blocks look great…and it was good fun to see all those other starts, I love seeing all the color combos. Alas, I am still machine quilting a certain very heavy paper pieced quilt and have not started yet. This snow is too early BTW, pout!!

  21. you and the Auntlets are awesomesauce … and i’m gonna eat cookies and drink hot chocolate right along with you!

  22. I’m in awe over your Aunt’s quilt blocks!!

  23. The applique block is very pretty and well done.

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