Stop the Merry-Go-Round…

How does that merry-go-round saying go? Sheesh! It was another crazy week here with no time for posting. Big Daddy is FINALLY home — Yipee! So, it was a busy, busy week of work and helping him re-adjust to the homefront. I’m ready for things to get back to normal — I’ll go back to my regular work schedule tomorrow (no more 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. for me – WooHoo!) AND I can get back to my workout classes at the end of the day. Who knew I’d miss all that aerobic torture???

So, a little random after the crazy stuff:

— I was browsing Country Living magazine one afternoon in the hospital and came across this cute Thimble necklace project. This is right up the ThimbleannaLand alley!

Thimble Necklace

— The last six weeks have been so hectic, we haven’t even been able to mourn the end of the Hostess company. Everyone is bemoaning the loss the The Twinkie. Hello??? Who cares about twinkies??? What about the Ding Dong??? Nature’s most perfect food. I can’t even buy a Ding Dong to take a memorial picture. I’ll have to live with my Ding Dong picture where I defiled her beauty with a dollop of pesto. Clearly I wasn’t thinking.  Please.  Can we have a moment of silence?

Pesto Ding Dong

— When I said I’m ready for things to get back to normal, were you laughing hysterically? As if that could happen with the holidays coming. Have you “started” yet? I dipped my toe into shopping yesterday and did just a wee bit of decorating today. There’s no way I’ll get everything done that I want to do and it makes me a little (ok, a lot) sad.


— We have a Hamburger on our tree and it makes me happy. ;-D


— I started a pair of socks that I forgot to show you. So, I hung them on the tree. What would you think about having a tree of UFO’s? Do you think we’d get them finished any faster???


Have a great week!

P.S. Oooh, I didn’t make it here to post last week, but don’t forget that the last 3 Aurifil Christmas ornaments are available!  Bari made some super cute ice skates, Roseanne has an adorable God Jul Tompte, and Sarah has a fun little Summer Santa (’cause she’s down under!)

33 Thoughts on “Stop the Merry-Go-Round…

  1. I’m glad to hear that he’s home and you can go back to normal. Although, I’m not quite sure there is something called normal anymore! I got as far as getting the boxes out of the attic, decorating may happen this week. I hope. If I were to cover the tree with UFOs you wouldn’t be able to see the tree underneath them all!

  2. A ding dong with pesto? That sounds gross. Also, Little Debbie makes a ding dong. I’m sure it tastes the same.

  3. Great news about your dad! I hope he keeps making good make progress at home. I’m not surprised that you want things to go back to normal. Love your Christmas tree with the knitting on it. A UFO tree isn’t a bad idea, only mine would have to be about 30 feet tall, at least ;). Hope you are enjoying the season.

  4. Great news! Glad things are normal, at least for a little while. I’m wondering if we can postpone the holidays this year. Not for long, just long enough for me to catch up.

    I love the thimble necklace. It’s so YOU! And your Christmas tree photos are amazing!

  5. Anna, you crack me up! But it IS so much better to laugh than to cry. Glad things are on their way back to normal (whatever that is) for you! Just enjoy the ride and don’t worry about the small stuff. :)

  6. So glad to hear that Big Daddy is going home and that you can get settled back into a more normal routine. At least you have a tree. We aren’t even getting one this year, because we won’t be here. I am with you on the whole Twinkie/Ding Dong thing! I always liked Ding Dongs and saw no redeeming qualities to the Twinkie. Hang in there!

  7. Glad to hear your dad is back home and things are on the way to normal!

  8. Hooray for your life to get back to some sort of normal. Love the socks sitting in the tree too!

  9. Whatever other crazy holiday madness is going on, I’m delighted to hear your Dad is back home. x

  10. saskia on December 3, 2012 at 8:56 am said:

    Daddy is home! Yay! And in the grand scheme of things, you already have the most perfect Christmas present in the world, the rest of the decorating and stuff is simply fluff! SAS x x

  11. Family is most important, and you know that. We are all just waiting for the next anna post more patiently. You always have such fun pictures and ideas. I’m glad things are settling a bit. Hard stuff you’ve been going through.

  12. So glad to hear your Dad is home…that is great news!

  13. brigette on December 3, 2012 at 11:19 am said:

    you didn’t defile your freaking ding dong with my pesto, you defiled my pesto with your hyrogenated oil-filled pack of poison! but i can overlook it, AGAIN. love your new socks to be. and your tree. merry christmas anna banana.

  14. raspberry Zingers … a Moment of Silence, please.

  15. Glad your Dad is home, and you can back to normal ….. or as normal as possible at this time of year!

  16. So happy to hear that Big Daddy is home and your life is getting a bit back to normal. Love the hamburger ornament. I think every tree needs one.

  17. How great that your Dad is out of the hospital! I can imagine him spending Christmas in there wasn’t a thought anyone liked!
    Love your hamburger ornament, too!

  18. Happy Homecoming to BigDaddy! Love the knitty socks on the tree. Maybe you should throw a little unbaked cookie dough on too??? (just teasing!)


  19. so glad your father is home!
    I grew up on ding dongs and ho hos.
    Sadly they don’t sell them here in NJ so I’ll never get that last taste.
    Love your ornaments.

  20. Meredith on December 4, 2012 at 3:19 pm said:

    Thank you for your email I was excited to win. I am way behind on reading blogs my i laptop dies and I tried reading blogs on an ipad it isn’t the same. It is usually my error, won’t be suprised with the ipad if it is me.

    I could not look at your food photo. I stopped eating things like that. Too tempting.

    Have a great holiday………….

  21. Can you email me? I have the last Aurifil info to send you but your mailbox came back full today

  22. I’m so happy to hear that your dad is home Anna! That is wonderful news!! :)

  23. Hurray for Big Daddy being home!

  24. Mary ann on December 5, 2012 at 9:34 am said:

    So glad to hear Big Daddy is home! Hope his recovery continues more smoothly. Just getting started here to, a houseful of companyat Thanksgiving while making for a joyful time also meant nothing got done towards Christmas on the long weekend. I am voting on simple this year!

  25. GReat news that he is home, let the holidays begin….as to a tree with UFO’s – Hilarious! But it would bury my tree, my kids might object…..

  26. Personally, my favorite is the Hostess Cupcake. Fortunately, I have a good copycat recipe. I like the necklace and I’m wondering how I could do that – I have quite a collection myself, you know. ;)

    Relieved to hear your father is better – I’m not much for words, but I have been thinking about you two a lot. Really.

  27. Hi Anna,
    1. Good news about your dad :)
    2. I’m with you, Ding Dongs reign….
    3. LOVE the hamburger ornament
    4. I want to know more about knitting two socks at a time, and
    5. Don’t sweat it about the decorating…you’ll have more time someday and wish for these days back.

    xo Amy

  28. When I can stop laughing I’ll reply……….. Such good news about BigDaddy. I have NO idea what the Hostess thing is about (obviously something we don’t get/have Down Under). Lovely to have you back in blog land. And don’t fret about the coming season – just do what you can, everyone will understand! x

  29. So, so, so, so glad Big Daddy is home…great news!!! I love this post. I am sitting here laughing…I am sure my husband thinks I have lost my mind at this hour, oh well he is probably right. I feel the same way about Ding Dongs (your picture with the pesto totally cracked me up….probably the fact that it’s midnight contributed to that)!!!! And a UFO tree….oh my, think I would need several!!! Thanks for making me laugh and smile!!!!

  30. Oh, I enjoyed this post. Your natural humor shines through. We have a Hostess bakery in our town/city, and I know things have been so tought for the workers. And now with Christmas, what a time to be out of a job! (Don’t I know it?)
    Sit back and enjoy the ride of Christmas, and only “do” the important things. It will still be Christmas!
    Love the sock starts – pretty colors and lovely stitch. Show us the done deal! (When and if you can — no pressure!)
    Thanks for the Aurifil ornament links – once again, they are all lovely and cheery.

  31. In answer to your comment – I was thinking of the deer as if they were on a map, so facing to the normal west position on that. In our house, they’re actually facing south-south-east, Anna!

    That makes perfect sense, right???

  32. Glad to hear BigDaddy is doing so well.
    I like the idea of a WIP project and actually, yes, that might make me work faster to hide the shame! :D Karen

  33. Good to hear about Big Daddy! I’m sure he’s as glad as anyone that he is home!!
    (love the hamburger ornament too!)

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