Spring 2017 Quilt Market

Did ya miss me?  Haha.  This might possibly be the latest I’ve ever written about a spring market trip.  Quilt Market was followed by my cute nephew’s college graduation, work, work, work, and then helping TheFirstChild and his little family with the first part of their move across the country this summer.  The second and final part will happen in a few weeks.  So, it’s been too busy to stop and think about market.  Thank goodness for three-day weekends!

I was lucky enough to have my long-time blog friend, CrazyMom for a roommate this time around!  We had lots of fun and it was great getting to know her a little better.  She was at market promoting her beautiful new book, No Scrap Left Behind.  She brought many of the quilts from her book for her schoolhouse presentation, so, naturally, we had to sleep under a different quilt every night.  CrazyMom was so sweet and she let me sleep under my favorites.  It took BIG willpower not to put that red Irish Chain in my suitcase too!  (And how darling is that cute little nine-patch???)

Thimbleanna: CrazyMomQuilts

Thimbleanna: CrazyMomQuilts

Thimbleanna: CrazyMomQuilts

So that’s it!  The highlight of market!  ;-D

Just Kidding.  We had lots of fun visiting all the booths and seeing all the new fabrics.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but here are a few, in no particular order:

CrazyMom and I love this quilt on the left side of A Quilting Life’s booth.

Thimbleanna: Moda

American Jane – again, the quilt on the left!

Thimbleanna: Moda

I always LOVE Brenda Riddle’s sweet lines — beautiful colors, as always.

Thimbleanna: Moda

Annie Brady is a new designer and her Big Sky collection is really cute.  She has a print that has tree trunks (a similar print was popular a few years ago) and I’m looking forward to getting some for applique backgrounds.

Thimbleanna: Moda

I was really looking forward to seeing Kristyne again — we met six years ago at spring quilt market.  Her new line is so sweet — and perfect for all of you Happy Quilt Along-ers!

Thimbleanna: Moda

Franny and Jane (love all the blue!)

Thimbleanna: Moda

Jen Kingwell’s booth is always so interesting.  We spent a lot of time looking at the blocks in all those quilts!

Thimbleanna: Moda

This is Sue Daley’s booth in the Riley Blake area.  CrazyMom and I loved that little clamshell quilt hanging on the end of the booth.

Thimbleanna: RileyBlake

And I LOVE this adorable little mini Gelati quilt.  I’d love to have an entire quilt out of this pattern, but oh, what a TON of work!

Thimbleanna: RileyBlake

We had a laugh when we arrived at Amy Smart’s fun booth.  There they were — CrazyMom and CrazyGingham both dressed in Gingham LOL!  Don’t they look cute — and perfect with Amy’s new line, Gingham Girls.

Thimbleanna: RileyBlake

Shannon Fabrics had a ton of double gauze — along with their beautiful, squishy cuddle fabric.  I liked these displays of toddler clothes.

Thimbleanna: ShannonFabrics

Thimbleanna: ShannonFabrics

Need a new necklace?

Thimbleanna: QuiltMarket

Self-explanatory ;-).

Thimbleanna: QuiltMarket

I was really looking forward to seeing this adorable little bird fabric by Kari of New Leaf Stitches and it didn’t disappoint.  I LOVE these cute birds and I MUST get some!

Thimbleanna: QuiltMarket

Here’s another fabric that I loved — it’s by the same person who illustrated the P.S. I Love You book.  Coming to an etsy shop near you soon LOL!

Thimbleanna: QuiltMarket

Cotton and Steel had these cute squirrels — I mentioned on Instagram that this fabric could justify every time you drop a current project and start a new one.  SQUIRRELLLLLLL!!!

Thimbleanna: QuiltMarket

CrazyMom and I spent quite a bit of time in the Ella Blue booth with those Crazy Aussies.  And let me tell you — that’s a LOT of Crazy.  Jody is the Crazy RingLeader and she suggested that we pose for a picture so the shark could eat the other little sea animals.  Naturally, Jody was the shark!

Thimbleanna: QuiltMarket

And finally, just a picture of a cool quilt I noticed at market.  This little quilt was hanging in an antique booth and the owner said there are 9,216 colored squares — each measuring about 1/2″.  Add in the white squares and you have over 18,000 squares!  All hand pieced and beautiful.  I walked past the booth again, about 45 minutes after I talked to the owner the first time and the quilt was gone.  Unsurprisingly, it sold right away.

Thimbleanna: QuiltMarket

So, that’s it for spring market from this year. It’s always fun and I always come home with so many ideas. Hardly any of which I’ll ever have time to execute LOL!



18 Thoughts on “Spring 2017 Quilt Market

  1. thanks for sharing – what fun you must have had! love the squared in nine patch that you show early on in your post. Didn’t know you had room mates for quilt market :) but who better – I follow Crazy Mom and love her quilts too and so many to sleep under what a treat! I noticed you were absent for blogland – wondered what had happened to you :)

  2. Jody on May 29, 2017 at 8:16 pm said:

    What fun to sleep under those beautiful quilts.
    I loved the Gingham Girls and yes, I liked the clam shell quilt too. That’s got to be hand-pieced, right? And the double gauze toddler dresses– OH!
    The postage stamp quilt was amazing! I wonder how many years of work went into it?

  3. Amy L on May 29, 2017 at 8:55 pm said:

    CrazyMom let the cat out of the bag last week that ya’ll were roomies during Spring Market. Oh, oh, I was so happy for you, especially since you got to sleep under those lovely quilts from No Scrap Left Behind (which my darling daughter snagged gave me for Mother’s Day, yay!) And you got to hang with Amanda Jean too! I love it when you post about Market. Somehow you hit on all the stuff that I like. Ahem. I’ll be watching your Etsy shop… My best to you during the move. DH and I are headed to Seattle next month to visit our son. It’s so hard when they are that far away.

  4. Those quilts of your room mate were a dead giveaway ;)! Loved reading your market recap; like you I feel there are so many possibilities with all that lovely new fabric and new pattern out there but unfortunately there’s only so much time.

  5. What a great Market trip. Thank you for sharing so many of the wonderfully creative booths. I loved seeing the children’s’ clothing.
    Having real quilts on hotel beds is such a treat. I wish I could do it every time.
    I love your header!! Hooray for summer.

  6. I may need some of that squirrel fabric! Will blog soon about why….Spotted a Splendid Sampler block in one of your photos – have you heard about it? For my sins, and because I have no will power to resist, I signed on for it early last year. It is totally addictive and I’m an addict, to the neglect of more pressing projects! I try to have one of their applique blocks to hand in the evenings so I can accomplish something and justify my existence, rather than mindlessly binging on Ertugrul on Netflix….wonderful pics and I love those quilts you slept under!

  7. Oh my …… so many wonderful fabrics, and so many gorgeous quilts!!

  8. Lots of lovely things to see – and buy! :oD

  9. Mary Ann on May 31, 2017 at 11:19 am said:

    Thanks for the full report! I am so obsessed with the squirrel fabric and certainly lots to love in all these booths. I really loved your IG with all those fabulous quilts of Amanda’s. I bought her book when it first came out and need to just settle on one project to get started! Hope your DH is feeling well!

  10. These quilts are all discouragingly lovely!

  11. Teresa on May 31, 2017 at 5:28 pm said:

    Thanks for sharing…loved seeing the beautiful pictures, you do a great job with your photography

  12. Wow! Definitely worth the wait! What an exciting load of eye candy. So many beautiful new fabrics.

  13. I so enjoyed seeing market through your eyes!! It was so fun that you got to sleep under a different quilt each night.

  14. What a great adventure! So happy you had all this joy with your friends. All those quilts! All that beauty! I’m hyperventilating just looking at this. Thank you for the great motivation. ??????

  15. P.S. those question marks were supposed to be hearts!

  16. Sarah on June 14, 2017 at 10:33 am said:

    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful quiltiness! I would die of exhaustion on my feet if I ever went to quilt market, so I appreciate visiting it vicariously through you! I was gushing to my mom and showing her your beautiful blog yesterday, telling her how much I love it, and about your header design “secret”. She thought it was pretty clever, too!
    That bird fabric is just adorable.

  17. Just catching up here in blogland and I so loved this post! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of gorgeous quilts, fabrics and lovely quilty folk too! And I loved the change of quilts on your beds each night :) !!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  18. How fabulous to sleep under a different quilt each night! I adore that bird fabric by Kari – will you get some into your shop? If so, can I have a bit please????

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