Sheepie Socks

Sheesh! I meant to post yesterday, but by the time I got home from work, ate dinner, and went to visit MeMum and BigDaddy, the evening was over.  Then tonight, we went to a movie (Trouble with the Curve — cute movie!) and when we got home we had to deal with a little credit card fraud.  (Apparently, I’ve lost my card and whoever found it went on a little 5 digit spending spree.)

Anyway, there’s been actual knitting around here! With the help of a little airplane time on the recent Scotland trip, I managed to finish my Flock Socks. Or, as I call them, my Sheepie Socks. They’re a little loose, but I love them.

Sheepie Sock

I knit them so that the sheepies would show through the “window” of my shoes.  (Pardon those need-to-be-polished scruffy shoes.)

Sheepie Sock

I purchased the yarn at our fab local yarn shop, which has a website.  They also have the link to the pattern.  The sheepies had fun strolling through the grass.

Sheepie Sock

Too bad I didn’t finish them up on the trip, they could have had a little stroll with real sheepies.

And just because, I’ll leave you with a Zinnia shot. My inaugural zinnias have been beautiful and I’ll definitely be growing them again.


Have a great weekend! I’ll be back…oh, probably Monday with the winner of the Brit Bunny Pincushion. (There’s still time to enter the drawing if you’re interested.)

42 Thoughts on “Sheepie Socks

  1. Very cute sheepies! Five digit credit card fraud—-how come you so calm??

  2. ….’re, obviously.

  3. OOchh….that’s terrible. Hope the credit thing is solved. I love your sheepie socks;so cute. And zinnias are my favorite summertime flower. I haven’t grown them in a while, but I am going to grow them next summer.

  4. Well! That hit the cute button into my first foray into Blogland this morning! The sock bit, obvs!

  5. Looove your sheepie socks!!! A beautiful shade of blue too.

    Oh my goodness, I do hope the credit card business is sorted quickly.

  6. These are seriously the cutest socks I’ve ever seen! And if my memory serves me right, it’s your birthday today (at least it is here at our end of the world, you might still have to wait a few more hours). Happy Birthday, dear Anna. I hope you will have a fantastic day and that your family will spoil you rotten! Hugs xx

  7. Those sheep are SOOO cute! I’ve sent my daughter the link … do you think she will take the hint!? Christmas is coming up! :o)

    Shame about your credit card…at least credit card companies are pretty good about making sure you don’t foot the bill.

  8. The sheepy socks are wonderful, and I love them walking through the grass. How horrible that people just decide to use someone’s card, I cant believe how low some people are. Your orange zinnias are looking very summery too.

  9. Good grief! How adoreable

  10. YIKES! 5 digit credit card fraud…sadly someone had a lot of fun…hope it all gets taken care of quickly. Love the sheepie socks…you are amazing!
    Your zinnias are beautiful…I wonder if they’d grow here….HMMMMM

  11. Too c-ewe-t!

  12. These socks are just the cutest things ever! So sorry about the credit card, I hope it’s cleared up quickly. And I can’t tell you how jealous I am that SSYC is your local yarn shop!!! Seriously???

  13. The socks are adorable!!!! If they had Scotties instead of sheep, I’d have to drive over and steal them right off your feet!!

  14. How dang cute. Well done, your toes must be so happy ;-) Clarice

  15. I love seeing those sheepies peeking through the holes in your shoes! And walking through the green grass. Well done!

    Sorry about the credit card — been there. I hope they are able to “forgive” all that charged-up debt.

  16. Anna, your socks are totally awesome! I love the little sheepies and how you knit them to show through the window of your shoes! Love the photo in the grass as well.

    Sorry about your credit card. I had trouble with that earlier this summer. What a pain!

  17. The socks knocked mine off! LOL! They look maaavelous! Drumroll: or should I say “baa-velous”? Couldn’t resist! Sick for you about the credit card issue! Stinky way to celebrate your special weekend! Miss you! Hugs!

  18. I love your sheepie socks and the fact that they appear in the “window” of your shoes is brilliant! You couldn’t have planned it better! :o)
    I hope you manage to sort out the credit card stuff. How awful!

  19. Glenda in Florida on September 29, 2012 at 7:04 pm said:

    LOVE those sheepie socks! I tried to learn to knit as a child, and to crochet in early adulthood. Neither “took”, so no yarn hobbies for me. I stick to sewing and quilting.

  20. now you’ve gone and made me want to start knitting again … which i know, In Real Life, i will not ever do … love your sweet sheepie socks, Anna!

    i already put “zinnias” on the list for our garden next year after i saw the other picture of yours – such happy flowers…

    credit card fraud STINKS – you don’t even have to lose your card for Bad People to go on a shopping spree – someone grabbed my card’s number from The Bank and All Hell was raised – whoever it was has a lot more fun than i do … grrrr!

    and now i’m gonna go try to win that bunny – and i’m gonna have Auntia try to win, too!

  21. Oh my goodness are those cute. Bummer on the credit card fraud, I hope it gets taken care of.

  22. Those are the absolute cutest socks ever! I’m so impressed that you knit them yourself. Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers, usually grow easily and great cut flowers, too. Sorry about the cc fraud. Not fun.

  23. eeek credit card – hope it’s sorted soon. LOVE those sheepies, and I love the way they peep through, I have to admit thinking all that work and no one will see them. and it has reminded me that I really need to finish E’s socks for him, which are plain old blue…….

  24. Wah! These are WONDERFUL. Best socks ever xxx

  25. Those are absolutely the CUTEST socks ever!! You are soooooo talented! I love the way they peep through the Mary Janes!

  26. cutest socks ever – and I mean ever.
    I just love them. I also adore mary jane shoes of all sorts and they peek through perfectly
    you are too fun

  27. Those are my favorite socks ever. I’m knitting….for me!

  28. The fact that you especially knitted them so the sheepies show through your shoes has totally impressed me. I always try to do cool stuff like that and fail in the planning, then end up with sheep everywhere but there!! Haha!

    Loved all your travel round ups too, especially your very funny and chilly mountain goat expedition to Ben Nevis!!


  29. Those socks are sooooo cute! and the zinnia is so pretty. Well done you on both counts!! Don’t you just hate credit card fraud? How do they sleep at night?

  30. Those socks are so cool! Someday I want to learn to knit so I can make scarves and socks!!! And sweaters!

  31. Cutest sheep ever!! So sorry about your credit card problem, that would have had me in hysterics (and I am VERY good at hysterics).

  32. ohh darling socks. The socks in the shoes is the cutest. It was cold today, it is def getting to be warm sock weather. Those are works of art.

  33. love those socks!! 5 digit spending spree? that’s about what it costs to go to England/Scotland the last time I went! Well, not that much but it was still very, very expensive! ;p

    Sorry about the fraud…but don’t think about it. Just keep knitting beautiful socks. ;p

  34. Brenda on October 1, 2012 at 7:14 pm said:

    Your socks are amazing!

  35. Anna, those socks are awesome! I have been playing catch up on my blog reading, and I also enjoyed seeing all your trip pictures and reading about your adventures. Looks like you had a great time! :)

  36. I’m so tired that I wasn’t going to comment, but then there were sheepie socks, and then zinnias. Zinnias! 21 years ago, I planted a whole envelope of zinnia seeds in the backyard of our apartment bldg. I had never done anything like that. My mum just laughed and said it was because I was “expecting”. There were the most beautiful zinnias (and snapdragons), and then there was the most glorious baby — who turned 21 on Saturday!
    (And I am truly sorry about your CCF. We have had it happen without even losing the card, just some merchant’s database breached. It’s awkward because as you are trying to pay for something (in our case, lunch for 6!), the merchant is instructed to take your card from you! And there you stand, with your face hanging out!
    I hope you have complete and painless resolution.)

  37. Oh love your socks! Ya know, my B day is coming up! Wink, wink, knodge, knodge! Hey, you’ve been a busy gal! Thank you for sharing your trip. Spooky! For me, it’s the next best thing to being there! Enjoy the day! Cheer!

  38. ps. those shoes are perfect just the way they are! No need to buff and/or shine! They have character! ;o) Cheers!

  39. Those are just THE best socks!

  40. could the sheepie socks BE any cuter??!??!!! I triple *heart* them!

  41. Your sheep peeking out – that is TOO CUTE!

  42. Oh Anna, what gorgeous socks! I love how the little sheep are peeping out of your shoes :o)


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