Sewing and Mourning

Thanks for all the SweetiePie apron love! I forgot to tell you that the apron came from a pattern — Simplicity 3752. And for those of you who asked, the fabric is an Alexander Henry print called “Life is Sweet”.

It’s busy, busy here this week helping MyDadLovesMeBestSister prepare for a wedding shower this weekend. I’ve been making these little favor bags from Monica’s wonderful pattern. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — that Monica is a genius.

Shower Bags

This is the perfect pattern for quick gifts. (And btw, I’m seeing all over blogland that Monica has a beautiful quilt in the new issue of Quilts ‘n More. As soon as I can un-chain from my duties, I’ll be procuring a copy!) We’re putting a little Body Shop gift pack in each bag, along with a poofy shower scrubber. I hope the girls like them. Anyway, a big huge ol’ smoochie goes to Sharon for letting me know about this pattern — I love it!

Shower Bags

Now, once again, I must request that you all join me in a moment of silence.


My beloved Hester has had a massive stroke. Here she is all bundled up in preparation for her emergency trip to the hospital tomorrow.

Shower Bags

I love my Hester. I’m flailing around without her and there’s a gaping hole in the dungeon — it’s so lonely down there now. I’m just holding my breath that this stroke hasn’t affected her brain. We’ve been so close, sharing many hours and late nights together. I thought our relationship was all one-sided, that she really didn’t care about me. But in her final selfless act, she waited until I finished all the monogramming for the favor bags before she slumped over. I still have several bags to put together but I can do that on my old machine. I don’t have a backup embroidery machine though, so her compassion makes me love her all the more. And, I suppose it could be worse — I saw a funny line at Kelly’s today: Things could be worse, we could be trying on bathing suits. Indeed.

Come back to me dear Hester (and please don’t bring that awful Big Bill back home with you!)

Have a wonderful weekend my sweet peeps — I have no blog reading time this weekend, so you all have my permission to take the weekend off LOL!


33 Thoughts on “Sewing and Mourning

  1. The bags are lovely!

    My sewing machine is in need of a tune-up too—BAD! She makes this terrible noise whenever I wind a bobbin. Poor girl, I need to get her in soon.

  2. The bags are fabulous, what awesome keepsakes! I’ll keep good thoughts for Hester, hope you have a weekend full of smiles!

  3. Hope Hester comes thru it all ok. Have a great weekend.

  4. Genius? HA! YOU’RE the genius! All I had was the seed… you grew the beautiful garden! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those bags! You make me gush my friend.

    Thinking good thoughts for Hester. Have a great weekend! xoxo-m

  5. The bags are beautiful, I’m sure the recipients will love them!
    Sorry to hear about Hester, but at least her timing wasn’t as bad as it could have been! Hoping for her speeding recovery…….

  6. Those bags are just gorgeous…what wonderful gifts. I was getting all sad there thinking a pet was sick…….glad Hester waited till you were nearly done :) How is your son enjoying our hot weather atm ?

  7. Your bags are beautiful and I love the black and white fabric.

    I’m so sorry to hear of Hester’s breakdown but what a trooper she was to do all those monograms. I do hope it isn’t terminal and that she comes back to you all fixed up and raring to stitch :)

    Thanks for the weekend off but I may have to blog at some point as I’m meeting Lucy Locket for the first time today!!!! I also have a little giveaway to blog about….


  8. The bags are fantastic, Anna! And I empathise with you on Hester’s stroke. I’d be lost without my sewing machine, too. Just as well…if you don’t have any blogging time, you probably won’t have any complicated sewing time either these next few days.

  9. Wow, gorgeous bags! Sorry about Hester :( I have actually had nightmares about that happening to my machine–who is nameless and I’m feeling a bit guilty about that. I hope she makes a speedy and full recovery :)

  10. Here’s hoping for a very speedy recovery and a Small Bill for Hester…love those bags. Have a great weekend!

  11. Beautiful bags. Sorry about Hester. Hope she will recover!

  12. Now that Hester is something. Hanging in there until the bitter end. No wonder your tied at the hip.

    Love those bag and what a cute idea. So clever Ms Anna as usual.

    Have a wonderful time at the shower and will be waiting to hear how it all goes when you come back.

    Hugs- Karen

  13. MyDadLovesmeBestSister on March 14, 2008 at 11:39 am said:

    I can’t wait to get my bag!! Don’t you realize that Hester had her stroke on purpose – to help you get your life under control! She knows that you need time away from the dungeon to help you do all of the other things that you need to do! May we should have wine or champagne at the shower after all!!

  14. even if we weren’t going to be using it, if our equipment is away from us, we miss it…I understand and send you my deepest sympathy. As for trying on swimsuits…don’t even go there!

  15. I agree, the favor bags are adorable! The material you chose for them is perfect! Give my best to Hester, hopefully her surgery goes well….

  16. Love the bags! I am sooo sorry about Hester. She will be in my thoughts and prayers that Mr. Sewing Machine Repair dude can perform the proper surgical techniques to breath life into her!! Good Luck Hester!

  17. Miss Jean on March 14, 2008 at 9:27 pm said:

    Anna: Go check out my blog! I’ve awarded you a You Make My Day award. It’s very deserving to a wonderful friend.

  18. Oh so cute! I love the fabric. I’ve been trying to find some like that. I’m trying to find black and white fabrics for my sewing room. I think that would match perfectly. Do you remember where you got it? Quilt store or fabric store chain? How do you get so much done?

  19. I hope Hester makes a quick recovery. I have only been to your site a few times, but I must say that I enjoy your writing. I was just reading your pleas to Hester aloud to my husband and he was laughing too. I love your bags that you made. SO SO darling, they really are.

  20. I love those bags Anna, great fabric. Hope Hester has been revived – you did have me worrying there for a moment! Take care and enjoy the weekend

  21. I was trying to figure out who Hester was – she had to be some sort of small creature to fit inside that sewing machine case. -doh-
    Here’s hoping she comes home soon and without Bill. You make me laugh and laugh!

    Lovely bags BTW. Well done.

  22. Poor old Hester – and what a selfless sacrifice to keep going until you were finished! Hope Big Bill stays away too! Lucy xxx

  23. Sweet bags!
    I hope Hester has a full recovery!

  24. The bags are beautiful!!! Oh my gosh how awesome. Hope Hester will be ok…do you have a plan “b” to finish up the bags. Hope the shower goes wonderfully!

  25. The bags are so classic looking and professionally done. Get well soon Hester.

  26. That Bill – he is just so full of himself, gotta be everywhere.
    I hope Hester recovers very soon and with no scars.

  27. Thinking so many many many good thoughts for you and Hester.

    Oh, and the bags are very fancy!

  28. Blessings to Hester. Those sewing machine guys can work miracles, though…. here’s hoping she gets hers. Lovely bags!

  29. I agree, Monica is wonderful. Your bags turned out so cute. The girls are going to go gaga over them. :) Poor Hester. I hope she’s all better soon.

  30. WOW!!! Your so creative Anna. The bags are adorable!!!

  31. What would we do without the Hesters and Dr. Berninasa of the world? Was concerned that a real friend had had a stroke–cracked up when I twigged it……

  32. The bags are gorgeous! I do agree – Monica is a genius! I also have a Viking, and I do love her so. I haven’t named mine, but I do smooch her on top of her head from time to time, and tell her thank you for being there for me! I’m glad Hester waited until the bags were finished – what a good (but exhausted) girl she is! I hope she’s back to her healthy and happy self soon!
    Love the line from Kelly, too! LOL!

  33. Love your Easter banner. Very sweet and a great idea.

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