Randomly in February

  • Happy Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day!!! Really. It’s a thing. And definitely a thing on a COLD winter day in February. Sprinkles are mandatory in the middle of winter ;-P.

    Thimbleanna: Ice Cream

  • It’s FREEZING out there. But that didn’t stop us from having our patio doors replaced yesterday. I had no idea anyone would want to replace windows/doors in the middle of winter. When we planned this in the fall, the installers were backed up into January. I thought we might have to wait until spring, but they said no, they work all winter. It was 15 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday while they were working. Poor Guys! Here’s an in-progress shot (don’t I have a lovely crop of frozen plants?)

    Thimbleanna: New Doors

    And here are the windows all finished. Those old doors were so hard to open, lock and unlock.  And the seals were broken on several of them, so they would fog up between the layers of glass. I’m so excited for spring so we can really use these new doors!

    Thimbleanna: New Doors

  • My winter sprinkle kick started a week ago when I made some cupcakes. Then I threw some thimbles in there and made a new blog header — because the Christmas header really needed to go. It seems pretty obvious that after 11 years of blogging, I’m running out of header ideas LOL.

    Thimbleanna: Sprinkles

  • There has been knitting and sewing going on around here, just nothing finished to show yet. I’ve been steadily working on quilt blocks for the The Happy Flower Quilt and I’ve been working on a little sweater that I’m now blocking. The instructions said to sew the shoulders together, but I really didn’t like the way mine looked. So, I undid the shoulder bind-offs and kitchener stitched them together. I’m a little worried that it’s going to look funny without a shoulder seam — I guess we’ll see when I get it all sewn together.

    Thimbleanna: Blocking Knits

  • And finally, lots of pretty, pretty fabric has been arriving in my little Thimbleanna Etsy shop!

    Thimbleanna: Floral Fabrics

Happy February! I’m off to clean a little — this place is a disaster!

14 Thoughts on “Randomly in February

  1. Your new doors look fantastic. I really like the color of the frame. I’m so glad the previous owner of my house replaced all the windows and sliding doors right before they sold the house to us. We needed to do the roof right away, so it was nice to have one less renovation to worry about. Your February is looking bright and colorful from here. :)

  2. Cute new header! Your new doors look fabulous. Hope the weather improves soon so you get to use them. Sprinkles and ice cream for breakfast? Hmm, makes this morning’s eggs and bacon look very boring!

  3. Sprinkles – fun! I always think that an off-season purchase should be discounted, but I suppose they feel an off-season project is more work?! But I’m happy that you’re still knitting and sewing. :)

  4. At your suggestion, the peeps and I stopped for ice cream at Freddy’s during a fabric acquisition road trip today. Thank you! It was delicious!!! Love the new doors! Hope it didn’t take the house too long to heat back up. Hence the need to make cupcakes, right? Mmmm instead of Brrrrr!

  5. driftwood on February 4, 2018 at 3:20 am said:

    sprinkles and ice cream might be just what I need to get my blogging mojo back x

  6. Everything looks so nice! How about that little bunny fabric – cutest ever! Is it spring yet?

  7. I love the new header!!! It couldn’t be any cuter!!!
    I’m going to go see what is new in your shop too!

  8. gotta tell you, I didn’t know that ice cream for breakfast needed its own special day – ice cream and cereal is da bomb ( and worth every bit of gastrointestinal distress from lactose intolerance) … and if it’s sprinkled with some berries it is actually nutritious, right?!?

    p.s. – my grandbabies ratted me out to their mother, so no ice cream and cereal for THEM!!!

  9. You know that I really want ice cream for breakfast now! The new doors look great.

  10. I’m not eating sprinkles right now, but your photos really tempt me! Those cupcakes look so yummy. Your header is so bright and cheery for cold February. I’m so glad you got your doors fixed.

  11. Hmmmm, ice cream on waffles….looks like a winner! And those cupcakes have me drooling!

  12. Great looking doors. I love your new header. Have you though about going back and reusing some of your old headers? I bet not everyone has seen all of them.

  13. Oh man I can’t believe I missed ice cream for breakfast day! ? Love the new header, Anna! ?

  14. I think your header is great! So cheerful!

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