Quilt Market Part 2

Whew!  It’s busy, busy in ThimbleannaLand and I’ve barely had any time for blog reading.  I’m hoping things will get back to normal by the end of the month — and then it will be June.  Yikes!

So, back to Quilt Market.  Look Lookie — it’s the Lakehouse Girls!  It was so fun to see Ms. Pam Kitty and Holly again and we had a nice visit.  Look at all that PKM fabulosity there in the bottom left-hand corner.  I was going to say how much I love the Union Jack pillow, but I love it all!

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

Here’s cute little Vanessa in her Moda booth.  She was swamped with people every time I passed her.

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

And, speaking of swamped, there was no way to get a good, full-on picture of Ms. Ric Rac and her booth.  Everyone loved her adorable creations.

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

What’s not to love?  How can you possibly resist a monkey on a tire swing???  (With a rhino photo-bombing the picture!)

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

The. Dress. was the star of the booth though.  I Looooove that dress.  What a work of art!  Someone said that Jemma told them that the dress is very heavy.  It was so fun to see it in real life.

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

And while we’re discussing Australians, I had a hard time leaving Jen Kingwell’s booth.  These quilts are fabulous.  I’m feeling a Steam Punk quilt in my future.

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

I’ve always loved Anna Griffin’s sophisticated designs.  (It’s not her name, pinky swear.  ;-D )  The Eleanor line is just beautiful.

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

And Anna Griffin has a new designer, Cori Dantini.  This fabric is soooo cute.  You will be seeing it again.  ;-D

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

There was even a knitting pattern booth at quilt market. Deep South Fibers. Such cute knits.

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

And a gorgeous smocked dress in the Deep South Fibers booth. With bees!

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

And here’s my parting gift.  We thought these signs on the sewing chairs were pretty funny.  What does that say about quilters?  Hmmmm???  Maybe we should all post a sign like this on our sewing chairs — just as a reminder to get up and get moving LOL!

Thimbleanna: Quilt Market Portland

So, that’s it for my quilt market pictures. Thanks for sticking with them and reading to the end. Now to get my sewing room cleaned a little so I can start a new project!


27 Thoughts on “Quilt Market Part 2

  1. As I read through the post, I kept thinking “must comment on that fabric/quilt/chair” ……. but I think one word describes it all ….. DELICIOUS!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you about Jenny Kingwell and her designs, it is her encouragement and sense of colour that inspired me to kick on with my sewing adventures.

    Just all going very slowly as the house building is is all consuming.


  3. I knew you would love the Aussies………they are the best…….lol

  4. Thanks Anna, I always love to read market recaps.

  5. Oh my! More beautiful-ness (is that word? it should be!). I love LOVE Jen Kingwell’s booth. I do hope there’s a Steam Punk quilt in your future so we can go along for the ride! I have to say, I probably would have stayed the longest in the Deep South Fibers booth…I’ve done some knitting and even some smocking in my day, and I never tire of seeing them. Thanks again for showing us so much inspiration!


  6. Jenny on May 28, 2013 at 7:43 am said:

    steam punk in my future too Anna!!!

  7. I just love Jen Kingwell’s designs and must get one soon. I love what is coming from Australia these days – so much hand work, we need to see more of that from America

  8. Man, I was born in the wrong era – I love that quilted dress. Got an unexpected giggle from the weight limit sign on the chair, I must be weird ’cause it made my day. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Oh yes, love all the photos! Seeing that beautiful smocked dress makes me itching to do some smocking.

  10. brigette on May 28, 2013 at 9:37 am said:

    well anna, you summed it up all so nicely!!! i love the same things you do. i think i may need to put a rope swing into the unborn grandchildren’s hope chest so that when i make that monkey, he can reside on that swing!!
    well… i’m off to save the world.
    hope you’re having fun ;) ;)
    :waves madly

  11. HA! Too funny on the chair. Love the fabric on it though. :)

  12. So much to comment on. I had to laugh at the weight limit signs. Funny. The dress is amazing. I’ve seen pics before but to see it in person would be great. Love Vanessa. And LOVE LOVE my Pam and Holly. Can’t wait for that fabric. The Anna Griffin quits/fab are really sweet. I love the change of pace with them. Nice stuff, all of it.

  13. thank you for sharing! I love the photo of Pam and Holly. Those gals are so darn talented! And all the rest seem so great too. Love Anna Griffin. Oh my. I really do love her style! The steam punk is too cool too!

  14. I like the Anna Griffin fabric best!

  15. I’m just back from holiday (catsitter came from Maryland since you weren’t available) and catching up. Love the photo of your handsome boys! Our doctors still haven’t finished – just completed a long essay and are about to sit a forensics exam. When will it end?

  16. What fun stuff. Love the smocked dress (with bees). I also like the cute fabric covered chair (with weight limit).

  17. Love, love, love the photos. PKM and Holly’s booth is adorable. Jealous you got to see that famous dress up close and personal! Glad you had such a fun time. :)

  18. Boy you did a great job of covering market. I seriously hardly took my camera out – the wonderful women i was with were busy snapping tho – so I didn’t have to lol. I just came across that Jen Kingwells patterns – love her Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt – love it. I’m so sad that we didn’t get together at market but I’m so happy I caught you in line at sample spree – or trample spree as it’s been called lol. It just seemed to go by so fast didn’t it. Did you manage to find lots of things that snapped your socks – I know I managed to find things that worked for me.
    Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  19. It was great to see you and have a visit! Thanks for including me in your recap! xo

  20. Teresa on May 29, 2013 at 1:57 pm said:

    Enjoyed the pictures and sharing in the fun you were obviously having!

  21. OOOhh I love that dress too
    Wow, market looks like a lot of fun!!

  22. Brenda on May 29, 2013 at 10:37 pm said:

    I read the Selvedge Blog, and have made a few zipper pouches out of selvedge—I would love to see THE DRESS in person. I want to make a new knitting bag out of selvedge, so I’ve been saving it up.

  23. Hi Anna, had lunch with Ric Rac today and asked her about you. She was disappointed she didn’t see you again. Sounds like she had loads of fun and success.

  24. Quilt market sounds like overwhelming fabric goodness!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!

    ps. I actually blogged!

  25. I have always loved Anna Griffin as well. Those chairs are funny. I love it!

  26. oooh so much inspiration! I’m not surprised you’ve come back cleaned your sewing room and got sewing…I would too after all that eye candy!

  27. Oh yeah quilt market. I love to see pictures. I can live through you xox Clarice

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