Pumpkin Lanterns

Do you remember the little flag lanterns that I made in July? This is the Halloween version.


I made these a few years ago from little pattern packet I purchased from Rock Creek Emporium (they used to have a website, but it doesn’t appear to be active anymore.) They’re really fun and easy to make and they follow the same premise as the flag lanterns. Paint your baby food jars orange, draw on some faces and embellish.


Halloween has always been a favorite holiday — not the creepy spooky side of Halloween so much, but the fun, smiling pumpkins side. I’m loving all the Halloween inspiration popping up all over. In particular:


So, those of you out there getting a head start on Christmas — quit it! There’s only a few more days left to revel in the beautiful orange and black of Halloween — THEN we can talk red and green!

20 Thoughts on “Pumpkin Lanterns

  1. We never celebrated Halloween when were children but it is becoming increasingly popular now. I think we will probably do a little trick or treating with the kids but there’s no cute pumpkin decorations up. I really like the banner -very spooky looking!!!

  2. That banner is really good! But I like your lanterns best…now I’m just waiting for the time when we get a little garden. In about 8 months, yippee! Then I’m going to try your lanterns big time!

  3. Lovely things you made Anna! We don‘t celebrate Halloween, it’s a shame when I see all the fun you are having! We first have our Sinterklaas before we even start to think about Christmas!

  4. So cute thoses flags lanterns ! You make some really lovely creations !

  5. Once again I love your lanterns Anna! At least now you know you can name one after me! Lucy x

  6. Those lanterns are just adorable! I need a good source for baby food jars I think. I know what you mean about folks who are already on to Christmas. My daughter is practically finished with her shopping!

  7. Anna those lanterns are just too cute…love them.

  8. Those are so cute!! I need to source some baby food jars!
    I’m with you – I like to soak up the whole Harvest/Halloween?Thanksgiving thing before plunging headlong into Christmas!!

  9. LOL I had to laugh and your comment about talking orange and black and red and green. I couldn’t agree more. Seems the talk of red and green comes earlier and earlier every year!!

  10. Those little lanterns are soo cute!

  11. I love, love, love those pumpkin lanterns. I remember when you shared your 4th of July lanterns. I had recently started blogging and I saw those and thought, “I don’t belong here. I’m not good enough.” Time goes by and here are those darn cute lanterns reminding me to shape up and make something cute!

  12. Those pumpkin lanterns are adorable. You are so creative. I think I missed the fourth of july ones. Are they on your blog?? How could I have missed that??? LOL

  13. By the way, I’ve just tagged you on my blog for a crafty meme. Cheerio! :-)

  14. Thank you for sharing all the fabulous Halloween links – there’s a lot of fabulousness there…

    But none quite so fabulous as your amazing little laterns! You did an *AMAZING* job on the faces – they are all so expressive and dear!

  15. Hey! Are you talking to ME when you talk about that red and green thing? LOL! Love your pumpkin lanterns!

  16. Those lanterns are the cutest! Makes me want to pick up my paint brush and get busy painting something! The banner is very cute, too – are you going to make one, Anna? If so, you’ve got to show and tell!
    I’m not ready to talk red and green – oh no, not me! It’s coming too quickly!!! Now I am scared! LOL!

  17. I love this post. It is always interesting to read how and why other people create. The first thing I remember sewing was a wrap-around skirt. It was pink with little white and blue flowers. I had forgotten all about that skirt until I read your post. Hope your having a wonderful weekend.

  18. Mrs.Staggs on October 28, 2007 at 4:02 pm said:

    Wow, you started young. I didn’t. My mom wasn’t into messes, so I wasn’t encouraged to try such things. I didn’t really begin to craft much, until I was 30.
    This was an interesting post to read.
    Thank you for taking the time.

  19. Mrs.Staggs on October 28, 2007 at 4:05 pm said:

    That comment was meant for the post up above! Sorry. I do that all the time, on this site. Usually, I catch it before I post. Slow learner! LOL!
    Great lanterns Anna!

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