Presto, We have Pesto!!!*

Dear Ms. Pesto,

Are you sitting on the edge of your chair wondering how my pesto experiment went? You know I don’t like that green icky stuff, but I decided I’d try your recipe anyway — ’cause you never know, maybe the one and only time I tried it, the flavor was just too strong.

So, on Sunday afternoon, I went to MeMum’s and we had a little pesto adventure with TheManoftheHouse, BigDaddy and my nephew as willing taste testers. I know you’ll probably gasp in disbelief, but none of us had ever really had pesto. We gathered our supplies, as meticulously laid out in your very clear recipe.


We dutifully chopped, blended and poured. (Ad btw…do you think this is a Holiday Inn Express? We don’t have a Trader Joe’s anywhere in the vicinity, so I had to toast my own pine nuts. I just felt darn fortunate that I didn’t have to go out and harvest them from our pine trees. I think I may have scorched a few of them, but all that green stuff will cover the black marks, right?) I didn’t take a picture of the green goo, ’cause it looked just like yours.

Now to taste. Is there some sort of official pesto connoisseur tasting exercise we should have followed? You know, like wine tasters do things — swirl, sniff, yadda, yadda? We all peered over the edge of the food processor bowl, and with our little testing spoons, we each took a sample. We gingerly placed a bit on our tongues….hmmmm….


WAIT! You said to put it on pasta. But why limit ourselves? We should broaden our horizons and try it on a few other things no? How ’bout bananas? You know I love bananas…


Not bad! Not bad at all! Could be the delicious banana overshadowing that gunky stuff though … how ’bout a potato chip?


Umm…maybe not so much. But then I love bananas more than potato chips so that could be the problem. So, how ’bout a fig?


Aren’t you proud of us? We’re not only trying pesto, but figs too! I think we liked the pesto better than the figs — we didn’t dislike figs, but they were very bland. (We tried them with drizzled honey too, but that’s another discussion.) And you should have been here for a good laugh during the fig cutting. Are we supposed to eat that skin or not? We eat peach skin, so we ate fig skin. Was that proper?

Ok, now the real test…Pesto on a Ding Dong…


Yeah Baby, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! I know you think I didn’t really taste that, but I did. Not bad at all, but hey, it’s chocolate, so what’s not to love?

Ok…Ok…you’ve been pretty patient Ms. Pesto. As you noticed above, we did put your pesto on radiatore pasta as instructed…


SMILES all around!!! We LIKED it! Dare I say, a few of us even REALLY liked it? I think you’re right…if someone doesn’t like pesto, it’s ’cause they haven’t had your pesto. So, thanks for broadening our horizons here in the unique-food-challenged heartland. We had great fun and we’ve found something new and exciting to have for dinner.

You ROCK, Ms. Pesto!


Oh, and two more little things…

Kim…oh Kim…are you there? Although I forgot to try it, I really think you should try pesto on mashed potatoes. This stuff is so good, it might cure your mashed potato phobia!


Happy Birthday BigDaddy! You’re the best Dad ever and I LOVE you dearly!!! You make us all so happy with your wacky sense of humor and adventurous spirit. And thanks for trying the Pesto!!!

*Thanks Ms. Pesto for a great post title!

41 Thoughts on “Presto, We have Pesto!!!*

  1. Oh, the humanity! That poor ding-dong! I have to go be… *urp*

    glad you overcame a food-fear. MAYBE I’ll follow along, though I saw something suspiciously like vegetation in that food processor.

  2. Hmmmm….pesto on a ding dong? You might be venturing into deep fried oreo territory there!!!
    I love pesto but I’ve never made it – I can’t even imagine where I’d buy pine nuts around here.

  3. OMG I’m almost peeing my pants from laughing so hard at your culinary(?) adventure. Never tried it myself – but me thinking not so good on a ding dong, LOL. Hugs to you, you goofy girl :)

  4. Oh Happy Birhtday to BigDaddy – it’s son’s #2 birthday as well 7/29.

    Hugs – Karen

  5. okay.. you’ve clearly taken blog posting to a new level. no trying to compete with this one!!! i’m glad you liked pesto. and that fig is looking a little sad. maybe it’s not RIPE. but thanks for trying it. and next time, toss a few pine nuts in with the radiatore when you’re done… and a bit more parmesan. looks divine. i wanted to reach right in there and take a bite.
    the banana was a little disgusting, and the ding dong had me laughing here all by myself…the family came running and then saw i was laughing at pesto on a ding dong and further confirmed the fact that i’m crazy.
    you’re amazing. we just love you!!!
    and you should have waited until i had a more interesting post before you referenced me 47 times in your post, but i’ll totally get you back later, when you have a boring post up some time. could you put a boring post up for me? thanks.

    and yes, you eat fig skin. but i’m serious, that fig is looking a little sad. i really don’t think it’s ripe. and you’re right, they’re a little weird, but i’m fully convinced that a *little* weird is a good thing.

  6. Oh no you din’t!!! You did not put that on a DING DONG?? LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ew. I know I’m from CA and its probably not cool to admit it but ew, pesto.

    I don’t love or hate figs, so I leave ’em alone, but my mother loves them. I have a fig tree even, but this year I’m down to one fig, poor thing. I track them down for my mom though, she’s NUTS for them.

    But probably not with Pesto. And I certainly wouldn’t have wasted a perfectly good Ding Dong. Which I haven’t had in YEARS. I might have to just get one of those.

    Anyway, funniest post I’ve read in ages. You crack me up.

  8. Excellent work with that pesto – the home-made stuff is great isn’t it? It also works with rocket (also called rucola I think) – very tasty! On bananas though – yuck!

    Pesto on a ding dong?? That sounds rather rude (in the UK anyway!).

  9. Happy belated birthday to Bigdaddy (It feels just a bit kinky calling him that … :) ). Any way I love Pesto … but tend to want to eat too much and then it’s ‘hey pesto’ and I need a new dress size!

  10. OMG You have me laughing like a crazy woman this morning…pesto on a ding dong???? LOL! You are too funny!

  11. I actually like pesto – but I’m not nearly so adventurous as y’all in terms of what to put it on… :)

    I’m curious about the fig question, too. Interested to see what you find out about “to eat the skin or not eat the skin…” The only fig I’ve ever had was inside of a Newton. But I like Fig Newtons, so maybe I ought to give a try??? Although, I’m thinking goat cheese/prosciutto instead of pesto…

    Happy Belated B’day to B’Daddy!

  12. I have a good recipe for your new friend, pesto. Pesto Pita Pizzas! They are delicious and even my husband, Mr. Picky, likes them. Take 4 whole, uncut pita pockets and place them on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 5 -7 minutes at 400 degrees. Take 1/4 c of pesto and 1/4c of sour cream. Mix. Spread on hot pitas. Add pre-cooked, diced fajita chicken as topping. diced tomatoes, and shredded moz cheese. Bake another 7 minutes. DONE! Looks fancy, but it is very easy. Serve with a nice salad and you have one easy, pleasy meal!

    BTW- life is not fair. How come no matter what is done to it, Ding Dongs always look good and photograph wonderfully? Is it wrong to say, I wish I was a ding dong? LOL

  13. I’ve had pesto once and it was made from basil I grew myself but dare I say I didn’t really care for it and I don’t even have a thing against vegetation. :)

    Oh! And did I mention there’s a Trader Joe’s just down the road from me? Are you hearing the song of the siren? ;)

    Funny, funny post Anna. Thanks for the laughs this morning.

  14. All the Ding-dong love out there should make Hostess happy…aren’t those things on the endangered food list?!
    I should stand up and state My name is Susan and I have never tried Pesto or Pine Nuts or Figs. I’ve had dates–do they taste like dates? Maybe, just maybe I will get adventurous and make pesto but not on ding-dongs…ROFLOL!

  15. We all LOVE pesto in this house. My recipe is similar to Ms. Pesto’s. But on those other things? I think you’ve scarred me.

  16. This has been the most riotous adventure to read. I love how you’ve tried the pesto on various foods; it’s funny and adventurous of you. Great post!

  17. Hmm. I’m not sure I’ll be trying all of those serving suggestions… Thanks so much for your kind sympathy for my moans. You brought a smile to my face with your fantasy of our needing air-conditioning in Scotland! When I say I was hot, it was only because I was digging tangly roots out of the soil in the warmish midday sunshine. Inside, it’s cool. And knitting – a bit too intellectual for me, I fear. I have to knit with my tongue sticking out one side of my mouth, and when I drop a stitch I really need my granny to find it for me.

    Lily-of-the-valley, by the way, seems to vary a lot. If it likes your soil it spreads as you watch – you have to plant it and then spring sharply back before it engulfs you – but if it doesn’t you have to nurture it along. It adores mine, unfortunately. It would be good for ground cover in the big garden you have around your big American house, but in my tiny Scottish garden that’s one thing I don’t need. The flowers smell wonderful for about two weeks but on the other hand there are another 50 in the year when you just get a lot of green leaves.

  18. Oooh, I love pesto. My favorite way to eat it is on a spoon. I’ve never tried it on a ding-dong, however. That could quite possibly be a “lunch of champions”, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll put that in the girls’ lunches on the first day of school. Ha, Ha!

  19. Judy on July 30, 2008 at 2:25 pm said:

    I made pesto last weekend too using some of Brigettes receipe. I had never put lemon juice in mine before. I freeze it all the time and just take out a couple of “ice cubes” when I want some. Like tonight for dinner. I haven’t posted yet but maybe tonight. Your post is a lot funnier than mine will be I don’t have half the imagination you have. Fun post!! And I’m glad you decided to try it. Pesto is the best!

  20. The Pesto Testo – good times. I might just try that banana one. The fig wasn’t ripe. When they are they’re delicious, pesto or no. You have intrigued me T-anna, I’m off to do some experimenting on my own.

  21. Great Post Anna/Mrs. Ding Dong. You’re too funny! I don’t know what a ding dong is… anyway, everything related to chocolate has my attention… even with pesto on top of it. I don’t like pesto, I love figs though, without the skin. Figs with cream and a slice of ginger. Oh, I love to talk about food!

  22. Anna – thanks for the comments! You’re my favorite doll! We usually only have super saturday once a year. We have enrichment once a quarter and they make stuff there. Our ward split and I tried to get our old ward to start crafting more and to try to have a Super Saturday 2-3 times a year. But then we split. That’s one of the reasons why I started my LNO Group that meets monthly. So, those of us who have all that energy can do something about it! :) I can’t believe that your LDS…Should’ve known, huh? You know Jo-Anne from The Carter Clan is my friend and she lives near me her in Tucson and she and her Husband are doing a lot of the work for the Super Saturday! It should be a lot of fun. I’ll post pictures.


  23. I love Pesto! I’m so glad you found a recipe you liked. Now about the Ding Dong lol, that is just downright gross :) Oh and that goes for the banana too, did you really eat it? I’m crackin’ up over here :)

  24. Pesto is by far it’s yummiest when it is put on cheese tortellini. So good. Even better if you chop up a red bell pepper and throw in there too (that is if you can find one that doesn’t break the bank!).

  25. We love pesto at our house. We even grow our own basil in the summer. I have to admit though, the only thing we ever serve it on is pasta. I think we need to be a little more adventurous!

    P.S. – Love your blog!


  26. I’m so glad you’ve come over to the pesto side. My kids love to get spoonfuls of pesto out of the food processor to “test” it. Since you are obviously adventurous, (Ding Dong Pesto), I have a great way to enjoy pesto. I’ll saute some shrimp in a little olive oil and butter, and then add it to the pesto and give the food processor a couple of more whirls. Then I’ll serve it on crostini. Mmmmmm.

  27. so… melissa and i drove about 15 miles to raley’s tonight to buy ONE fig. we’re a bit disturbed that you desecrated a fig with pesto. it’s the wrong color skin for a turkey fig.. wrong color stamen for a mission fig (unless it was picked green and then got mushy and never ripe) and DEFINIIIIIITELY the wrong color for an adriatic or kadota. now, there are hundreds of varieties of figs out there, but i’m thinkin’ you bought the sucky kind. shame. that your first fig experience was with a ROTTEN fig,but what do i know????? i’m not a fig aficionado or anything. yeah, we bought ONE fig, spent $12 in gas to buy ONE fig, and you put PESTO on yours, but whatever, it’s cool. i’ll get over it, eventually.
    oh, and ding dongs aren’t food. OR chocolate. but that’s another rant, for another day.
    i’m going “not”camping/wakeboarding/jetskiing/ in the morning. i hope you have a fun weekend.
    i’ll talk to you soon.
    i have to remake my cupcake gift since i found out she isn’t fond of pastels. i’ll get to that on monday…. with my notcamping laundry, etc.
    talk to you soon!!!! i’ll take pics while i’m gone of bugs ‘n such

  28. Yes I am here! We LOVE pesto in this house and make and eat loads of it – Little Sister adds it to her sandwiches and I have had it on jacket potatoes, but nothing, NOTHING, can be done to lure me to eat mash

  29. Anna, It sure looks like you went to a lot of trouble to make that green stuff. I’m not sure I would like that. It reminds me of guacamole and that looks gross. I’m sure it tasted good though. I need to broaden my horizion. Tracey

  30. So glad you had fun with your food! I love pesto on a turkey sandwich – yum. Stepping out of usual eating habits is challenging sometimes but tends to pay off :)

  31. I think you might have convinced me to try pesto again. Hated it the first time, but this recipe looks much less oily and better…thanks for the tips!

  32. This post is sooooo funny. I have tons of basil growing and soon it will be PESTO. We love the stuff but I don’t think you will ever find me brave enough to put it on a ding dong. Great post !!!!

  33. Your pesto post is so funny! Not sure about the whole pesto/chocolate combo though! Lucy x

  34. Yay! I have never made pesto, but have been eying my basil, thinking this ought to be my year to try it…. Thanks for the recipe!

  35. So hilarious! I made pesto last weekend. My basil was exploding in my green house and I found an amazing recipe and yum, a few minutes later there it was. I must admit I did not try it on desert!! You are a braver woman than I.

  36. What a wonderful post! I must admit I am not a fan of pesto, but maybe I’ve never had the right person make it! Thank you for taking us along on your culinary adventures. The pesto ding dong will haunt me for a very long time.

  37. Brenda on August 3, 2008 at 1:07 am said:

    Am I the only one that is going to comment on your socks? They are lovely—especially for a newbie sock knitter. Hang onto those size 0 needles—after awhile, the one’s will seem huge, and you’ll be ready to graduate to the smaller size. Did you know that size one’s actually come in two sizes? In metric sizes, some are 2.25mm, and some are 2.50mm.

  38. Oooh yummy pesto!! I’ve never made my own but will have to now :)
    Don’t think I’ll follow your serving suggestions though :}

    One of my favourite ways to eat it is in a toasted cheese sandwich…mmmmm.


  39. Love pesto, on pasta (twirly pasta is good), with extra parmesan, and stir in some steamed green beans. Yum, yum

  40. omg, on a ding dong, too funny!!
    i’m not a pesto fan, but the alternatives to having it on pasta made me lol!! :)

  41. Sweet Cottage Dreams on August 5, 2008 at 11:47 am said:

    YOU are a RIOT!!!!!!!! Love the pesto adventures and I do think pesto on a ding dong would be a tad bit strange.

    Happy belated b-day to the big D.

    cute post!


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