I finally had a chance to bust out the Ghastlies this past weekend.  It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to set them and I thought long and hard about whether to incorporate some pieced blocks, like pinwheels or something.


In the end though, I decided that might be a little too busy so I opted for the wonky log cabin. These guys are wonky so they need some sort of funny setting to go along with them. Some of the log cabins could stand to be a little more wonky. I’m a pretty traditional quilter, so this is new for me. We’ll see if I can loosen up as I go along.


I love that funny little guy with the invisible dog.  Actually, all the characters have a reason to love them.


It’s hard to see, but the little girl is holding a hammer.  ??? I worried that her pink dress would clash with the orange, but I like it.  As you can see, I’m using orange, black and gray halloween colors – that way I can throw some of my traditional self into those ghastlies.


Hey, do you like my design wall?  I don’t really have one, so I pinned them to a screen door.  Even TheEmptyNestChild is in awe.  That’s not going to be such a neat trick when it’s 10 degrees below zero with six inches of snow out there.  Hopefully by then I’ll have a fun Halloween quilt to keep me warm!


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  1. I love the little girl with the hammer. Hysterical. And I think kitty is thinking about climbing the screen to get a closer look!

  2. Your blocks are absolutely fabulous! I love them…and I do so heart your design wall …. you clever girl!

  3. I love them! I picked up some of the ghastly people in the orange color way. I’m very inspired…

  4. Those blocks are spectacular – I have several cute panels in my stash that I’ve been holding onto because I didn’t know what the heck to do with them – I really REALLY like how you set them in the wonky log cabin blocks – WOW! Beautiful quilt inspector too – I think he approves! ;)

  5. It looks great Anna! It’s going to be fab! And I’ve just been reading somewhere (the internet obviously) that you’ll meet the the Aussie Twins again in Huston. You lucky duck!

  6. Oh Anna, your sets are inspired!! They really are perfect for the motifs. (As are your fabric choices.) This is going to be one great Halloween quilt!

  7. What great use you made of that fabric. You really showcased the wonderful pictures! I love those blocks and can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

    Cute kitty… I’m still missing my baby. >^..^<

  8. Hi Anna, you really have showcased those ghastlies so well with your log cabin blocks. They are adorable and the colors couldn’t be more perfect. Such a fun fun quilt, great job!!

  9. Love, love love this! I need to find this material as it is adorable in a wicked and twisted way!

  10. Oooh, I like! Gonna have nightmares about the hammer, though…

  11. I love a wonky block! And it works great with those ghastly characters. I’ve not made blocks like that – at least on purpose!!

    Good luck with that design wall. Good idea!

  12. Eeeeks! It is scrumptious and I love, love kitty of course. You are a talented wonder with a sewing machine and needle :) Hope life is good. I just got back from San Fran and back to work of course :( and school :(( and race training :)

  13. your halloween quilt is going to be so so so stinkin’ cute.
    it’s too bad that you have to make four of them though…

  14. Ooh I love those panels, how fantastic they are. That will turn out to be a fantastic quilt too. I like your screen quilt hanger, lol! What a wonderful idea.

  15. Terri Fisher on September 16, 2010 at 2:07 am said:

    Love it cann’t wait for it to be finished. All the panels are great you make me smile. Thanks Terri

  16. Oooh, that is so cute and it’s not even a real quilt yet! I love those whimsical ghastly characters.

  17. Anna, you did a fantastic job! Your Ghastlies look SPOOKTACULAR! I knew it…!
    Actually, the girl with the pink dress throws in the little *extra* for the quilt…
    I just LOVE your log cabins around them…it doesn’t have to be far off to be the perfect degree of ‘wonky-ness’.
    Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!!! And have to get some Ghastlies…nearly forgot about them…
    xoxo, Julia

  18. We don’t have Halloween really but if we did, I’d want that quilt. I love it, the blocks are an inspired choice for the fabrics.

  19. These are great! I love the colours and the pictures. I just got a sewing machine from my mum as a house warming present so I really need some lessons! Will make a quilt one day…I will!!

  20. That looks FANTASTIC! And I’m not usually a huge halloween fan! I only saw that fabric range on a blog a couple of days ago and it looks really funny! Lucy x

  21. Thank you for sharing your ghastly family “album”
    ; )

    I love this fabric, it’s in my stash – waiting for the right idea. You have great start on your quilt – so inspiring!
    And you last picture is so fun – love your company!

  22. I love your wonky blocks, they look fantastic. I have just been making wonky log cabin blocks myself for the first time.

  23. That’s going to be so fabulous! I can’t do wonky on purpose either. Unfortunately most of my sraight blocks do end up wonky though …

  24. Oh, those little creatures are very cute. I think this is going to be one lovely and fun quilt. And the idea of using the screen door is briliant!

  25. Very boo-tiful! Looks like a fun project! I want to do a wonky Christmas tree quilt! Picked up a pattern at Sauder’s yesterday. Enjoy!

  26. Your blocks look great Anna, I love them and think the wonky log cabin blocks are perfect for the Ghastlies. I have a little trouble with wonky myself, but love the look!!!

  27. Gosh is that ever cute! Love your design wall!

  28. Ha! These are perfect! I love the wonky log cabins with the centers. They look great. Can’t wait to see it all finished and quilted.
    I’ve got tons of Halloween fabric… don’t think it will get made into a quilt this year though. :-)

  29. I love how you’re piecing it, that is going to be the most adorable quilt! And the expression on your kitty’s face is priceless. He really does look like he’s in awe. :) Totally cracked me up! :)

  30. I hadn’t seen the Ghastlies before – LOVE them! So fun!

  31. I looooove this! You did such a wonderful job. How about sending some of that creative energy over here? :-)

  32. Oh I love it! I think the wonky log cabin gives it just the right look. I don’t think the pink dress clashes because there’s pink in with the opposite one, the lady with the hat. At least it looks pink. No, I like it.

  33. Anna, I just love the blocks. You know how much I adore Halloween stuff. I have to have some of the Ghastlies fabric now!!! xoxo

  34. GASP! I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT! I have Ghastly envy. I WANT. I think I’m going to hunt this fabric down and make a wallhanging.

  35. Cute blocks!

  36. Love your design wall! We do what we have to do, don’t we? :)

  37. I cocked an eyebrow at Brigita’s comment…..Four of them?? Then I realized…Duh! One for you; one for Brigita; one for Moi……..but who’s the fourth for?

    You’re so daring with that wonky setting. That would give me a nervous tic. I’d HAVE to straighten them! But that would be so much more boring….sigh. I’ll be watching my mailbox.

  38. Spooktacaluar indeed! Love that word used by Julia! And fantabulous. Those characters are hilarious!

    Your design wall is the best! But, I was wondering… isn’t there an inside to the screen door too…? Maybe that’s the solution during Winter?

  39. ……Double duh! The spiderweb afterthought was suppose to go HERE!

  40. I don’t think cute is the right word but I do love them!

  41. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!!!!

  42. now that is going to be one spookily gorgeous Halloween quilt — love oranges and blacks together ..

  43. Yay!!! I’m so glad to see what you’ve done with your Ghastlies, because that gives me ideas for mine too! Yours are super super cute!

  44. looks great.
    and i love the pink jeep sign…my car come sof lease and I am thinking of going back to my first love, a jeep tj. Mine wasn’t pink though, it was the silver grey anniversary one…..

  45. looking very good…i love all the small details in this print too. pretty much love all AH fabrics though…

  46. I just love it! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  47. So cute! I love those Ghastlies, too. I won some from Quilt Taffy and have to figure out what I’m going to do with them. I might need a new table runner.

  48. I would have trouble doing wonky log cabin – I like traditional piecing with perfect points etc – I just can’t help myself!!

  49. Anna, it’s awesome!! I love every bit of it. The ghastlies remind me of Edward Gorey illustrations.

  50. the wonky logs are the perfect setting for these great panels or scenes.
    Their simplicity really lets the illustrations shine through.
    your kitty is so fluffy and cute!
    I’m thinking of starting a halloween quilt myself.

  51. You know, I have never tried a wonky log cabin block, but I always mean too. Yours are great and it looks like you are having lots of fun.

  52. spectacular…fabulous & oh such fun!

    i think you should be “selling” your creative quilts @
    “the store=thimbleanna”…especially for non quilters such as me!!

  53. oooo … i LOVE what you are doing with the Ghastlies – truly!

    i happened upon some of the orange Ghastlies and i bought them (even though i THOUGHT i was over the whole family) and Melissa asked me what the heck was i thinking?!?

    now i can show her what YOU did and she will love it (and let me back in the house) cuz she always loves everything you do…

  54. It’s going to be so great. I can’t wait to see your finished quilt.

  55. Mary ann on September 16, 2010 at 10:51 pm said:

    These are so cute. I passed this fabric up because I couldn’t think of anything to do with it…I may have to copy (its the sincerest form of flattery…lol)but first I have to find the fabric!

  56. It’s looking great! I wish I had some of that fabric but it’s just one more thing to buy and I’m trying to cut back. lol.

  57. Hello Miss Anna – long time no speak! It’s lovely to be able to pop over here again and see what mischief you’ve been up to… pleased to see there’s no potatoes of the mashed kind in this post AND that I’m all in favour of a bit of wonkiness – they are gorgeous – you are too too clever!

  58. See I knew you would do something cool xoox Clarice

  59. I am in Loooooooooooooove with your quilt squares!! Love, love, love!! You are creating them so wonderfully whimsical!!

    Where can I find these fantastic characters? Are they in a book? Pattern? etc?? A MUST have!!

    Hugs, joni

  60. Those blocks are too cute and for me, orange and pink go handsomely together. I’ve yet to see that fabric line, is there more to go with it or does it stand alone? I can’t wait to see what you do with these and looks like theemptynestchild is waiting to see what’s next, too. I like the design wall but don’t leave them up too long around those fabric-loving squirrels of yours.

  61. Love, love, love, Anna. I am all about orange right now. And those ghastlies…I might just have to find some for myself. Have a lovely weekend.


  62. That’s so fun! I just love the “Ghastlies” line, and rumor has it they are reprinting the line for next year, along with new ‘go withs’ prints! Oh and I love your design wall, I never would have thought of that :)

  63. Love your quilt and your cat! She/he looks just like my Sophie who is solid white with pink ears, nose, feet and mouth.

  64. I love how you are putting these together and your “design wall” picture made me laugh!

  65. I LOVE your blocks!! I know what you mean about it being hard to get out of the “traditional box” I have trouble with it too. You’re doing a great job :) And what perfect fabric for it…I need to find some of that, soooo cute!!!

  66. Right up my orange and black alley!


  67. Funny and cute! And your display wall is perfect, ha, ha

  68. I love them, Anna. It’s going to be a great quilt!

  69. i’m in love with the ghastlies! so stinking cute, and the wonky is wonderful. i’ve had my face in a textbook for awhile, so there was thimbleanna catch-up to do. your aug 30th post had (ok… HAS) tears streaming down my face. that was a gorgeous post, blondie. really.

  70. Oh we need an design wall intervention for you my dear!! SO Loving YOUR blocks!! I’m doing a bed quilt like this with all different centers..

    my ghastlies fabric is piled on top of ‘new pile’… I will need to pet it more before i use it!

  71. Oh, sweet! Anna, it’s darling! Well, if something ghastly can be darling. ;) I love how your kitty is looking at your quilt with a bit of trepidation. Too cute.
    We’re on baby watch here. Have been since Thursday. Oy.

  72. Oh but it can’t be a halloween quilt. There’s nothing Ghastlie about it. It’s just awesome. Great work.

  73. Ooooooh! Spooky and absolutely fabulous Anna!

  74. my dadlovesmysisterbest on September 20, 2010 at 10:09 am said:

    I Love this!! Can’t wait to open it at Christmas this year!! Thanks – you are the best sister!!

  75. Oh, I love it! It reminds me of a family photo album with each ghastlie showing his/her own personality. I like the wonky log cabin too.


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