Oven, Oven, Who’s Got the …

Like many of you, I’ve found this last week to be a blitz of sadness, hope and busy busy. And can’t keep up-ed-ness. If normal holiday madness wasn’t enough, it appears we’re getting new ovens this week. It’s the last step of the kitchen update. Finally. Last week was the big week so we removed our old ovens. (Well, ok, the week before Thanksgiving was the big week. And then it was the week after Thanksgiving. And then the week after that.) See my new ovens?

Oven Hole

What? You can’t see them??? Yeah. The cabinet people screwed up the cabinet and got the measurements wrong. So now it’s a big rush job. And hopefully the new ovens will be here on Friday.  Four Three days before Christmas. It’s Cookie Baking Week with no cookies!  So, I entertain myself by wistfully reading about the cookies I would be making if I had an oven. And, of course, now I’m kicking myself that I’ve never posted about the Christmas turkey. You know, just in case the ovens don’t make it again, and I need to console myself by reading another old post!

Moving on, I’m making good use of that gap in the kitchen.

Soldered Ornament

I’ve made the annual little soldered ornaments.

Soldered Ornament

They’re always fun to play around with and they make good package tie-ons.

Soldered Ornament

I’ve been learning a little bit about Ami Sims Art Quilt Initiative. She’s been working hard since 2006 to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. If you’re looking for a charity at this giving time of year, this looks like a great choice.
I’ve been included in a list of 40 homemade gift ideas. I’m in great company — have fun reading some of the fun ideas!
Have a stress-free week. “It” will happen whether you’re ready or not, so you might as well have a wonderful, fun time of it.  And bake some cookies for me!!!

27 Thoughts on “Oven, Oven, Who’s Got the …

  1. It’s always something, isn’t it? Sounds like you’re taking it all in stride. Soon enough you’ll be cranking out holiday goodies again! (I love your little soldered ornaments!)
    Merry Christmas, Anna!

  2. Oh my goodness, brave woman. I got my contractors out of my main floor, mostly, and said sure, do my master bedroom closet (which needed to be torn out, expanded and rebuilt), totally forgetting the attached linen closet, came home to drop paper and dust everywhere….what was I thinking? But we got our cookies started, my husband will sneak one or two for you I am sure! OTher than that – soldering! How cool! I soooooo need to try soldering, probably on the list of tools not given to left-handed slightly scary wives with shaky hands, but hey, first time for everything! Good luck, fingers crossed.

  3. Oh no, what a time to be without an oven lol!!! But I’m sure you’ll make up what you’ve missed as soon as the new one has been installed. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be the right one this time. Otherwise you might be eating sandwiches at Christmas!
    Your gift tag ornaments are so cute. I also looked at all the fun and great home made gift ideas. You are indeed in great company.

  4. Gosh! No oven……that’s a bit of a pain. Hope the new oven turns up in time!

    Mu Christmas preparations are on a bit of a go slow – managed to send some cards the other day and wrap the presents….still thinking about menus though!

  5. Some years ago, Malcolm went to Houston on business for 6 weeks, coming home a couple of days before Christmas ….. bad enough but he had removed our old kitchen and only half installed the new one before he went away. Happy days!!

  6. “it will happen whether we’re ready or not” – wise words, Anna, wise words.

  7. As you say, it will happen whether we’re ready or not … but why does my head not accept that and just do essentials instead of thinking “oh I’ll just do this and this and that as well.” Dearie, dearie me. :o)

    I hope your ovens come on time, Anna, and get fitted lickety split!

  8. oh dear, I hope your ovens come soon. we did Christmas with only half the oven working one year, and no worktops, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons……..

  9. I’ve always wanted to make something soldered.

    Does Glade make a “Baking Christmas Cookies” Scent?

    Merry, Merry

  10. Gingersnaps and sugar cookies! No oven for Thanksgiving? With Christmas nigh? I hope those workmen realize that Santa is watching! The cabinet folks are already on the coal list…

  11. I am so sorry about your oven, but it is a really good excuse not to make said cookies. I get pretty tired of making them this time of year, but everyone seems to feel they have to have them, so I make them.

    I love those soldered ornaments. I want to learn to do that. Maybe one of these days.

    Merry Christmas!!

  12. No OVEN!! This is wrong. Very, very wrong. I love seeing the yummy things you bake. What is going to live in the patisserie dome? Maybe you could trap Elf on the Shelf under it. Then you could take pictures of him with his face pressed against the glass. There’s a reason I don’t have an elf. Hahahaha.

  13. Good luck for getting the oven!!! Will be thinking of you. Raw turkey is not a good look! Love the soldered ornaments. x

  14. No oven? That has to be soooo hard this time of year..I’ll bake extra for you :)

  15. oh no, does that mean no gingerbread houses this year?

  16. We just baked some cookies for you! Bells with star cutouts in the middle. You can imagine :). Has it come yet? Really hope it works out! Merry Christmas

  17. Oh dear. No oven? Do you have an Easy Bake Oven with a light bulb? Maybe you could make one. Remember how those little cakes took an eternity to bake? (My friend had the oven, not me) Perhaps you can bake in the crock pot? Nah.

    Love those soldered ornaments!!!

  18. Mary ann on December 20, 2012 at 1:07 am said:

    I love the little soldered tags…maybe a new skill to learn. And if you don’t have time to bake Yankee Candle makes a Christmas cookie candle that will fool everyone expect those who are hungry!

  19. Oh, I’m sad for you :( I’m getting to bake some chocolate star cookies today!

  20. I don’t remember if it was Christmas or Thanksgiving, but one year my oven up and died at the last minute. I thought, no problem, I’ll just order one of those holiday dinners that the stores and restaurants advertise. Every one I called said that you pick it up, take it home and heat it up in the oven. If I had an oven I wouldn’t need one of the dinners!!!!!! We went out……

    Merry Christmas, Anna!!

  21. I am such a lucky girl!!!! I remember last year when you made the soldered Santas and I was in love!!!! Now I have one of my very own. Soooo happy! As for the oven… I ordered mine in SEPTEMBER to be delivered mid October and I still do not have it. My crockpot has been getting a work out. I will e or snail mail you soon. We must catch up.
    Merriest of Christmases!

  22. Beth Preston on December 21, 2012 at 12:42 pm said:

    Hi there – this is such an odd question, and not a comment, but I couldn’t find where I could email you so I thought I would try to drop you a comment. I found your site because I was searching google trying to find where I had once seen a set of lovely blue bird dishes – and I think they are the ones your mother has – are they a relatively new purchase? Do you have any idea where she bought them? I think I remember them from a small independent website, but I cannot find which one it was.

    Thank you!

  23. Ok now this is a tough time of year to be without an oven. Don’t ya hate when that stuff happens. Will the annual gingerbread competition be able to happen – i always look forward to that great contest. I’m without couches in this house – now they won’t be here until the end of January – far cry from Nov 16th don’t ya think lol. Maybe I should try decorating the space where they should be like you did your ovens. Hope they arrive in time for you – yup it’s always something isn’t it lol.
    Happy Holidays to all of you in Thimble Land

  24. Kris of dandelion quilts on December 23, 2012 at 5:49 pm said:

    I love your ornaments …so pretty. Aldo happy to see your dad made it home for Christmas. I hope he is adjusting well.

  25. UGH!!!! But I am sure it will all be wonderful when it’s done…can’t wait to see. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!

  26. Miss Thimble Anna!!! You have tools to solder things??? You are awesome!! I love the ornament and what a lovely thing to remember the year. Who needs ovens when you know how to solder things? ;p

  27. Hold the phone, Joan! I love those ornaments you made! Can we have a play day sometime and make some together?! I love them!

    Sorry about the ovens. What a drag!

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