Oh, That Monica.

Once upon a time, THE Happy Zombie posted a pattern for some little Pennie Pockets.  Pretty soon, they started popping up all over, because this is what happens in ZombieLand.  Monica pours the kool-aid and we all drink it.  I knew, as soon as I had my first sip that I’d been had.  I started hallucinating and equations were flashing before my eyes:

Pennie Pockets + Hearts from Needlebooks + Crochet from Valentine Cards =

Valentine Pockets

Monica’s pattern is so easy and fun and fast.  I changed the little triangle on the front and used wool felt so that it would be easier to do the crochet along the edge.  I punched holes every 1/2 inch and just started crocheting.  I think it took longer to do the machine embroidered little hearts than it did to do the crochet.

Valentine Pockets

I’m lucky enough to have an embroidery machine, but if you don’t have one, you could just as easily do some hand embroidered hearts.  There are some really cute Pennie Pockets in the Pennie Pocket flickr pool that have hand embroidered names on them.

Valentine Pockets Valentine Pockets

These little pockets are addictive too.  I had lots of fun trying them in lots of different fabrics and colors, with different combinations of those conversation hearts.  (Btw, if you do have an embroidery machine, those hearts are available at Embroidery Library.)

Valentine Pockets

Now, what to fill them with???


73 Thoughts on “Oh, That Monica.

  1. They are too cute!! So many little details, the perfect Valentine.

  2. Candy!!! Fill them with ccccaaaaannnnnndy!!!
    These are freakin’ adorable! I LOVE ’em! :)

  3. Anna…these little pennie pockets are too cute. I can’t wait to see what you do with them. Happy Valentine’s Day early : )

  4. They really are very cute! I’ve never seen anything like that here. Lovely filled with chocolates!

  5. Those are so cute! If I was feeling Valentines-ish I would make up a bunch.

  6. oh that monica always making us drink the kool-aid.

    they are SUPER DUPER cute!!!

  7. OMG. Super AWESOME!

  8. Okay…so I thought I’d seen some cute Pennie Pockets…but these are the CUTEST! The crochet and embroidery are just darling! Did I mention I LOVE them?!!!

  9. Love love love the crocheted borders! Very festive and so cute!


  10. ACK! I had resisted the urge to Penny Pocket until now…I must make them!

  11. Love them! Makes me wish I had an embroidery machine and could crochet!

  12. That has got to be the ULTIMATE in CUTENESS!! Look you have me screaming it’s so adorable!! Now, I just wish I could crochet better. That’s one thing I’m pretty remedial at!

    If you had a give away I know you would pass my record EASY!! Bravo!!

  13. OMG Anna….do you ever sleep???? ;-) These are so SWEET!!! Love your rendition of Monica’s pattern. xoxo Junie

  14. Those about the cutest little things I have ever seen. I too have had Monica’s kool-aid but the pattern just sits on the shelf waiting(as do so many others!!!). I sure wish I had your energy and your embroidery machine.

  15. Do you realize that your link to Happy Zombie goes to an old post of yours about crochet cards? Regardless, these are super cute. Now I just need to find time to sew!

  16. They are little works of art Anna! The colors are just fabulous!

  17. :gives you a standing ovation

  18. OHHHHHHH BE MINE VALENTINE! I love these. LOVE THEM. So cute, you are so clever. Always so creative.

  19. Really Anna, could you have made them any cuter?!! Fill mine with chocolate of course.

  20. So cute! I just love these pennie pockets!

    Monica does make the best kool-aid, doesn’t she? :)

  21. I am speechless!!! These are the CUTEST pennie pockets ever!!

  22. Pennie pockets…? How wonderful! They are cute, very cute!!

  23. Sooo adorable, and just waiting to be filled with candy!!!!

  24. so pretty! I want to make one/some/lots of them!

  25. OMG how cute are they? Love the crocheted edging – so sweet.

  26. They’re darling! They’re so darling that I thought I’d ask my seventeen-year-old if she didn’t want to make a couple to make her friends. Mmmmm, I didn’t get far with that, but I’m thinking i”m going to make some myself.

  27. So CUTE! I love the crochet edge you added.

  28. OMG these are adorable….now I know what I’ll be making this week for my crew! Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Got to fill them with chocolate…or some of those cinnamon hearts they used to sell when we were kids…oh it has been a long time since I’ve had them.

    The pockets are adorable…beautifully crafted!

  30. I just love it when someone has taken their own artistic license with a pattern. People have such different ideas and it is great to see them all! I love yours. And you are right, don’t drink the kool aid if you don’t want to get hooked.

  31. They are absolutely adorable!
    What to fill them with? Love Hearts of course!

  32. OMG those are the cutest EVER! You are amazing.

  33. You are just so talented..those are too cute. Fill them with candy, preferably CHOCOLATE!

  34. You continue to amaze me – these are adorable! Fill them lots and lots of candy!

  35. Oh, they’re just perfect!

    Sweeties, lots and lots of sweeties. Or buttons …

  36. Preeeeeettttyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  37. oh my goodness! your added embroidery and crochet on the pennie pockets is genius! they are absolutely perfect!

  38. Those are so cute! And I’m pretty sure that I have those hearts from EL. The crochet edge is definitely inspired. You do such cute things.

  39. Your sewing is beautiful Anna! I told Monica her pennie pockets may take over the world ~~ they’re everywhere! And on my list of things to make too.

  40. Anna have I said “Marry Me” lately???? I LOVE Them. So darn cute. :) jewels

  41. Girlfriend – those are sooooooo cute. I’ve been seeing these little pockets around blogland as well and you just gave them another darling look to an already cute project. Does that brain ever stop dreaming up such inspiration? Great job sister friend

    Hugs – Karen

  42. Your Pennie Pockets are exquisite. I love the way you’ve done the little candy hearts with their lovely sayings.

  43. These are incerdible! Love all your little touches.

  44. Beckie on February 9, 2009 at 4:56 pm said:

    Stinkin adorable….I think you need to do a giveaway :-)

  45. I love those penny stockings! Much nicer than the cardboard V-day box.

    I moved! Come visit me at http://www.aduckinherpond.com.

  46. Everyone’s going to want to be YOUR valentine now, Anna!

    Painfully cute over here ;)

  47. Those are soooo cute!! I printed out that pattern ages ago but never got around to making it :( I love the touches you’ve added!!

  48. Anna, These are just TOO cute and precious! I HEART Them. :)

  49. Very cute! Yes, that Monica always comes up with addictive things…
    Candy, fill them with candy!

  50. Aw, see, now you fixed the link and I’m just going to look like a crazy person! :)

  51. Fill them with chocolate and send one to me!!!! :) LOL They are super cute – glad you had fun making them!

  52. Ooh Anna – they’re gorgeous!! They really need to be filled with lots of chocolate :-)


  53. You could start with caramels and chocolates and then just go from there.
    I just put my name in to win a $800 embroidery machine. Where you go I always want to follow.
    Cool pockets!

  54. Fill them with Candy of course :) They look stunning!

  55. I love those, sew cute! Fill them with chocolate candy. Chocolate is the only way to go!

  56. Oh my gosh. It is amazing how we can take an idea and make it ours. But you Anna! YOU have taken this to a whole other level. Incredible!

  57. Some of the best Kool-Aid around, let me tell you! I love what you’ve done with it! Gorgeous!

  58. Those are so pretty! I like the pink crochet on the blue. Very delicate looking. I should really do some decorating for Valentine’s Day.

  59. Those are just adorable!!! Fill them with sweets for your sweeties:)

  60. Holy schmoly guacamole, Anna! I don’t know what I’m dying over more… the cutest pennie pockets ever… the ultimate bloggy love you’ve given me… or the killer comments left?!?! OMG… I’M DYING OVER ALL OF IT!


    I love the wool, the crocheting, the embroidery, the fabric. I love your pennies! You are a genius and a wicked mad talented crafter! Ahem… if I’m serving the kool-aid… I’m serving it by the glass – you’re serving it by the pitcher full!

  61. These are beautiful! I, too, have been busy making these for Valetine gifts. I love the crochet and the embroidery.

    The kool-aid is just too good, isn’t it?

  62. OMG Anna. Those are the cutest ones I’ve seen so far. You do great things. I love the crochet with the embroideryt too. So very pretty. And girly.

  63. embroidery not embroideryt!! lolol

  64. Hi Anna,
    I admired those Penny Pockets over at Monica’s…and yours are over the top sweet! Love ’em!
    I certainly would fill them with chocolate (what else) – but only with good wrapping…I wouldn’t want the chocolate ruin those super cute pockets!
    Cheers, Julia

  65. Wow. It is so obvious that you took such thought and care. They’re BEAUTIFUL. :)

  66. Hey I tried to send you a loooong email and it came back undeliverable – said your mailbox was full chicky. What’s up with that. Can you delete this email when you read it :) I’ll save it and send again tomorrow;

    Mrs. Farmhouse

  67. Oh, these are definitely eye-candy and I think the perfect thing to fill them with is Lindt Chocolate Truffles. Valentine Heaven! Really pretty Miss Thimble.


  68. Oh those are beyond cute!! What a great idea for V day.

  69. those pennie pockets are wonderful.
    thanks for sharing

  70. These are the cutest versions I have seen of these!

  71. i love them!!!

  72. You did more than drink the Kool-Aid, you took the Pennie Pocket ball and ran all the way with it for a touchdown! Those are so stinkin’ adorable!!! You are such a talented girl, my sweet friend.

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