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Well, did you all have a good weekend? Ours was dreary weather-wise, but it was a good, productive weekend. I achieved 4 out of 5 of my goals for the weekend. I managed to knit a bit (project will be finished tonight); I finished the binding on the quilt (pictures coming if we ever see sunlight again); and I played Hand and Foot with MeMum. I didn’t get my fabric pre-shrunk, but that little failure was totally eclipsed by the fact that we got the master bedroom closet all cleaned out. WooHoo — that was a BIG job!

I also had a little fun looking through some of my Christmas books. (Long-time readers might recall that I usually receive and Amazon gift certificate for Christmas and I always save it for a middle of winter pick-me-up.)

Christmas Books

I usually try to mix-up the choices with cookbooks and craftybooks and this year I had an even split. The quilt books aren’t anything new (Some Kind of Wonderful and Remembering Adelia ), but I think I’ll enjoy them — they both have quilts in them that I would love to make.

It’s always hard to purchase a cookbook over the internet, so I guess my expectations are never terribly high. Lots of sites have been raving about Smitten Kitchen and I love her blog, so I put it in my basket.  Sadly, I’m a bit disappointed. There are probably only a handful or two of the recipes that I will want to try. I will say though, that those recipes look REALLY good LOL!

Vintage Cakes

I purchased Vintage Cakes after reading a few good reviews. I don’t have any of Jane Brocket’s other books and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by this book.   There are lots of recipes in here that I want to try. I’ve already tried the Welsh Cakes. I made them one afternoon for BigDaddy. His ancestors were Welsh miners (it’s said that the miners used to take these little cakes into the mines in their pockets) so I thought he might like them with a bit of tea. It almost made us feel like we were back in Wales — they were Yummy! (As you can see I was very heavy handed with the sugar — we both have big sweet tooths!)

Welsh Cakes

Based on my other book selections, Amazon recommended Pure Vanilla to me. TheManoftheHouse loves most anything vanilla, so I sort of purchased this book for him. It looks like a really good book – there are a bunch of recipes that I want to try (Twinkie Bundt Cake, Vanilla Bean Dutch Baby, White Hot Fudge, Frosted Vanilla Almonds, and Vanilla Creme Cookie Sandwiches just to scratch the surface.)

Pure Vanilla

And, last but not least, we have Handknit Holidays.  This book is now out of print, but obviously, you can still get it.  I remember looking at it several years ago but nothing in it snapped my socks (as Ms. Farmhouse would say)  so I didn’t buy it.  In December, the newsletter from one of our local yarn shops arrived and it had this cute picture of Christmas stockings in it.

Christmas Socks

The stocking in the book looks nothing like these cute socks! Anyway, this picture made me order the book. Someday I’d like to make them — I think they would be fairly quick and easy.

So, a pretty good book haul for this year, don’t you think? Now, I’m off to finish that knitting project!

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  1. brigette on January 29, 2013 at 10:58 pm said:

    oh my. you make me want to go bookshopping. i’m a big of a book hoarder(i was going to say WHORE, but it sounded a bit brash. and you KNOW how i like to pretend i’m refined). so proud of you for all of you finisinguppedness. i’m def going to buy vintage cakes and pure vanilla. those are right up my alley. i didn’t know i had an alley, but those books are right up it. i take that back. i have an alley. it’s in seattle. i don’t know how to hyperlink in this blogcomment box, so forgive me but:
    okay, i’m totally leaving you now. bravo for welsh cakes and just for being you. i typed this out for so dang long i’m probably not the first commenter anymore, but i would like the first commenter prize nonetheless. thank you.
    :waves madly

  2. brigette on January 29, 2013 at 11:59 pm said:

    *bit of a book hoarder (and i can’t type to save my life)

  3. That’s a nice stack of books Anna! I just ate my breakfast (bowl of yoghurt and cerials) and I’m already hungry again, seeing all those yummy cakes!

  4. Great books, Anna. I was interested to read your thoughts on Smitten Kitchen because I almost bought it for my sister. That vanilla book looks like it has some scrumptious recipes!

  5. I love the look of the vanilla book….and I have Handknit Holidays and there a couple of patterns i like in it but there are also some really really weird things which you wonder – would anybody ever knit these. Not one of my favourite knitting books.

    Here there was lots of snow on Friday so on Saturday we went looking for it – found it about 5 miles from home…..knee deep beautiful powder. Then of course it rained all night on Sunday and turned it all to mush!

  6. Great post, Anna. I love your “what I spent my Amazon voucher on” posts! :o)

  7. thanks for books in review. I love the look of the vintage cake book and those Welsh cakes!
    cute stockings.

  8. Those cupcakes on the front of “Vanilla” look so tempting!

  9. Oh I love new books! If you haven’t read any Jane Brocket before I can really recommend her first book The Gentle Art of Domesticity – it’s lovely! Lucy xx

  10. don’t you just love reading cookbooks?!? Santa usually brings me a cookbook each year (and when he forgets – or thinks i’ve been too naughty – i buy TWO instead) and i read them like gardeners read seed catalogs…

    Auntia subscribed to something called Amazon Prime (?) and now i let her do all my ordering for me – she says the shipping is free (without spending $25 – which is kinda sad cuz i LIKE to find another couple of things to make myself a Super Saver Shipper) and i’m all for free shipping…

  11. Thanks for the book reviews. I really love those stockings and would like to make something like that as well!

    P.S. – Can’t wait to find out about the two-fisted knitting.

  12. P.P.S. – I just did a search online for my local library and they have Vintage Cakes and Handknit Holidays on their shelves. Guess who put a hold on them? Thanks for the tip!

  13. Thanks for the tips…I am tempted, and I just got a discount coupon in the mail from Chapters…..might have to put it to use!

  14. Nice collection of books for the start of the year. I haven’t bought a cookbook in ages! I love to look at them but do I ever COOK out of them?? Noooo….

  15. An interesting selection of books! I’m doing well with my intention to buy fewer books – I have only bought two this year (what do you mean, it’s only the end of January!!!!)

  16. What a lovely selection of books. Enjoy your baking and making!!

  17. Oh dear, my mouth is watering, the Welsh cakes look delicious. As usual, Anna, lots of useful information! Thanks!!!

  18. Here I am, trying to eat healthily and you go and dangle saliva-inducing goodies before me! And what? No fiction? My favourite book is one that takes me right to the middle of a whole ‘nother situation!

  19. I like you for your honest reviews of books. I had heard a lot about Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook and I was anxious to hear what you thought. Glad I didn’t splurge for that one. I like her blog too. The vanilla book looks and sounds like it’s got some yummy things. I have a Jane Brocket book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity. It’s a sweet book…kind of homey-inspirational.

  20. Glad you were so productive. Yay! New books are always fun. I have a book fetish (among all my other fetishes).

  21. I love new books, it’s my favorite thing! I also bought the Smitten Kitchen cookbook – but for my sister, as a gift. I almost kept it. I envy you your weekending enjoyment, I feel so sad right now because all I do is work on weekend. I hate it! On a better note I waiting to hear any moment that I will be a grand-mama!! Oh my I am so excited!

  22. Yum, your Welsh cakes look delicious. They look like the shortbread that one of my knitter friends brings to our annual Christmas party! I am looking forward to seeing what you’ve knit!

  23. Love your book choices and that you shared. I, too, have run across happy Jane Brocket readers in BlogLand, and keep her in mind for book-buying.
    My DH also looooves vanilla and so that one holds promise too. Happy Baking and Knitting and Crafting!

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