Need a Scarf?

Well, how’s it going out there? Are you all busy working on holiday projects this weekend? Earlham Scarf I’ve been sewing all day and plan to do more tomorrow. I would normally put up our real Christmas tree this weekend, but I have too much sewing to do and didn’t think I could afford to lose the weekend to decorating. I’ll work on the tree this week after work.

A few weeks ago, when I posted the knitted hats pattern, I mentioned to a few of you in e-mail that I have a scarf pattern that can be knit to match the hat.   Just like the hat pattern, our now-out-of-business yarn shop provided this pattern when I purchased yarn from them. It’s a great scarf — it’s knit in the round, so it’s effectively a two layer scarf and it’s nice and cozy and warm!

I made this hat and scarf a few years ago for TheFirstChild. I knit it in his school colors and before I put the fringe on the end of the scarf, I used my embroidery machine to add an “E” (he went to Earlham College) to one end before I closed the end with the fringe. It’s a fairly quick knit — the year I made it I started about 10 days before Christmas and had it finished in time for a Christmas present. (This pattern can also be used to create a Harry Potter type of scarf without a letter.)

Earlham Scarf

The “E” is from Husqvarna Viking’s baseball font set. I loved this font when the kids were in high school. One year I made our family baseball sweatshirts with our last name across the back of the shirts. Very Dorky, but everyone knew who we were there to support!

Collegiate Scarf Earlham Scarf

Sizes: Children’s (Adult’s)
Measurements: approx 6.5″ x 60″ (8″ x 84″) excluding fringe
Materials: 2 skeins each gray wool (Cascade 220, Encore, etc. — I used Cascade 220) and burgundy wool, 16″ #8 circular needle, piece of cardboard 4″ x 7″, size F or G crochet hook and yarn needle.

Note: Cut fringe before beginning scarf — with gray, wind 48 (56) times around the 7″ length of the cardboard. Cut one end and set aside. With the burgundy wind around the cardboard 56(64) times.

Scarf: With burgundy yarn, cast on 60 (72) stitches and join being careful not to twist cast on edge. Knit 20 (25) rounds. Change to gray and knit 20 (25) rounds. Repeat this color sequence for 17 (21) stripes, ending with burgundy. Bind off all stitches loosely. Using an overcast stitch, sew the ends of the scarf closed.

Fringe: Beginning with burgundy and alternating colors, attach fringe with crochet hook using 4 strands per fringe for a total of 13 (15) times. Trim edges of fringe even.

My front door Santa seemed very happy to have a little warmth — it’s cold out there.  He’s not alone, even TheEmptyNestChild loves this scarf!

Earlham Scarf

And for the non-knitters among you, primarily Isabelle (who I’m sure is only temporarily a non-knitter), I offer my front door Christmas lights. Isabelle posted her front door (make that beautiful front door with the gorgeous stained glass window!) with a description of how it will look after Mr. Life puts some lights on her little tree. Rather than wait on TheManoftheHouse to put lights on our trees, I’ve resorted to two little fake trees and a garland that get put into the attic with lights in tact every year.  That way I can just pull them out of the attic and plug them in.  The Christmas tree in the window is fake too (although it gets taken apart, so it’s more work) and it’s inside where it can be decorated in warmth.  The red bells in the window were my grandparents and they’re one of my most treasured Christmas ornaments.  They’re not valuable (SweetiePie just bought some on e-bay for $3.00) but very sentimental.

Christmas Lights

Oh! And I had a really weird thing happen last night. I was commenting on someone’s blogspot blog and the verification word that popped up was our last name! Has anyone else ever had that happen? Your own last name???  Maybe blogspot is stalking me LOL!


36 Thoughts on “Need a Scarf?

  1. Great scarf Miss Anna! Your house Christmas lights re beautiful. And so is the tree.
    Never had my last name appear yet on the robotic letters. Someone is watching your butt. LOL

  2. I’m not really a knitter either – I can do knit and purl and that’s it! Rather limiting. Still, very pretty tree and lights – very very tasteful. I think if the word verif showed my name it might give me the shivers! I’ve had a couple of semi-rude ones but I won’t share them here!

  3. From the time of your post it looks like you’re up awfully late. I’ve been up reading a book that I couldn’t put down and thought I’d check my blog and saw that you made a post.

    I love the scarf and the embroidered letter adds a special touch.

    Christmas has so many wonderful memories. We pulled out the Christmas tree today and started decorating a bit.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. My goodness, your house looks so beautiful – like something out of a movie! As it’s Summer here and therefore doesn’t get dark until about 9pm it makes it hard for our little ones to see all the lights in people’s homes. I’m enjoying your winter version of Christmas so much!

  5. Your scarf looks so professional Anna! I NEED to know how you embroidered on it without getting wavy edges! Do you have any tips for me? Also, your photo of the front of your house looks like a pic in a magazine, it’s beautiful!
    You know, I’ve been noticing lately that the verification thing is pulling words from the post, so maybe it can pull them from your profile too?

  6. My grandparents had those bells, too and I think they got sold when grandma moved into a condo. *sigh* I was just a teenager (without my 50s obsession) and now I cringe at the costume jewelry and decorations I let get away!

  7. What a lovely photo of your house, Anna. It is just gorgeous fake or not. We do everything fake here as I am allergic to the real variety. I didn’t know I could use my embroidery machine on knitted items…what is the trick to that, may I ask? I am in fact envisioning the cheater’s version (which is not nearly as nice) where I run around to the clearance sections at the end of the season buying scarfs to embroider for next Christmas.

  8. I’m a great admirer of your knittin’ Anna. And I admire (envy) your front Christmas windows.


  9. i HEARD about that blogspot stalker, you’d better be careful. your scarf is beautiful. i’m going to be a knitter when i grow up. i wonder when i’m going to grow up??? your front door at christmastime makes me wanna move in!
    :packs a bag

  10. I’m a non-knitter too – love your scarf and the idea of knitting in the round for more warmth! Your home looks beautiful – fake or real tree :)

  11. I love the scarf, very pretty as all your projects are. Your tree and lights look so pretty. It is snowing here today so I’m settling in for some cookie making/freezing dough day. I should post something but I’ve got way too much to do so maybe later in the week. I haven’t had my last name pop up and that is really weird.

  12. Anna
    I think that scarf would look much better with an O on it. Go Bucks! I’ve retired my silly red teapot for more “serious” topics, but I was sooo jealous of your men in kilts post.
    Happy Happy

  13. Your knitting is so neat and even. That looks like thin yarn that you used for the scarf. Anyway, the scarf looks professionally done and well made with that letter on there. Very cool! :)

  14. maybe blogspot is stalking you, LOL.

    I’ve never had that happen to me. I bet it was surprising!!!

  15. Love the scarf! I need to be busy sewing aprons for gifts, but it seems any spare minute I have is spent with the kids. It will all work out. I love your garland and little trees very festive! Your inside tree is just wonderul in the window, and I believe sentimental ornaments and decorations are the very best.

    So funny that your name was the security varification, I think my last name would be a little long.

  16. Wow, what a beautiful view there– so pretty!
    I love the scarf, it’s so totally collegiate looking!!

    ps. that blogspot thing is really bizzare!!

  17. Love the scarf, but better yet love the empty nest child’s face. He really likes it!! Your front door (house) is beautifully decorated. I love the red bells. I have had weird verification words pop up, but never my last name!

  18. Hi, I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite some time. I’m not a knitter, but you inspire me none-the-less. I LOVE the front of your house. So welcoming. Merry Christmas and everything that goes with it.


  19. So, what you’re saying in your comment on my blog is that if I manage to persuade those sheep to come over to my house, you’d share in the goods?
    Thanks for your comment on the last post. We appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers we can get! Your scarf is very professional looking. Oooh, la, la!!!!
    Your house looks beautiful! Oh, by the way,
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Sorry you caught grief for not being so ‘pc’!

  20. Oh I want to come and live in your house Anna …. please!!!!! Your front door looks magical!

  21. WOW, this is FABULOUS! It is so incredibly professional, I’m totally jealous of your mad skills and so impressed! I’ll be linking.

  22. Now this is the perfect use for machine embroidery, and it looks much better than doing it by hand would have, soooo now I think it just depends on the project. The scarf is very cool, Anna. I can’t knit, and I don’t think I ever will, but it’s always fun to see what others are making.

    Your home looks stunninly beautiful.

  23. Busy, busy at my house these days too. (Projects and college kids home for the holidays!
    I love Christmas time. :)

  24. Now I really want a new front door, look how pretty your lights look.
    I’ve never had our name but I’ve had a word that totally related to the persons post.

  25. Oh wow Anna! Your house looks beautiful! We haven’t got any decorations up yet and the children are beginning to get a bit fed up with me! Hopefully Mr Locket will be bringing a tree home with him today – keeping my fingers crossed!

    Lucy x

  26. I love the lights and decorations on the front of your house… it is so welcoming! I love what you’ve done.

    As I get older I could care less if our tree is real or fake. We spent so much on am artificial tree because it looked so real. The shole center section of fiber optic lights burned out and Boyd has tried everything to fix them to no avail. Now what??

    The scarf is great… looks so masculine. You did a fantastic job making it! Beautiful work! So perfect!
    Hugs from sub-zero weather

  27. Mary Jane Smith on December 15, 2008 at 3:22 pm said:

    Hi Anna:

    That is just too weird about your name being the verify word … strange!!! I’ve never had that happen but I have a common name so it probably will at some point. Do you have a picture of the knitted hat all completed? What does the top look like? I used to knit hats in high school back in the 70’s. But I haven’t knitted one since then but would like to try again. The ones I knitted had a pompom on top. Was just curious how yours looked completed. Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    Mary Jane

  28. #1 : That is some very beautiful and even gauge stitching! Wow.

    #2 : Thank you for having a tastefully decorated front door. Really beautiful and festive and charming. And not at all freakish or scary like the people on my street with their inflatable this and that.

  29. In my defence, I need to point out that I have knitted. One hat, one waistcoat, one sweater, a couple of scarves. Just not within the last 30 years or so. But I can knit only in complete silence (apart from the occasional howl of anguish as I drop stitches) and with my tongue out one side of my mouth.

    Your house front is beautiful. It looks like a film set. I am in awe. Our entire house would probably fit in your front room.

  30. When I first saw your scarf, I thought it was an “east high school” scarf- from High School Musical. That would be fun for preteens! It’s beautiful, btw (your scarf)/

  31. gorgeous scarf!
    and you made it on did you know??

  32. The front of your house looks just beautiful! So that tree in the window isn’t your “actual” tree? You said your tree isn’t up yet so that is just a window tree? You amaze me!!

  33. Hey…did you see what you won over at the Scottish Lamb? I’m so jealous!

  34. What a lovely scarf and I appreciate the knitting instructions you’ve shared.

    Your house looks beautiful and so welcoming. Certainly “comfort and joy” is evident to any visitor approaching your front door.

  35. I’m getting everything ready to go see my in-laws!

  36. Love the scarf, but I’m not a knitter – at this rate, I never will be! I’m still ascared!
    The front of your house is a wonderland for the eyes – beautiful Anna!

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