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Camille and Carrie are hosting a “My First Quilt” show, so I thought it only fair to burn your retinas with a little 1980’s pink and blue. Oh wait, it was “mauve” and “country blue” back then, wasn’t it?

Basket Quilt

This was my first quilt. It was 1987 and I was on the verge of birthing TheSecondChild, so being on maternity leave and having unlimited access to the master quilter (MeMum), we decided that I should learn how to quilt.  We had a new little house and I made this quilt to hang in our entry hall.

Basket Quilt

Camille also asked what we have learned between our first quilt and our last quilt. I’ve learned that I wish I could get back to hand-quilting. It’s always been my favorite. My quilts now seem to be easier and quicker. It would be nice to go back to more detailed blocks and hand quilting.

Basket Quilt

I’m also supposed to show you my most recent quilt.  Here it is:

Toni Gift

Oh, I’m KIDDING! My most recent quilts were those t-shirt quilts and seeing them once is enough. THIS  ADORABLE little quilt came all the way from Australia from Toni of The Red Boot Quilt Co. Isn’t it the sweetest thing?

Toni Gift

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love the happy, bright colors and the big fat flowers. And Toni’s work is PERFECT. Perrrr-Fect!  It’s just beautiful. Look at those pretty stitches!  And look at all the other goodies Toni sent. Three (THREE!) of her patterns– they all have flowers on them.  Eeeek, they’re so cute!  And, I LOVE TimTams Toni — how did you know? We had them here at Target for about 5 seconds and now they don’t carry them anymore. I’m going to HIDE savor every single cookie. They’re my favorite combination — chocolate and carmel. Yum, Yum!

Toni Gift

But wait!  There’s more!  Vegemite.  I haven’t dared try it yet — TheSecondChild said he tried it in Sydney and didn’t like it.  I’m not going to let that prejudice me though — Toni gave me a tip for eating it.  If any of you other Australians have any great tips for becoming a Vegemite lover, I’m all ears!  It can’t be all bad, can it — look at that gorgeous packaging!!!

Toni Gift

Toni!  Thank you, THANK YOU so much for your generosity!  I already have the perfect place picked out in my little sunroom where I’m going to hang your cute quilt.  I can’t wait.  What a wonderful gift — you’ve made my day.  And if the rest of you haven’t visited Toni, run over there.  She’s on a little blog break, but there’s lots of great stuff to see and I promise, you won’t be sorry!


53 Thoughts on “My First Quilt & More

  1. I love your first quilt and it’s wonderful how it’s starting to look a bit faded and that makes it look like an expensive antique. I really love the triangles in the outside border too.

  2. i love the hand quilting! i’ve done it once and love the result.. but i don’t know if i’ll do it again soon because it took forever!!

  3. Your first quilt turned out quite well. I love the second quilt too, so bright and beautiful. I eat vegemite on toast, but dont spread it too thick or you wont like it. I also eat it on salada biscuits, margarine and little bit of vegemite. You can add it to stews too for flavour and thickening I’ve heard. Those tim tams are addictive, I try not to buy them anymore as Isabelle raids the fridge and eats them all.

  4. WOW thanks for the peek at your first quilt AND your new quilt. You are sooo lucky missy. That is one adorable happy little quilt.
    Go ahead and give that Vegemite stuff a try and we wanna see your face on the blog when you do.

  5. Your first quilt is very nice. I wonder if those colours will ever be as popular again. Will we look back ten years in the future on what we’re making now and laugh?

    Lucky you – that’s a great quilt from Toni. And you got Vegemite! I’ve never tried it, but I was born in England and I’m a HUGE fan of Marmite, which I’ve heard is similar. Let us know if you like it.

  6. My first quilt was kind of country and hand quilted too.
    The little flower quilt is very pretty!
    Vegemite? I don’t like it but my husband is crazy about it. Tastes differ I suppose.

  7. First quilt love – great to see it out and getting love and attention :) it’s sweet!

    Toni’s quilt is fantastic – I love all the same stuff about it! I’m off to visit Toni :)

  8. WOW! That’s your FIRST quilt!?! I’m impressed! That is really nice. Your most recent quilt is darling, too!

    Vegemite still exists? I thought that was some horror urban legend from the 1940’s, LOL!

  9. love your hand quilting.
    HATE mauve.
    it’s okay. i still like you.
    my husband would rather eat his shoe than vegemite…lemme know how it goes. can’t be much worse than fig with pesto on it!
    i have to get some shuteye.
    :waves madly

  10. I love your first quilt…how wonderful that you hand-quilted it as well! Great gifts too!

  11. I remember mauve and blue ~ it was all the rage! In fact, I think I have some of those same fabrics. I would agree with the others who wrote that it looks like a wonderful antique… but yikes! That would mean that we’re antiques too!

    I do love the quilts ~ the old and the new! Your description of the flowers on Toni’s quilt is perfect… big, fat flowers. They’re gorgeous!

    Enjoy the other gifts and I look forward to reading about your experience with Vegemite. I’ve had one and… I’m looking forward to reading about your thoughts on the subject. :)

  12. Love your first quilt! Such a great idea to post about it!

    Toni’s quilt is adorable!

  13. I thought that looked like Toni’s quilt lol … it’s so bright and cheery isn’t it!!?! What a lovely bunch of goodies she sent you as well! Yep, I love tim tams too, sooo yummy :o).
    Just love your first quilt Anna, whatever colours you want to call it it’s an absolute delight.
    Joy :o)

  14. Your first quilt is amazing! I lived in Australia for 13 yrs (in CT now) and miss Tim Tams badly! My hubs tried the Tim Tam Slam on his first visit there and is forever hooked lol! I never liked Vegemite though… too salty!

  15. Vegemite …… mmmmmmmm – occasionally. Has to be on buttered white bread toast with then lightly smeared over the toast. Yummmmmmmmmy!

    Isn’t it interesting how quilts have changed so much in between your first and the giftie from Australia?

  16. Rosie on July 9, 2009 at 6:22 am said:

    Vegemite- spread very sparingly on buttered toast. It can also be used in casseroles, stews and soups mixed with water, sort of like stock to boost flavour. If you have a mouth ulcer a small dab will help clear it u. It will sting but clears it up real quick.

  17. Lovely first quilt Anna. Toni’s parcel is just gorgeous. Now you’ve gotta know I’m a huge vegemite fan, andd think that anyone that doesn’t like it must be ill. Think sparingly when you try it. It has an extremely strong flavour so less is best….. to start with. On toast, or crackers, just remember to let it fly over. It’s great in home made gravy too. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you get around to trying it. Now I’m really green that you have Tim Tam’s, oh yum.

  18. I started quilting in the early 90’s and even then pink and blue was the thing so I have one of those.
    Aussies are bought up on vegemite, I hate the stuff but love Marmite, same sort of thing but different taste.

  19. My first quilt was a dusty rose and blue triple rail fence (’80s era) I made for a friend – king sized. What was I thinkin’? One time I went to her house and she had it on her bed backing on top! The last quilt I finished was for my sister. So I have no pictures of the first or last. I LOVE your last quilt. Hey, I went to Brown County the other day and stopped into Clementine’s Dry Goods. Thanks for the suggestion! Bright heaven!

  20. Your first quilt is just fantastic! The hand quilting is just lovely. Ha… I love your latest quilt! No really Toni did a great job and oh, I know that Target only had Tim Tams for 5 seconds. I cleared the shelf of them and then went back a week later thinking they would restock…. NO! So I am glad I cleared the shelf, they are just yummy!

  21. I love your first quilt!! I can’t recall ever seeing Tim Tam’s before. I’ll have to keep my eye out for them around here…Maybe my new favorite store carries them. Enjoy your wonderful gifts.

  22. I love your first quilt. You must have had a super teacher as it is perfect :o)

  23. Yes you are right,
    this flower- quilt is wonderful. I love that vibrant colours.
    But I am really impressed by your first quilt.
    I mean, THIS WAS YOUR FIRST????
    Even with master- quilter- mum at your side this ia quiet ambitious for a first try.
    I´m deeply impressed (again).
    Make my impression even bigger and tell me that tis one was handmade.
    Ich wuensch dir ein schoenes Wochenende

  24. rachel on July 9, 2009 at 9:36 am said:

    I like the first quilt. It may be made with 80’s colors but it is still very pretty and perfectly done…
    I don’t think I am quite brave enough to try vegemite. Each time I think of it I hear the 80’s song in my head where they talk about it :)

  25. That quilt is amazing. That stitching? Really, now – too perfect. I’m in awe.

  26. I love your first quilt, and how wonderful that your mum was your task master quilter too. If I had time, or if i was faster I would do more hand quilting, I love it too.
    Such a cute little quilt from Toni, I agree so cheery and happy quilt. Now that veggie stuff looks scary but if you want to try, how about celery, I think it will need the crunch. Looks good right there in that bright packaging.

  27. Your first quilt was very cute. But I’m loving the quilt that was gifted to you (or did you win it)? Love those flowers!

  28. Your first quilt is great! I can’t believe that you hand quilted it! What patience. Love your new quilt, too. A mighty fine gift, indeed.

  29. Country blue and mauve were my colors of the 1980’s. I agree that hand quilting is being set aside but machine quilting gives me the feeling I won’t hurt it to use it.

  30. Jewels on July 9, 2009 at 5:00 pm said:

    I have always loved your first quilt, it is beautiful. And the quilt Toni made is also beautiful, so colorful. xoxo jewels

  31. rohanknitter on July 9, 2009 at 6:38 pm said:

    Wow, what a pretty first quilt – you sure did a nice job on that! I sure remember those colors too, would have looked perfect in our first home, LOL!! And I love that new little quilt that you’ve got there, how adorable!

  32. Your first quilt is lovely – very traditional and will be a ‘hairloom’ I am sure.

    Now advice for trying vegemite – mmmmm – I just love it, but you have to use it very very sparingly on toast with lots of butter (not artificial stuff the real butter). I have failed miserably as a mum here in Australia, only two of my three children will eat it! I don’t know what I have done wrong to deserve this. I grew up on vegemite every single day for my school lunches!! Magnificent! As for Tim Tams, when we came over to the States in May I brought with me about 5 packets of them to all the people who I knew loved them!
    Let us know how you go with the vegemite! I also agree that vegemite is brilliant dabbed onto an ulcer in your mouth!

  33. I love the 1980s quilt…I had china that had those colors, it has been sitting in a box in the basement for years replaced by simple white dishes. But every now and then I pull a cup out and pour myself a cup of tea and remember the decade that saw the birth of my children.

  34. I started to write a comment here and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote! And when my hand started to hurt from hunting and pecking I stopped and I thought “What am I doing? There’s a whole post in this!” so I copied and pasted and if you want to read it you’ll just have to come and “See Me” as the head mistress often had occasion to say to me at school……….As for vegemite, tell Brigita to tell her husband I’ll eat the other shoe!

    P.S. it may not be up ’til tomorrow as I’m a very sleepy little bunny right now!

  35. Yep Anna, that gave me a flashback indeed. Big hair, legwarmers, workout gear. yeah. So about the timtam thing. I STILL look for those in the grocery every time I go and have not found them. Your post about them way back has stuck with me this whole time. I’m on a timtam mission!

  36. I really love your first quilt. Have to agree with you on doing quilts now that are fast. Recently when I finished my Scrappy Stars I realized how I miss piecing a quilt and the satisfaction that comes with getting it done. Your new flower quilt is so sweet — wow and all the goodies that came with!

  37. Love seeing your first quilt – quite an ambitious project for a beginner and it looks lovely. It is fun to look back on earlier quilts. Hope you like the vegemite – it is an Aussie tradition. Just remember it isn’t peanut butter and you only need a tiny bit.

  38. Teresa on July 10, 2009 at 6:30 am said:

    Oh my gosh…I don’t think my last quilt measures up to your first. The quilting and piecing is just wonderful. The little quilt that Toni sent you would be so perfect in my kitchen – I have just the spot – hmmmmm, don’t you want to loan it out for exhibit????

  39. Love your first quilt! It is really pretty and holds great memories I am sure. All my quilts so far have been made whilst on maternity leave with my second boy. I hope that in 20 plus years mine are still going strong. As for vegimite – well although Marmite (UK version) is far superior (in my humble opinion) is it yummy yummy stuff. I have it spread on toast with lots of butter. Marmite/Vegimite is one of those things you will either adore or detest – I don’t know anyone who is in the middle!

  40. aren’t bloggy friends the best? ;)
    can’t wait to check out toni’s blog. the quilt-ling is seriously cute.

    love the new banner! using my reader i don’t actually come to your blog except to comment. see what i’ve been missing??

  41. Love the fluffy flowers quilt :)

  42. Ah what a nice quilt you made :) It’s better than MY first quilt, for which I went to the store and bought batting – not quilt batting, and it was quite puffy. No digital pictures of it, luckily!

  43. Good grief, Anna, it’s kind of hard to get better than that! What a start. It is gorgeous. Your gift quilt is mighty bright and cheerful. It would brighten up any room. And yummy treats, too…….it just doesn’t get any better.

  44. Your quilts are always so beautiful. I love when you show them to us. I’ve heard of vegemite but never tried it. Let us know how you like it. or don’t like it!!

  45. Amandajean on July 12, 2009 at 12:25 am said:

    You did a great job on your first quilt!

  46. Your 80’s quilt is so…..80’s and I love it. I too enjoyed the time to do handquilting back then, I am sure one day we will once again find the time to quilt and dream.
    The Vegemite….well what can I say, I have lived here in Australia for 20 years and only ever eat it on toast with a boiled egg.
    TimTams…mmm… there is a great Aussie way to eat them, maybe I will demonstrate on my blog one day soon!

  47. Mauve and country blue, huh? I don’t think I’ve heard the word mauve for at least 10 years! Well, if you ask me, it’s pretty mauve-ulous. You were always awesome!

  48. I also love hand quilting but it does indeed take FOREVER. Therefore that really is an impressive first quilt! As for vegemite – I LOVE IT!!! I eat it slathered all over toast, bagels or my favourite ‘vita-weat’ biscuits. Now Tim Tams are not my favourite and I never buy them – I would rather eat Cathy’s chocolate fudge! Go figure – must be the salt over the chocolate! I look forward to the outcome!

  49. Did you hand-quilted your first quilt? I do think hand-quilting and machine quilting are totally different. I wish that I have more hours to spend on hand-quilting. Your quilts are great! I love them!

  50. Your first quilt is perfectly 1987! And the T-shirt quilts are fantastic.

  51. Wow, your first quilt is exquisite, and your last quilt is absolutely beautiful. Love the embroidery on your beautiful flowers!

  52. Love your first quilt, the colours are really antique-y and the quilting just exquisite. Hope you like the vegemite. I like it on toast, crumpets or crispbread with butter and then a thinnish scraping of vegemite although my ex used to like putting it on really thick. That gives me heartburn! A lot of people dissolve a spoonful in soups and casseroles to give extra flavour too.

  53. WEll your first quilt is unbelievable. Super! My first one is in rags. But it makes mine look like my dog sewed it. good job.

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