Merry Christmas!

Oh Boy! Can you believe it’s here already? It’s been three weeks since I posted and I just can’t believe it – time is flying by!

Our rough week after Thanksgiving got even rougher — the Grandmas in Thimbleannaland haven’t been doing very well. MeMum has had pneumonia and was in the hospital for a week. When she came home, we took the opportunity to move her into our house — we’ve known it’s been coming for a long time, and this seemed like a good chance to make the move, since she’s always vowed that she’d never live with either of her girls. So, this is just “temporary”, but it’s really not. ;-8 TheManoftheHouse has escaped the fun for a few days to go and be with his mother who is gravely ill. Today is her birthday and she has her three boys with her and I’m hoping that they’ll be comforted by having their family all together.

So, not much decorating or baking this year and … gasp … wait for it … no Gingerbread Houses either. In over ten years, this is only the second time we’ve missed the fun — hopefully we’ll be able to pick back up next year. The boys and MyDadLovesMeBestSister are having an “in-law” year, so it’s blissfully quiet here. The Grinch tried to sneak in, but, as you can see, Grumpy Monkey and Luna Lapin are having none of it!

Thimbleanna: Grinch

I asked MeMum, if she could only have one cookie for Christmas this year, what would it be? I knew she would say our beloved Angel Slices, and she did. So, I squeaked out a pan of them on Thursday night (along with the best caramels) and made a batch of sugar cookies last night. After all, we had to have our traditional Christmas Eve morning breakfast — even if it didn’t have the variety this year that we usually have.

Thimbleanna: Cookies

I also found some knitting time and made one of Julie’s adorable little stocking ornaments. Won’t it make a fun gift with a penny or two from this year tucked inside?

Thimbleanna: Cookies

Now, I’m looking forward to a VERY relaxing Christmas Day — watching movies and quilting — it’s been too long since I worked on FinallyAGirl’s baby quilt and I’d like it to be done before she goes to kindergarten!

Wishing all of you a very, VERY Merry Christmas – I hope Santa is oh-so-good to you this year!

Merry Christmas!


24 Thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Anna, what a delightful post! The cookies look luscious. I’ve only made sugar cookies this year – quite a slowdown from years past. I’m so sorry about your mom and the ManoftheHouse’s mom, too. It’s never fun to see those we love suffer. You have a strong family though, and lots of love between you all. You’ll be fine! Merry Christmas and lots of love!

  2. Merry Christmas to you, dear sweet Anna! Sorry to hear it’s a rough go for the grandmas this year, but how lovely that you’re all working it out in the best way possible. I will look forward to the return of the gingerbread house competition next year! xoxo Katie

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, may all be blessed ! Have a lovely day tomorrow. from Iowa

  4. sorry to hear the mum’s are both so sickly this year – I’m sure you can bring some comfort to your mom by having her at your house. Sometimes yearly traditions like the gingerbread houses need a break and can be done next year. Have a nice relaxing day and enjoy your movies and quilting – I think I might be doing some of that too.

  5. Anna, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope your mother and mother-in-law’s health improves quickly. Thank you so much the inspiration, I look forward to your posts.

  6. Sending blessings, good thoughts, and prayers your way.

  7. Sorry to hear the grandmas are unwell, but I hope you managed to have a happy Christmas anyway! Quilting and knitting sound like perfect antidotes to grinchdom! Since I didn’t get much pre-Christmas baking done I’m looking forward to the aftermath of Christmas and some relaxed cookie making! mIght give your angel slices a try…..

  8. Merry Christmas Anna. so sorry about all the ill health, I hope the New Year brings healthier and easier times xxx

  9. Sorry to read of the Grandmas not being well. I hope they recover soon. Have a good time quilting!

  10. Sorry to hear about the family “moms” and I hope they are doing well.
    Sounds like a nice quiet Christmas. You always have such a great attitude.
    That plate of plates looks yummy to me!

  11. Frances M Fimbres on December 26, 2016 at 4:48 pm said:

    Merry Christmas to all Anna I love your blogs cause they are real life which we can all relate. Wishing you abundant blessings in the New Year and extra energy for your tasks ahead my friend. Hugs

  12. Oh Anna, I do hope the grandmas improve health wise. Wishing you a joyful new year and ditto Frances’ message above re energy for 2017 and all it brings. Hugs to you my friend xx

  13. So sorry to hear about the health of both your Mum and Mother-In-Law! I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas.

  14. Hi Anna
    I was so sorry to read that both your Mum and your Mum-in-law are both so poorly – I do hope they recover soon.
    Hugs and kisses, Anne

  15. Sorry to hear about your mom and your MIL…. I need to bake some of those Angel Slices. Warmest thoughts and best wishes! Happy New Year!

  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for all of your kind words this year.

  17. Oh! That plate of goodies looks so good! I do hope you enjoyed your quiet Christmas day. I’m sorry to hear of your mom & MIL though! That’s a lot going on at once. Much love, and thank you as always for your beautiful (and sometimes humorous) pictures you share that brighten up my day. =)

  18. Sorry to hear things have been a bit rough but I do hope you managed a quiet but happy Christmas Day xx

  19. Oh man I am so behind the times, but huge congratulations on that adorable button of a granddaughter, and will be thinking of all the great-grandmas. Wishing you a wonderful 2017! x

  20. Oh dear, I’ve just read this – so sorry!

  21. Greatest blessing to you and your families- hoping all the grandma feel better soon
    All of us in oklahoma also got the cold and flu – so it’s was a very strange Christmas
    Hope 2017 will bring health happiness and prosperity to all

  22. Anna! Yikes what a year this has been. In all areas! I hope your mom is much better and I’m sending an extra large size wish for a much much MUCH better 2017 your way. Your cookies look delicious – I’m about cookied out here but when I get back in cookie mode I have to try your angel slices. So let’s blow that dark cloud of 2016 away and bring in a new sparkly happy 2017!! All the best to you and yours.

  23. even when things are upside down and sideways, cookies for christmas eve breakfast HAVE to happen, right? bakers gonna bake…

    give Auntie MeMum an extra hug for me – i love you both…

  24. Anna! I’m just barely reading this post! :l Love your pictures, sorry abt. your moms, and love the little stocking! I need to knit more, but honestly, I don’t really know how! ha :)
    Happy New Year.

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