Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas! It’s that quiet moment in our morning before everyone is up, so I thought I’d quickly pop in to record our mayhem for posterity. The ovens arrived right on modified schedule — just in time to spend all day the 22nd making cookies. It’s a good thing too — I desperately needed my traditional Christmas Eve morning breakfast!


TheSecondChild arrived home on cookie making afternoon, bringing his travel companion, Moofie. The kitties have been having a grand time.


Moofie is the naughty kitty in the upper left. He got spooked on Saturday morning and bit TheSecondChild. So, late on Saturday evening, with a swollen hand, there was a visit to the ER for a little IV antibiotic therapy. I waited at home and tried to catch up on all the wrapping and cleaning — I’ve been so terribly behind schedule all fall. We all finally fell into bed at 5:30 a.m. The 23rd kept up busy with the annual Gingerbread Competition and suddenly, Christmas Eve was upon us! We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and managed to open a few presents before sending TheSecondChild back to the ER, that nasty infection seems to be spreading. More IV antibiotics and luckily, due to the holiday, the Dr. said he could come home overnight. We’ve modified our normal Christmas morning schedule while he’s gone again this morning for yet another round of antibiotics. Hopefully, they’ll send that infection packing!
So, it’s been eventful to say the least. Must run and get the traditional breakfast ready. And then Santa can visit!


If there’s anyone out there, I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday! We sure are — even with the crazy schedule and manic disorganization!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Anna! It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but the main thing is – you’re all there together. Hope your boy is better soon! Love and hugs, Elaine

  2. Merry Christmas Anna.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Anna!

  4. Oh, Anna, what a week! I’m hoping things all come together for you today, that your family enjoys a lovely day. We’re in the car, heading home from 4 days in PA, hoping to beat the storm, though this was the plan before we saw the forecast.
    Wishing Second Child good luck with that infection. Those can be nasty.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. YIKES that infection sure isn’t sounding good – hopefully he’s whipping that one quickly. I’m selfishly glad you got the gingerbread competition in – I look forward to those posts every year. We had a great time with our kids and now have the rest of Christmas Day to ourselves – not sure but I think a naps in order – sounds like maybe you could use one to :). Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse

  6. oh dear, naughty kitty, I do hope everything is healing now. Wishing you a very wonderful Christmas time xxx

  7. Merry Christmas… Hope the second child is better soon!

  8. Oh no… a kitty bite! Perhaps he meant to kiss and really missed. Hope the rest of your Christmas is wonderful! Merry, merry!!

  9. You’re having an eventful time!! Hope the second child is ok, and that you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas Day. x

  10. My oh my!!! I hope the infection get sorted out.
    Have a merry christmas!

  11. Oh spooked kittes are very unpredictable, aren’t they?! I’m sure sorry to hear that your son was bitten, and I hope those antibiotics kick in quickly and he is better soon.

    I hope the rest of your Christmas was peaceful and uneventful. :)

  12. Many blessings this Christmas to you and your family, naughty kitties included. (Did he get coal in his stocking?)

  13. What a few days you had. I do hope everything is sorted out now and that you are able to enjoy a few calm days.

  14. Merry Christmas Anna.

    I hope the infection clears up quickly…sounds nasty!!!

  15. Merry Christmas Anna! And a Happy Healthy New Year! Hope Second Child is so much better today!

  16. Put that kitty on the naughty list for sure! I hope you find some time to unwind and relax over Christmas – you sure deserve it! Bet you’re glad to have all the family with you too, especially big daddy. We are at our usual camping spot again, it was 38 degrees here on Christmas Day!

    *clink* cheers! I’m sharing my virtual mango daiquiri with you!

    Merry Christmas!

    Sas x

  17. OMG! Anna sounds like anything that could happen has happened. So sorry, hope your son’s hand is healing up. Hope you have a better and merrier rest of the holiday season. :) xoxo

  18. Merry Christmas!

  19. Merry Christmas! I hope yours was wonderful and that infection has gone away. We were at the vet this week and she was telling us that if you ever get a cat bite, get to the ER quickly, you’ll need antibiotics. So true!

  20. Hoping the infection is gone and all are healthy there! Merry Christmas to you and all of yours, Anna! :)

  21. Good grief! I hope everyone is on the mend. Wishing you a healthy-for-all year 2013!!

  22. our kids and their pets! michael myson’s dog hurt herself (not him, thank goodness) at about the same time, and had to have stitches and antibiotics … anywho, merry christmas to you and yours!

  23. Merry Christmas, Anna (a bit belated…). Sorry to hear of your woes. Mr. P and the OnlyChild just got back from the second trip to the vet in two days with DerbyDog. He’s also on antibiotics for a bite – from AbbyDog. I hope your son’s hand heals well!
    I never did get around to writing a Christmas post. I guess I’m suffering from the same afflictions as you (sans the oven problems, of course). The time just flew by in a blur and I never really did feel Christmassy until yesterday. Oh well… Take care xo

  24. Oh my…what a holiday! I hope everything is settling now and that you can ring in the New Year with style.

  25. when it rains, it pours! What a way to spend Christmas but sounds like with the delayed start, all was well. Merry Christmas, Anna!

  26. Merry Christmas – have enjoyed your blog all year long.

  27. Merry Christmas Anna! I hope it’s been a wonderful holiday!

  28. Bad kitty! No fun to be in the ER anytime of year but holidays are crazy busy there. ;p

    This is a late Merry Christmas to ya! ;p

  29. I smiled a little at the “bad kitty” story since we too have a naughty kitty visiting us. My daughter brought her home for the holidays. She’s a cute, little kitty, but unlike our sedate, eight-year-old cat doesn’t know that the back of the couch isn’t for sharpening one’s claws!

  30. Hey Anna, glad to see Christmas was good for you. I had my kids over and my sister and brother-in-law…good times had by all. Just wanted to pop by and wish you the very best in 2013. I am just beginning to work on my resolutions and considering the sobering fact that I gained three pounds over Christmas…probably some kind of detox in my near future!!

  31. Very merry Christmas I hope you had and a very happy new year. I could almost hear you whispering in that quiet part of the morning here. So cool.

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