Market Report: The People

(Warning:  Long Post Ahead.)

Well, by now, you’re probably sick of reading quilt market posts all over blogland.  I’m always slow since I don’t take my laptop with me and I’m so tired when I get home.  Market was tons of fun, but a lot of work too.  Kellie opted for a double booth this time and we went from this


to this.  Good thing she had a double booth — it was crowded like this a lot.  I didn’t manage to get a good empty-booth shot.


Poor Shandi wasn’t able to make the trip (not going to trust my baby to any shipping guy!) so Kellie brought a new light fixture from Australia.  Isn’t it pretty?  All those little flowers are cut out of plastic and we put it together the night before set up.  I’m wondering how she made the trip home — it seems like she must’ve been squished.


Anyway, on to the people.  My first encounter was a total surprise.  My sweet blog friend Karin couldn’t come to market, so she sent me a present, hand delivered by a friend that works in a quilt shop with her.  Look at this beautiful necklace, hand made by Karin!


What a thoughtful gift.  I had no idea that Karin was sending me something and it was such a nice surprise after two days working to set up the booth.  Thank you so much Karin — I LOVE it!!!

Then, I was thrilled to meet Flat Nat, all the way from Australia.  I’ve read about her with envy, so I was so excited to actually meet and hold her.  (I might have whispered sweet nothings into her ear.)


And look who she brought with her — her mother Natalie and Leanne.  Soooo fun to meet these two — they stopped by several times during market and they’re both just as sweet and cute as can be.  I felt like the booth just lit up every time they came by.


The next few days were a big blur and I get a big fat F+ in remembering to get the camera out.  Beth was my first invisible friend to stop by and luckily for me, she came back to visit a few more times ’cause it got busy in the booth.  What a cutie!  And what a surprise — I had it in my mind that she’s short and blond — haha — she’s tall and brunette!  It’s so cool to meet imaginary friends in real life!  Another surprise was Penny.  She always posts about outdoor trips with her hubby so I pictured her more as the rugged outdoor type.  She was so amazingly soft-spoken and pretty with her cute curly hair!  (Hi you two — thanks for stopping by several times — I so enjoyed talking to you both!)  I also had fun meeting Sheree (Penny was her sidekick) — her booth was right next to the ladies room, so I waved as I ran by.  Shortly after meeting Penny, Jackie came along.  Jackie and I have e-mailed for years (ha! — that’s blog years) so it was super fun to meet her too.  There were lots of others too — Elizabeth, PKM (apparently before her accident), Kathy, Pat, and probably a few that I can’t remember (I’m sorry — you can’t expect much from someone who had to crawl around on the floor as much as I did!  Aaaccckkkk! And  Sharon!  How could I forget Sharon???  She was wandering around with Nancy NoBlogBlogs and I practically accosted her when I saw her!)

We also had a steady supply of the famous too.  Brandon Mably was absolutely smitten with Kellie’s designs.  Early Saturday morning, before Jan and I arrived at the booth, he brought Kaffe by for a visit.  Kellie was on the ceiling the rest of the day!  I only got two pictures of the famous with Kellie.  Here are the Piece O’ Cake girls — I’ve loved their designs for years and I’m so sad I missed their booth.


And Jane Sassaman — just as sweet as can be.  (Ok, I do have one more picture of Kellie with someone, but I have no idea who it is, so I can’t post it and embarrass myself — you know, in case it’s someone REALLY famous!)


Kellie’s booth was in prime real estate territory.  Right in front of us was Anna Griffin.  ANNA GRIFFIN!  Ohhh, the eye candy!  Her booth was gorgeous — walls at each corner so that guests entered the booth in the middle of each of the four sides.  There was a beautiful big vase of fresh flowers in the very middle of the booth.


Each outside wall had an idea board for each of her four fabric lines.  This is the wall that was directly across from us.


It contains her new Christmas line, due out in May 2011 — I think it’s beautiful!


Kitty-corner and behind us was Kaffe Fasset’s booth.  During a quiet moment, Jan and I ran around to his booth.  Jan managed to sit down and have a little chat with him.


What a nice man!  He was working on a needlepoint of a fish.


And isn’t his booth beautiful?


Kitty-corner behind the Anna Griffin booth was Michael Miller.  They always have a fun time and this time, they had one of those booths where you grab a bunch of paper.  I have no idea what it was for, but this guy was having a good time.


I loved the big mannequins in the Michael Miller booth.  And see those big porthole windows at the top of the picture?  That’s where people stand and take all those aerial views of quilt market.


Like this one!


I didn’t even come close to seeing all the booths at market, and I certainly didn’t get many pictures.  I always love to get a picture of Anne’s gorgeous booth though.  It was fun to see Anne and her sidekick Anne again.  Next time we need to have a picture taken of an Anne-Anna-Anne sandwich!


And one last picture (whew!) — this must be the nicest designer in all of marketland.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face.  Jan and I happened by her booth during set up and she treated us like old friends, even though she had no idea who we were — what a sweetheart.


Ok, that’s enough.  Sorry it was so long!  One more here’s-what-I-bought-at-sample-spree post and we’ll be done.  Trust me, market posts are way more exciting than what’s going on around here — which is a whole lotta nothing.  (Oooh, I forgot, I did get together with the quilty peeps — I’ll have to show you what they’re working on.)


44 Thoughts on “Market Report: The People

  1. I haven’t been short and blonde since I was 6 years old!! So glad to have met you in person!

  2. I love reading your market report – can’t wait to see what you got!

  3. Great market pictures! I love Anna Griffin’s new Christmas line too…looks gorgeous!

  4. I love Kellie’s light fitting, how beautiful. It seems you were rubbing shoulders with some quilting royalty, how much fun. I absolutely love Leanne’s quilts that she makes too and I read her blog all the time.

  5. Wow, did we really do all that….seems like a bit of a blur really! Meeting Kaffe would have to be a highlight….and what better to look at for 3 days than Anna Griffin’s gorgeous stall…..when we got a chance to look up that is!! It doesn’t feel like it was only a week ago!

  6. okay, one of these days i’ll get to be at market at the SAME TIME as you.
    i’d love to see a picture of you and the twins!
    thanks for all your fun pics anna. you always take the best pics!!! i love the pics of kaffe. :)
    and anna g’s booth of course!!!
    :waves madly

  7. Thanks for the pics…it sounds like a great time!

  8. OOOhh aaaahhhhh
    looks like so much fun!
    I have to get there one of these days!

  9. linda noblog on November 9, 2010 at 9:33 am said:

    although market is labor intensive…we can appreciate all your efforts as well as those of the other participants.
    i love anna griffin & look forward to seeing her new collections!
    thanks for sharing & love that new light fixture!

  10. What fun! I’m not sick of the quilt market pictures yet.

  11. It sounds like you had loads of fun with the gulls:)) What they don’t speak English,I’m astounded!! Lollies is the correct spelling, plural of lolly:)).

  12. I haven’t read much about market in blogland. I guess I’m not reading the right blogs. LOL. Thank you for sharing with us. Sounds like a lot of work and a lot of FUN!

  13. I love the photos. Show more. I just wish I could have gone to Market. Oh well, at least I can see it through your lense. And what a beautiful necklace!

  14. Mary Ann on November 9, 2010 at 1:27 pm said:

    Love the whirlwind tour Anna. And I’m anxious to see what you got in sample spree!

  15. Waving Anna!!! I talked with you first in the booth.. right?? I love your ‘imaginary’ friends.. hehe… I get muddled sometimes on where people will be so that when I meet them it’s often a huge flurry of hugs and photos and then I’m like.. who WAS that?????

    Such fun and if you will be in Salt Lake we’ll meet more ‘proper’ and have our photos taken!

  16. Robin Brown on November 9, 2010 at 3:26 pm said:

    thanks for sharing – envy, envy, envy, ooouuuu such luvlies everywhere – sensory overload. vacations (though yours was alot of work) with the girls, gulls, females, whatevah, are always so much fun! take care and recoup sweetie

  17. Ohhh, you make me want to go there, showing all this photos! Tons of eyecandy!

  18. looks like you had loads of fun, Anna, I bet it takes you a week to recoop!

  19. Sensory overload! Sounds like you were a very busy little bee at market. Breathing the same air as the great Kaffee, no less!

  20. Hand-delivered surprised and Natalie and Leanne, WOW! You lucky duck!

  21. Looks like a great time! Were you itching to start quilting while you were there? I get like that at knitting shows– I want to run out to the lobby and start working on a project. That necklace is beautiful! You’re very lucky :o)

  22. Thanks for sharing your pix. Hope you have recovered in the meantime. I know how exhausting these shows can be!

  23. You saw ME, you forgot me!!! :-)
    I think you were so tired when you saw me that you forgot you saw me.
    And I sure didnt see you at Sample Spree but I was carrying all these heavy bags and just wanted to get out of there!!
    It was good to see you though!!! You look great!!!!!

  24. It looks as though you had an absolute whale of a time. What a truly exquisite collection of quilts you saw. I am very envious that you met Faffe Fassett. Wow!

  25. Is there such a thing as too many market pictures?! I don’t think so. Love that light fixture and the booth was beautiful. All of those incredible quilts- A-mazing! Glad you like the necklace. :)

  26. ooooooo! i can’t even imagine spending the day with all those beautiful quilts around me -i just love the lilly pilly tree!!!

  27. Oh heavens what fun!!!!! let me repeat!!! what fun! Where was this at? I want to go!

  28. i’m tired just reading about it! i’m loving your market posts. kellie’s booth looked GREAT! and what a cute light fixture she bought. i can’t imagine that it had a happy flight home. i’m cringing just thinking of it!

    can’t wait to see your sample spree loot!

  29. Hi Anna,
    I hope you are fine and doing well.
    I have been away for a while but now I enjoy to see what you all made.
    And just in time to read about this great event. This must have been so much fun.
    I am looking foreward to see more of what you made.
    Have a great day.

  30. You did a very good job on pictures :) Never apologize for long posts about Market….no such thing as a Market post that is too long…unless there are no pictures lol! I wish I could enlarge your pictures…especially of the booth you were in. Those quilts look really cute but I can’t quite see them. I can’t wait to see what you got at Sample Spree, although I’m sure it will evoke much covetousness in my heart lol!!!

  31. Gee- I am overwhelmed just reading your blog post- it must have been amazing! NO wonder you are tired when you get home!

  32. Sounds like you had another wonderful time with the gulls( girls of Australia). I am sure they appreciated your support, assistance and most of all your warmth and fun loving nature. I think the Market would be an amazing place to visit – with all those famous quilters to meet.
    I saw Kaffe speak here in Edmonton a few weeks before the festival. A local yarn shop brought him in – He signed my books for me. I loved seeing all the beautiful colors in his quilts.
    Thanks for sharing your journey,

  33. Thanks for the report and the photos. I’m a real fan of Kaffe Fasset. I have all of his books and I bought all of the yarn to knit one of his sweaters (years ago). The sweater had such an intricate pattern so I quit part way up the back of the sweater. I like a challenge but it would have taken me years of twisted yarn to finish this!

    Are you in any of the photos?

  34. Gosh, that all looks so gorgeous. All those lovely quilts and things. I have a pot designed by K Fasset. It’s in the sitting room.

    It’s getting a bit chilly round here. The cats don’t approve of the weather: wet and windy today.

  35. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time!

  36. Looks like an amazing time…really enjoyed your post and getting the chance to see those bits and pieces from market…:o)

  37. Oh fun. Fun fun fun!
    I like needlepoint man!


  38. Anna, it was so nice to meet you! I was totally like a deer in headlights at market, so many things to see and then people to meet. I’m really glad I did a drive by so we could meet and chat for a bit.

  39. I am suffering, here, with a bad case of FE – Fabric Enviitus. Why d o you do this to me? Carolina

  40. Yey, you got to meet Kathy (pink chalk). I actully know Kathy, we live near each other. I met her when we first started our blogs, NOW look at her. Plus two of my good friends work for her. You should see her shop, wonderful!! Clarice

  41. Its so fun sharing your market experiene – thanks for including us.

  42. Love hearing/seeing market through your eyes. Next time I’ll be living it!

  43. nice fabric haul!
    those dresden plates are so tiny and pretty.
    So funny, I cleaned out my storage room yesterday – off to the goodwill myself.

  44. So jealous of all the fabric you got!! Love thing 1 thing 2 –

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