Little Pink Dress

Ahhh.  Another few slow weeks sped by.  That sounds like it should be some sort of oxymoron, but it works like this:  Not much going on around here, but time sure seems to fly by — I’m a little scared by the fact that it’s mid-October already.  I have been doing some handwork while watching tv with MeMum.  We’ve started watching Call The Midwife.  I knew it would be a good series, but Oh. My.  I LOVE it!  I intentionally waited through several seasons before I started watching –  hoping the episodes would pile up so we could have some great binge-watching.  It’s sure been worth the wait.  Aside from scenes that make me cry and BABIES, how can you not love a group of ladies that get together during stressful times and make granny squares to give to one of their beloved group?

Thimbleanna: Midwife

I was also cleaning out a few pictures and realized I’d never showed this little dress that I knit for FinallyAGirl.  I made it for her last winter (it may have even been a Christmas gift?) but it was a little large.  She finally grew into it over the summer and wore it a time or two when we visited over Labor Day.

Thimbleanna: Pink Dress

The pattern is the Mabel Dress from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight.  Unfortunately I can’t remember which yarn I used — maybe a Spud and Chloe?  I thought I’d made a 12 – 18 month size, but the pattern shows the biggest size as 6 – 9 months, so, not sure what happened there either — FinallyAGirl is 14 months old in these pictures.

Thimbleanna: Pink Dress

I love everything about this dress.  The sweet yoke, all the plain stockinette stitch, and the garter stitch highlights.  That back hem is a little pesky, but I think it just needs to be blocked a little after every washing.  The pattern didn’t have any buttons down the back — just a ribbon at the neck.  I looked at the versions on ravelry and I didn’t like the way the opening left a big gaping hole, so I added a little band of extra stitching on the left side of the back yoke and added buttonholes on the right side.  Then I took the pico edging on the neckline and extended it down the right side of the opening.  A quick, easy way to close up that hole, plus, it added the fun of choosing some cute buttons.

Thimbleanna: Pink Dress

And, just like that, another weekend is over. Back to the dungeon tomorrow haha. I hope you have a wonderful week!

23 Thoughts on “Little Pink Dress

  1. Such a sweet dress on a cute little cupcake girl!

  2. Such a sweet little dress……

  3. Oh that dress is the cutest but nothing compared with the little princess wearing it. She is just gorgeous with her little silver shoes, and it seems she’s at the kitchen rummage stage ;)!

  4. The dress is adorable… all the more so for being modelled by such a little cutie! I definitely need a ‘Finallyagirl” in my life!

  5. what a sweet baby and you did a wonderful job on that dress

  6. Oh be still my heart …..that little dress is smack dab adorable and the little sweet pea wearing it has grown up …… and oh my goodness she is soooooooo cute, wow where does time go. You have such talent in those hands of yours……knitting, sewing you name it…always turns out gorgeous.

  7. Carolyn on October 16, 2017 at 8:32 am said:

    You are quite the knitter, changing up the pattern! It turned out beautiful and she is so sweet in it! Love it! (FYI, I can barely follow a pattern, let alone change it!)

  8. Oh, that dress!

  9. oh Anna….she is so darling.

  10. The dress is lovely … and FinallyAGirl is beautiful! :o)

  11. What a co-incidence! I’ve known about ‘Midwife’ but we’ve only recently started (binge) watching it and I love it too. My mother was a midwife , going out to slums in Dublin to deliver babies, around that time. We’re up to where Chummy and Peter get married…

    Love that sweet little dress and the sweet little miss in it!

  12. Cathy Burk on October 16, 2017 at 10:07 pm said:

    Oh, Anna! Little Miss Finally is beautiful! And that sweet pink dress! Just perfect. She’ll save it forever and put it on her own little girl (and maybe granddaughter) someday! FinallyAGirl was definitely worth waiting for!

  13. She looks so sweet in her little dress!!

  14. That angel in the pink dress – too cute! I’ve enjoyed Call the Midwife as well, sadly I think I’ve seen it all already.

  15. Oh
    that little pink dress killed me with cuteness. She is too sweet playing with her spoon and bowl.
    We LOVE CTMW especially my husband. It is uplifting, real and sweet. Happy watching!

  16. Lovely dress! My bet is that this girl will grow up loving the feel of fine knits against her skin.

  17. Jewels on October 18, 2017 at 8:58 am said:

    Anna such a cute little dress! You are a loner xoxo I have watched every episode of “Call the Midwife” One of my favs

  18. I’ve jut started watching Midwife recently, too. It is a good one.
    Love, love, love the little pink dress. It is perfection.

  19. Call the Midwife is one of my favs. I canNOT believe FinallyAGirl is up and walking!! Surely she’s still a babe in arms. Where has that time gone??

  20. PS and such a cute dress (sorry just shocked that she’s growing so quickly!)

  21. Oh, so lovely – the dress and the Girl. Isn’t grannyhood the best?

  22. Oh this sweet little dress! Adorable! And her little “bees knees” are so sweet. She’s just too adorable! And thanks for the heads up on the Midwife series – I haven’t watched it yet but am always looking for something new to binge watch. Time keeps getting away from us lately, I’m not sure why, but it’s okay.

  23. You are so talented! It’s gorgeous! Oh, and so is the kid! ;) What a cutie pie!

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