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How is your week going?  Things are very slow around here — I think I might be in vacation letdown.  I have a lot of projects I’d love to start, but the house is still a mess from lack of cleaning.  I’m trying to clean one room each night after work — that’s the slow way to do it, but hopefully it will mean I won’t have to spend all weekend cleaning.

I have been reading a little (Precious Bane, which I’m loving — thanks for the recommendation Molly!) and knitting a very little bit.  Here are the socks I’m working on.

Daisy Socks

It seems like they’ve been on the needles forever.  I hung them on my Gerbera Daisies because I couldn’t think of anywhere else to put them.  Those daisies don’t look particularly happy, do they?

Daisy Socks

I also forgot to show you a smock apron that I made before vacation and took to my Aunt Annie.  I couldn’t show you before we left as I’m not sure if she reads my blog.

Annie Apron

When we were out there a few years ago, I noticed that Aunt Annie likes her smock aprons, so I took one of them and traced out the pattern on some craft paper.  It was very easy to make — 2 basic pieces, yoke seams on the front and back and then just put pre-packaged binding around all the raw edges.  I love a no-fuss pattern like that!

Annie Apron

Well…not much else to report.  Our weather has been beautiful — it’s a perfect 70 degrees outside with a beautiful full moon.  And when you start talking about the weather, you’ve run out of things to say and it’s time to sign off.  Have a great week!


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  1. Love the socks! That is great yarn. The smock apron is wonderful, too. You are such a clever stitcher! Enjoy the rest of your summer – and may the weather stay nice – so you always have something nice to talk about. lol As if you ever talk any other way.

  2. I love the smock apron. I have a couple my Grandma used to wear and I was looking for them a couple of weeks ago and can’t find them. I put them away somewhere but WHERE? I love sock colors and yes the daisies look a little put out.

  3. I’m glad you’re taking it easy and recovering from your travels. What a fun time you had though. I love the colors you picked for your socks and the apron you made your aunt is just adorable. I’m sure she loves it.

  4. One room a night sounds like a good plan! I had the girls pick up the living room before bed (again) so I could relax right away :) Your socks are cute! but the daisy is looking a bit sad :/

  5. So glad you’re enjoying Precious Bane!
    Those socks look delicious and with the Daisies make a beautiful picture!

  6. I love the smock apron! It’s adorable. My great aunt Bea would love that. I am going to have to look for a pattern now. But first, I need to finish my antiquing bag!!!! :-)

  7. I love it when you can just draw something up and make it and it works. You did a great job on the smock apron. Kind of makes me want one for myself… I like the socks, too. Gerberas here gave up long ago. :(

  8. nice job on the smockage.
    my grandma bertha would have proudly worn that smock!!!
    cool socks.
    when i grow up i’m going to only wear hand-knit socks (knit by other people since i’ve yet to learn to knit socks).
    I think i want mine shorter though.
    ankle socks.
    so get to work.
    make them thin, i wear a lot of clogs. embarrassing but true. long story about ripping tendons in right foot and needing geriatric footwear.
    love the daisies. one of my fav. flowers.
    one room a night?
    okay. i choose the family room because it’s already clean. i’ll choose it tomorrow as well.
    i’m predictable that way. i’ll leave the kitchen and bathrooms for punishment for whatever teenager breaks curfew.
    please break curfew, please break curfew.
    okay, i’m off to look up camera prices, not that i’m obsessing or anything.
    thanks for the twice a week blogging… you’re trying to make up for making us read pioneer woman while you were gone and enter her contests with the other 20,000 entrants.

  9. Love the socks. I bought all the stuff at the last craft show to knit myself a pair – I’ve knit one row …… yep, 1 ROW!!! I will finish them one day.
    Yeah right LOL.
    Joy :o)

  10. Haha, I usually start by talking about the weather, I guess that’s a farmer’s wife for you. It’s hard to get into the groove after vacation, isn’t it! What a cute smock apron – so cheeful! You’d have to be smiling when wearing that. Gearing up for a sheep show this weekend – and of course it’s supposed to be in the 90’s – ack!!

  11. Love the yarn and colour of the socks!

  12. Dear Anna,

    The socks are wonderful and the apron is lovely.


  13. Yes, I was just vaguely, in my head, composing a post about the weather too! I was going to say – and I might still if nothing more exciting happens, which I hope it won’t (don’t like excitment really) – that it must be about 70 here, which is quite hot for us. And you say it’s 70 with you? Or does this full moon comment mean that it’s 70 at night? (It’s midday here.)

    What’s a tole book? I read the link to Kim but I still don’t understand. The cultural divide…

  14. What wonderful socks! Oh the 70’s that sounds like heaven…sweating in Florida.

  15. The socks are beautiful hanging on the daisies. Now to get them done and off the needles. But OH, I just love the smock apron. It so reminds me of my grandmother. I just love what you did and I am sure your Aunt did too!

  16. Loving the socks nestled in the daisies – there such a happy flower – love both the flower and the socks. How cool is that smock, that fabric is adorable and I bet she just loved it – very thoughtful of you Ms. Anna, but then you always are :). Good idea on the cleaning

    Hugs – Mrs. Farmhouse :)

  17. What a cute apron. I know your aunt loved it. Your vacation sounded like a lot of fun. I am also catching up on housework but have so many projects to start. Oh well, maybe next week. :)

  18. I love the socks and the smock reminds me of my granny who loved them as well. I am dying to learn how to knit and make socks but too many other looming projects for now. I am going to go to Clementines to take lessons. I crochet but don’t knit, yet. Glad to have you bloggin again and see your projects!

  19. The socks and the gerberas sing marvellous music together. Rather a zingy photo Anna – fab!

  20. Sorry – just want to add that I meant to type excitement and not excitment. I can spell, really.

  21. Sometimes no news is good news.
    Enjoy the quiet.
    Those socks look great BTW.

  22. My Babci (grandma in Polish) likes those smocked aprons too. Maybe I should make her a couple for Christmas. I’ll have to think about that one. Yours came out so cute!

  23. What a cute apron! Perfect for people like me who tend to wipe their hands on their bum!

    I like the socks, too. Socks look like they’d be hard to knit, so I probably will never try. Me + needles = dangerous combination. haha.

    Gerber daisies are my favourites. I think I should run out and buy me some…

  24. I have one smock apron that I love. It fits me perfectly. You don’t often find that! At my size anyway. So that is what I’m going to do. Thank you for the idea. I’m just going to take a pattern off of it. Why didn’t I think of that??? I was even thinking a kimono style smock might be nice but I’ve never seen anything like that. So maybe I will try something like that too. In all my spare time!! ha I do think making socks in the summer is cooler than quilting. Perfect. Those are darling.

  25. LOVE those socks! They look gorgeous! And I bet your aunt was thrilled with her new smock apron!

    Lucy x

  26. Hi Anna…socks and a smock apron is good blog fodder if you ask me. I like both projects “too much” (as my little ones used to say).

    I have aprons on my mind lately….lots of cute patterns and fabric, but haven’t started any. I also have a pair of socks that have been on the needles, oh….about 2 years. They go with me everywhere in my bag….I just can’t understand why they aren’t done yet :)


  27. My next door neighbor growing up used to wear smocks like those. This one is much prettier then the ones she wore.
    I love, love, love, the weather we have been having.

  28. very cute apron Anna! I bet your aunt loves it. I need to make a new smock apron for L-man’s mom. When she was here last I told her I would, but don’t have a pattern for one. she picked out a design she thought “would do”, but I’m thinking I’m going to look for one more like she is used to. Thanks for the reminder!

  29. Lovely smock. I’m glad you’re enjoying Precious Bane – we read it in our book club and loved it!

  30. What a darling smock, and I adore the fabric on it. I’m on a post vacation cleaning and organizing spree. Did I say spree? I have to find the definition of “piles of stuff I need to get done”. xoxom

  31. Those poor daisy’s. The socks will be warm and cozy when winter comes and those poor daisy’s are long gone.
    Love the apron.

  32. Yes! Precious Bane! 1988, third year of college, Precious Bane and Princess Bride both made it onto my brilliant books that mean something list. Love it. Everyone should read it for an insight into how beauty is only skin deep and lust for money cannot be a redeeming quality.

  33. I don’t think there is anything that could make a Gerbera daisy unhappy. Those socks are amazing! I have yet to delve into the sock-knitting world. Just a bit scary. But not as scary as our snake!!
    Have a happy weekend. :)

  34. I think your daisies are trying to tell you that it is too hot for socks. I wonder if they would like to pose with your flip-flops?

    I’m betting Aunt Annie loved that apron. If I wore and apron that is the kind I would like to wear.

    As for that house cleaning thing–I am sitting at the computer waiting for my wood floors to dry so that I can walk across them and make it to the shower. They hadn’t been mopped in so long that I had to do them twice. Gross, I know!

    Happy Weekend, Anna~

  35. love the sock wool , and the apron and the goodie bag from your last post, everything :-)

  36. Love the way you have styled your knitting with the gerberas – it looks amazing.

  37. I clicked over to learn about the book, it sounds delightful and I’m going to explore it more after leaving this comment. I love the colors in the yarn for your socks and that apron is adorable. It’s a slow week for a number of people, we seem to be experiencing a temporary interruption in energy lately. But we’ll all eventually get ourselves back to some semblance of normality.

  38. Love the socks and the smock, are you knitting those on a circular needle? I am knitting a cap/hat with sock yarn on four needles, so I think I may be ready to knit socks, I’ve never tried them before. ***all that work and then you step on them*** I think I use mine for after a bath or sitting by the fire watching football!

  39. You have been having a fabulously busy summer! I LOVE the smock. It’s too darling. And you are making me look bad with that sock knitting… I’m still working on a pair… ok three. But you can’t blame me, hubby does keep me pretty busy…hehe xo

  40. well the weather here is lovely today but it has been very wet..lol

    I love you socks in the pretty gerberas, and that pinny is such a lovely shape, I think your Aunt Annie is going to be delighted! Does your machine have a gadget to sew both sides of the tape on in one go?

  41. A room a night is a great plan!!! Cute socks in progress there, and pretty daisy!

  42. Cute apron! And those socks are going to be nice when fall weather comes around.


  43. The colors of that yarn on the socks and the gerbera daisies look great together!

  44. Jewels on August 10, 2009 at 1:06 pm said:

    The socks are so pretty Anna are they for you? xoxo

  45. I’ll have to check out that title I haven’t heard of it before. I just finished The Help and loved it…I’ve been in bed with the flu for forever so I’ve been getting lots of reading done!!

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