Irish Hiking

Wow! You guys are the best commenters ever! Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments on my “I Am” post. I hope lots of you will consider writing about where you’re from — I love reading those posts. I even had a non-blogger e-mail me her awesome story — how cool it that? (Hi Anna!)

Irish Hiking Scarf

A few months ago, Carolyn posted her beautiful version of the Irish Hiking scarf. And then Junie Moon did too. Well, that was it — I LOVE cables, so I had to make one for myself.

Irish Hiking Scarf

I used a yummy soft yarn called Serendipity by Dancing Fibers. It’s 60% superfine alpaca and 40% merino wool. The color is SDS208–dark red. I didn’t really think I was a scarf-y person, but I’ve really enjoyed it this winter. It’s co-o-old and windy out there! TheEmptyNestChild seems to think it’s his napping shrug.

Irish Hiking Scarf

Blog reading has been frustrating for me these past few weeks as I’m seeing lots of inspiring quilts out there and I don’t have time to make them. I’m itching to do some quilting but I think I’ll be limited to fairly small gifts/projects as we enter the wedding/shower season. And, it’s busy, busy here this week because we’re packing TheSecondChild up for a semester abroad. Several of you asked me for a pattern for my little crocheted valentines and I promise, as soon as he’s out the door this week, I’ll get that pattern posted.


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  1. The empty nest child!!! I love it :) Beautiful scarf…my grandmother was a knitter and just because of that I would like to take it up–I know how but have never actually finished anything–but I’m getting more and more inspired!

  2. Your IHS is lovely! Really nice definition on the cables…

  3. The scarf is beautiful! I do think that you are going to have wrestle the kitty for ownership, though!

  4. Very nice scarf! I especially love it on your kitty….wonderful!

  5. I love the scarf! I keep saying i would love to learn to knit – but then I remember all the quilting projects I already have that I don’t have time to do! One of my best friend’s son’s just left for a semester abroad last week – in Austraila. Good luck getting DS ready! Those sons of yours are keeping you busy aren’t they – study abroad, medical school, wedding? No wonder you have no time to quilt!

  6. I love your scarf, Anna. I really must try learning knitting again, then I make the scarves I really like and not buy something that’s only almost-as-good as what I have in my mind. Hope you get some quilting action soon! And hope your son has a good flight, too. :-)

  7. I am so tickled you made the Irish Hiking Scarf. And your resulting work is absolutely gorgeous in that fabulous color. As soon as I get some of my works-in-progress done I’m going to make another scarf–this time for me. As fast as I make them, folks beg me for them. I do suspect I need to keep the next scarf hidden.

  8. Love your picture of TheEmptyNestChild. He looks so sweet in HIS scarf. Well, he looks like he thinks it’s his.

  9. Lovely scarf :) I love me some cables as well, though the last thing I did was a cabled cardigan by Debbie Bliss that took months to do, maybe a scarf would be a nice quick project for this year, after finishing mom’s chemo caps!

  10. That scarf looks so warm and cozy! And it’s a wonderful pattern to knit! Midas says Hello to EmptyNestChild! (he wants a scarf of his own now!)

  11. That scarf looks gorgeous – I could do with it right now in the house as I sit at my computer – it is FREEZING!!!!! (and the heating has been on full for about 4 hours!)

    Lucy x

  12. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH My color! I love it, but would I have to hike? You know how I hate to sweat. TeeHee It’s Beautiful. Jewels

  13. Beautiful scarf and love the color. Those cables scare me a little sister. Just hoping for a pair of socks instead of one, LOL. Maybe cables will be next on the learning curve. Well that cat sure looks warm and cozy. Good luck with the packing and the send off.

    Hugs – Karen

  14. Oh Anna, it’s gorgeous! Did you block yours? I didn’t and I’m thinking about doing it, but I have no clue how. They are so warm and cuddly, aren’t they? I love your yarn choice!

  15. We’re twinsies. I just posted my scarf today! :) Mine is not done, of course, but still . .

  16. Well didn’t you make that for The Empty Nest Child? LOL! It is beautiful!

  17. Love the scarf. Shelbie is making a cable sweater for Mason’s birthday. My mom taught me to knit. I just have never done it.

  18. is that the reversible cable scarf? It does look nice and touchy feely.

    I have just about finished brdiesmaids dress number three…next one is mine! EEk!

  19. That scarf is beautiful. I bought a book for kids on crocheting, maybe that will help me. LOL!!! I wanna make different things but have no clue. Can we crochet in April on our trip?? Will you girls teach Carol and I some new tricks?

  20. I love that scarf………. the cables are yummy, the color is so cheerful—- really wonderful!!!

  21. Oh how I can relate! I’m frustrated too. I can’t imagine starting a Dear Jane quilt for instance. I’ve just got too many things going!

    BTW, I’ve tagged you. :-)

  22. I have a funny story about an Irish Hiking Scarf. I made one for my husband out of burgundy alpaca, but it was kind of scratchy and he never wore it. My grandmother from the Netherlands was visiting last May and loved it when she saw it, so I gave it to her (She is from a generation that thinks scratchy = warm). Anyway, when my husband found out he was a bit disappointed, so I promised to knit him a new one out of softer alpaca. I pull it out every so often, but it has been over a year now and this thing is still on the needles. Well, this past September I was working on it (now about 4 + skeins into it) while at a meeting for my son’s pre-school and one of of the published knitting guru’s from asked to see – her son goes to the same school. I told her the story and said this one was a bit scratch too – she felt it and said a few kind words and ten very polity suggested using bigger needles to make it softer. I haven’t touched it since. I know I should rip it out and start again, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! Yours looks gorgeous and like it is knit with the perfect tension – I am jealous. =)

  23. Beautiful! I wish I knew the first thing about making one myself, but sadly, not a clue. You are amazing!

  24. Really nice scarf!

  25. What a beautiful scarf! Love the photo of kitty in knitted heaven!

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