Icy Christmas?

For those of you in the northern half of the US, is it cold enough for you out there? We got a whopper of an ice storm last night. It’s beautiful out there and ice is covering everything. I went out early in the morning to snap a few pictures, but after watching the tops of a few of our trees come crashing to the ground, I decided it would be safer inside the house.

Icy Outside

Our house is full tonight as MeMum/BigDaddy and CrazyBIL/MyDadLovesMeBestSister are all without power. We’ve been lucky and ours is still on.  Lots of stores and schools were closed and I thought how sad for all the school children who had their Christmas parties planned for today.  The next few days aren’t looking much better weather-wise — it’s not supposed to be warm enough for the ice to melt.   I’m wondering how much longer many of the bent over branches can last.  Even more, I’m wondering how Santa and his reindeer are going to keep from sliding off of the roof!

Icy Outside

I stayed in most of the day and finished decorating (finally!) and eeked out my first batch of cookies.  For me, it isn’t Christmas without Angel Slices.  MeMum has been making them for as long as I can remember.  The recipe is on page 703 of The Joy of Cooking (at least in my version) and I love what the editors say about it:

“Many a copy of the Joy has been sold on the strength of this recipe.  One fan says her family is sure these are the cakes St. Peter gives little children at the Gates of Heaven, to get them over the first pangs of homesickness.  Her family has dubbed them Angel Cookies.”

Angel Slices

The Joy.  I have a friend who calls it the Joy too.  “…such and such recipe is in the Joy.”  I love it.  If you google “The Joy of Cooking Angel Slices”, you’ll find several sites that have the recipe.  (Although I found one site where they add nutmeg and vinegar — my version of the book doesn’t have those two ingredients listed in the Angel Slices recipe.)  If for some reason the people who are posting the recipe have been arrested and you can’t find it, e-mail me and I’ll send you a copy.

Angel Slices

You’ve probably already seen this, but since we’re talking cookies, you should check out this beautiful cookie post. I read it with my mouth hanging open. After that, you’ll need a little gift-giving humor, so go and read a little something to tickle your funny bone.

And finally, THANK YOU for all the CrazyBIL love and good wishes. CrazyBILHe’s home from the hospital now and trying his very best to behave himself — which is very difficult with all the trees and branches down everywhere that need to be taken care of. He doesn’t sit still very well!  Anyway, I thought I should show you what we’re dealing with here. This is an old picture of CrazyBIL and it’s one of my favorites. Crazy, huh?   If I could give all of you a gift for Christmas, it would be for you to have your very own CrazyBIL.   He’s a really fun guy and he makes me laugh. A. Lot. I probably should change his name to CrazyAboutBIL!


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  1. Yeay I get to be first!!!! Haven’t been to visit for a while, many apologies. Love your icy photos and those angel slices look delicious. Hope you’re managing to keep warm and safe and I’m sure you’re having lots of fun with a BIL like that in the family!

  2. That Angel slice looks delicious …. and the frost and snow look so festive – but c-c-c-c-c-old LOL!!! It’s quite the opposite here, we’re having quite a hot summer so far.
    So glad your CrazyBIL is on the mend :o).
    Joy :o)

  3. We didn’t get the ice, just pouring rain all night and all the next morning. My sis in Wisconsin is snowed in, I’m hoping some of that comes this way!

    Off to look for the angel slices recipe. Sounds yummy!

  4. Your weather sounds like ours! I hope your family gets power back soon. Those cookies look scrumptious. And crazy BIL looks fun! Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Golly it looks amazingly cold!!! So sorry I missed your previous post – and sorry to hear about CrazyBIL – that photo of him is brilliant! And can you please post me some of those Angel slices please – they look delish!

    Lucy xxx

  6. Take care in that weather…I remember the ice storm in Canada in 1998 and it was awful…we were lucky and only lost power for 48 hours…but my Dad and co lost it for a week.

  7. It is fun to be snowed/iced in as long as you have power. Enjoy!

    It is good to hear about your friend. A heart attack so early is scary. I hope his recovery goes well and he finds ways to avoid this happening again! Honestly, from his photo and your description I think he may be a lot like my hubs–a guy that can make anybody laugh!

  8. I just read your previous post and I’m glad after reading this post that “CrazyBIL” is doing fine. What a scare, and I pray that all goes well for him.
    We didn’t get the ice but we did get the snow. I checked my Joy of Cooking and I have the same book…I love that cookbook. I’ll have to try making them someday.

  9. I just love the shot of the frozen berries. and oh my, that slice looks divine. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and you don’t end up with an injured Santa from trying to stay upright on your roof.

  10. That is the best news about your BIL! The perfect Christmas gift. The picture of the ice covered berries is gorgeous…it could be a card. LOVE IT!

  11. Glad your BIL is on the mend. Where you got ice, we got about 10 inches of snow. Wish I could enjoy it from inside, but I’m off to blaze the trail. If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days….send help.

  12. That looks very very very cold! Here in Scotland it’s fine – mild, dampish, dull… just like summer really….

    Many good wishes to your crazy BIL for a speedy recovery.

    Mr Life has put up my mum’s tree this afternoon and is really looking forward to putting up ours after dinner. (And if you believe that…)

  13. That is a funny picture of CrazyBil! Glad to hear he is doing better! The angel slices look delish! I’ll let you guys polish them off, tho’! Less calories for me, whoopeeeee! LOL! ;)

    I LOVE the photos of the little icicles hanging off the chairs and table and the berries! They look like a bit of crystal fringe! Just delightful to look at!

  14. Hi Anna,
    I am glad to hear that your brother in law is on the mend. I have some terrific brothers in law – like Bill ,they are fun loving and interesting to be around. I am sure that you all will be making sure that he takes good care of himself.

    Here in Alberta we have some snow- there is more down south than here but the temperatures have been cold- I hope your trees are not too damaged and more importantly, that no one gets hurt. Everything always looks so pretty but can be really slick on the ground.

    Have a terrific holiday season.

  15. Wow, those are some gorgeous photos. We got hit too, but not as bad here in CA. My garden did freeze though, bummer.

    Glad to hear about BIL! It’s always scary when someone who does all the right things falls ill. =(

  16. Yum those Angel Slices look good! I will have to get out my Joy and look for them. Your photos are awesome! Luckily we only got snow here in the Northeast

  17. Looks like you’ve been busy! It was 76 here, but it’ll be 40 tommorow.

  18. We had a similar ice storm last weekend. Glad BIL is on the mend. Question – pulled out my Joy of Cooking for the Angel Slices – what is Pecan meat and where do I find it????

  19. BIL looks like a real character! Are you sure he’s not related to us? Glad he’s on the mind. Enjoy your houseful of company. I know they must be enjoying the friendly, warm house!

  20. Sweet Cottage Dreams on December 21, 2008 at 2:23 am said:

    OH BRRRRRR! Makes me cold just looking at your photos! You know that where I live in California we don’t get your kind of weather..just rain and some fog. Please be safe, ya hear?! Don’t be going out pretending to be Yule Gibbons and get a tree branch hitting you up side the head. ha.

    Those cookies look wonderful. I will have to pull my JOY out to see if it is in there. My JOY is about 25 years old now.


    PS: Glad to hear BIL is doing better. Looks like a “wild and crazy guy” to me…(use your best Steve Martin voice when saying wild and crazy guy – that is how I’ma doin’ it.) tee hee

  21. That looks like some ice storm there. Boo didnt say anything about it. Maybe it didnt get to him. Good thing you have power. Brrrr Love that berry photo with the ice. That’s so cool.
    Cookies look yummy but that crazybil of yours………I’d keep an eye on him if I were you. lolololol

  22. Is crazybill a relative? Well I hope he stays fit and well forever! Love the look of those slices but not sure I can fit them into my agenda…actually, I have relaxed into a state of Christmas apathy…maybe I should start to panic? Ali and her clan arrive tomorrow, I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO. SEE. THEM!

  23. Hi Anna, so glad crazy BIL is doing good! I love that photo of him, it really reminds me of my husband! Your embroidered tea towels turned out great and I’m going to have to take a gander at the angel slice recipe in my joy cookbook. I just made the 7 layer dip out of it and it was fantastic. I’ve not had a bad experience yet with a recipe out of that book!

  24. We’re iced in here, too, Anna! Your house sounds so cozy with all the visitors (and cookies). I’m glad CrazyBIL is doing well. He looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I’m fortunate, also, to have a crazy BIL–Brian’s brother is a real hoot and always keeps us laughing.


  25. Wow, those ice pictures are beautiful – we rarely get ice storms here but they sound both amazing and alarming. Glad the BIL is better – what a fab picture of him – he looks full of mischief and laughs to me. Hope the prep continues t go well. Emma x

  26. Ok Anna of my 500 cookbooks I do not have a copy of Joy!! Now don’t you think that is weird? I do and have almost gotten one several times but haven’t yet for some unknown reason.

    I made your orange cranberry cookies today. I’ve made so many cookies I haven’t even tasted them yet. I just finished icing them and they look yummy.

  27. oh anna what fantastic shots,{its very hot here in melbourne today} stay warm and safe and have a lovely christmas with all your family:)

  28. He looks like any woman’s fancy! Hope he makes a full recovery…Any man who’d wear a hat like that AND let someone take a photo AND allow that photo to be posted on the internet must be very secure in himself and deserves to be around for a long time! We need more CrazyBILs in the world! Might have to try those Joy cookies…..Those icicles make me SOO glad I live in Florida!

  29. LOVE the ice pictures. Makes me want to visit. Thanks for the recipe idea. Did your spritz ever work out? Glad you have CrazyBil to make you laugh. Every family needs one.

  30. Wow, that does look sooo cold! I think I am glad we dont have such cold.
    Glad to read of CrazyBIL’s return to health. With headgear such as that, he needs all the luck he can get!!

  31. Looks like what we got the night before you guys. I have never seen such an incredible layer of ice on everything, and now it’s sooooo cold!!! I hope our poor trees make it!

  32. I’m so glad to hear that CrazyBIL is doing better and that he’s home in time to enjoy the holidays.

    I’ve been hearing and reading about the severe winter storms parts of the country are experiencing. It seems romantic to those of us living in climates like Tucson, but being without power in the freeze is horrid. I hope power is returned soon to those suffering through this. Stay warm and cozy at home, my friend.

  33. We haven’t had very much ice but a ton of snow. I just can’t remember a year like this in many, many years. I wonder if our whole winter is going to be like this?

    Your photos are lovely… too bad they represent lack of power for many.
    Keep warm and safe,

  34. So glad to hear about your BIL – that’s terrific news. Those pictures of the ice are both beautiful and sad – so much damage from that dang stuff. Give me snow anytime sister friend. Now those bars/cookies look great, but sister they’ve got coconut in them – can’t have that ya know – it makes me gag, LOL even if they were slathered in caramel I would detect that nasty stuff. So that’s one we don’t have in common. Does that get subtracted from the number of commonalities (is that a word, LOL)

    Happy Holiday Hugs – Karen

  35. I was wondering if “global warming” would get to AZ too! your pictures are beautiful! We have more snow coming down today when the weather clears I will have to take a new pic of timp mtns – beautiful! Glad your bil is on the mend – that is scary stuff :) And I have a copy of JOY i need to go find that recipe – I used it for pancakes this morning – it’s never far :)

  36. Alright, I love the snow and I love a snowy Christmas but it is bitter cold! Luckily I’ve been stashed away inside drinking tea and sewing. So I guess the winter weather is alright indeed.

  37. Anna, great pictures! One cookbook I didn’t get and look what I’ve missed. CrazyBIL looks like a very special guy, so happy to hear he’s home and under supervision. I would love to have a any guy in my family let loose. LOL.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  38. I love your ice-y pictures. And I would ordinarily also love your pictures of the angel slices, but I’ve been baking all day and sampling as I’ve gone, and I feel, well, I feel pretty sick actually. It was fun though, and I guess I’ll just run an extra mile tomorrow.

  39. The ice is sure pretty, but think about those guys on the Power Line Crew. Miserable for them, I’m sure.

    I have a copy of The Joy which I fall back on a lot, but I’ve never made the angel slices. I’ll be looking them up. Thanks!


  40. I’m so glad to here the good news about crazybil…that picture is a crack up! Beautiful ice pictures. I’m baking today–I looked and the recipe is there on the page you said so I may be adding that to my usual list. I am definitely finally going to play with my cookie stamp…Merry Christmas!!!

  41. Those ice storm pictures look stylized like you could see them in some magazine. Great photos!

  42. mmmmm that slice looks soooooo good! love all your photos!


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