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Hmmm, I seem to be dragging my blogging feet around here, but I have a pretty good excuse. I’ve been slaving away on my applique border! When I get home from work I make dinner and then sew a little before bed, so, not much time for posts.

In addition to my applique, I managed to get my Amy Butler corduroy shirt finished.  Garment sewing is probably my first crafty love, so that makes me deliriously happy!   I chose Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Superfantastic Shirt pattern for my shirt. Have you heard of Hot Patterns? When I purchased my fabric at The French Seam, I asked if they had any good shirt patterns. She showed me the Hot Patterns section and let me browse.  After I chose my pattern, I asked the shop owner what she thought of them — were they pretty true to size?  She said that the directions weren’t the best, but the sizing seemed to be pretty accurate.  I don’t usually read the directions in patterns real closely anyway, so we both decided this pattern should work just fine.

Hot Pattern

And it did.  But when I first started sewing there were several little annoying things (like where most patterns say cut 2 she says cut a pair, and yardage requirements were for 60″ wide fabric — nothing for 45″ wide fabric) so I was pretty prepared to give it a very lackluster review.  The shop owner was correct, the directions are definitely lacking.  If you’re a beginning sewer, you will have to consult other sources for some of the steps.  For example, as you can see below, the sleeve has a few pleats in it.  The instructions simply said to put the cuff on the sleeve.  No instructions (or markings on the cuff) as to where to put those pleats or buttons.  The instructions were a little better for the button placket, but probably because it is a pretty unique way of doing the placket.  There is only one dot marking the end of the dart for all pattern sizes.  And since the shirt sizes range from 6 to 26, that’s a pretty big problem.  Since I’m on the lower end of that range, my darts are a little too deep.   Oh, and while I’m whining, the pattern is multiple sizes on heavy paper — which is good, except that I hate actually cutting into the paper.  With normal patterns, I can fold the pattern tissue here and there to cut the patterns.  For this pattern, I used a very thin fabric and drew out and cut the pattern pieces to my size.  Pretty time consuming.

Hot Pattern

Having whined said all that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern!  Just as the shop owner said, the sizing is pretty accurate.  (Although, I have long arms and legs — I always have to add an inch or two to sleeve and pant lengths, but I didn’t have to with this pattern – Yipee!)  I also (just 10 minutes ago) checked out the Hot Patterns website and I wish I’d seen it before I made my shirt.  There are videos for some of the patterns (three for this particular shirt, which are very helpful).  The owner/designers of Hot Patterns are British, living in Florida, so that explains away the little differences in terminology.  The woman in the video even says that she’s pretty laid back about the instructions — she likes to let you do things your way.   I LOVE the way my new shirt fits and that soft corduroy makes it wear like a dream.  I also really love the way she constructed the placket — it’s very clean and quick and clever.

Hot Pattern

So, to sum up … if you’re a beginning sewer, you’ll probably need some help with these patterns. Otherwise, I think they’re wonderful and I give them two big thumbs up. I’m a big fan now and I’ll definitely be using them again — I can see many more versions of this shirt alone in my closet.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Great shirt! I have a couple of Hotpatterns patterns and I agree – great fitting, but lacking some instructions, but those videos they do are so helpful and they have amazing customer service.

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations on your shirt! Love that fabric.

    Love the new header thimbles.

  3. You almost make me want to sew clothing again. But not quite. LOL I haven’t really made clothing in almost twenty years – about the time my girls decided they only wanted to wear things bought in a store.

    Your shirt looks really good. Wear it in health!

  4. I’m not sure I’d have the patience to work through a pattern like that but it is a very pretty shirt!

  5. linda noblog on January 26, 2012 at 5:29 am said:

    beautiful shirt…makes me want spring to come asap!…although i cannot complain about the weather on the east coast…
    this post brings back fond memories for me…in the early years of my marriage, i too, came home after work, made a quick dinner & got down to sewing…i made many a shirt for my husband…even a faux shearling jacket…LOL!

  6. You are a clever one! I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with a pattern like this, or any pattern for a shirt for that matter. But your shirt is lovely and I’m sure you will wear it a lot!

  7. You are SO TALENTED!
    That is amazing. I’ve only made one dress…I cussed so much that I’ve now stayed away from clothes patterns… you’ve re-inspired me!
    You’ll have to wear some of your creations and show them off the next time you’re down here.

  8. It’s pretty! Garment sewing is not for me so I will just admire what you create. I would like to make a twirly skirt for Punk. I think that’s the most I can handle.

  9. That’s really cute! I am too afraid to make something for myself after a bad home-ec experience in the 7th grade.

  10. Every time I go looking for clothing I despair! I too have monkey arms, and longer legs, so everything mainstream is too short…making me think the only solution is to become my own dressmaker! But I’ve had only spotty success in the past. If I could only finish some of these quilting projects! Your shirt looks gorgeous! Will have to check out that pattern company……

  11. I’m impressed…I gave up sewing clothes when my daughter developed curves! I like straight lines…hence the enjoyment of quilting! :o) Flat and straight! LOL

  12. I have so much respect for people that do garment sewing. Quilting is sooooooooooo much easier. I used to sew things for my daughter to wear when she was little but stopped when she got to an age where she would need zippers and more fitted styles. Love the shirt!!!

  13. I haven’t done any dressmaking for years – but I could be tempted to after seeing your shirt!

  14. OMG I’m totally impressed. I have made some clothes, but nothing this tailored. It’s great! I’ll have to look into the patterns,sounds interesting.
    Can’t wait to see more!

  15. WOW.
    i have a crush on your yellow shirt.

  16. Lovely shirt. you need to show us a few modeled pics of the shirt on you.. I know you like to stay behind the scenes..but, pretty please.. with cherries on top.. :-)

  17. I have not heard of them. Cool, thank you. I use to sew clothes as a kid all the time. I will check them out. CLarice

  18. The shirt turned out great! I’m not one for sewing clothes for myself. You know how you can go into a store and try on a whole bunch of clothes and you don’t like anything? That’s what I think of. Easier to make things that don’t require fitting – unless, of course, it’s for Frannie.

  19. I love your new blouse, so bright and happy and cheery. I don’t know if I would enjoy the pattern as much as you have, it has taken such time and patience to find your way without good instructions. But I guess it’s good to know about the website helps for another time.

  20. This comment has really nothing to do with the post it is attached to ( altho I do love the fabulous blouse)I discovered your blog due to the Christmas train- somebody posted the link to the purse thingies and I got lost in Thimbleanna land- I have been making goofy bags for two weeks now I have finished 3 of my own and taught my sister how to make them and tonight I endeavor to teach my mother! I linked back to them from my blog- mine are not good likenesses of your wonderful tutorial- I tend to not measure and so my bags are not the right size but I love them -oh so much! Thank you for sharing them!

  21. Love!!!

    Sewing clothes that fit is on my list of things to learn this year. I am lacking in the “how to make it fit” department. Bought a book recently. Going to give it a try when I put my crochet hook down. Been having lots of fun.

  22. I love the shirt…I hope you’ll review the other patterns you make from this company…this might get me to make some clothing again…maybe this summer!

  23. a bit congrats to you on your shirt! it looks amazing! i’m thoroughly impressed.

  24. oops. a BIG congrats…it’s not late but dang, i’m tired…

  25. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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