Happy Valentine’s Day!

To heck with the pre-wedding diet — it’s Valentine’s Day so I ate a cupcake!

Valentine Cupcakes

I used the Magnolia Cupcake recipe and it was the maiden voyage of the spiffy new cupcake pan from Williams Sonoma that TheFirstChild and SweetiePie gave me for Christmas. It’s awesome — it holds 24 cupcakes, it fills the whole oven, and I love it!

Valentine Cupcakes

If you’re on a diet, give it a rest and have something fattening today. I hope you very sweet bloggy peeps have a Divine Valentine’s Day!


32 Thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. You devil you! Sure one cupcake cant hurt!
    Loved the boxers!


    And yes, I am yelling. I apologize. I just am very excitable where cupcakes are concerned…

  4. yum!! I’d forget the pre wedding diet too.
    Hope you had a great day.

  5. Yummy! A little pink icing is good for the soul.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Those cupcakes look incredible!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Anna!!! I’m coming over for my cupcake!! Yummy!!!!

  8. OMG those look absolutely scrumptious. YUMMY! Enjoy!

  9. MMMMMMMMMM!! Yummy!! These cupcakes look wonderful!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Yummy, yummy, yum, yum! Hmmmmm good!

    I love your Valentine’s card with the crocheted edges. You are so incredibly talented. :-)

    Smoochies from Thimbles! xxxx

  11. Yummy! Wish I could reach out and grab that cupcake, looks better than the ones at the Bakery. I need one of those cupcake pans too! Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie…

  12. I have to admit that my kids caught me stealing a cupcake last night prior to our party. Ooops! Gotta be more careful next time!

    What a cool pan, Anna! And your cupcakes are adorable!

  13. Yummmmmmm……I saw this earlier today and wished for one of those yummy looking cupcakes!!
    Then after supper the mil brought over some cupcakes- it must have been cupcake karma!

  14. oh wow, they are so beautiful! What lens did you use in the first shot? I would love to make a pile of these for the wedding but I just know I will run out of steam!

  15. Are you sure you ate just one? Those look awfully tempting…

  16. Great list! And the boxers are fun too~

  17. Yummy! I always say I’m going to do fancy piped icing like that and then never do. Can I fill the bag with the stuff out of a can? LOL

    I ate 4 pieces of Godiva chocolate yesterday!

  18. Happy VD to you too! And I’ve done the meme you sent my way. Thanks!

  19. Yum! Happy V day :)

  20. Those look gorgeous! I hope you had a very happy valentine’s day Anna!!! Although I really do think you should join my bunny swap – as you say, your bunny pincushions are perfect! Lucy xxx

  21. Hope you had a wonderful day, those cakes look delicious!

  22. haha – i really should be on a pre-wedding diet myself, but so far, i haven’t been able to curb my sweet-tooth. i think i ate about 3 cupcakes on v-day…haha!

  23. Oh, those cupcakes look so good – sure beat the ones I bought for my grandkids at the grocery store bakery. You take wonderful pictures too! I followed your instructions on creating the link and I did it!!!! Thanks for your help.

  24. Super yummy looking…the heck with diets. I’m having a cupcake too.

  25. That cupcake looks amazing… I almost feel like I can taste it through the screen (though, that may just be wishful thinking).

  26. Happy Valentines Day Anna – one day late :). Hope you enjoyed more than one of those yummo cupcakes. I ate peanut butter cookies instead :)

    Hugs – Karen

  27. A belated Happy Valentine’s Day! (Hmm 2 days!)Yummy cup-cakes! May I have one? But I’m sure they’re all gone! Too late, again!

  28. CUPCAKES!! My favorite!!! I can’t wait to try this recipe. Yours look wonderful.

  29. Miss Jean on February 16, 2008 at 3:50 pm said:

    I love the cupcake pan. Your blog is always so bright and cheery and a breath of fresh air.


  30. If only I could reach into the computer and get one of those cupcakes…I love frosting!

  31. 30 comments! Just for pictures of cupcakes… Hmm.

    My comments are getting a bit thin on the ground recently. Note to self: stop writing about books and start posting pictures of food.

    Happy Valentine’s Day – rather late.

  32. JUst the one cup cake ? I’d have to see how many I could eat until I felt sick !!! Then, and only then would I have the will power to stop eating them !

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