Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I’d just pop in here while I take a break from all the Thanksgiving festivities.  The pies have been made,


the linens have been ironed,


and the table has been set


with one of my favorite projects ever, the Give Thanks tablecloth.  (It’s a project from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine from 4 or 5 years ago — “Give Thanks” and maple leaves are repeated along all the borders of the tablecloth.)


Now, I’m just waiting for the big bird to cook and the family to arrive.


If you’re in the US, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and that you’re fortunate enough to spend it with family and friends!


And P.S.  — when you’re trying to figure out what to do with all those leftovers, don’t forget the Turkey Cranberry Crescent Pinwheels!

48 Thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Your table looks wonderful Anna. I hope you have a fabulous day and great weekend.

  2. Anna, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but I wanted to wish you a wonderful day with your loved ones!

  3. Oh, it all looks lovely! We made pumpkin pie today and one child declared it ‘delicious!’ while the other was happy to help make it but wouldn’t eat any. We also had a little round of ‘what are we thankful for?’ and I told them about the Pilgrim Fathers. Thanksgivings sepnt with friends are some of my favourite memories from our stay in the US. It’s a great holiday – hope yours is lots of fun!

  4. lovely table! have a wonderful day!

  5. yum! Those pies look fabulous, as does your whole table! I just love freshly pressed linens!Enjoy your turkey day – ours was last month, but we’ll be visiting friends in Seattle this weekend!

  6. Have a wonderful day, Anna. Your table looks beautiful – as do the pies. :o)

  7. What a beautiful table and pretty pies!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Everything looks wonderful! Hope your day was as good as your table looks! Pies look mighty good, too. Good thing Thanksgiving only comes once a year, huh?

  9. beautiful table, beautiful linen, beautiful every thing..have a blessed thanksgiving!

  10. Beautiful pies, beautifully-set table, and beautiful table cloth. I hope you had a fantastic feast and a wonderful time with your loved ones!


  11. your table is beautiful!!

  12. OMG!!! Said the piecrust making 16 yo. Your lovely cut-outs for the crust are beautiful. Hope you had a good day enjoying the family.

  13. Everything looks so wonderful and inviting. The pies are absolutely perfct! Hope your day was a wonderful one. Thanks for the cranberry pinwheel recipe. I am going to try it right away!

  14. Your celebration looks just wonderful! I hope you enjoyed your day. I did! Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Happy thanksgiving. The pies look so scrumptious! Yum! Of course we celebrated our thanksgiving in October so turkey season is over here…well at least until Christmas.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Anna! I hope you had a great day!

  17. Hope you had a great day Anna and that you can still move after all the turkey and those yummy looking pies! Love your fancy crust edging! And that is a very nice tablecloth. And that is a lovely centerpiece! And good job on the ironing of the cloth. When you come to my house be prepared for the minimalist look. Lucky to have the tablecloth clean. Ironing would be out of the question. I can cook or I can decorate. No way are the two happening on the same day….unless I want a nervous breakdown! Maybe you could give me lessons, because there’s a decorator inside me screaming for HER turn!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Anna! Your pies look delicious and that centerpiece is gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving. It looks like you had a lovely day. You table and food look fabulous.

  21. What a pretty table! Happy Day :)

  22. Mummm… your pies look yummy and your table just perfect! Hope you had a lovely day.

  23. I hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends. Your centerpiece is beautiful and the Give Thanks tablecloth is perfect.

  24. What a lovely table!

    Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving.

  25. Your table and your pies look wonderful. What a lot of careful preparation has gone into this. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. It would be lovely to have something like ths in the UK.

  26. Anna, your table looks just beautiful and Martha doesn’t have a thing on you when it comes to pies. They are picture perfect. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

  27. Thanksgiving really does sound like a wonderful celebration – so why don’t we have it too???

    Hope you had a fab time!

    Lucy x

  28. Oh what a beautiful table!! And the edges on your pie crust are so amazing…did you cut out little leaves or something? My poor crust did not turn out pretty this year lol! Share your secret please!!!

  29. oh anna! your table is perfectly lovely.
    and i love the new header! you clever girl.
    hope you had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying a relaxing weekend.
    much love,

  30. Happy thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed the family gathering! The table looks absolutely fantastic!

  31. i am certain your thanskgiving was great! your table looked perfect & your pies incredible…
    anna, can you share your pie recipes & the wonderful detailing of your crusts please?
    thanks…& thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with all of us!

  32. Happy Thanksgiving Anna, I’m two days late, but I guess you’re still celebrating?!

    Your table looks so gorgeous!

    Happy weekend!

  33. Beautiful table Anna! And those pies are just amazing!

  34. Anna- Your table is beautiful! I so wish I had been organized enough to snap a photo or two. I love the edges of your pies. So sweet. Those little details just make me squeal with delight. You are my hero. :)

  35. Beautiful table Anna and the pies look great from what I can see of them. I love your tablecloth. We did buffet this year instead of sit down. I think in a few years we’ll be renting a hall :0

  36. Happy belated Thanksgiving. I know it was yummy, enjoy your weekend. Clarice

  37. The pies looks so yummy, your crust is gorgeous. Your photography is so gorgeous, everything looks as though we are right there. I hope you had a really nice time with your loved ones.

  38. Happy belated Thanksgiving, dear T’anna!

    How can you bear to serve food on that lovely white cloth? What if anyone spills something on it? Argh.

    I love the idea of you on a little tractor. I don’t need one in my garden… Actually, is that not Mickey Mouse sitting on that John Deere seat???

  39. Tell me, what can you NOT do Anna? You are the queen. I bow down.

  40. Yum, looks delicious! Love the socks in your earlier post too.

  41. Beautiful table and pies Anna, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  42. Oh my goodness. You and your pie crust!! Go ahead put my ugly butt crust to total shame!! lolol I should go delete that right off my page right now…. Be back in a minute………….

  43. Your pies look delicious and your table amazing. Happy holiday.

  44. oh yum!!!! hubby works for a US firm and for a while most of his team were americans and I miss their thankgsiving parties! My favourite was the one where I was pregnant with keira and just kept eating because I was the only one with expandable pants!!!!!! mmmmmmm pie!

    hope you had fun!

  45. Anna, your table is lovely! Thankfully all I had to do was bake a pie and a cake and my thanksgiving chores were done! Next year will be a different story! Yikes!

  46. A very happy belated Thanksgiving to you and yours Anna.


  47. Oh I do hope you had a happy happy day Anna. Your pies look very lovely (ooer!)

  48. Look at those pies!! And your table is splendiferous! Happy Thanksgiving.


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