Happy Spring!

Yipee! It’s the first day of spring! We love the first day of spring here in ThimbleannaLand because it’s the day our beloved little SecondChild was born and we LOVE him to pieces. (Except, we wish he lived closer {sniff}{sniff})

I’m hoping Spring will bring lots of energy around here and help me get some projects done. I have several on-the-go, but progress appears to be at a snail’s pace. We did complete one big project this week. On Friday, TheManoftheHouse and I went to visit TheFirstChild and SweetiePie, and SweetiePie and I made curtains for the new baby’s room. She’s almost ready for the baby — just a few baby showers and 12 weeks to go!

Here’s the nursery before curtains …

Thimbleanna: Nursery

And after. I love that happy pop of pink!

Thimbleanna: Nursery

SweetiePie has done such a beautiful job on this little room and she’s given a lot of thought to every little detail.  I should have taken more pictures!  There’s another window with the same pink curtains to the left of the picture (behind the glider) and some adorable little book shelves (that used to be spice racks — SweetiePie is SO clever!)  The C on the wall is a hint as to the baby’s probable name. I was thinking they’d have an “F” on the wall —  I’m happily naming her FinallyAGirl because, FINALLY, we have a girl on the way! I checked the family tree, and going back along the male side of the family, there hasn’t been a surviving girl for 150 years — the last one was born in 1865. So, needless to say, it’s going to be all about the PINK around here for awhile!

In other news, while I’ve been working on random projects, lots of fabric has arrived here in ThimbleannaLand.  A few random bolts — the top two are from Sweetwater’s Mama Said Sew Volume II.  I love the super cute little flowers and, of course, I had to have the text fabric.  All my favorite Quilt Shops LOL!  Then, there is a PINK bolt — just because.  It’s from one of my all time favorite fabric collections — Fresh Cut by Basic Gray for Moda.  And, the bottom bolt is just a great neutral, also by Basic Gray.

Thimbleanna: NewFabric1

Then, a few little Easter chicks helped me welcome a few bolts from Blend Fabrics.  This is Born Wild by Ana Davis.  I love these sweet animal prints and I think they’ll make wonderful baby gifts.

Thimbleanna: Fabric

And, finally, for more baby gifts, three new double gauze plaids.  Baby Swaddles coming right up!

Thimbleanna: Fabric

All these prints are available in my etsy shop and hopefully soon, I’ll be sewing with all of them.  FinallyAGirl will be here before we know it!


27 Thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. FinallyAGirl’s room looks adorable ……. can I please be her honorary Scottish Aunt??!! Gorgeous fabrics – and how famous are you, with your name in print!!

  2. cute room and one can’t tell you are excited about getting a grandbaby to fuse over – sorry they do not live close by – I got used to that a long time ago but sure did miss out on a lot – hope you are closer to yours than I am to mine.
    love all the fabric.

  3. Love the baby’s room! Pretty colors and yet not over the top, babyish. SweetiePie has a nice touch. I know that you are all so very excited about the first grandbaby. Special times for sure! Enjoy!
    I wish I was in the mood to sew :( The new fabrics are wonderful.

  4. I can sense the building excitement of the new baby’s arrival! The room looks very pretty

  5. Darling room and I guessing that Grandma is working on some quilts for the crib too. I’m so JEALOUS!

  6. That splash of pink in C’s nursery is just perfect. How exciting to think just 12 weeks left!

    Happy BIRTH-day to you Mama!

  7. Oh how exciting for you! The baby’s room is sooooo adorable.

  8. Happy birthday to your son. The baby’s room looks lovely. I think the pink curtains are perfect, they really warm up the whole space. How exciting to be expecting a girl after all this time. My husband’s side of the family had a similar experience when we had our daughter – she was the first girl born in his dad’s family in about 100 years! I never met that woman but I’m told our daughter is just like her. :)

  9. Such a pretty nursery!! Can you believe it’s only 12 weeks to go! How awesome to have your name included in that fabric!!

  10. Wow, I can’t believe there haven’t been any girls for 150 years. That’s really interesting if you think that statistically there should be about the same number of girls and boys. Well, that means you are a special family. And I can imagine how exited you all must be about the newest member of the family. The nursery is so cute and it’s evident how much that little girl is already loved! Cool fabrics, especially the one with your shop name on it!

  11. Wow, very exciting, and your name in the fabric!!!

  12. ah, the room looks adorable xxxx

  13. How have you got your name on a fabric??? Gosh. The room looks lovely but what’s a glider? I mean, it’s a plane that glides through the sky but other than that?

  14. that nursery is adorable but where are you sleeping>\??? ;p

  15. SweetiePie has done a gorgeous job with the nursery!! So sweet. Your new fabrics are lovely – particularly the type print with Your Name!!!

  16. What a sweet room! I pray that each and every thing about her is perfect in every way. She will be a blessing, I’m sure.

    And. You tempted me. I DO NOT NEED fabric. But that quilt shop name is too special to resist. I had to order some. ;)

  17. Jewels on March 21, 2016 at 6:53 pm said:

    Anna, I am so terribly excited for you and your family! A GIRL!!!!!! Yippee!!!! The nursery is so sweet and all the fun fabrics. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful projects you will be making. xoxo Jewels

  18. Frannie Fimbres on March 21, 2016 at 10:34 pm said:

    So very adorable! Our daughter too was a long-awaited girl and did not disappoint. Much love. So happy for everyone!!!

  19. Mary Ann on March 21, 2016 at 11:54 pm said:

    So sweet with out being too much, that SweetiePie is so clever. And a wonderfully calm room for your new Princess to thrive in! I am so excited for you all Anna. I loved doing the projects for our granddaughters nurseries and it always delights me when they bring me something to fix, “Nana will fix it”! the only mending I do is dress up clothes that have been too well loved or a dance recital costume that needs a tuck here and a hem there. You have so much joy coming your way.
    I will certainly need some of the fabric with my famous friend’s name…how fun! And today the 21st is my first born ( well, only son’s) birthday. ????

  20. What an absolutely adorable room! I love it all! Couldn’t you just spend a lot of time in there? Great job on the curtains! And the new fabrics are just adorable too. You are going to be busy!!! Grandma Thimble!

  21. Grandma Anna! :) – Congratulations – how exciting.
    The baby’s room looks really pretty, I love the pink curtains, make a big difference.
    And your little shop is now a celebrity with it’s name on a fabric, wow, I must order some from your shop
    I’ll send you some private email message ;)
    Happy Easter!

  22. Oh what a sweet room to welcome your precious girl grandbaby. It looks cute and cozy.
    what awesome fabrics – love the text too of course.
    Happy Spring!

  23. The baby’s room was pretty to begin with but the curtains add such a wonderful finishing touch. Exciting times for you all!

  24. Such a lovely baby room! And awesome fabrics!

  25. Oh I’m loving Finallyagirl’s adorable sweet room. Sweetie pie did a great job of creating a beautiful room to bring that precious blessing home. Isn’t it exciting to think about the pink overload to come lol. Loving the new fabrics to.

  26. Such a perfect baby’s room, what a great job Sweetie pie did! How wonderful to have this little baby girl to look forward to and a gorgeous room all ready for her.
    Your new fabrics all look lovely too…and your name printed there…how exciting.
    Happy Spring!
    Helen xox

  27. What a great nursery!! I’m so excited for you and your family!!

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