Happy New Year!

Well, Happy New Year!!! As is our tradition, we like to have the animals appear in their Happy New Year portrait. This year, Scruff (aka TheEmptyNestChild) is the star of the show.  (Mostly because I can’t find Paul — he’s been hiding because we’ve had so many “visitors” in and out in the last few weeks.)

Thimbleanna: Happy

The other tradition is to look back on the previous year in sewing, knitting and travel. It was a rough year here in ThimbleannaLand boys and girls, so there’s not a whole lot to show for it. ;-(

Thimbleanna: 2016

Luckily, we had our new little FinallyAGirl make her appearance in June, which cheered up the whole sad year!  Most of my sewing and knitting centered around our sweet little cherub.  The only travel was three trips to Utah last year — sadly, one trip was to take our beloved BigDaddy back home for the final time, and the other two trips were for quilt market and just a fun family get-away.

Have you seen these fun Letter Folk Co boards?  They recently posted this picture on Instagram, and with the exception of the arrival of FinallyAGirl, it pretty much sums up my feelings about 2016:

Thimbleanna: Letter Folk

I’m really looking forward to 2017 and hoping it will be a whole lot less busy with mundane responsibilities and a whole lot more fun with lots of sewing and knitting.  Crossing fingers!  I suspect Utah trips will continue as our FinallyAGirl will be moving there later this year and this Grandma will be distraught!  I must sharpen my facetime skills LOL!

Now I’m off to contemplate projects for this year.  Have you noticed that Meredithe and Anne are having a 17 UFOs in 2017 challenge?  I’ve been reading about it on several blogs and smugly thinking that I hadn’t let my UFOs get THAT out of control.  But, silly me — I was tidying up a teeny bit in the sewing room this morning and several UFOs that I’d forgotten about were lying around — who knows how many I would find if I really cleaned up down there???  It’s a very sad state of affairs!!!  Must. Get. Busy.

Happy New Year — May 2017 bring you lots of love, happiness and time to do all the fun stuff that you can dream about!

19 Thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope 2017 is a happy and healthy year for all of you.

  2. I have seen so many that have 17 UFO’s to conquer – luckily I do not fall into that category and will not be taking part! Hope this is a good year for you!

  3. 17 UFO’s? No problem… I’m taking part in a UFO club at my LQS and it really helps to make a dent in the pile of UFO’s. The problem is that I start making new quilts!
    A happy and healthy year for you and yours!!

  4. Happy New Year. I agree with your sign about the door. It was an up and down year for sure. Sounds like you are on your way to a good new year. I agree too about the UFO’s. Just read one blog where they counted all the projects they did do. Maybe that is where we should go. Maybe too, the good fairy will come along and finish our UFO’s!! One can only hope!. Take care of yourself, and let the adventures begin.

  5. i’m with you and the sign – that was NOT the greatest year, was it? sigh…

    you would love it here today, though – lots and lots of snow … someday i am gonna look out and say, “it’s so pretty!” … but that day is NOT today…

  6. I hope amongst all your duties, you get some time to sew ….. and make some progress on those UFOs!!

  7. Oh no! FinallyAGirl is moving away??!! How will you bear it?

    You know you don’t have to have 17 UFO’s to join in – just count the ones you’ve found and put them up! Here’s to a better year in 2017!! xx

  8. I hope you find some happy times in 2017 x

  9. Sweet Scruff! He reminds me every time of our dear departed Casper…
    Seems to me you have a lot to show for 2016, or maybe that’s just by comparison with me -Ha! Such beautiful quilts, an angelic baby girl, cutest bunny ever, finished socks (one of my UFOs is a pair I started at least five yrs. ago) sweet baby sweaters. And now you tell me there’s another 2017 UFO challenge? I may have to up my game from the twelve I was planning. I thought at first I might not be able to fill all twelve slots but, a preliminary “dig” in my sewing room brought all sorts of artifacts to the surface….time to let the needles fly!

    Hope it’s a great new year in Thimbleanna Land….

  10. Scruff is a cute face to welcome in the New Year!
    I love all your sewing and knitting accomplishments. FinallyAGirl will be so blessed with the goodies from her Grandma’s workshop. Let’s march into 2017 with our chins up and our smiles glowing and our thimbles at the ready!

    God bless!

  11. Happy New Year Anna & Scruff
    I do hope it is a better one for all of us!
    I love your whale picture!!

  12. Happy New Year Anna! Wishing you the best that 2017 has to offer! Cheers!

  13. Happy New Year to you too, dear Anna! 2016 has been an emotional year for you! I hope that 2017 will turn out to be a good one for all of us!

  14. Happy New Year, ThimbleAnna! Big hugs sent your way-missed popping on to my friends’ blogs! Too many work changes/added responsibilities, family things, etc. Now I’m making time again and am glad to be back to see you! Here’s to a better 2017!!

  15. Onto a wonderful 2017,…….

  16. It’s not been my favorite year either, Anna. 2017 is going to be a much better year – I can just feel it!

    I have so many projects underway, but that is usual. What is not usual is that it’s taking me so long to get them finished! I’ll do better. I. Will. Do. Better.

    Happy New Year!

  17. Oh my how I love kitty pictures, and how kind of you to *draw* the hat on! So sad to hear grandbaby will be moving!! Many condolences.

  18. brigita on January 9, 2017 at 10:13 am said:

    Happy New Year Annabanana. lots of changes for you. i want you to know… after all these years, that it’s not your wit, awesome sense of humor, gigantic skill set, acceptable vocabulary, travel agenda, photography skills, or friendship that keeps me coming back…. you are so effin’ amazing because at the end of the day, you ALWAYS do the right things for the right reasons. thanks for being such an incredible human. the put the rest of us to shame.
    i would like you better if you could be my baby’s other mimi, but i’ll get over it.

  19. Happy New Year, dear Anna (and thanks for the lovely card and photo). I have no UFOs (she said, smugly). (Ok, I have very few FOs, either.)

    I’m deciding that 2017 is going to be better than 2016. (Mind you, I may be being optimistic.)

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