Halloween Socks

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, prayers and wishes for BigDaddy. He gets a little stronger everyday, and in classic recovery mode, he has up days and down days. Mostly up though, and I’m amazed at his strength. As long as we have two steps forward to each one backward, we’ll eventually get there. Patience is a virtue!

In the meantime, as I said in my last post, there’s been hospital knitting. Just a few days before all the excitement, I purchased some Halloween yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Company. It’s funny, at the time, I was worried that I wouldn’t get the socks done in time for this Halloween.

Halloween Socks

I had envisioned taking some fun pictures outdoors in all the fall leaves, but a) there’s no time to be outside right now and, b) it’s ugly, ugly, ugly weather out there this week. (Sending big hugs to everyone in the path of Sandy, btw.)

Halloween Socks

So, I took a few pumpkins to BigDaddy and we had a little hospital room photo fun.

Halloween Socks

I used my favorite Ann Norling pattern and followed the sock tips that I wrote up in this post.

Halloween Socks

I know it’s kind of weird to take your sock photos in a hospital room.  But hey — I think it was meant to be.  Did you know hospital rooms have automatic sock dryers???

Halloween Socks

I was thinking they might be a good addition to my laundry room. ;-P

Happy Halloween Everyone!

39 Thoughts on “Halloween Socks

  1. brigette on October 30, 2012 at 5:57 pm said:

    first commenter!!! i think i win socks. i’m a 6.5

  2. That’s some serious sock goodness there, Anna! Love them.

  3. First, I love the socks. Second, I love that you had a photo shoot in a hospital. With mini-pumpkins.

  4. Sending big daddy lots of love from Ireland xxxx

  5. You are going to be fine. As long as you can laugh in the hospital room, it will all be okay. Trust me. I know. Love and lots of hugs!!!

  6. So happy to hear that your Dad is making progress. I’m sure your hospital room antics are keeping him in good spirits, too!
    I love the socks! I haven’t knitted any in several years but this yarn is tempting me. The Ann Norling pattern always was mt favorite, too.

  7. You must be the zaniest hospital visitor ever! How could your dad not get better with you cheering him on and pressing the poor sick man into service as a photographer! He obviously has an eye for a well turned witch’s ankle…..Cute socks!

  8. I was sorry to read about what your Dad is going thru, but I’m so happy that he is on the mend and getting better. Sending lots of prayers your way!

    Your socks are the best! And I’ll never look at an IV stand the same again. LOL

  9. Thank you so much for this post! After seeing what has been going on in my area and being home alone for the last few days while Sandy swirled around me, it was so nice to smile!

  10. You crack me up… So glad Big Daddy is doing better. Love your socks. Christmas socks in your future? :)

  11. Your Halloween Socks photo session is hilarious! Glad BigDaddy is on the mend!! Happy Halloween Anna!

  12. The socks are lovely and I love the automatic sock dryers. I perhaps I should let the NHS know that they could be selling there services for this….

    Happy Halloween!

  13. I’m so glad that your dad continues to improve, Anna. Your Hallowe’en socks are fab! :o)

  14. Love your halloween socks. We just finished our trick or treating. Glad to hear that Big Daddy is on the mend, slowly but surely!

  15. Brilliant… just love them!

  16. I am sorry to hear your dad is in Hospital. I hope he will recover soon.
    Your socks rock!!
    I wish you a happy halloween andd all the best for your dad

  17. I have just a little bit of time before work to wish you a very happy halloween and hope that things are getting better with your dad and that he’s doing well. Hugs!

  18. Cute post…and the socks turned out great. Glad to hear BigDaddy continues to mend.

  19. So happy that BigDaddy is doing well. The socks? Too cute along with the photoshoot. Love the sock dryer too. ;)

  20. my dadlovesmysisterbest on October 31, 2012 at 9:12 am said:

    Who took these photos? I could have done them for you! The socks turned out really cute. Maybe we could use your new found drying rack to hang up a few of the therapists!!

  21. Wow, you’ve been busy, but in such a different way than you’d thought you would be, no doubt. I’m sorry BigDaddy has been through so much (as have the rest of you). But I’m glad he is on the mend.
    Your socks are hilarious, and I think sock modeling is a perfect hospital room activity. They say Laughter is the Best Medicine.

  22. More love and hugs for you and BigDaddy!! And much, much sock love …… and what a fabulous photo-shoot!

  23. I bet your Dad was laughing his “socks” off watching you take pictures in the hospital! They look fab!

  24. What perfect Halloween socks and I love that you took all the photos in the hospital – I bet watching that photo session that really cheered your Dad up :o)

  25. Every time I see a lovely pair of socks that you knit together, I vow to learn to knit. But, as you know, I’ve tried and I suck. Hahaha. I will try again. Love the socks on the IV pole. Made me laugh.

  26. Love, love, love those socks! So festive! You are so creative! Wish I had 1/8th of your creativity! You’re amazing! Hoping your dad is doing much better! Hugs!

  27. Oh they are fab and that just might be the best photo shoot ever.

  28. Oh Anna…..being gone and so behind on everything bloggy, and to read about your dad…so glad he is doing better and you know all my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you all. Very, very cute socks, and girl you take wonderful picutres always, even in the hospital.
    BIG (hugs) to you all.

  29. Been following this thru your posts, I haven’t much inspiring to say except best wishes to Big Daddy to keep forging ahead….

  30. Oh, Anna, I am so sorry your beloved Daddy went through this and happy he is on the mend. I’m adding my prayers to those already going up. The twists and turns that life gives us just makes us all the more thankful for each and every moment spent together. I sure love your socks and your sense of humour–just the right medicine.

  31. Hey Sister! I’m in love with your socks. They are perfect! I’m also so sorry to hear about your Dad, but so happy that he’s doing better! It just makes me so angry to hear that you had to fight the medical system to get them to not give up on your dad. You and your sister are good daughters!! I know your dad is such a blessing to you, and I’m praying for many many more healthy years with him! xoxo

  32. Jewels on November 1, 2012 at 6:33 pm said:

    OMG!!!!!! I adore the socks, soooooooo darn perfect. xoxo

  33. Love the socks! Bet BigDaddy got a laugh from your antics!!

  34. You’re a funny li’l pumpkin head. Love those socks!

  35. Glad you are doing okay and in good spirits. I totally love the socks. Great photos, too! Hope BigDaddy is still doing well!

  36. Oh Anna..I was away and no computer and totally missed your dad’s (and family’s) ordeal. I am so happy to hear that things are looking up and that he’s doing so much better. What a blessing that he had you and your sister in his corner fighting the system for him. Everyone in the hospital needs an advocate and you did an awesome job. Take care!

  37. Anna, I am keeping your family in my prayers. You are the first blog I ever followed and I have really appreciated your willingness to share your ideas and creativity with the world. Thank you for sharing your trials too. You are amazing!

  38. Love that you gave your touch to your dad’s room! Haha love the sock dryer! Just learning about your dad – hugs, love and good thoughts being sent your way!! XXXOOO!!!

  39. So glad to hear Big Daddy is doing a bit better each day. I will say a prayer for him … and for the rest of your family.

    Love the socks and the sock dryer!! Heehee

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