Good Luck Comes in Threes

Well, Hello! I’m back from my week’s travel, it’s a beautiful sunny Saturday, and I’ve got goodies to show you. I’ve been a very lucky girl in the last several weeks and I’ve received some adorable gifts that I’m so excited about that I can’t keep them to myself.

First up, that oh-so-sweet Mrs. Farmhouse sent me some awesome eggs made out of old quilts. I LOVE them! They came all wrapped up in a clear plastic bag and I could hardly bear to unwrap them. It was necessary though, in order to get a decent photo without plastic-glare. Aren’t they cool? I had never seen anything like them and I love them (oh sorry, I already said that — I think I’m saying love too much too, but oh well — I mean it!) I love the tag that came with them too. I’m thinking I’ll surely have to leave them out year round.

Quilted Eggs

And what the heck??? Look who jumped into that bowl with those eggs. An Easter-Annie! I’m sure I don’t even need to tell you where she came from — but I will anyway — it was non other than Ms. Sharon! She’s soooo cute — I’m crazy about her! Look at the little easter bunnies on her dress.  Both of these gifts were totally unexpected and I’m SO touched to have received them.

Quilted Eggs & Annie

(Naturally, TheEmptyNestChild thinks EasterAnnie is for him…you may remember he loves stuffies. Have no fear however, EasterAnnie will be safely placed out of his reach!)

Annie & Scruff

And last, but certainly not least, last summer I signed up for a PIF from the Fabulous Mrs. Locket and it arrived this week!!! She sent me a famous Locket Wallet, an adorable pincushion (with an embroidered depiction of her little Fred selling cakes) and some English tea. (The tea was an incredibly considerate alternative to candy — since we’re both watching the goodie intake.  And may I just say that Ms. Locket has been much more successful than me!)

Pocket Love

I Lurve my little wallet and pincushion. How cute is that cupcake fabric??? It’s the perfectly sized wallet for outings with my little felted purse — my normal wallet is too big.

Inside Wallet

And look how cool — I was worried about where to store coins with this little wallet, but it has a zipper on the back with a pocket that will be just perfect. I love the cupcakes, the pink, the polkies — just everything about this little wallet.

Outside Wallet

So, thank you, thank you to all of you….Karen, Sharon, and Lucy! You’re all wonderful real-imaginary friends and I HEART all of you! I would say your kindness has rendered me speechless, but clearly I’m still talking. It’s had that same effect though, on the heart, and I’m very grateful to all of you!

Now, I’ll leave you with a pic of sweet little EasterAnnie. I thought it was funny how that fickle EmptyNestChild left her (see his tail as he walks away?) She’s still happy though LOL!


Have a great weekend!


Oh, P.S. If you want to see some more cuteness, check out this little owl. Aaaccckkkk! And, if you’re in the US, don’t forget that this week is cupcake week on Martha. Here’s a link to a cupcake promo — I hope this means some of the recipes for the cupcakes shown will be on the show this week.  ;-)

34 Thoughts on “Good Luck Comes in Threes

  1. I’m so pleased you like your goodies but I don’t think they are anywhere near as nice as your quilt eggs and Easter Annie (she is gorgeous and I don’t normally like Raggedy-Annie’s that much – I think it is the eyes!!!)

    Lovely people get lovely presents I’ve found!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lucy xxx

  2. Hello Anna, I am new to your blog and what a wonderful blog you have. I am so looking forward too looking around at your posts. Have a lovely day Clarice

  3. As the very lucky owner of 3 (yup,3!!!) of Locket’s wallets I have to say, they really are perfect and they wash beautifully too!! I’m on my rose one right now but may change to my bunny one or my Russian Doll one sometime soon :)

    Easter Annie is sooo cute! Your old eggs are so beautiful – I love the gently faded fabric!

    Lovely post Anna :)


  4. How lovely to receive gifts from our “pretend friends” “just because” and to give them “just because”!! Makes the world out there seem a much friendlier place!

    I ordered an angel annie for my mom and have an annie waiting for me in Oregon, how generous of Sharon to send you one!

    I love the quilt eggs!!

  5. So many beautiful gifts. I love them all but especially those adorable Easter Eggs. Gorgeous picture of your kitty. Another new friend for Oliver?

  6. just beautiful – lucky you. I just love the little Easter Annie and the eggs – they are just amazing.

  7. isn’t it just the best feeling to receive these gifts? I know my recent package has thrilled me no end, and I love to give too…those eggs look so pretty, such special fabric and that cute Raggy Anne! I like the comment that says that lovely people get lovely gifts!

  8. You lucky girl to get so many gifts, they are all gorgeous. I love the awesome eggs, I look at mine all the time. I gotta find out how to make that great wallet.

  9. love all your presents you have received………very lucky……..

  10. I love your third photo….looks like your EmptyNestChild is giving the dolly a cuddle. Very cute! And lucky you! So many presents.

  11. You tell the EmptyNestChild to be very gentle with Miss Annie. LOL!!! Love the wallet and those eggs. OMG they are adorable. Very old looking indeed. Congrats on the gifties. You deserve them. Your a sweetie too you know. Oh yes you are Ms.Thimble.

  12. You must be doing the happy dance! Receiving all this lovely stuff! The little easter Annie is adorable and suits the easter eggs perfect!
    I am also a lucky owner of Mrs.Lockets great little wallets! Enjoy it!

  13. So much loveliness. Eggs from an old quilt, what a wonderful idea! Easter Annie is the cutest and Lucy is famous for her wallets! Enjoy your wonderful gifts!

  14. oh that Annie…
    I -heart- her.

  15. Well it looks like I wasn’t the only one to have a lucky weekend!! So so darling. Such great stuff. Its fun, big or small, to get nice surprises and gifts. What fun.

  16. That cupcake fabric is adorable!! What a great haul!

    And your blue linen napkins from last post were gorgeous!!

  17. Wow, I’ll bet you are feeling lucky!! Those gifts are all absolutely adorable, what wonderful mail you’ve had to open!

  18. What a lot of lovely loot! The emptynestchild could be Caper’s brother!

  19. Wonderful goodies from your friends! Love that little doll.
    I went to visit the owl- how wonderful!

  20. What lovely pressies you got, it is just like Christmas isn’t it?! The kind of mail that’s always a pleasure to receive!

  21. Teresa on March 31, 2008 at 10:17 am said:

    I just kept say ahhhhh, ohhhh, how cute, while reading your blog this morning. Some really nice gifts for a nice lady from her super friends.

  22. Everything is adorable. Love the eggs!

  23. I love the eggs, Easter-Annie, wallet, and pincushion; all are beautiful. What wonderful packages to greet you on your return home. Now you can sit back, drink your lovely new English tea, and just enjoy the wonders of these gifts.

  24. I’ve been away so am catching up – what a lovely family you have (though in Sweet Pea’s case, he does look a little sticky. Happy birthday to him anyway, belatedly.

    I don’t really understand what showers are. We don’t have such things. Parties to which everyone brings a present, it seems? Anyway, it looked like a wonderful day.

  25. Dare I say it? That wallet is cute as cake :)

  26. Those old eggs are divine, do you have any left?

  27. What wonderful, beautiful,lovingly-made surprises. I LOVE them too.


  28. What wonderful goodies! I especially like the new from old aspect of the eggs. Great idea, and the Annie and the wallet – everything!! Just gorgeous. I’m happy for you.

  29. Wow! Aren’t you the lucky one!! What great “mailbox candy” you’ve been getting…I love it all!

  30. Moog on April 2, 2008 at 6:48 pm said:

    You certainly are lucky to have such friends – what treasures! I have a Raggedy Old Annie made by Nicole Ellison – those little darlin’s are so sweet. Isn’t it amazing how our circle of friends increases with the web?!? BTW – it’s sunny in Portland, OR; we’re all confused as to what to make of it since we had snow over the weekend.

  31. The EmptyNestChild is so precious and you sure got a couple of great shots. Love the one with only a snippet of him. Hopefully he will be good to Annie. Lots of fun things in the mail recently for you.

    Happy Spring Sister – Mrs. Farmhouse

  32. Those eggs are fantastic! And Annie looks like she enjoys getting groomed by the kitty. :)

  33. I can see why you are loving all the wonderful presents you received! I LOVE them all, too! You are most deserving, so says I.
    I love the bowl the eggs are nestled into – MINE! I know – NOT mine! (A girl can dream…)
    The pic of Annie and kitty is the sweetest ever. I’m smiling now!

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