Gingerbread Houses 2012

Thank you for all the sweet wishes for TheSecondChild’s speedy recovery from his cat bite. He’s gone home now and all seems to be back to normal — or so he tells me. It was certainly a memorable Christmas for us — I’ll always remember it for the chaos. I was even so distracted that I forgot the dinner rolls for Christmas dinner. The shame! We got a beautiful snow on the 26th — and to prove that bad luck comes in threes, SweetiePie capped off our string by having a little fenderbender in the storm. All these pesky little inconveniences — but everyone is fine, so we really can’t complain!

How is your between week going? Are you finding any time to relax? This is one of my favorite weeks of the year — we have snow, no work, and I even had time to go take a fun little knitting class — more about that later. In the meantime, I’ve made it through pictures of our 2012 Gingerbread competition.

Team 5: TheSecondChild, CuteNiece2, and BestFriendofFirstandSecondChild. I’m not sure what was going on with this team, but I can say that we had to censor part of their house. Too political for our happy little blog here. As you can see, the topic involved taxes — very timely for the fiscal cliff mayhem going on in Washington now.  They did have some very cute touches — unfortunately, you don’t get to see them all LOL!


Team 4: TheFirstChild and TheManoftheHouse. What is it with these men? These guys almost had to be censored too. They decided to tease the aforementioned BestFriend about a blurry picture that was taken of him dancing with a girl a few weeks ago. They blew up the picture and recreated the bar — changing the bar name from 8 Seconds Saloon to 8 Sexonds. Naughty Naughty. They did have some fun touches though — a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a bucking bronco in the corner, a raised “wood” (ahem, shredded wheat) dance floor, and horses hitched outside.


Team 3: MyDadLovesMeBestSister, CuteNiece1 and BigDaddy. MyDadLovesMeBestSister is always very creative with her candy. They started out by creating a nativity scene with a manger and horses in the center of the house. Then, something happened and they changed their plan. Maybe making a statement not to worry about their house? They created the Don’t Worry Be Happy House. I love the sprinkles on their roof, the dog with his pile of dog bones, and their cute little people with the wild, colorful hair!


After the first round of voting, there was a tie for the Team1 and Team 2 houses.
Team2: CrazyBIL, CuteNephew, and CuteNephew’sGirl. CrazyBIL always decides to create alternate shapes with his houses and he ends up carving up the gingerbread pieces. They created a prison this time. Where did that come from LOL??? Maybe, everyone is getting tired of trying to think up new themes??? Anyway, they were very clever with the details. Note the spaghetti window bars and rails for the fences.  And orange jumpsuits for the prisoners. They even had an escaped prisoner who ended up in a pool of blood. Very fun!


Team1: SweetiePie and Me. In honor of our trip to the UK this past summer, it seemed only fitting that we would make a UK house, don’t you think? We briefly thought about crumbling a bunch of gingerbread to make a mountain with exhausted climbers in the snow on the top.  But then, we decided to go more decorative instead. That’s Big Ben in case you can’t tell, LOL. We tried to make The Eye out of pretzels, but it wouldn’t hold, so I piped some frosting on a cookie sheet and baked it at 200 degrees for 10 or 15 minutes. I was quite surprised when it worked.  Anyway, SweetiePie very cleverly created the rows of bobbies and a double decker bus.  Then she created a river and we made a mini London bridge.


Can you guess which house won in the run-off? It was Big Ben — Yay! I’m starting to think people vote for my houses as a reward for all the time I spend baking the gingerbread parts before Christmas. Either way, it’s very nice of them!
So, that’s it for another year.  Thanks for your visit — I hope you’re ready for New Year’s and that you’re having some fun this week!

36 Thoughts on “Gingerbread Houses 2012

  1. You all get more creative year by year. It’s just not Christmas until I see what gingerbread houses you guys come up with! What fun!!!!

  2. Oh you KNOW I was waiting for this post and I was NOT disappointed at all. Oh how the minds work in this fun contest – it’s always fun to see what they come up with – love the prison and the detail lol. Yours is amazing and deserved to win – great detail. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy what’s left of 2012 – can you believe 2013 is just around the torner – not a type there – thats what we say instead of corner :).

    Hugs – mrs. Farmhouse

  3. I always love your gingerbread competition. I love yours, of course. My favorite part is the London Eye ;0
    Enjoy your quiet week off

  4. Another wonderful gingerbread contest!!! I love each and everyone….you guys are one ceative group of gingerbreaders… others before me I always look forward to this post. Sorry about the bumps and bite, but so glad everyone is OK.

  5. oh wow. how do you manage to outdue yourselves each year? i can only imagine how much fun you all have doing this!best wishes for the new year to you and your family Anna!

  6. Goodness, I’ve only just caught up with TSC’s cat bite. How alarming! So far I’ve never worried about being attacked by our furry friends. So glad he’s recovering.

    I’m offended that you did Big Ben and not Edinburgh Castle… but glad you won.

  7. I love seeing the annual gingerbread competition! You are such a creative bunch!!

  8. What a wonderful tradition!. . . I just love you gingerbread ‘houses’ (. . . even ‘the bighouse’!). . . & yea that UK won! – I loved all your details. I hope you have nice relaxing start to 2013! xo, Bren

  9. I always look forward to your yearly contest. It’s so much fun to see the creativity that goes into making your gingerbread houses. I love yours especially. Thanks for the information on the bunny pincushions too. :)

  10. What? Of COURSE they vote for you because your house always rock! Although, I did like the prison…blood and all. ;p

  11. What a creative family you have. I think team 1 and 2 did a fantastic job, and congrats to you for winning. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and have a very wonderful new year too.

  12. Every last one of these makes ours look even more shitastic this year. LOLOL

  13. I always live the gingerbread houses! This has been a very relaxing between week for me. Happy New Year!

  14. I look forward to this post every year and you didn’t disappoint :) Team 1 definitely would have got my vote! What a great project.

  15. oh my! what a great tradition. love it. x

  16. i sometimes wonder if the whole internet waits for this post every year….job well done !!!

  17. I always enjoy the unveiling! :) I look forward each year to seeing the photos of the competition! What a great tradition! Happy new year, thimbleanna!

  18. Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t let us down lol and I have to say you’ve done us Brits proud ha ha. Happy New Year to you all x

  19. brigette on December 31, 2012 at 1:35 pm said:

    yours was by far the best. i think WE should be voting!!!! nicely done miss anna b. happy new year!!

  20. Gwen Taylor on December 31, 2012 at 2:45 pm said:


  21. linda noblog on December 31, 2012 at 6:07 pm said:

    hi anna,
    i have resurfaced to wish you & those you hold dear a peaceful 2013 filled with tranquility, kindness & happiness… enjoyed in good health!

  22. Scandal and mayhem! Sounds like a very eventful holiday season at your house! I believe you won the gingerbread contest due to making the cutest house :)

  23. I love the Big Ben gingerbread! I think you and SweetiePie made the best house – but I did like the prison too! I love the soldiers in their bearskin hats – very clever.

    Hope you had a lovely New Year! To a great 2013!

  24. How fun! That’s such a great tradition. You have a very creative and imaginative family.

    I hope you all have a fabulous and healthy 2013!

  25. LOL! I just love your family’s gingerbread derby! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And although your house probably would have garnered my vote, there is doubt… those censored shots may have influenced me to change my mind… ;-)

  26. Another fabulous gingerbread house time! Well done to all, but congratulations to the winners – it all looked just like your photos of London!!!! Thanks for sharing this fun time – I love it!

  27. Wow!!!! LOVE your London house! Girls did a gingerbread house this year which was gorgeous but yours is brilliant! Just having a bit of a catch up……empty house while everyone else is away. Am about to go and read about the cat bite! Happy New Year…..hope to chat soon. X

  28. I love the creativity and the political expression you all have! Loved your British themed Houses of Parliament and all the London extras. Way to go Girls!

  29. Loved seeing all the houses! Your London one was beautiful and what wonderful details. The prison one totally made me laugh out loud. Very clever!

  30. Fantastic! lol How much fun you all must have.

  31. Its not Christmas without your Gingerbread House post!!!
    I love the disco ball and the horses, the people with wild, colourful hair and the spaghetti bars, but the London one is the best!!! :)

  32. I was waiting for this post and I love how the men in the family get into the spirit of fun. They are all wonderful!

  33. Every year I shake my head at this art that I simply don’t have a talent for. I always marvel at the outcome. The british flag on the roof is genius!

  34. Mary ann on January 4, 2013 at 12:20 am said:

    Everyone out did themselves this year, again! Love all the humor and the jail cracked me up big time, especially the pool of blood. Thanks for sharing with us all Anna.

  35. When I sat down post-holiday to catch up with blogs my first thought was..’wonder how the gingerbread houses turned out this year’!

  36. What great houses everyone made. I love their sense of humor. I could hang out with you all. ;-)

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