February Recipe Box Swap

Oh well, once again, it’s the first Thursday of the month so that means it’s time for another recipe box swap.


Our hostess, Randi, at I Have to Say, has chosen Fun Foods as our theme this month. In my book,

Fun = Easy.

For fun and easy, I have one Go To snack … but wait, how many of you remember THIS commercial? (And while we’re sidetracked here, can someone please tell me how to embed a video into a wordpress blog? I’ve done it before, but I can’t seem to make it work. ???)

I’ve always loved that commercial.  It’s one of my favorites — that’s one of the few old commercials I can actually remember (and now, through the magic of YouTube, I can re-live my childhood commercial experience — woohoo!)

Rice Krispy Treats

Rice Krispy Treats are one of my very favorite FUN foods.  Kellog’s Cereal company feels the same way, because if you go to their website, you’ll find lots of fun things to do with Rice Krispy treats.  (And, apparently Judy and I think alike too, because she has posted a recipe for Scotcharoos — Rice Krispy Treats on steriods.)

And, because the hardest part about making Rice Krispy Treats is throwing flour all over yourself, I wanted to show you another of my favorite fun foods that you’ve probably already seen.

Pear Bunny Salad

The Pear Bunny Salad.  MeMum used to make this little salad for us all the time when we were little.  It’s so simple to make.  Put a pear half on a piece of lettuce.  Add a cottage cheese tail, raisin eyes, almond slice ears, and a red hot nose.  The cottage cheese and pear are a perfect compliment and one bite sends me instantly back to my childhood.

Pear Bunny Salad

So.  A little weekend sewing coming up.  I hope you have some fun plans too — and if not, make some Rice Krispy Treats and turn it into a fun weekend!


36 Thoughts on “February Recipe Box Swap

  1. Your bunnies are so cute. Too bad I can’t stand the texture of cottage cheese. yech! No sewing for me this weekend, 2 bact to back days of training! (blisters willing) woo hoo I can’t be inspiring you with all this awful blister talk though! Can’t wait to see what you sew!

  2. Ok, remember I said I’d try anything once, let’s just say love pears. love cottage cheese. really love Rice Krispy Treats!

  3. Oh ya those little pear and cottage cheese salads bring back great memories. Grandma didn’t like lettuce salads so she always made these when we had dinner over there – nothing fancy like your little bunny, but still Dee-Lish. Thanks for a great memory. That commercial cracks me up and I do remember it and I love those treats myself – only on the first day tho – when there fresh – then watch out sister I indulge, LOL

    Hugs – Karen

  4. Love the pear bunnies.

    We had canned pears for dinner tonight. I don’t think my 4 year old remembers having them before and he thought I’d gone gourmet on him.

    Wait til he gets a load of those bunnies…


  5. Wha a coincidence – I have just finished having some salad for lunch that included pear and cottage cheese. If only I had read your post first – I could have played with my food to make it more fun!!

  6. funnt thing, rice krispi treats are on my valentine’s to do list. yummm!!! the bunny is super cute byw

  7. Hi!!! What yummy treats! Thanks for sharing! Those pear mice are darling. I know how to embed on blogger, but not this blog site, sorry! :)

  8. My mom used to make us little pear bunnies when we were little too! I still love to eat cottage cheese with pears…sometimes I sprinkle a little paprika on top. =)

  9. P.S. Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog today! :)

  10. Your pear bunny is very sweet! Bet he tastes good too!

  11. Hahaha, I remember that commercial!!
    My 9 year old would love that little pear critter, I’ll have to do that.

    ps. 5 baby goats born today, I’ll have pics up soon!

  12. What a cute bunny treat! I love it! Very original and rice krispy treats are yummy family favorites. You ought to try making them with strawberry marshmallows by Jet Puff, they’re really good. The strawberry marshmallows seem to come out in the springtime or maybe a little sooner.

  13. Yay, pear bunnies! That recipe was in my Betty Crocker kids’ cookbook I had when I was just a wee girl I loved it. I really need to make those for my boys. Thanks for the memories. :-)

  14. Ahhhh, memories! Love that commercial too! And of course love Rice Krispie treats. The pear bunny is cute and edible, serves two purposes. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Pear bunnies – oh how lovely! I would feel slightly odd eating his tail though …

  16. OMG Rice Krispie Treats…haven’t made those in years…I used to make them once a week when Josh was home and all his friends would come…those big boys could go through a pan in one sitting. Fun, fun bunnies.

  17. Anna those pear bunnies are so, so cute! I just made rice crispy treats last Friday. I cook and bake alot, and I just make the biggest mess everytime I make those krispy treats, getting them out of the pot and into the pan. I dunno????

  18. Just got back from the shops, it’s treacherous out there! And now you tell me about rice crispy treats? I need to go shopping again!

  19. I do remember that commercial…and I didn’t think it was that funny when it first aired but now I can’t stop laughing.
    Your pear bunny salad looks good, and I seem to recall something like that from MY childhood…I know what I’m going to serve my hubby, he always has fruit with his cottage cheese.
    Have a fun weekend sewing.

  20. Oh i love that little mouse!!! Cottage cheese always reminds me of when i was little … Rice krispie treats are a favourite in this house, usually smothered in chocolate and syrup!

  21. I don’t remember that commercial. But it sure was funny. Love your bunny salad. How fun.

  22. your mouse is cute.
    your snack shouldn’t really count since it’s on the flippin’ rice krispie box, but i’m sure your adoring fans will let it slide. actually, i’m reading your comments and your blogreaders drank the koolaid and are falling for the rice krispie recipe.
    :waves madly while laughing just a bit

  23. One of my favorite “desserts” as a child was cottage cheese with pineapple slices, but we sometimes had pears on top instead. I wonder how my very spoiled children would react to cottage cheese and fruit as dessert…hmmm….

  24. Oh my goodness, how that commercial used to make me laugh. I haven’t had Rice Krispie Treats in for-ev-er.
    Your pear bunny salad is just the cutest salad I’ve ever seen! I’ll have to make that for my grandbabies when I see them in 2 weeks. There’s nothing better than pears and cottage cheese – yummmmmm!!!

  25. Awww! I have pleasant memories of bunny salads. My mom had a kids cookbook that had the “recipe” for bunny sald, along with other wonderful dishes like “pigs in a blanket and bolagna sandwiches with cookie cutter shaped cheese slices on them.

  26. I love rice krispy treats. My favorite too. That little pear bunny is so dang cute!!!

  27. Your little bunny salad is so cute and the rice krispy square are yummy. We’re making lemon curd today – mmmmm…


  28. Those pear bunnies are fab! Thanks for such a brilliant idea!!!

    Lucy xxx

  29. wow, I’ve never seen that bunny pear salad before! And I’ve been around many decades. I am most definitely going to make it! I’m putting pears on my shopping list, cottage cheese too. Oh, what a treat — I can hardly wait.

  30. Oops, sorry … I had your url in my clipboard and accidently added it in …

  31. Pears and cottage cheese certainly remind me of my childhood and today I went out and bought a crock pot — another throw back to the good old days. Although my slow cooker isn’t Harvest Gold like my mom’s was!!! Love your blog and wanted to say Hi!

  32. hee-hee, how cute are those pear mice!!!??? Maybe that might be a way for me to get my little man to eat salad!

  33. I must be deprived because I have NEVER seen the pear salad mouse…that is too cute!!

  34. My kids were sent into a nagging frenzy when they saw these little bunnies … wonder what I’l be making tonight ;)

  35. My mom used to make the pear salad sans the cuteness. As a child, I thought is was yucko! Who puts cottage cheese on a pear? I’m sure I would’ve gobbled it up if it looked like a mouse. On that same note, when my girls were little they didn’t like bisquits until I shaped them like a teddy bear and called them “honey buns”. To this day, I don’t think they know that a honey bun is a baking powder bisquit. Some secrets are better left untouched :-)!

  36. I’m so making that salad for my kids. They love pears, and would gobble those up! Thanks, Anna!

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