Dodged a Bullet

Phew!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted — thanks to all you sweet invisible friends who have checked in on me.  They say, “Into every life, a little rain must fall” and here in ThimbleannaLand, we’ve had a Monsoon.  We’ve been on a roller coaster ride through Hell in the last two weeks and I’m hopeful and cautious to say “Every little thing’s gonna be alright.”


On October 11th, I took BigDaddy in for a little procedure and his heart stopped — which landed him in cardiac intensive care for two weeks.  If you’re a long time reader, you know that BigDaddy is the heart of our family.  He’s funny with a huge heart and we all adore him.  The first week was up and down and full of tears and after 30 hours off of the vent, he ended up back on it.  Then, the second week was even worse — capped off by calling the kids home and being assigned a palliative care doc.  It seemed that we spent a lot of time trying to convince medical staff that just because you’re in your 80’s, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have some life left in you.  MyDadLovesMeBestSister and I decided we should write a book about the experience — I’d like to title it, “Bucking the System When They Already Think You’re Dead”.


BigDaddy is finally out of ICU and making slow, but sure progress. We couldn’t be more relieved — and thrilled. MyDadLovesMeBestSister and I spend all of our time either at the hospital or eeking a few hours out at our jobs. We were sent an angel in the form of Aunt Annie.  She’d had an already planned trip and her plane arrived just two hours after BigDaddy’s ill-fated procedure.  She ended up extending her trip and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without her.  She was such a huge help and support to MeMum.  She left yesterday and we miss her already.

Anyway, there hasn’t been any time for blog reading or posting.  There has been hospital room sock knitting though.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of new socks on a hospital bed LOL.  The next few weeks will still be sparse on-line — we’ll be concentrating on helping BigDaddy get well and back home.    I hope you’re all having a beautiful fall (or spring if you’re down under) — it looks like it was gorgeous here — as viewed from hospital room windows!  ;-D


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  1. Oh miss anna!!! I figured you were in Houston. I’m SO glad your dad is doing better. What a scare. Remember, there is the Family Leave Act. They don’t have to pay you for the time off but they do have to allow you to take it. It might alleviate some of the exhaustion you must be feeling.

    I’ll be sending good vibes to you and your family.

    p.s. thank GOODNESS for yarn and sock patterns. anything that helps pass the time and keep your hands busy is a good thing. ;p

  2. My goodness, what an awful scare. I’m glad to hear that the worst is over. Tell me, what’s he doing in the top picture? Is he about to examine some fine stitching on a napkin? Or was he about to blow his nose when he was caught by the camera?


  3. Not the best of times but good to hear your dad is on the mend. Time to keep calm and carry on, what?

  4. Oh Anne – my own heart did a flippy flop. I’m so glad that BigDaddy is on the road to recovery and his success is due to all of the love that surrounded him and kept him going. Please keep us updated when you can on BigDaddy – I know I can speak for everyone who reads your blog – we all feel like we know your family and we do care. Take care of yourself as well – he will be home lickety split cuz I’m pretty sure he wants it and you and your sister will help that to happen. Sending you a BIG cyber hug sister
    Mrs. Farmhouse XOXOXOXO

  5. OOPS I meant Anna – I can’t keep my Anna’s and Anne straight lol.

  6. Get well BigDaddy!! Hang in there Anna, thinking of you mx

  7. I was just wondering today if everything was all right….I am sorry you’ve been through the emotional wringer – these parent type people can be a worry. I hope for speedy recovery and I am sure with all the love floating around his hospital room your dad will do well!

  8. Anna, I’m so glad he’s taken a turn for the better! I’ll be praying for all of you.

  9. Sending your Dad lots of healing thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself, too.

  10. Anna – prayers to BigDaddy and your family for speedy recovery. How scary!! Thinking of you. Big hugs!

  11. I am glad to hear he is on the mend.

  12. I wondered where you were. I will pray for your dad and family.

  13. Anna, sending you huge hugs with a few to spare for BigDaddy! Looks like you weren’t meant to go to market for a good reason. Take care of yourself too!

  14. Anna…so sorry for this kind of rain. I was so hoping you were taking a little blog break to do something REALLY fun. Dang. I will keep BigDaddy and you in my heart and prayers. Get well soon, BigDaddy. Lovely blog photos, by the way. A face with a name (even if it is a pretend name) is a good thing. :-) Take care, friend.

  15. Wonderful pictures of Big Daddy. I especially love the second one! We will keep praying for a thorough and speedy recovery for him. Hugs!

  16. I’m so glad he is doing better. He’s very fortunate to have a family that was there for him. That is so important when you are in the hospital.


  17. Sending prayers of strength and healing to BigDaddy, and all of your family!

  18. Oh Anna, these times are hard. I’m glad things are finally looking up for your dad. What a terrible scare. As Winston Churchill once said, Never Give In, Never Give in, Never, never, never give in. . . .

  19. Oh Anna, how difficult. But I am so so pleased to hear things are looking up for your Dad. Thank goodness for a family not afraid to speak up for what they know is best.

  20. Anna, glad to hear BigDaddy is on the road to recovery! Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way. Take care!

  21. Anna, I’m so sorry to hear how poorly BigDaddy has been – it must have been an awful scare for all of you. I hope he gets home where he belongs very soon. (((hugs))) xx

  22. So sorry to read this post…I understand the backbone of the family that BigDaddy is … I’ve been thinking of you lately…now praying for you and your family. Anything I can do? Please don’t hesitate to let me know!

  23. BIG HUGS!!!!!!

  24. mdmsamm on October 28, 2012 at 5:43 am said:

    You have been missed…goodness me, your post had me thinking of how we make the most of our every moment and that prayers work. All lifes blessings to you all my dear…
    in our hearts you all are…

  25. Oh Anna – I hope your lovely daddy gets fully better soon. Sending you lots of love. Lucy xxx

  26. Jewels on October 28, 2012 at 7:02 am said:

    Anna!!!! I am so thrilled to hear BigDaddy is better, been thinking of him and your whole family daily and praying everything would turn out well. Love the picture of the two of you. xoxoxo Jewels

  27. sending you a big hug and glad to hear the news!
    take care Anna

  28. Oh wow, I’m so glad BigDaddy is doing better, what a scare you all had. I’ll keep him in my prayers.

  29. Dear Anna, I have been thinking of you often and praying for your family. You have had a rough couple of weeks but I am so glad to hear things are looking up. And aren’t we thankful we have our knitting when we really need it! Anne

  30. Oh, Anna….I am so sorry to hear about this. I have been so busy and self-absorbed. I am so glad Big Daddy is doing better. I hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. I know you must be just exhausted. Big hugs to you. If I can do anything, please let me know.

  31. i thought something must not be right in Thimbleanna Land … but i try to not let my mind go to places where Big Daddy is not 100% because, even though i know that he is your Big Daddy, he is my Uncle Big Daddy and i love him from afar … give yourself and Auntie MeMum and Uncle Big Daddy huge hugs from me … and take good care of all of you, sweet Anna.

  32. Sending more prayers for your daddy! I hope he continues to improve as I’m sure he will with all the love that must surround him with your family! You and your sis are lucky to both live nearby! Please take care of yourself as well !

  33. Oh my stars Anna! Glad to hear he is home now.

  34. thinking of you xxx

  35. Mary ann on October 28, 2012 at 2:36 pm said:

    Hugs, how easy it is to forget life changes in just a moment. Glad Big Daddy has turned the corner and I will be praying and through positive thoughts everyone’s way.

  36. Melissa on October 28, 2012 at 2:49 pm said:

    Sorry to hear about BigDaddy’s ordeal. I’ve been there, done that, and it’s not easy. Praying for Big Daddy and for your whole family, that he has a speedy recovery, is back on his feet, and will be enjoying the love of his family for many more years to come.

  37. Bestest wishes and a big hug, it’s great you all have each other for support – thinking of you and Big Daddy.


  38. It is wonderful to have a loving Dad, I’m so glad to hear he is on the mend! We’ll keep hoping for continued healing, so you can have Big Daddy home again ~

  39. Sending you good thoughts, Anna. My mom had a mild heart attack two weeks ago, so I was going through a less intense version of your month out here in California. My mom has been in failing health for years, so it wasn’t a shock to us, but she’s surprising us once again by continuing to improve. I Hope your dad continues to be on the mend too.

  40. Hugs and kisses from Scotland – we had snow at the weekend – I guess winter has arrived!

  41. Oh my goodness; that’s indeed an roller coaster you’ve been on and not the fun kind. I’m so glad that your dad is slowly getting better, no doubt because of all the love he is receiving from his family (and not so much due to the doctor’s healing hands). It’s a disgrace how old people are treated sometimes. Don’t these people have parents of their own which they love and want to keep as long as possible?

  42. saskia on October 29, 2012 at 9:17 am said:

    Oh no! How terrible! And here I was thinking you’d gone off and left us! I know how you feel, the exact same thing happened to my mum back in August, worst feeling ever, especially as she was overseas on holidays at the time, a very helpless place to be, in totally different hemispheres! She is totally mended now, lets hope big daddy mends soon too. Take care, will be thinking of you.


  43. Terri fisher on October 29, 2012 at 9:31 am said:

    Thinking of you and your family.

  44. Oh, Anna, I am SO sorry you’ve had that to go through, but so glad your precious Daddy is on the mend. I miss mine every day. So thankful you still have yours! Give him lots of hugs and kisses, every chance you get. I’m praying for you all.

  45. Hi Anna, hope you are all feeling better soon!! Your Dad is so lucky to have great daughters as his advocates. It’s a scary medical world out there… For a minute I thought you were turning into me (not blogging) lol

  46. I’m just catching up on your news..Oh my heart goes out to you sounds like you have been through quite the monsoon! Hugs all around and hope your Dad makes a full recovery and that things get back to normal.

  47. Sounds like you all have taken good care of him. Enjoy every day. I better call my dad :).

  48. Dear Sweet Anna…I’m keeping Big Daddy and you all in my prayers. Stay strong and know that so many are keeping you close in thought, and don’t forget to take care of yourself, too.

  49. Dear Anna, my love and prayers I’m sending off to you, BigDaddy and all your loved ones.


  50. Anna… I did wonder where you’d been and so sorry to hear what a traumatic time you’ve had. I lost my Dad this summer so know how distraut you must have all felt. Happy to hear things are getting better. x

  51. Oh Anna. How tough. I love the photo of the two of you. Your look of concern and love is so sweet. This is tough life stuff. I’m hoping for good days ahead for your family. I take it you didn’t get to market. Puts life in perspective, doesn’t it.

  52. Oh, Anna, I am so sorry to hear — and I am also so happy to hear that BigDaddy is on the mend. (I knew your Auntie was on her way and assumed you were busy enjoying her — what a blessing that she came when you needed her!)

    I actually think it’s a marvelous idea to write a book about this experience, because I DO think there is a different fighting attitude when the patient is older!

    Great peace and good-health blessings are being sent your way. Please let me know if I can do anything from afar (does Aunt Annie’s family need anything while she is away?) You are all in my prayers. I hope you all get the rest you need and have the Lord’s healing spirit with you in every moment. xoxox

  53. So pleased to hear BigDaddy is on the road to recovery. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. I thought you may have been in Houston at Market and am so sorry I didn’t check in with you. Do what you have to and we will survive without you (just!). Take care. xx

  54. brigette on October 30, 2012 at 5:57 pm said:


  55. I am so glad that BigDaddy is doing better! What a scare. :( Such a good thing that you were not going to market! You will all be in my prayers, sweet Anna. Take good care of that man.

  56. So sorry to hear about your dad. He’s lucky to have you nearby. I’ve been out of the loop pretty much myself lately, blog-wise. Glad to hear he’s doing better!

  57. How scary for all of you. I hope Big Daddy is doing well now. Cardiac stuff is so scary xox Clarice

  58. Oh Anna, I had no idea! I am so sorry to read this! Please know that you and your dad are in my thoughts! Hugs!

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